Enough with the Sidney Crosby talk…..

I know I am not alone when I say “Can we give it a rest with Sidney Crosby??”

Wayne Gretzky is my favorite player and without question, the greatest to ever play the game. Still I do not view The Great One as clairvoyant. Nor do I believe ANYONE will ever approach or eclipse number 99’s stats. The NHL has changed and those type numbers will never be repeated. Unless of course they go to a soccer sized net.
I can think of a few other NHLers who tore up the Jr’s. Let’s take a look at them:

Martin Lapointe – 249 points in 160 games. Not bad for a 3rd liner in Boston.

Eric Chouinard – 296 points in 180 games. Still hasn’t won a job in the bigs.

Donald Audette – 309 points in 199 games. Broke the 30 goal barrier twice in 14 years.

Benoit Brunet – 323 points in 193 games. Never scored more than 14 goals in a season once he hit the bigs.

Martin Gelinas – 208 points in 106 games. A servicable NHL player. 30-50 pt range.

Andre Savard – 451 points in 206 games. Went on to become a consistent 40 point guy in the NHL.

Simon Gagne – 189 points in 114 games. Finally a decent NHL player but no new Great One here.

Michael Ryder – 257 points in 201 games. A very good player. We’ll leave the jury out on this one.

Dennis Chalifoux – 456 points in 274 games. Sorry, my mistake…. He never made it to the NHL.

Francois Guay – 347 points in 200 games. Oops, I did it again…. Never hit the big time.

Claude Gosselin – 332 points in 184 games. Ok, I’ll stop now. He also never played in the NHL.

Sandy McCarthy 151 points in 195 games. This wouldn’t be so impressive if he hadn’t spent 892 minutes (14 hours) in the penalty box.

Anyone here remember a guy named Bryan Fogarty? I believe he was referred to as the next Bobby Orr.

For those of you who don’t: http://espn.go.com/magazine/vol5no20fogarty.html A sad story.

Just to be fair, someone named Guy Lafleur put up monster numbers in the QMJHL and went on to become a superstar.

I realize the above mentioned players did not achieve such success at 16. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a hater. I hope Crosby succeeds. I look forward to watching him in 4 years. Just count me as someone attempting to suppress the hype and knock off some of the bandwagon jumpers. I suspect many haven’t seen Crosby play simply because it’s not that easy to. Beyond that, some HTR Members have suggested NHL teams throwing the season in an effort to land Crosby. Does that make any sense? Ahhhhh no.

A better question would be “Why isn’t there any Dany Roussin talk?” (2003 7th rounder Florida Panthers) He’s bigger and had comparable numbers last season playing along with Sidney Crosby.

Hell, Coliacovo gets a ton of attention on this site and he’s played 4 games in the NHL. <----- I'm tired of that too. In closing, I believe the WHA story is a publicity stunt. I don’t doubt there are HUGE offers being thrown around Crosby but these stories seem more valuable to the exposure of the WHA than to the kid. Lebron James will not be the next Jordan and Sidney Crosby will not be the next Gretzky. 57
(All statistics provided by HockeyDB.com)

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  1. Kill_Yourself says:

    Wayne Gretzky is a big *****. Super Mario is the best ever. (Im not saying wayne shouldn’t get high praise but mario is a better player/person period.

  2. cgolding says:

    yeah, Mario is a GREAT guy.

    When the league needs it’s stars to be the face of the league he rips into the league for being a horrible product and getting worse, then promptly retires because he isn’t man enough to deal with it.

    …okay, so not so good for the NHL.

    Comes out of retirement to help resurrect the franchise that he now owns, prompting people to buy season tickets… has continuously showed up for international events(aka where he may actually win something), while playing sparingly for his team where he is making money off of people that paid to see him play.

    …okay, so not so good to the fans of pitt either…

    GREAT guy, you’re right.

  3. simplyhabby says:

    Alexandre Daigle was a huge minor league performer and we all know what happened in the NHL. Oddly, he is playing his best hockey now which is still not even close to his expectations.

    Remember, some minor phenoms get no recognition. How is the CHL player of the year in Corey Locke picked in the 3rd round? Yes he is small but he was still the best player in a very talented league. Micheal Ryder was not even picked until the 8th round.

