Edmonton Oilers winger Jordan Eberle’s name pops up in trade conjecture

Jordan Eberle hears the rumours.

The Edmonton Oilers winger has seen his name come up as a key to solving the team’s struggles by being attractive trade bait.

With few assets to move in order to improve a roster wallowing at the bottom of the NHL standings, Eberle has seemingly become a hot trade commodity.

This, despite Oilers general manager stating earlier this year he has no plans on moving the talented winger.

“It’s part of the game,” Eberle said. “There are certain things that you read or you see on TSN or Twitter. It’s such a social-media world now, that some guy in his basement starts a rumour and everyone is talking about it.

“You have to deal with that stuff. I’d love to be an Edmonton Oiler forever and try to turn this thing around. But all I can focus on is trying to focus on my next game and our next win.”

Eberle’s name came up earlier this year when the Philadelphia Flyers expressed interest in acquiring him.


5 Responses to Edmonton Oilers winger Jordan Eberle’s name pops up in trade conjecture

  1. leafy says:

    A huge blockbuster is brewing. Something big is gonna happen before or after the Olympics.

  2. leafy says:

    Reimer baby is gonna play tonight. He hasn’t played well in over 1 month, but then again neither has Bernier.

    One of these guys has to grab the bull by the balls and backstop this team down the stretch.

  3. leafy says:

    What a terrible game by Reimer. He has simply sucked since the Detroit game before Christmas.

    The Leafs better get good goaltending in a hurry or they will miss the playoffs.

    The goalie has to stop the puck. Period.

    • leafmeister says:

      The net is Bernier’s. The Dallas game was bad, but not exactly on him. At this point the only action Reimer should see is in back to back situations.

      • LN91 says:

        I agree, besides Dallas…Bernier has been the Leafs best player this season. He will have those games sometimes, as he deals with the fatigue of being a #1.

        Even last night, he really kept the Leafs in it to get that one point…That is tough to do when you come off the bench cold.

        Reimer on the other hand, has completely lost it…It’s not even ability, I think his focus is completely off. This is not Carlyle, he needs to man up and find himself again.

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