The Rangers have fallen off the playoff charts and Glen Sather has been very quite. The facts are simple and it is that Shanhan is a waste without at least one player on his line that can make things happen.

The Rangers seem to have found a 3rd line, and have always had a 1st line. But the 2nd line for the Rangers is the biggest joke in hockey. Not to mention the power play.

Bottom line,
Rangers need Forsburg nowIt’s been a joke to watch, and even harder to try and have any type of faith when Ranger fans watch the second line. It’s not only a disgrace but disrespectful to Shanahan to play him with 4th line players Krog and Hossa. No wonder why he’s stressed out and yelling at the Refs.

As of now, the way this team looks, the Rangers will not make the playoffs in anyway shape or form. And if they some how do pull it off.. expect another early exit.

The Rangers have found a great 3rd line. Which is fun to watch. And the First line.. Jagrs shoulder won’t be the same until next season… but they are solid with the great play of Straka shouldering the load (pun intended).

Forsburg is the answer. Hurt foot or not… If he is a sure signing for next season then he is worth it. With the reason being that not only will Forsburg be healthy next year but, Jagr will as well. So getting him would be fine as long as he agrees to sign at least a 1 year deal. And as we all know coming to Broadway can make anyone want to play here.

Shanahan is dieing on that 2nd line by himself and it is just getting more and more ridiculous to watch.

Stumple is not the answer. He will help, but he is not gong to bring this team into a realm of being a serious playoff contender.

Forsburg being on the Rangers right away throws the Rangers hat in the ring to not only make the playoffs but to help do some damage when they get there.

A 1st round pick and a decent farm player… nothing amazing, is well worth it for Forsburg. And re-signing him can’t hurt. That.. or the Rangers will miss the playoffs and then offer Gomez a crazy amount of money in the off season and have the Bobby Holik they had 4 years ago once again.

Holik was only good on the Defense first, second and third team… Gomez is better then Holik was, but… without that Defense style everyone including Brodoer is questionable to play on any other team who does not play in that slow pace boring environment. Not Knocking the team.. they have played well.. but there is a reason they can’t sell out the building in the Stanly Cup playoffs.

Bottom Line… Gomez will be hit or miss.. and everyone said it wasn’t possible that Holik would flop because of such great play in his long career… Forsburg… is a champion inside and out. And If the Rangers want to be a Championship team. They will bring in the Champ of Champs, Forsburg.

Note: Why is Cullen not on the point during the Power Play?? The guys numbers from Carolina on the point during the Power Play are very very Solid.

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  1. saku_rulz says:

    now this situation reminds me of another ''bleu-blanc-rouge'' situation……..hmmmmm……….

  2. Vintage1609 says:

    there is no way the Flyers will trade Forsberg to the Rangers unless they give up Marc Stall – so forget it ranger fans no shot at him – besides he will re-sign with the Flyers no matter what next year from what my sources tell me –

  3. Sands says:

    Sorry boss… Marc stall wouldn't go anyplace. And many players have said they would re-sign with there team after they were traded and never did. Forsburg doesn't want to be on a big loser.. this year, or next. And being in NY would change anyones mind. Forsburg might not be there when the off-season comes even if he doesn't get traded. Philly's best chance is to trade him now, get a first round pick… maybe maybe something else, and hope he returns in the off-season.

    till then…he belongs on a better team that has a chance some time in the next 3-4 years.

    Philly needs to rebuild boss… take a few years off.

  4. BryanWay says:

    I say first rounder and Montoya for Forsberg.  Now that the Rangers have Lundqvist as their starter, they don't need a potential Nabokov-Kiprusoff or Nabokov-Toskala like problem on their hands.  Also, Prucha would be nice.

  5. nyrhockey094 says:

    LMFAO MARC STAAL for FLOPPA. I almost spilled my beer that was so funny. Your sources? what your reading from hockeybuzz.com or from spector? You have no sorces. The Rangers could get floppa for a 1st and cullen, not marc staal.

  6. nyrhockey094 says:

    And sands.. just curious…. what do you plan on giving up? You can throw philly fourth line scraps, whichis what we havebesides our clear cut top line prospects and our team future.

