Eric Lindros

With the talk of Eric’s retirement, i decided to write something in his honor. To be i believe Eric was the best player in the mid 90’s but never came close to the Gretz or Lemieux. That being said Eric in his prime was better then Forsberg and more imposing on the ice then Jagr.

In juniour Eric put up 216 pts 97 goals in just 95 games while bring a memorial cup to the Generals. The Sault Greyhounds also brought home the memorial cup after they traded for Eric so the deal worked out for both.

Then after the Nords drafted him 1st over and and Eric’s refusal to play. He was traded to the Flyers for Mike Ricci, Steve Duchense, Kerry Huffman, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon Peter Forsberg and two 1st round picks, one ended up being Jocelyn Thibeault. Now that trade is very one sided in favor of Quebec but only cuz Forsberg turned out to be so good. If Forsberg turned out mediocre and Lindros career wasn’t dismantled by injuries that trade is very even or in favor of the Flyers… but hindsight eh.

Now i have never been a big Forsberg fan since he mocked candians in a jr championship but Forsberg vs Lindros was born when we found out how great of a player the swede was. Forsberg playing with Sakics, Bourques, Tanguays, Hedjuks, Drury’s and Roys has put up very similar numbers and more team success then Eric. But Eric came into his own playing with Leclair and Reneberg with the famous Legion of Doom line. Here is the thing about Leclair and Reneberg.. They have done nothing withour playing with Eric. Eric put up the numbers before Leclair or Reneberg arrived but here are the stats of those players without playing withthe Big E

LeClair 441-263-237-500 with eric
LeClair 526-143-176-319 w/out eric
Reneberg 366-128-168-296 with eric
Reneberg 295-62-106-168 w/out eric

Now when you compare to the guys forsberg player with Sakic, Drury, Bourque, Tanguay have all done great without Forsberg but LeClair never did anything without team eric and Reneberg barely stayed in the league. Eric simply made those players so much better. Eric has had a great career, which will probably be over shadowed by the off ice antics and his parents need to dictate where he plays. Without injuries i believe Eric would have been in the top 10 forwards to ever play tha game! I hope eric does well in his after hockey career.

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  1. lindrosfan says:

    I agree with you 110%. Lindros was one of the most dominating and entertaining hockey player (on and off the ice) ever. I remember him being a 20 year old that manhandled some of the best checkers in the game, and we're talking about rough and tough mid-nineties… not this "new NHL" version of hockey. It was unfortunate that he did get injured because it would have been great to see what he would have done for the NHL.

    Hats off to you Lindros, I hope you enjoy working hard for the NHLPA….

  2. wingerxxx says:

    I've already written a pretty lengthy comment about Lindros in a previous article.  I'm very critical of him, even though I did like him as a Ranger.  He had a pretty good initial season in New York.  His last year in the Apple, he was really the heart and soul of the team.  After he was dropped by Jason Doig, the Rangers really just collapsed.  After reading all of the comments on the internet about him, I can fully understand why people want him in the Hall of Fame.  But I am always going to have reservations about him. 

    I still believe that his career is going to be defined by what he did not accomplish, rather than what he did accomplish.  He put up pretty numbers, but not great numbers.  His only Hart Trophy came in a shortened season, which was about the only way he could have won it.  He was a very questionable leader in his prime.  And his durability was a huge issue, as a result of his style of play.  When he finally did play a full season, he was such a non-factor that it wasn't even really worth dressing him.  And at the end of his career, he was a 3rd, 4th line right winger for Dallas.  Definitely not Hall of Fame material the last several years. 

    I think Lindros will have enough support in the end to make it in.  If Pavel Bure makes it in, you have to like Lindros' chances.  And there are players in the Hockey Hall of Fame with lesser credentials. 

    But get serious, if you're going to compare Forsberg to Lindros…not only are they very different players, but Forsberg has had the much better overall career.  Even at his injured worst, Forsberg is an extremely dangerous player, while Lindros really lost his edge towards the end.  There is no way I would ever take a healthy Eric Lindros over a healthy Peter Forsberg. 

    But I do agree with the last sentiment.  Lindros has nothing to be ashamed of, he's had an excellent career.  Hats off. 