    Crosby is a phenom just as much as Ovechkin, Gretzky, Lemieux and all the other great phenoms but they have to prove it on the NHL level. It is his potential that is hyped and deservingly so. Just watch the kid play.

    I agree with you in many aspects that these phenoms should not be hyped until they make an impact on the NHL level. Crosby will NOT BE THE NEXT GRETZKY but there is no reason not to predict that he does not have the potential to be the next great one!

  4. Heinzee57 says:

    I can think of 2857 reasons why Gretzky is better.

    Hold on… Maybe a couple more.

    Did Mario ever host Saturday Night Live?

    Who’s hotter Janet Jones or Nathalie Asselin?

    In 19 meetings between Lemieux and Gretzky teams, Gretzky had 46 total points, Lemieux had 28.

    Mario was a smoker throughout most of his career.


  5. cgolding says:

    okay, this post is idiotic.

    i agree with the sentiment that comparing Crosby to the next gretzky is getting a little bit ahead of ourselves, especially after the fiasco that Lindros turned into… in fact, i’ve posted as much in past articles concerning Crosby.

    HOWEVER, to write an article telling people to stop discussing the guaranteed #1 pick in the next NHL draft because you think he is getting over-hyped is simply stupid. This is after all a hockey discussion board, thus the #1 incoming prospect in the world is CLEARLY open to getting discussed.

    No team is actually going to throw the season for Crosby, simply because it is a lottery(specifically to dissuade teams from doing that, because it HAS been done in pro-sports) and they don’t know where they will end up in the top 5. as noted in the parens, teams have suspiciously gone in the tank in the past in sports to get the top overall pick, and quite honestly when teams completely dismantle their team during the season is there really a difference?

    “Why isn’t there any Dany Roussin talk?”

    because he’s a friggin 7th rounder, aka long shot to make it to the friggin NHL.


    sounds like a nice player, but is clearly nowhere near the league of player that Crosby is in scouts eyes if he is going in the 7th round. having never seen either play, all i can say is that others have seen him and have their opinion.

    Coliacovo – gets a lot of attention because there are a lot of Leafers on this board. If there were a majority of Flyers fans on this board you’d hear a lot more about Carter, Richards, Ruzicka, etc…

    i very much doubt the WHA story is a publicity stunt. the only reason the WHL got off of it’s feet back in the day is because Hull signed with Winnipeg, which gave it instant credibality. So a big name signing would be a huge coup for the WHA similar to that, don’t think Hull hasn’t put that forward to the owners from his personal experience. NHL players are going to be near impossible for these guys to sign now, so the next best thing is to go after high-profile prospects and try and get them in their league, it isn’t an accident that they allowed themselves to draft below the NHL minimum age.

    Lebron James could be better than Jordan because he should end up being a better all-around player than Jordan, ala Magic. What may or may not seperate Lebron is Jordan’s ability to will his teams to victory and his complete unwillingness to lose.

    Sidney Crosby will not be the next Gretzky statistically, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the next “Gretzky.” throw Gretzky in the league at his prime and he doesn’t put up the numbers that he did back in the day, but he would still dominate offensively… Which Crosby is still capable of doing. What seperates players is dominance within their era, statistics change with the scope of the playing field, dominance among peers does not.

    nevermind the bullox,


  6. Heinzee57 says:

    I think idiotic is a strong term.

    The kid is 17 years old. A lot can happen on your way to the NHL.

    You made my point with the Roussin article, thanks for the link. By the way… Peter Bondra was an 8th Rounder. I’m not gonna list all of the 1st round failures but you’ll agree there are many.

    Going public with a story regarding an enormous offer to a 16 year old phenom is for publicity. If he accepts the offer it’s news.

    Constructing the ANTI-NHL in the form of WHA doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity. Why can’t Bobby Hull pull the Golden Brett over to his pet project? Respect for the NHLPA? Maybe because it doesn’t really exist yet.

    I noticed you sidestepped the Fogarty subject.

    I agree with you on Jordan.

    Anyway, if you’d prefer I’ll join the lemmings and gush on about Sidney F’ing Crosby.


  7. PayUpSucka says:

    Heinzee bro, take it easy.

    Please guy, go see him play and your song will change pretty quick. He’s 10 times the all around performer that Alex Daigle was. Or any of those other reekers you’ve mentioned.

