Emery Re-Signs with Ottawa

According to tsn.ca “Ottawa Senators and goaltender Ray Emery have avoided salary arbitration by reaching a last minute, three-year contract agreement worth $9.5 million. It is a substantial raise from the $925,000 he earned last season.”

“Emery is coming off a career season as he replaced Martin Gerber as the number one man between the pipes for the Senators. He helped lead the team to their first Stanley Cup finals appearance in modern history. Emery was 33-16-6 in 58 regular season games with a goals-against-average of 2.47. During the playoffs he was 13-7 with a 2.25 goals-against average.”

“The Cayuga, Ontario native is currently recovering from wrist surgery and is unlikely to see game action until September.”

15 Responses to Emery Re-Signs with Ottawa

  1. leaflova says:

    Btter to sign him now then send him to arbitration

  2. nordiques100 says:

    one down, 4 to do in heatley, spezza, redden and fisher. not sure if they can re-sign them all but its a start. its probably better than 75 percent at least that heatley (at least 6 plus million), spezza (at least 5 plus million) and fisher (similar to the hartnell deal) can come to some multi year agreement. not so for redden (around 6 million). i think there is no way they can bring him back along iwth everyone else plus include:
    raises for meszaros and vermette (prolly looking to double their salary which would give them 2 mil each) 

    still pay volchenkov, phillips, alfredsson and emery (13 plus million cap hit for these 4 guys).  

    and like i mentioned above

    fisher (hartnell money which means 4 plus mil)
    heatley (makes 5.5 now, will get likely 6.5)
    spezza (makes 5 now, likely get close to 6)

    the only thing that oculd save them is for some idiot GM to take gerber off their hands and if the cap goes up yet again. then maybe they could bring redden back…..then again, why would they? he like many of the other big money blueliners isnt living up to the 6.5 mil he is making.

  3. loco42 says:

    Sorry, Mike Milbury is not available anymore to take Gerber 😛

  4. NHLman says:

    I'd say your way off on Heatley. He has scored 50 goals for two years in a row and is only 26, which means there shouldn't be a drop off, but improvement. He has 100+ points in the past two seasons. Heatley would get $8+ million as a free agent and he should know it. Sens could maybe sign him for $7.5 million before he goes free agent, but $6.5 million, as odd as it sounds, is too much of a discount.

    Spezza will be an RFA, which gives Ottawa some hope of keeping his salary down. Spezza could easily earn $6 million and that would be fair for his production, but someone could potentially sign him to an offer sheet. If the Sens are smart they'll bite the bullet and sign him to a multi-year deal for $7 million per. Then again the guy can't stay healthy.

    The thing is that the Sens are ridiculously top heavy and the raises these players will get will only make it worse.

  5. nordiques100 says:

    I think Heatley wants to win….and so i think he would take a bit less in the short term to stay with ott, say 21 million for 3 years ( he is only 26 as you say) and then maybe hit the home run when he is like 29 and then go for the 8 plus mil.

  6. senators101 says:

    I think this is a pretty fair deal for both parties.  Emery gets a nice raise but he deserves it.  3.16/year isn't bad for a number 1 goalie.  Now we gotta trade Gerber and get our 3.7 million dollars back.

  7. Asquaredx2 says:

    I think Fisher deserves $4+ million, but he's going to accept something 3.5 or below. The guy is loyal.

  8. Asquaredx2 says:

    To be fair, Gerber was a victim of a brutal Sens defence in the early portion of the season. He improved as the team improved. He was a wall for Carolina throughout the 05-06 season, and at times was a wall for the Sens. He could go to a team looking for a goalie (LA) or he could go to a team struggling to find the Cap floor such as Phoenix or Nashville. A cheap back-up such as CuJo, Auld or Belfour could then be signed.

  9. loco42 says:

    Actually, Gerber played good when Emery got suspended. So, he has juice in his tank left. Just, I think he deserves a #1 spot on another team, like LA.

  10. wayne2 says:

    Great signing by the sens.This is (according to today`s standards) the amount and lenght he should`ve gotten.3 years is enough for him to really prove himself and for the sens to plan his next contract if he performs to expectations.Imo:
    Heatley: 5 years 35 mil
    Spezza: 4 years 24 mil
    Redden: 3 years 15 mil
    Fisher: 5 years 20 mil

    Re-sign Mezsaros and Vermette long term.

  11. riseagainst says:

    the problem is still that Greber still makes more then Rayzor, ho wcan the Sens justify that, Greber needs to be shipped out.

  12. wingsfan13 says:

    i had to laugh when he said "i don't care about the money".  who doesn't care about the money in the nhl.  if it didn't matter than arbitration would have never come close.  if emery works on his mobility coming cross crease, poise, and rebound control he can be a top 5 goalie.

  13. Marc0427 says:

    Let's be honest, Emery's an OK goaltender…

    He's never going to be top 5 in the league or anywhere's close. He's never going to be great, only ok.

    The sens now have 7mill/year tied into OK goaltending. This is a huge issue for a supposed cup-contending team who's going to need to re-sign a pile of players soon.

  14. openclose says:

    heatley 6.5 million? don't think it is going to happen. He is miles ahead of Drury/gomez/briere and should be rewarded as such. Right now he can command the max salary possible and spezza isn't to far behind him. Ottawa is screwed next off season. Redden will be gone. And you can bet that if Heatley makes it to july1st he isn't coming back. Spezza might get the same kind of vanek offer too.

  15. senators101 says:

    The only reason they still have Gerber was because a backup in case Emery wouldn't get signed.  Now that he's signed, expect Gerber to leave the team shortly. 

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