  3. habsrock99 says:

    Pavel Bure does have a strong case going for him when his name comes up with the Hall of Fame. He did have five 50 goal seasons, won 2 Rocket Richard Trophies and was still playing like a 1st line hockey player when he was forced to retire.

    Now, saying that, Bure wasn't the greatest person off the ice, which in my opinion, would hamper his Hall chances. Bure did put up more goals and points then Neely, just like Lindros, but I firmly believe that none of these 3 players should be in the Hall, or at the very least, their are far more deserving players who should/should have been elected first.

  4. Rabid_Badger says:

    Lindros is the worst type of athlete you could ever have a nightmare about.  This guy was was an egocentric nightmare in his teens: how about not reporting to St. St. Marie.  Then, on NHL draft day when most draftees are cracking a smile from ear to ear even when they are drfated to a moribund team like the Canucks, old Eric blurts out he won't play for the Nordiques.  True, Mario made a stink about his initial contract, but he didn't refuse to play for the Penguins, who were the laughingstock of the league at the time.

    Lindros had all the tools to be one of the greats; size, speed, moves, and a decent modicom of grit for a spoiled brat.  His career was determined by an ego instilled by his mommy and daddy who had all the morals and guideance of pimps.  He did elevate the play of his linemates, but was never a leader.  Someone made the comment Forsberg had Sakic, Roy, et. al to propel him to greatness…Lindros had immense talent on the Canadian team at Nagano but did not step up as a leader.  I would trade Lindros for Forsberg 100 out of 100 times. 

    E.L. is like the Canadian version of Jeremy Roenik; a talented player who put up impressive numbers in their career, but untimately a loud-mouthed , arrogant p****k who was a cancer to any team they played on and an overall embarassment to the game.  Petr Klima was an underachieving slacker who deserves The Hall more than Lindros.

  5. habsrock99 says:

    I wouldn't say Roenick was a cancer to his teams. He's fought hard every year he's played and age finally caught up to him in Phoenix and LA.

    Lindros was egocentric but I can easily name many others who are just about as egocentric as Lindros. Lemieux being one of them. How about Corey Perry today, he's one of the most hated players because he's egocentric and *****y as hell.

  6. Rabid_Badger says:

    I would say Roenik was a cancer; he didn't like Hartsel or whatever his name was so the coach got canned.  The Blackhawks were successful at the time but JR didn't gel with the coach; that is a serous disruption.  Roenik missed the oppotunity to to win the inaguaral World Cup (formerly Canada Cup) because he was without a contract at the time.  Guys like Bobby Orr and Martin Brodeur NEVER turned down an opportunity to play for their country.  I will say, as I did for Lindros, Roenik had some modicom of grit…a very long time ago.  Trashing hotel rooms at the Olypics, calling NHL fans "f*****g jealous", and watching yout team outside the arean when you are a scratch are not conducive to team chemistry.  Roenik, like Lindros, is eesentially a talented turd.

    Yes, Mario had a big head and I touched on that.  What seperates him from Lindros os his on-ice performances.  Mario could not lace his own skates because of back pain but was still the highest scorer in in the playoffs of the Pens consecutive Cups.  Canada won the gold in SLC with Mario and Sakic leading the way.  Lindros wouldn't play over a bout of vaginitis, let alone recovering from Hodgkins lymphoma.  Mario actually threw a punch or two in his day whereas Lindros threw cheapshots…like the time he rearranged Andreas Dackels face on a blatant boarding that ant other player (excpet Messier) would have been suspended for.

    Corey Perry is not worth mentioning because he is a turd that will not even come close to being considered for The Hall.  Frankly, the attitudes of many NHL players is what makes me a college hockey fan.  Have you seen an interview with your beloved Chris Higgins?  Do you think he's somehow more humble than Perry?

  7. habsrock99 says:

    All Higgins said, essentially, was that he thinks he can score 40 goals this year. Where as, Corey Perry, who I've watched since his rookie year with the Knights, is possibly the single most *****y hockey player I have ever seen. The guy literally turned down 6 year old children who wanted his autograph so he could go talk to some college girls and guys.

    I've even heard people say Mike Komisarek is *****y just becaue of that interview he did a day or two ago when he said that he believes the Habs deserve more respect then what the media is giving them.