    There will never be another Gretz we all know that, but to say you want people to stop talking about the league’s possible next one is absurd.

    The league as well as hockey in general should be filling everybody’s ear with his name. Let’s face it, the NHL isn’t as marketable as the other big 3. He miht change that all by himself. I’m even seeing Crosby’s name and mug showing up in american newspapers and hockey papers.

    As a Haligonian i’m pretty pumped to see his name spreading across North America like it is. I’m by no means a bandwagoneer, i’ve watched him play as a 14 year old and he was at a junior level of play at that age.

    Embrace him boys cause he’s going to blow your fuc king minds.

  8. Furlong19 says:

    I can skate circles around Crosby no sweat.

  9. cgolding says:

    dude… i’m a philly fan, i know ALL about guys not living up to the hype. and i’ve also said that i won’t believe it until i see it from crosby at this level, but posting that people should stop the discussion(which is clearly going to involve the hype) on the kid is somewhat of a stretch… and doesn’t make sense for a board designed for discussing hockey.

    i don’t think brett was interested in being part of a project like the WHA is going to be regardless of whether it succeeds or not. if the WHA gets off the ground it is going to be more through the efforts of the players than the ownerships, which is a tough thing to ask a guy that’s almost 40 to get involved with at this point of his career…. Bobby was a younger player, and the money was a huge bid compared to the NHL… which they can’t do now to draw players away from the NHL… thus the look to sign prospects.

  10. Minky says:

    People are hyping up, and putting way to much pressure on Crosby. Look what happened to Alexandre Daigle…

    No one will ever match Gretzky’s numbers, the game has changed to much. When he played, goals were alot more frequent, becasue goalies play much different, and in amny cases better than they used to, also pads are bigger, players are also bigger so there is not as much room on the ice.

  11. habswinthecup-again says:

    “and without question, the greatest to ever play the game.” I don’t freakin’ think so. Orr and Lemieux are both definately better and so is Richard, Lafleur, Howe, Shore and probably 10 more that I can’t think of right now. Gretzky always has and always will SUCK!

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Crosby is the GREAT HOPE for the league.

    Wayne and Mario were the reason why the league grew so much in the 1980’s and 1990’s. With Mario retired, the league allowing a LAME-ASS NJ Devils trap system to become the league standard scoring is now down. Is is ratings, TV revenue etc…

    The NHL NEEDS a new icon and Crosby is IT. Until he flops like daigle, he will be held to UNREALSITC expectations. Get used to it Heizie.

    No matter what team you root for – you should be rooting for this guy to be a star. It is JUST what the game needs. Imagine if pro golf was hanging on to Fred Couples and Greg Norman? I think Tiger, Erine, Vijay and Phil are a heck of a lot more exciting. They also score lower and hit the ball further. Maybe if the league called the rules right trapping teams would abandon the system and the NHL product would get more exciting.

  13. Rico420 says:

    I agree that the hype has reached a near Crushing ceiling, here’s another name for you..Eric Lindros.

    “The Next One” had potential to be the most dominating player in the NHL for the 90’s and couldn’t stay healthy long enough to really play those amount of games needed.

    Predicting greatness by players who haven’t played a game in the NHL is really hard to do!

  14. PayUpSucka says:

    You’re gross. Hang your head in shame.

    You’ve never seen Richard. Laflower, Howe or Shore.

    He is the greatest. Plain and Simple. He could play the game blindfolded.

  15. TheCoach says:

    I saw Daigle play in the Q, and I have seen Crosby play in the Q.

    Nobody can say that he is a better player than Daigle was, because Daigle was just as good and he was surrounded by just as much hype.

    He was considered head and shoulders above the rest of the draft group, which included players like Chris Pronger and Paul Kariya who were also all-stars in junior.

    Now I’m not saying that Crosby will turn out like Daigle, but he is no better in junior than Daigle was. I’m sure Gretzky would have given him just as much praise if he was not still playing.

  16. TheCoach says:

    I agree. It is impossible to predict how a player will turn out at the NHL level. Plus, Gretzky had Semenko to prtect him, Crosby won’t have that luxury thanks to the instigator rule.

    The expectations are way too high. I mean, if the guy doesn’t win the Calder in his first year and goes on to a career in which he averages 75 points a year, he will be considered a bust.

