Enough of What the Leafs should do articles…Please!!

It’s been a long time since I have posted an article, and I felt it was time for me to address something, as a Leaf fan, that is driving me (and who knows how many others) nuts for quite some time.

Please…can we stop wtih the “(Insert name here)’s way of imroving the Leafs”, or the “What the Leafs should do”, or “What JFJ should do”? If you look at the Leafs trade page, that’s all we’re being barraged with latley..and personally, I’m getting really tired of it. Now before some of you post the usual “Then don’t read the articles” response, allow me to impose a dose of reality. The Leafs aren’t cup bound…you know it, and I know it. So what is the point of posting endless articles of speculation over what the leafs should do?

For years we have been known as a passionate group of fans, and have even taken a lot of criticism over it here at HTR. Now, don’t get me wrong, I bleed blue and white and have done so since the Sittler/Salming years when I was a young pup. (The absence of a cup for the last…ahem… 39 years around here is very frustrating indeed.) And yes, I’m quite aware that the entire puropse of this site is to talk about what we love most…hockey. Plain and simple.

But as a fellow and REALISTIC leaf fan, can I please impose on some of you to stop with these endless articles of “wishful thinking” (as I believe it was refered to as by another member) here?

The Leafs may be active at the deadline…they may not be. If I may make a suggestion….how about we wait until after the deadline to see what they have or have not done, and discuss it then?

Good Idea? I think so.