Elias plans to explore free-agent market

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – Patrik Elias will explore the free agency market if the Devils fail to come up with a contract that makes the high-scoring left wing want to stay in New Jersey. Elias earned $4.1 million US last season, a year in which he missed the first three months because of hepatitis. His return in January sparked a nine-game winning streak that got New Jersey back into playoff contention and an 11-game run at the end of the season that led the Devils to the Atlantic Division

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  1. kicksave856 says:

    i’m a superstar in my own mind and i talk to you guys all the time.

  2. kicksave856 says:

    I just don’t see the Devils doing anything but resigning Elias at any and all cost. Wouldn’t they be incredibly stupid not to? There would be too many negatives involved in letting him walk (skate?). What kind of move is that for a team to make? And what would it say to the other players on this team to let the guy who turned their entire season around leave in free agancy?

    You figure with this teams track record as a very intelligent organization, they will do whatever it takes to keep Elias.

    I hope I’m wrong (I’m a Flyer fan), but I can’t imagine them letting him go. Besides it would hurt a pretty good rivalry my team has with the Devils. You want your team to win, but you want them to win against their rivals at their best, not a watered down version of your rival minus some of their superstars.

  3. Sands says:

    Bottom line.. you play in Jersey you are lot in the NHL… Elias in Broadway and he’ll be seen more… Holik was offered 2 dollars less when the rangers signed him and he wanted out of No man’s land in Jersey…. He got out and sucked…

    Not only does Jersey have no fans… but there own players want out of boring Jersey..

  4. Rico420 says:

    Won’t be surprised if Elias doesn’t stay with the Devils now that there is an official salary cap the Devils don’t have to use the “Martin Brodeur Cap” or the “Scott Stevens Cap” that was imposed by Lou back in the day.

    Come October next season when Elias is wearing the C for the Devils (in a line of many good captains I might add) we’ll be very happy.

  5. Turnbull says:

    Kovalev sucks,…..way overated just like: koivu, ribero, souray,..and everyone else on the habs……. except ryder, he’s pretty good.

  6. Radio says:

    That’s impossible. They don’t have they cap room.

  7. Radio says:

    Elias = Anaheim

    Anaheim vs Ottawa Stanley Cup Final, 2007.

  8. Habs_no1_fan says:

    You gotta be kidding me!!! If there’s someone overrated in this team it’s Ryder!!! Maybe if he learned how to skate and how to do something else then just take rebounds, then yeah maybe he could be considered good… Come to think about it, he plays a little bit like Pierre Dagenais! He’s got the goals, but doesn’t play!

  9. Habs_no1_fan says:

    Wow! Congratulations!! You found one! So it means Elias will play for your team next year…

    which is Toronto i presume???

  10. Aetherial says:

    Of course Elias is coming to the Leafs, as is Jovanovski and Chara… and they are going to trade Wellwood, Aubin, and a 1st round pick for Alfredsson.

    No, not really.

    NONE of the big names is coming to the Leafs… I think we may see a Jay McKee or something and maybe a serviceable forward.

  11. Aetherial says:

    I think he will… I don’t even want him back at 4.5 if the term is 4+ years with a no-trade clause.

  12. mccraig416 says:

    No doubt the leafs will look into Elias. But so will almost every other team in the league

  13. my_sphincter says:

    Actually, this is a direct quote from a Leafs fan I work with. I told him that I posted it and he said that I should add that it is from a reliable source.

    The funny thing is, I think he really believes it.

    He still talks about a goal that Sundin scored 3 years ago when it went off the shaft of the defenseman’s stick and in. He talks about how skilled Sundin is to be able to come up with a play like that and purposely hit the d-man’s stick to deflect the puck in.

  14. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I don’t think Ottawa is ever going anywhere near a Stanley Cup final with that core of players.

  15. hope_4_leafs says:

    that would mean the Rangers would go back to their old ways and then miss the playoffs once again!

  16. hope_4_leafs says:

    Actually that joke doesn’t ever get old… unless you live in Ottawa… you guys should just fold your team like Ottawa did with the Renegades.

  17. hope_4_leafs says:

    sorry bud but that wouldn’t be the best line in the league…

  18. hope_4_leafs says:

    How would you know who is going where… do you have crystal ball? some sort of psychic ability? NO YOU DON’T! So stop saying what’s going to happen cuz you, I, and everyone else here dpesn’t have a clue! and I’m pretty sure the leafs would’nt trade for alfreddsson… but hey I don’t really know cuz I’m not YOU apparently!

  19. habs_punk says:

    Well if you’re willing to do the research and find out how many playoff appearances each team has, go right ahead.

  20. 92-93 says:

    i do hope the maple leafs make a run for him …

    if not (and its true, there is not much of a chance the leafs will get him considering everyone else who is going after him), the leafs should make the smaller, effective signings …

    Anson Carter

    Jason Arnott (?)