    We’ll have to wait and see, but honestly, I would rather have Ovechkin at this point. Unless the NHL changes the way the game is currently played, power forwards like Iginla and Forsberg will be the most sought after in the game and Ovechkin is a power forward.

  17. TheCoach says:

    Also, too much emphasis is being put on the number 1 draft spot next year. Gilbert Brule will likely be number 2, and from what I have seen, he is just as skilled as Crosby.

    If I had the 1st pick next year, I might offer it to the team drafting 2nd.

    Say Pittsburgh is drafting first and Chicago 2nd. The Pens might be able to trade the #1 pick to the Hawks for the number 2 pick (Brule) and a really good young player like Tuomo Ruutu. In the long run, they would probably be better off.

    Just a thought.

  18. TheCoach says:

    Gretzky was not the most talented player. He did not have the best shot, the best hands and he didn’t skate the fastest.

    The thing that set him apart was his brain. He was without a doubt the smartest player to ever play. He could analyse a defensive formation in a split second and he would know where to go.

    That is what makes him the best. Smarts are just as important as skills.

  19. bpanther83 says:

    with the numbers Gretzky put up, obviously its better. But c’mon…to say he couldn’t skate? And just to say, he had GREAT hands…c’mon look at those pin point passes from behind the net. U need good hands to pass as well as he did…and he must have great hands to score as much as he did.

  20. hockeyscarfo says:

    Whats the differance between jumping on the crosby band wagon when hes a young super star and jumping on the gretzky one when you probaly only seen him in the late 90s, or that you never knew he was any good until you heard all this gretzky records blah blah you know… gretz game from the wha and then when he was so good i bet you jumped right on the wagon, and if he jumped on it before he was good, why are you saying we shouldnt jump on it before crosby was good.. and no shit sherlock of course you can break his records, he had it easy being a star in the 80s… oh no its glen healey ill guess ill shoot it from center,- yay im a hero… Lemiuex is the hero buddy

  21. TheCoach says:

    I’m not saying that he had little talent, because his talent was better than almost everyone in the league.

    I’m just saying that in a skills competition, he would not have been able to beat guys like Lemieux and Orr in various events.

    He was smarter than all of those guys, and that’s why he was better.

  22. hockeyscarfo says:

    And every player was once in the juniors and the QMHL so what the hell are you talking about, the best goalies luongo, brodeur,etc… and players like richards smaked that league up, lecavlier…. crosby smaked it up worse. But hell probaly get hit around in the nhl alot, but hey Martin st.louis *****

  23. Eric86 says:

    crosby deserves all the attention that he gets, he puts up huge numbers regardless of what league he plays, and he makes his team better. Last year Rimouski won 9 games i think, and this year went to the Q semi finals, all because if sidney, he makes all the players around him better, as Gretzky did, he turns a 15 goal scorer into a 30, a 25 goal scorer into a 50. Dany Roussin was an alright player but because of his size they put him and Nielsen on Crosby’s line to protect him, and crosby took roussin from a 20 goal 54 points to second in the league in scoring.

  24. PayUpSucka says:

    Bottom line. Who who would you rather have in their prime?

  25. PayUpSucka says:

    I never had the pleasure of seeing Daigle. I’ve seen Tanguay, Richards, LeCavalier etc., and none of those could hold a candle to Crosby.

    Crosby plays both ends of the rink. Daigle didn’t.

    Case in point Dany Rousslin (sp) had what? 20 goals 2 years ago when the oceanic were dead last in the Q. Sidney comes along with a goon in Neilson on his line and Roussin, Roussin scores like 45 and the oceanic improve their point total by 57 pts.

  26. habswinthecup-again says:

    Without even thinking about it, I would take Orr or Mario anyday. Think about it, if Mario had the health that Wayne did he would have most of his records, and that was on a team not nearly as talented as Wayne had.

  27. habswinthecup-again says:

    Why would I hang my head in shame, I am not a Leaf fan.

  28. Habfanforever says:

    Having been to see him play in Rimouski a couple of times, I can say that this guy IS legitimately good with a lot of potential to be GREAT. The thing is, he’s putting up the same high numbers as guys 3 years older than he is.

