Elias on the move ?!?!?

NY Post is reporting sources saying a possible move involving Elias for Tanguay and Skoula is brewing…

what a shocker as Elias is supposed to be their forward anchor. The article cites the Devils’ monetary problems which Lou Lamoriello denied in another interview last week.

Wow, one day you hear something and the other a totally diffirent story.

I, as a die hard Devils fan, think that we NEED some help scoring… with that being said who do we get and for what!?!?!?

As much as I love our defensive corps it maybe time to part with one of our commodities…. Scott Niedermayer. Other than Stevens and Rafalski (and Tverdovsky whom we just acquired) Niedermayer is the one pin we can bargain with and get a second line scoring punch person. I dont see much we can trade up fron without sacrificing therefore trading a dman might make sense.

I also think that if we cannot resign Niewendyk we should package him (along with Danton) to a playoff team and get that missing piece of the puzzle.

We also need to replenish Holik’s absence (McKenzie and Stevenson are not cutting it), someone who can be a regular 2nd/3rd liner and has the fire and grit…..ala Tucker, Harvey, Corson, etc…

Anyone have any comments?!?!?

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  1. tsaler says:

    Trading Elias is ludicrous. Trading a defenseman or maybe some prospects for a scoring threat and/or a big hitter, however, is not. Bure and a big left winger from Florida for Stevenson/McKenzie and prospects? I highly doubt Florida would do that trade as it stands right now, but I don’t know who’s on the block for the Devils, so I’m just pulling people out of the air.


  2. pantherboy says:

    1st of all, that would not be fair for Florida. Unlike what everyone says, Bure is actually a good hockey player.

    Secondly, Florida has no big LW’s. Except maybe Worrell, but I don’t see him going anywhere.

  3. pantherboy says:

    Isn’t like everyone in the whole damn league already been offered for Tanguay and Skoula, or is it just my imagination?

  4. czar5 says:

    No way. Elias is easily the most skilled forward on the roster. As for trading for more offense, well, NJ is in first in the Atlantic, 9 games over.500. The team has avoided any prolonged slumps. Success shouldn’t be tampered with. Their team defense is among the elite and their PK is #1. Im probably in the minority, but I think NJ has the necessary guns; maybe just a little patience is needed for Nieuwendyk and Friesen. If the power play can pick it up (about 27 or 28th right now), offense shouldn’t be a problem. The Devils do have a problem with faceoffs; Nieuwendyk is very good, but Madden is about average, and Elias is still learning. Trading Nieuwendyk at or near the March deadline might make sense, but as for trading Niedermayer, thats quite insane. Niedermayer is better than his stats show; he’s one of the fastest skaters in the NHL and has developed into a solid two-way player under the tutelage of Lemaire, Ftorek and Robinson. Right now, NJ has a perfect blend on the backline: 3 very good puckmovers in Niedermayer, Rafalski, and Tverdovsky; and 3 strong defensive d-men in Stevens, White, and Daneyko.

  5. Tradedude says:

    I heard recent news that Kariya could be dealt, but not anytime soon. But I think the devs and ducks should pull off yet another trade.


    Anaheim gets: Elias, Danton, 2nd rounder

    New Jersey gets: Kariya, 3rd rounder

    I don’t know how good this Danton guy is, i’m assuming a 4th steady 4th liner. But then again, just a suggestion. I don’t mind getting bashes. I’ll probably bash myself if you give a good reason . lol j/k.

    Reality Rules!


  6. pantherboy says:

    Kinda even there, nice try! But the thing is the Devils are strapped for cash (like most teams) so I doubt they would ever aquirre him and his $10 mil. something price tag.

  7. mikster says:

    Imagine if they actually re-signed Holik….OUCH!!!

  8. TaajAr says:

    Well NJ has always wanted Satan, they are both cheaper skilled fowards. They are both very streaky players which has held back their salaries slightly. Overall I’d say Satan is a little more skilled. Elias has played with better offensive fowards over the past few years.

  9. mikster says:

    ELias isn’t that good at center position either, offensively.

  10. MantaRay says:

    The NY Post is one of the least crebilbe papers in the entire world. As a Devils fan, you should read who the author of the article is and take solace in the fact that he has NEVER been right in any of his predictions.

    Everson is a bitter man and he hates the Devils so take this “rumor” with a grain of salt.

    Holik has already been effectively replaced by John Madden.

    Now that Danton is gone Stevenson has scored in his last several games including his second goal last night. Same with big Jim Mackenzie.

    Yes, we need a little scoring IF Elias and Niewendyk don’t come around. But Big Joe is putting up the points lately so there is no need to worry.

  11. Avalanche114 says:

    Tanguay and Skoula for Elias..that makes no sense. The Devils have a solid d already so they don’t need Skoula, and i doubt Alex Tanguay is going to solve their scoring problems, especially without Patrik Elias. Though it’d be cool if Elias played for Colorado, don’t know how that’d work though..