    Jay McKee

    and a goalie

  21. 92-93 says:


    back up your statement .. and the few others on this thread…

    find me the post by a leaf fan on this site … where he/she says that “patrick Elias WILL BE COMING TO TORONTO in the offseason”..

    find it …

    and dont post up something that SPECULATES what it will take for the leafs to Elias, or something that says “i would really like to see Elias in a leafs uniform” … because ITS NOT THE SAME THING. such statements are made by fans of EVERY team here on HTR and other sites and in the real world.

    find the post … any post

  22. miker183 says:

    The Rangers have more cap room than the Devils do. Remember, only half of Jagr’s salary counts against the NYR payroll. Washington is still paying the other half.

  23. miker183 says:

    MANY???? I can think of one.

  24. Enigma says:

    Explain Brodeur taking less money to stay there ?

  25. gg_idiot says:

    lets just pretend that the salary cap doesn’t exist

  26. gg_idiot says:

    So all of a sudden, Kovalev, Elias, Arnott is the best line in the league? Have you forgot about the fancy dancy sens? I don’t think we’ll be seeing Kovalev or Arnott hitting 100 points anytime soon.

  27. gg_idiot says:

    Actually the keypoint is he said consistently miss the playoffs, he didn’t say anything about winning the cup. Don’t act like he was bringing up cup winning history, in fact he said you guys won the cup more recently.

  28. SabresFan220 says:

    Unless the Leafs were to let go of all their UFAs there is no way they could afford all those guys. I could see Arnott going to a team that needs him more, like Columbus or something. I really don’t want Jay Mckee to leave Buffalo, he’s more valuable to us than Zhitnik was. I think Golisano will have to offer him something substancial to keep him, not to mention put the Sabres closer to the cap to keep this team together. Thankfully all we have to do to keep our RFAs is offer them a qualifying offer, just what they’re making right now.

  29. 92-93 says:

    first of all …

    i dont think nor did i say the leafs would get ALL THESE GUYS.

    i think at most they could get 2.

    My preference is your Jay McKee … everyone in the league knows how valuable this guy is and evidently you do too.

    The Leafs should go after the big names – Elias, Chara/Redden, etc. … but more realistically, i could see Carter, McKee and a goalie coming to toronto (goalie via trade).

    the leafs have some cap space to spend and CAN – unlike most teams – go near the cap ceiling. but my point is they dont even need to do that if they say goodbye to the likes of Berg (gone), Khavanov (going), Richardson (should be gone), Domi (should be bought out), Lindros (unless its less than a million), and Allison (ba bye).

    anyways, either way, what your Sabres are proving (along with the other 3 semi-finalists) and what my Leafs realized in their last 12 games (9-1-2) is that you can

    a) get younger (Belfour injury, White, Stajan moves to Centre)

    b) get quicker (Allison injury, Khavanov injury)

    c) get cheaper

    d) win

    all at THE SAME TIME.

    its a dream-come-true formula and you guys are seeing it first hand. too bad the leafs couldnt discover it until the last 12 games. hopefully next season, JFJ will take the hint and simply add a few free agents to what the Leafs already have.

  30. SabresFan220 says:

    Your idea isn’t exactly probable though. Anson Carter played so well with the Sedins this year, that line was Vancouver’s best. They’ll unload Bertuzzi and we’ll see Jovanovski walk (probably to Florida), but Naslund and Carter will be resigned. I don’t see how they could let either guy walk away.

    And although Jay Mckee is unrestricted and I haven’t heard about any contract talks between him and the Sabres this season, I don’t see how we could let him go. The Sabres’ one organizational weakness is defensive depth, and it wasn’t addressed at the deadline. Outside our top 6 generally you’ve got Fitzpatrick, then Paetch, Janik, and Jillson. Sure with such offensive depth the Sabres could trade a guy or 2 to teams dying for offense and get a strong defenseman, but why let one like Mckee go? Especially the way he’s played this season leading the league in blocked shots. This playoff run has shot his value through the roof, and I think he’ll get some nice offers. But in the end I hope he’ll take a slightly lesser dollar amount to stay with Buffalo and a young winning team where he’s spent his whole career. He suffered through 4 years of no playoffs with a young team on the edge of contention, I wouldn’t wanna leave now that we’re among the top of the league.

  31. RangerSteve says:

    Carter hasn’t even been in contact with teh Canucks since seasons end. There actually was an article saying that he’s somewhat upset about how he hasn’t been treated that well. Would he be smart to go back to teh Nucks? Sure. I’m sure a lot of other teams would gladly make a run for him at the same time

  32. rooney says:

    your an idiot. you say everyone wants to leave jersey. brodeur and stevens are one of the best players ever and look at them. everyone for the most part that leaves jersey never wins

  33. Sands says:

    He’s overrated thats why… Devils never play trap for his whole career = him being solid and thats it.

  34. 92-93 says:

    yeah – the Ambrose article on ESPN said that.

    Carter also mentioned toronto specifically – as did McKee – of course i understand that it means ABSOLUTELY nothing in the end.

    there have been substantial rumours on the rocky relationship between Mckee and RUff and Carter is not happy abou the instability in Vancouver (why he thinks toronto is any better is beyond me LOL).

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