  7. nyrhockey094 says:

    Prucha… I dont think so, 2nd and Montoya, not a first. He will be a future NHL goaltender for a long time, and a 1st + Montoya for a player who cant fix his foot problem, is old, and beyond injury prone, i dont think so.

  8. robinson19 says:

    The second line is the biggest joke in hockey… hmmm… bigger than Samsonov?

  9. TheFish12 says:

    If the Rangers want Forsberg, they should be ready to part with at least Prucha or Stall and a 1rst rounder. 

    Before you tell me Forsberg is not worth that let me let you in on something…I KNOW!  But what some people don't seem to understand is that "worth" is relative.  A player is only "worth" what another GM is willing to to give, and I can guarantee you that someone is willing to give up a good young player/prospect for Forsberg. (see Nashville giving up a 1rst round pick for Brendan Witt or Edmonton trading a first round pick for Dwayne Roloson) 

    And there is no way the Rangers should give that type of package to a divisional rival. 

    I see forsberg potentially landing in Carolina (Ladd, 1rst Rounder) or in Nashville (Hartnell, 1rst Rounder)

  10. Sands says:

    1st round pick is more then enough for injured goods, a solid Farm player and a 1st round pick would be exactly want Philly needs… if they can get it.

  11. Sands says:

    Montoya straight up is more like it. You might get a 5th with him. He is a amazing prospect. Philly would be lucky to grab him.

  12. Sands says:

    hummm good point

  13. Sands says:

    I don't believe thats true. If they hold onto him he could go someplace else come off-season. A 1st round pick would be a great deal for Philly which needs to rebuild.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Yes, the Rangers do need a center.  But I am definitely not convinced that Forsberg is the right answer.

    For a number of reasons.  Remember the Eric Lindros trade.  At the time, it was a very justifiable deal.  The team really, really needed an impact center.  And for a while, it looked like Lindros was the answer.  But look what happened.  The injuried caught up to him.  And after that semi-successful first season, Lindros' stay in New York was generally forgettable. 

    Now we have Forsberg.  Who is dealing with a chronic foot problem that no one knows will be properly healed this year, or in time for the playoffs.  There is NO WAY I am trading a propect and a 1st round pick for Forsberg.  And don't forget this is Philly we are dealing with.  A conference rival.  They're not going to give the Rangers Forsberg for a conditional pick and a mid-level prospect.  They're going to want a big return.  And I don't believe Forsberg is worth that, right now.

    Forsberg could very well play one game, and be done.  That is how injury-prone he is, and everyone knows it.  I hate watching the Rangers struggle too, but I am also not one to sacrifice a huge price for a player that is a colossal "if".  I thought we would have learned our lesson with the Lindros deal. 

    Also, who knows if Forsberg would waive his no-trade clause to go to New York?  The Rangers are on the bubble right now.  And the closer we get to the deadline, the higher the price will be.  Sather is not a stupid GM, despite what some people say, and he knows all of this.  AND…in order for a trade to be justified, Forsberg absolutely must be signed to a deal IF the Rangers acquire him.  There are just too many "ifs" right now.  As long as the Rangers acquire a solid center, I'll be happy.  And if the Rangers do not bite on Forsberg, I will not be a sad Rangers fan.

  15. Sands says:

    Forsburg is no Eric Lindros, I have to say I disagree with this statement from you. Forsburg is a Champion, Lindros was a baby and a Champion Flop. The Rangers need him because they could be great with him, and without him they are not making the playoffs.

  16. Jrugges2 says:

    Can't take this post seriously since you've spelled Forsberg, like, " Forsburg."

  17. Archion113 says:

    Philly isn't rebuilding.  They were injured all year, sorry boss.  3-4 years? for what, they've had problems all year with injuries and defence, the easiest way to solve that is Free Agency.

    Just because you hate teh Flyers doesn't mean you know anything about hockey.

    Forsberg wants to go to a Playoff contender, the Rangers are just a pretender.  They've already been scratched off his list of places to go.

  18. Archion113 says:

    We don't need another goalie prospect.

    So montoya isn't coming to philly.

  19. Archion113 says:

    You must not read.

    1st round and a prospect is what the flyers are demanding.

    Other teams are offering NHL'ers, and you think some guy on a farm team is what philly needs?

