EIGHT Positions Confirmed.*** HALTED ***, EMAIL ERRORS***

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Welcome to the 2005 HockeyTradeRumors.com Season Preview Project.

Here at HTR, we want to take our season preview to the next level.

To succeed that, the season preview needs a staff with knowledge and dedication.

We are looking for volunteers to write up team previews and other columns. To find out more, please READ HERE

EIGHT Positions have been confirmed as taken, check in the post.Thank you for showing interest in taking part of this project.

HTR.com has already had season previews, experimental, but this time we really want it to be organized and we want to give our best to the hockey fans out there.

Most of you already know I mentioned this before, and some of you have already contacted me by showing interest.

My first goal is to create a staff, as permanent as possible. By that I mean that I want to pick the correct writers to be a part of this project, and keep them for season previews in the future. That way we would all know each other better and your names would be recognizable to readers.

This means that dedication, effort, and hockey knowledge are the main characteristics I will be looking for. So even if you have the hockey knowledge, but you don’t have the time to work on this, then I cannot add you to the staff.

I think I made my opening statements pretty clear in what I am specifically looking for, and hopefully I have cought interest in many of you. ***You Must Read Entire Post if interested***.

How am I going to pick?

You will have to fill out an application and then e-mail that application to me. The application is included in this post.



Name: (First name required, if for personal reasons you do not want to reveal your last name, you can just include the first letter of your last name. Ex: Micki P.)

HTR Username: (i.e.: mikster)

Position you are applying for: (Team writer, mention which team)

Age: (An 18 year old can be smarter than a 25 year old, so age is a non factor in my decisions)

Job/Work: (You do not have to be specific, but I must know if your line of work will give you enough free time to work on this project. Being a student counts, so if without a job but a student, mention it.)

Location: (No need to give me the exact location such as the name of your city/town, but I need to know in which USA state you live in, or in which Province (CA) you live in)

Hockey experience: (if you have any as player, or as writer)

Hobbies: (if you have any)

Favorite NHL team:

Other NHL teams you support: (Put them in order from most supported to lesser supported)

Favorite Player(s): (No more than 3)

Favorite Position: (Forward, Defense, Goalie)

What you like most about the game of hockey: (I am not asking for an essay. Just give me a brief piece, no more than 6 sentences if possible)

Bio: (Just tell me a little bit about yourself. Again, nothing too long, but I like creativity.)

Your thoughts on HTR: (Definitely include how long you have been on HTR. I am not looking for suck ups! So, I’d like honesty here and I’d take a pros/cons type of form.)


The application ends there. You have to follow the application and especially the instructions for sending the application.

You must send the application to this e-mail address:


Yes, it has two underscores __ so don’t worry, it’s not a typo.

Any questions can be asked on here to be posted as comments. If you have other questions and prefer not to post them on here as comments then you can include them in the e-mail along with the application.

I will also REPLY to your e-mail to CONFIRM that I have received the application. If you send it and you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, post a comment on here to notify me.

Now this is very ***important***. There could be many volunteers applying for the same position, ie: Maple Leafs. So it will take me sometime to narrow down the choices.

Also, I am looking to add other kinds of columns that go along with the Season Preview.

Other columns will be:

NHL Goalies

Breakout/Bust Teams

Breakout/Bust Players

You MAY directly apply to those positions.

As you can see, this is nothing simple. I am looking for people who would put the time and effort into this project just as I am putting time and effort to organize it.

This is pretty much it. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks again for showing interest,

Micki Peroni

Vice-Admin HTR.com

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: I WILL UPDATE this post to notify if any positions are taken. Also, I may come up with other parts that need writers. So keep an eye out with the updates. You will know when an UPDATE occurs as it will show in the HEADLINE TITLE.

E-mail Errors: (I will not include the whole address for safety reasons, so recognize the name)





E-mail me again and I’ll try to reply again in hopes it works.

Sorry all for the technical errors, this is a very annoying delay for me as well.

The following teams are occupied:

Edmonton Oilers

Nashville Predators

Columbus Blue Jackets

San Jose Sharks

Vancouver Canucks

Dallas Stars

Pittsburgh Penguins

Calgary Flames