    Thing is, Higgins shouldn't be labeled *****y because yeah, he may have over-stepped his boundries by saying he could score 40 goals but if he backs it up with an 11 shot night like he did against the Leafs last week, he's really being realistic because he feels that if he keeps doing what he's doing, he could score 40 goals.

    Then, you got Corey Perry, who after winning the Stanley Cup last year, called several of his ex-Knight team mates and bragged that he won the Cup. Perry even had the nerve to start bragging to Chris Kelly while the Ducks and Sens were shaking hands.

  8. leafy says:

    I can't see how any fair-minded person can argue against Lindros being admitted to the Hall, given that he had one of the best points per game ratios in history (1.19), a Hart Trophy, and more games played than Cam Neely, who made it.

  9. leniwm1 says:

    Lindros situation is one of the weirdest……. Me, a devil fan hate the guy with much passion. I hate him because he is stuck up(Nordique situation) he is a baby(lets father control his hockey career) and he played like a goon. BUT, he was fun to watch and was dominating. More so than Forsberg in prime? Hell No! Someone raised the issue about points per game ratio. Well, when you dont play a full season, it is easy to keep pts.pergame high. Think of a goalie GAA. After one game, its a 1.00, or .50, WOW!! But after 60 + gms. It gets to 2.25-3.00 or more. So i dont consider that to be a important issue in his case for HOF. Secondly, just because Neely made it, DOESNT mean Lindros should. You cant put a guy in the HOF because someone else did, you will completely de-value its importance and will soon become the Rock n Roll HOF( Spice girls before Van Halen?!?) He had 2? good years. One MVP? Cmon, this is hardly HOF material. Look at this years, Mess, Scotty Francis and Al. You cannot add Lindros in their company, because you will be insulting them. You cant put him in based on IF's. His whole career was a big IF. What IF Wayne didnt have Mess, Kurri??? What IF Jagr didnt have Mario??? What if Lindros remained healthy? We just dont know and because of that incredibly huge unknown, its sadly tough shit for the Big E. Their have been numerous great talents in all sports that have been ommited from their respectful HOF and he is just another victim. THe post befir eme shows Leclairs and Renbergs stats with and w/out Eric. Whoopdy doo. Elias clearly had great seasons with Arnott and Sykora, so. Shanny clearly had better seasons with Stevie Y, so. Its called chemistry dude. What if Eric needed Leclair? Ever think of that? I mean, Eric didnt exactly do much wiht out him either.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    It's a fair debate because not only should it be debated that a good PPG and a Hart in a shortened season are enough to get you to the Hall, but Lindros has a lot of negatives associated with him as well.  And pretty glaring ones.  Lindros will probably make it, but its definitely not clear-cut. 

  11. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Here's some numbers.

    Lindros played 760 games. That's a little over 9 seasons worth of games. But he actually played 15 seasons. That's right, he missed 6 seasons worth of games over his career.

    In those 760 games he scored 372 goals. That's 40 goals a season over the 9 seasons worth of games he played. Over his actual 15 seasons though, that's an average of 25 goals per season.

    He also scored 493 assists. Over the 9 seasons worth of games he's played, that's an average of 53 per season. Over his actual 15 seasons it's 33.

    He had 865 points. 93 over his 9 seasons worth of games, but only 57 over his actual 15 seasons.

    But wait, about about the play-offs. Does he redeem himself there?

    Let's see.

    Lindros has 24 goals 33 assists for 57 points in 53 play-off games. He had three good play-off years, from 1994 to 1997. The best of these years was when he had 12 goals and 14 assists for 26 points in 19 games in the 1997 playoffs. In the two post-seasons prior he had 4 goals, 11 assists for 15 points in 12 games in 1995, and 6 goals, 6 assists for 12 points in 12 games in 1996. Solid numbers, but not spectacular. In his remaining 10 playoff games(5 in 1998, 2 in 2000 and 3 in 2007), he had a combined 3 goals and 2 assists for 5 points.

    So, this obviously leads us to the conclusion that he was a brilliant talent wasted by injuries. Of course, you don't need numbers to tell you that. It's obvious.

    As good a player as he was in his prime, he never really accomplished anything worth being inducted for. He never did anything for the game.