    Thank god you're not a GM.

  20. Archion113 says:

    Is this Forsburg guy anygood? Never heard of him.

  21. Archion113 says:

    Damn it, you beat me to it.

  22. habsoverserver says:

    When healthy, Forsberg is one of the top all around players in the world.  He would help any team.  But, he has a no trade clause.  So your job is to convince Forsberg that playing for the Rangers would be better than a gig with any of the 15 other teams that would also pay at least a prospect and a pick for him.  If Forsberg wants to be traded to a cup contender then the Rangers are not in the mix. 

  23. bleedingblu says:

    verrrrry good point….LOL!!

  24. wingerxxx says:

    I'll agree with you that Forsberg has a resume that Lindros will always be envious of.  And yes, he's a proven playoff warrior.

    But like with Lindros, there are a lot of problems.  Forsberg is now juset as injury-prone as Lindros.  And that is what killed Lindros' time with the Rangers.  According to a couple of stories at hockeybuzz.com, Ed Snider wants Forsberg to stay.  Forsberg wants to stay in Philly.  And no trade is going to happen without Snider's blessing. 

    And you should always be leery of trading a huge package for a player that has been battling injuries all year long.  You can't make an impact on the playoffs when you are sidelined with an injury, much less a foot problem that affects your skating.  And the Rangers cannot force a trade here.  This is really up to the Flyers, and IF Forsberg would even want to go to New York. 

  25. bleedingblu says:

    NY Rangers do need another talented forward but I wouldn't only bank on Forsberg. I haven't seen him play a complete season in a long time… but mind you, he could still play 40 games and be amongst the top 20 point leaders at the end of the season.
    If the Rangers want to be serious about picking up a quality player be ready to give a young stud up like Staal or Prucha…. and a draft pick some where in the deal.
    Philly is not stupid!! They need to fix their own club more than any other team ( last in the league ) so don't expect them to just give away Forsberg IF he waives his no trade clause.
    I think Carolina has the best chance of picking up Forsberg.

  26. Mephist0 says:

    If you read some of my other Ranger posts you will see that I am super critical of them, but a fan.  Now with that being said, there is no way on this earth that one diving, hurt but great player will turn the Rangers season around.

    No way..

    There are too many issues.  I am fine if they throw this season, trade all but 10 players and let some of the talent they have in Hartford come in next season.  Even if they make the playoffs, we all know they will not will the cup.  So why get rid of a potential all star prospect to play 4 more games.

    Let's be realistic here.

  27. ericthered1961 says:

    The word "healthy" does not belong in the same sentence as Forsberg.

  28. Hoondog2 says:

    ForsbErg,  you're killing me.  ForsbUrg is just wrong!

  29. Sakic_Forsberg says:

    Rangers just traded for Sean Avery.

    It's on TSN's website.

  30. rangers19 says:

    Forsburg!!??? what who's this guy??????…..

  31. rangers19 says:

    Forsburg!!??? what who's this guy??????…..

  32. bleedingblu says:

    Your prayers have been answered!!! SEAN AVERY!! lol

  33. Gagne1286 says:

    Its spelled FORSBERG!

  34. ranger_fan says:

    The Rangers will have a top 10 pick anyways. That equivalent to a Habs first and a good prospect

  35. big_booty says:


    1)  No one, and I mean NO ONE is even sure that Peter Forsberg will be traded.  Not Paul Holmgren, not Ed Snider, and not even Peter Forsberg.  Philadelphia's stance on the issue (or non-issue, as the case very well may be) is that they want him on their team now and in the future.  Forsberg's stance on the issue is that he wants a.  to get his foot healthy, and b.  to remain in Philadelphia.

    2)  In this era of free agency, the Flyers aren't as bad off in the long term as everyone thinks.  A team with Peter Forsberg on their roster is very attractive to the modern-day free agent. 

    3)  Ed Snider is a very shrewd businessman – he knows the value of asses in seats.  A Flyers team without Peter Forsberg will have significantly less posteriors occupying cushions in the Wachovia center, this means less money, which smart owners know is a bad thing.

    4)  Holmgren's job is on the line this season.  He is an interim GM without the interim attached to the title.  He does not want to be remembered as the man who traded Forsberg.

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