Eric Lindros

With the talk of Eric’s retirement, i decided to write something in his honor. To be i believe Eric was the best player in the mid 90’s but never came close to the Gretz or Lemieux. That being said Eric in his prime was better then Forsberg and more imposing on the ice then Jagr.

In juniour Eric put up 216 pts 97 goals in just 95 games while bring a memorial cup to the Generals. The Sault Greyhounds also brought home the memorial cup after they traded for Eric so the deal worked out for both.

Then after the Nords drafted him 1st over and and Eric’s refusal to play. He was traded to the Flyers for Mike Ricci, Steve Duchense, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon Peter Forsberg and two 1st round picks, one ended up being Jocelyn Thibeault. Now that trade is very one sided in favor of Quebec but only cuz Forsberg turned out to be so good. If Forsberg turned out mediocre and Lindros career wasn’t dismantled by injuries that trade is very even or in favor of the Flyers… but hindsight eh.

Now i have never been a big Forsberg fan since he mocked candians in a jr championship but Forsberg vs Lindros was born when we found out how great of a player the swede was. Forsberg playing with Sakics, Bourques, Tanguays, Hedjuks, Drury’s and Roys has put up very similar numbers and more team success then Eric. But Eric came into his own playing with Leclair and Reneberg with the famous Legion of Doom line. Here is the thing about Leclair and Reneberg.. They have done nothing withour playing with Eric. Eric put up the numbers before Leclair or Reneberg arrived but here are the stats of those players without playing withthe Big E

LeClair 441-263-237-500 with eric
LeClair 526-143-176-319 w/out eric
Reneberg 366-128-168-296 with eric
Reneberg 295-62-106-168 w/out eric

Now when you compare to the guys forsberg player with Sakic, Drury, Bourque, Tanguay have all done great without Forsberg but LeClair never did anything without team eric and Reneberg barely stayed in the league. Eric simply made those players so much better. Eric has had a great career, which will probably be over shadowed by the off ice antics and his parents need to dictate where he plays. Without injuries i believe Eric would have been in the top 10 forwards to ever play tha game! I hope eric does well in his after hockey career.