    I know its way too soon to compare him to Gretzky but a lot of people don’t know just how good he is. If you read Gretzky’s biography, people were saying that he would be done at 17. When he smashed all the records at 17 they said he wouldn’t cut it in the NHL. When he put forth the numbers, people kept on bashing him and saying how he’s overrated and all and he kept racking up the records.

    Nor do I believe ANYONE will ever approach or eclipse number 99’s stats. The NHL has changed and those type numbers will never be repeated. Unless of course they go to a soccer sized net.

    Nobody thought anyone would break Richard’s 50 goals in 50 games, Gretzky smashed it. Records are made to be broken and one day, even Gretzky’s record will fall, if not by Crosby, it will be by someone else. Yes hockey today is a lot more defensive and less goals are given up but the sport has been changing ever since it was born. In the 1900’s, players would score 15 goals and 2 assists in 30 games. In the 50’s, a player was lucky to break the 50 point mark unless his name was Richard or Howe. Late ’60’s to the late ’80’s, it was a high scoring league. Right now were in a low scoring phase because players just got bigger and less talented. This however, does not mean a person cannot attain the 120 point mark. Heck Jagr did it no more than 3 years ago.

    By the way, Crosby topped all scorers while playing 10+ less games due to the WJHC tourney.

  29. BADBANNER says:

    OMFG im so happy someone finally posted something like this . Im was starting to get sick of all this hype over a guy who hasnt’ played ONE *****ING NHL GAME. But i don’t blame it all on Crosby, its more just being the first overall choice. I mean you hear it every year, “Oh this guy is going to be the best player ever, and the next great one”. Yes there is a history of first overall choices becoming good players, but its like they say ” drafting is NOT an exact science”.

    And for all you who say Crosby will break gretsky’s records, you must be *****ing out of your mind! I mean the league, and how the game is played has changed so much, it’s crazy to even say that. For example, Gretsky scored 50 goals in 50 games, that is almost unbreakable because it’s almost “rare” that a player even breaks the 50 goal plateau through an entire season.

    I do hope Sydney has a great career, but there is no way he is going to be the player that some of you people think he is going to be……..

    But hell how do we know…….

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    I love Wayne Gretzky, it’s obvious. If it wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have this user name or posters of the Great One, wouldn’t have bought the LA Gear Street Hockey shoes, wouldn’t have plaques of him, cards of him, wouldn’t watch him left and right. He is obviously the best ever in our beloved sport, and probably the most dominant player to play any sport by a landslide. Jordan may have been the best basketball player of all time, but does he hold 61 individual records? He didn’t dominate like Gretzky did. Baseball categories are too widespread to dominate, there’s not one player that you can consider the best ever, although Babe Ruth’s name pops into your head first when you think Baseball.

    Point is… Crosby will not dominate the way Gretzky did. I’m an avid fan of Crosby, and I think he will be better than guys like Daigle, Audette, Falloon, Gratton, and all of the other busts that I can think of who produced big in the juniors because of the fact that he has the drive and intestinal fortitude that the afforementioned four. He has an uncanny hockey sense comparable to Gretzky’s. Not on that same level, but Crosby sees the game before everyone else does. At 16 years old, his hockey sense is far beyond his years. I know that the Q is known for it’s offense oriented game, but he put up numbers at that age that not even Lemieux, LaFontaine, Bossy, and Savard did. Whoever is thinking that he’s the next Gretzky is nuts, but I will tell you, he is one of the next superstars. The media overhypes future superstars into “Next Ones,” case and examples… Eric Lindros, Jason Spezza, Alexandre Daigle. Lindros put up monster numbers at the NHL level, Spezza will, and is developing great. Daigle unfortunately never had the drive, and cared more about his looks than his wrist shot.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Gretzky, not Gretsky.

  32. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    You’re right!.I couldn’t agree more.Since you’re a Habs fan you should tuck your head between your legs.

  33. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Trading Ruutu and the 2nd overall pick would be insantity!

  34. Sands says:

    Sorry pal but Gretzky’s points aren’t the only reason he’s the best EVER in the NHL. It’s because he changed the game and made it into what it is today. Mario did not Chage the game like The Great One. Hockey was not as big of a sport in the US until he came around. No question, he changed this game forever.

