Elias Sneeky Little Devil.

Patrik Elias has chosen to stay with the team hes had much success with. The Devils have signed Elias to a 7 year 42 million dollar contract to remain in the swamp.

Many teams must be disappointed.


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  1. Gretzkin says:

    Agreed, it’s nice to see players remain, even though the excitement of the moves is overwhelming to the fans.

  2. Habs_to_the_top says:

    Leaf’s are non playoff bound again. I hear Geurin is looking for more than he’s worth. Leafs will take him on. They like pissing money away on lost tallent.

  3. Peguiny says:

    dont be to sarcastic i would love abisher on the island

  4. wizard36 says:

    I think his value shot up so high because he did so much to bring the Devils back into contention. They didn’t look like a playoff team most nights before he got back. Also consider that Richardson got $7.8 mil a year, and I would consider Elias a better player, and more important to his team. Of course, not to say I’m happy he signed for just $6 mil. This gives the team a lot more breathing room than hey would have had. If Lou can get through this off season ok, he’ll be in great shape for next season.

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