  12. Tradedude says:

    Yep! Holik, whats he getting 9.6 mil. man that is BRUTAL!

    what’s next? Pavel Bure captain? not cool

  13. saksfan says:

    Mario Lemieux. Hahaha.

  14. devilfan says:

    Maybe Its just me or a coincidence, but didnt an NY paper report this. After all thier two teams are falling fast toward the bottom of the standings, while once again the devs are near the top. Even if the Devils would make an Elias trade, which I dont think they would do, they are not even getting anything worth it back. Even with Elias struggling this year he is still doing a lot better than Tanguay. The Devils also have 3 offensive defensman which are a lot better than Skoula. A person said before that it seems like Skoula and Tanguay are being traded for everyone, I think your right. I would like to see the Devils make that Danton for Heinze deal that would make more sense.

  15. Sundinfan says:

    oooo, elias in an avs jersey…..wow, thatd be awesome

  16. rojoke says:

    Both of ’em were ‘traded’ to Boston last month for McLaren and Martin Lapointe. At least a few sports networks up here reported it as all but done. Maybe they overheard the GMs kids trading hockey cards.

  17. TheShack says:

    It’s clear that the Devils need to score more goals, but how would trading their most skilled forward acheive this? What they need is someone who can click with him. This guy tallied 96 pts just two seasons ago. Granted that was a completely different team than the one in NJ today. All Elias needs is a streaky centreman with the ability to put that pass on the tape.

  18. Sunnyg says:

    Bob McKenzie on tsn.ca just wrote an article totally discrediting this rumour (along with a few others). In this case, I think that he is totally right…elias for tanguary and skoula doesn’t make any sense for the devils. elias has proven to be a game breaker in previous years while tanguay and skoula have not been living up to the potential they were showing a couple of years ago.

    i can’t believe that tanguay would do any better under NJ’s defensive system than elias is currently doing…especially since he’s struggling in an ideal environment in colorado (ie. loaded with offensive players)! also, adding skoula to the defensive corps in NJ wouldn’t benefit them since they already have 3 skilled defensemen to move the puck and play the point on their powerplay in neidermayer, tverdovsky, and rafalski.

  19. MantaRay says:

    Go to http://thefourthperiod.com and read the debunking of all these rumored Devil trades.

  20. wayne2 says:

    New Jersey should keep Elias and deal for Satan.Maybe Gionta and high pick or prospect for Satan.Buffalo is like us in Ottawa,not able to afford high priced players.

  21. devilsfanatic says:

    Streaky centreman with passing abilities??? Whats Scott Gomez for? He’s like one of the best assist dudes in the league,but he didn’t gel with Elias, they still haven’t tried Brylin Elias Gionta like I’ve requested!

  22. TaajAr says:

    Gionta? ><;; funny...try Elias and a pick for Satan...

  23. NewYorkRangers says:

    Send him to the Rangers!! j/k

    I think this deal would be horrible for the Devils. Tanguay is just not as good as Elias. Simple as that. He may be younger, but it’s only by about 3 years. Skoula is a decent young defenseman, but the devs defense has been great this year. If they do this deal, their offense gets worse, and the defense changes and who knows how the chemistry will be among Skoula and his partner. Like devilfan said, bring in Heinze for Danton. Heinze may not be a superstar scorer, but he’s decent, and they wouldn’t be losing anyone of signifigance.

  24. dervish says:

    Outrageous. Trading arguably the best LW in the NHL, I usually have the upmost faith in mr lamoriello, but i dont understand this one. Look were in first place right now, we dont need any trades, berglund and salomonnson will progress as the year goes on, and our D is still the best in the league, Lou needs to let this team go and grow, remember 2000 we had 4 rookies who were integral to us hoisting the cup. (Gomez, Madden, Rafalski and White). I can only hope this a rumour and nothing else, cause Tanguay is weak and would be devoured in the east and skoula wont help our D because its allready solid.

  25. NewYorkRangers says:

    Salomansson is gone. He was picked up by the Caps off waivers. Unless you meant Gionta and just spelled his name really, really wrong.

  26. Sundinfan says:

    this rumor was denied today in the denver post. it said that since foote is injured the avs arent looking to trade a defenseman at the moment.

  27. TheShack says:

    That’s the point. What is Scott Gomez for? I guess Mogilny is simply a better hockey player than Elias and he made Gomez look good.

  28. devilsfanatic says:

    Mogilny made Gomez look good???????

    What the hell are you smoking?????

    lemme break it down for you dawg……


    Season Team G A TP

    1999-2000 Canucks 21 17 38

    2000-2001 Devils 43 40 83


    Season Team G A TP

    1999-2000 Devils 19 51 70

    2000-2001 Devils 14 49 63

    Now I could be wrong, but it seems to me Gomer did better without Mogilny and then did worse with him and then Mogilny did worse with out Gomer and he did better with him

    I sick and tired of the BS that people say Gomez being made look good by Mogilny

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