    Now, this has nothing to do with what he did off the ice. the Hockey Hall Of Fame should be judged by accomplishments on the ice. Unfortunately, Lindros was not able to live up this potential.

    I'm not vehemently against him being included. It wouldn't upset me. I just don't think he really deserves it. But if he gets it, good for him.

  12. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Hmm. Here's some interesting numbers as well. Not totally relevant to the thread, but not irrelevant either.

    Over his 15 NHL seasons, Lindros was eligible to have played 1200 NHL games. Of course he only played 760.

    So, because I am once again bored,I calculated approximately how a healthy Lindros would have fared, based on his goals, assists and points per game.

    So, if he had played 1200 NHL games healthy, he would have gotten, 587 goals, 778 assists and 1365 points.

    That would have put him:

    #17 all-time in goals. That spot currently belongs to Mike Bossy who scored 573 goals.

    #31 all-time in assists. Jean Ratelle's 776 career assists sit there now.

    At #22 all-time in points. Guy Lafleur currently holds that position with 1353 points.

    Now of course, even if he had been healthy, it's doubtful he would have played 1200 straight games. He would have missed some. And he might not have been the same force for all 15 years. He probably wouldn't have gotten exactly that many goals, assists or points. Many factors determine statistics other then talent. But still, it's interesting.

  13. leafy says:

    In all honesty, I think the controversy is created and/or fueled by certain members of the media who clearly have an axe to grind and a fixed agenda.  They want to make the issue appear more controversial than it really is.  In almost every article on the subject, people justify the debate yet mention that Lindros will still "probably make it" to the Hall in the same sentence.  Your own post is but one example.

    We all know that the Hall of Fame is friggin political.  It's really about who in particular is going to support Lindros' bid.  In the case of Cam Neely, it was the entire Boston Bruins establishment.  In the case of Lindros, will the Flyers push as hard to get Lindros inducted.  Probably not.  That's really what the true debate should be about.

  14. cartino says:

    To me Lindros didn't live upto what he could have been. He put up several dominant Season's in Philadelphia but after that he was a very average overpaid player and wanned his career down as an often injured 3rd/4th liner and left the league in his mid 30's because nobody wanted him. To me you need to consistently put up good numbers for a longer period and bring other intangibles to the team which he didn't.

    Outside of that Eric was a spoiled, self-centered, ego-maniac who pioneered several bad trends in hockey from players holding out and refusing to play for certain cities, to rookies demanding ridiculous high contracts. He brought nothing else to the game, he was a bad leader, a cancer in whatever organization he's in, he wants everything given to him on a silver spoon, and his parents meddled ran his life to much.

    I got a laugh as some of my buddies saw him out at a bar once in the Ottawa area back in his younger days, but apparently Lindros walks in like he's the biggest arrogant piece of s*** in the place, looks down his nose at everyone, had no respect for anyone around him and brushed anyone off who comes near him, they were getting quite a laugh at him being a grade A A**. Hey at least he was able to hold his beer in and not spit it in any girl's faces that came near him that night.

    He had the potential to make it but due to injuries and other reasons didn't do enough, I think it would be a travesty if he gets in.

    People are arguing that since Cam Neely made it in with a shortened career he should. I wouldn't even put those 2 in the same class when it comes to dedication to the game and the type of character they have.

  15. senators101 says:

    For his play, he deserves it.  For his attitude with Quebec, he deserves sh*t.  Players shouldn't be able to choose what team they go to, they should just be privileged be drafted to the NHL.  This isn't house league anymore.  If that became a norm, people would be offering bribes all over the place to get the next best talent.  If I'm pittsburgh, I go to Ovechkin with a shitload of cash and say ur coming to pittsburgh, don't play for Washington. 

  16. jrl2282 says:

    Are you people kidding me.  Lindros was such a little sissy.  Kids in Peewee hockey learn to skate with their head up before he did (never).  He was plagued by injuries because he wasn't that great a player.  Lemieux was plagued by injuries due to his health, Lindros had injuries due to not keeping his head up and getting smashed by defensemen.  I don;t feel sorrry for him at all, get your damn head up.  Sure he mighta been better if he played more games, anyone would have.  Lindros does not even come close to the Hall if you ask me.  If they let him in anyone should be able to get in.  Rediculous if you ask me.  Not bashing just pointing out the obvious.

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