Enough with the Sidney Crosby talk…..

I know I am not alone when I say “Can we give it a rest with Sidney Crosby??”

Wayne Gretzky is my favorite player and without question, the greatest to ever play the game. Still I do not view The Great One as clairvoyant. Nor do I believe ANYONE will ever approach or eclipse number 99’s stats. The NHL has changed and those type numbers will never be repeated. Unless of course they go to a soccer sized net.
I can think of a few other NHLers who tore up the Jr’s. Let’s take a look at them:

Martin Lapointe – 249 points in 160 games. Not bad for a 3rd liner in Boston.

Eric Chouinard – 296 points in 180 games. Still hasn’t won a job in the bigs.

Donald Audette – 309 points in 199 games. Broke the 30 goal barrier twice in 14 years.

Benoit Brunet – 323 points in 193 games. Never scored more than 14 goals in a season once he hit the bigs.

Martin Gelinas – 208 points in 106 games. A servicable NHL player. 30-50 pt range.

Andre Savard – 451 points in 206 games. Went on to become a consistent 40 point guy in the NHL.

Simon Gagne – 189 points in 114 games. Finally a decent NHL player but no new Great One here.

Michael Ryder – 257 points in 201 games. A very good player. We’ll leave the jury out on this one.

Dennis Chalifoux – 456 points in 274 games. Sorry, my mistake…. He never made it to the NHL.

Francois Guay – 347 points in 200 games. Oops, I did it again…. Never hit the big time.

Claude Gosselin – 332 points in 184 games. Ok, I’ll stop now. He also never played in the NHL.

Sandy McCarthy 151 points in 195 games. This wouldn’t be so impressive if he hadn’t spent 892 minutes (14 hours) in the penalty box.

Anyone here remember a guy named Bryan Fogarty? I believe he was referred to as the next Bobby Orr.

For those of you who don’t: http://espn.go.com/magazine/vol5no20fogarty.html A sad story.

Just to be fair, someone named Guy Lafleur put up monster numbers in the QMJHL and went on to become a superstar.

I realize the above mentioned players did not achieve such success at 16. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a hater. I hope Crosby succeeds. I look forward to watching him in 4 years. Just count me as someone attempting to suppress the hype and knock off some of the bandwagon jumpers. I suspect many haven’t seen Crosby play simply because it’s not that easy to. Beyond that, some HTR Members have suggested NHL teams throwing the season in an effort to land Crosby. Does that make any sense? Ahhhhh no.

A better question would be “Why isn’t there any Dany Roussin talk?” (2003 7th rounder Florida Panthers) He’s bigger and had comparable numbers last season playing along with Sidney Crosby.

Hell, Coliacovo gets a ton of attention on this site and he’s played 4 games in the NHL. <----- I'm tired of that too. In closing, I believe the WHA story is a publicity stunt. I don’t doubt there are HUGE offers being thrown around Crosby but these stories seem more valuable to the exposure of the WHA than to the kid. Lebron James will not be the next Jordan and Sidney Crosby will not be the next Gretzky. 57
(All statistics provided by HockeyDB.com)