  35. Sands says:

    Sorry pal but Gretzky’s points aren’t the only reason he’s the best EVER in the NHL. It’s because he changed the game and made it into what it is today. Mario did not Chage the game like The Great One. Hockey was not as big of a sport in the US until he came around. No question, he changed this game forever.

  36. Sands says:

    Crosby could never be the Next Gretzky. Gretzky changed the game in the NHL and made it what it is today. Crosby though was known to be the 1st round pick since he was about..14-15 That’s scary. He has been known about for 3-4 years now, unlike all of those who you had posted above. He will not be Gretzky. You made one good point. Times have changed and hockey has changed. But put Crosby in the right spot… let’s say Broadway and he should light up the NHL real nice. Not like Gretzky, but I will put money on it that he makes the league more exciting.

  37. Homunculous says:

    He is right Crosby is not the next Gretzky, Brady Murray and Lauri Tukonen are the next Mess and Gretz. Oh and Petr Kanko is the next Lemeuix – the injuries. And for D Denis Grebeshkov is the next Orr, Richard Petoit is the next Paul Coffee, and Paul Baier is the next Borque!

  38. Heinzee57 says:


    1st and foremost… good dialogue. I enjoy reading opinions from all corners of the hockey universe.

    2nd – I never get tired of the Gretzky v. Lemieux argument.

    Sands – No disagreement here. 99 did change the game. Orr did as well.

    Habsfan4eva – Yes, I read the biography several times. Many were hoping Wayne would fail. I don’t wish that on Crosby. I look forward to seeing him play. I’m just not ready to go off the deep end about a 16 year old who has one good year at the Q. Super Mario scored 282 pts. in 70 games there and he still stands 2nd best to Gretzky.

    Hockeyscarfo – I officially jumped on the #99 bandwagon in 82-83 season. I like to see a player prove himself before raising his number to the rafters.

    Flyer Fan in LA – I get the point and I’m not rallying against Crosby. I’m just careful not to rest the future of the NHL on the shoulders of 16 year old. Sidney Crosby in an ICON in the Q now. He is nothing in the NHL.

    Habswinthecup-again – Please see Sands previous post and go take your Lithium.

    Payupsucka – I’m not saying the kid isn’t talented. He is an enormous talent. There is a buzz about him for a reason. Let’s just not get ahead of ourselves here.


  39. TheCoach says:

    Trust me, Daigle compared to Crosby. He also did not hurt his team defensively and he was probably the fastest player I have seen to this date. That kid had wheels.

    People were billing him as the best player ever to come out of Quebec. Better than Lemieux!

    Now I’m not saying that Crosby will be a bust, but no matter what they do in junior, nothing is a sure thing. The NHL is a completely different game.

    Hell, Corey Locke led the CHL in points 2 years ago and was in the top 3 again last year, but nobody considers him a top notch prospect. What’s up with that?

  40. DarkPhoenix says:

    If I remember correctly, the NHL first considered a draft lottery in 1984, because New Jersey accused Pittsburg of tanking the season to draft Mario Lemieux.

    Then there were accusations that Ottawa tanked to draft Alexander Daigle (though they finished in last place, that year they almost set the record for losses in a season).

  41. TheCoach says:

    You never know. Some owner might be lost in the hype an might pressure his GM to make a deal like this in order to sell tickets.

  42. TheCoach says:

    Mario had a pretty talented team. I mean, he played with Jagr, Francis, Murphy, Barrasso, etc.

    I’m not saying that they were as good as Edmonton in the 80s, but they were more talented than the L.A, St. Louis and Ranger teams Greztky was on.

  43. Kill_Yourself says:

    Wow you boys just love your Ford selling fragile man. Come on waynes a overrated joke with an unwriten rule that your not allowed to check him, hes a joke, face it.

  44. wheresthesoda says:

    mario WOULD be better if he didnt get injured as much as he did.

  45. wheresthesoda says:

    All of this talk with comparing crosby and gretzy should end, it shouldve never started.

    wayne gretzky played in a different hockey age than crosby will play.

    when gretzky played the goalies wore smalled pads, and there wasnt as much defense played as there is now.

    the style of play in the nhl will ruin all chances for crosby to become a player of gretzkys class.

    i’m not saying crosby has no shot of being an all-star, i’m just saying there is no way in hell he will break his records.

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