Esche on his way out? Looking Ahead

Could this be the end of the Robert Esche era in Philly, I think so. With Esche right now being the third wheel after the Flyers opted to go out and get a solid number one goaltender in Martin Biron, it could get interesting to see what they decide to do. To me, it is obvious that Biron will be their number 1 and that Nitty will back him up. Even though Birons contract is up at the end of the season you can beat you Philly cheesesteaks that they are going to resign him.

As for Esche, he has one more year left on his contract and despite his recent troubles is still what many consider a decent number one who could split time with almost any goalie in any city. He has considerable playoff depth and has battled back through what seemed to be some rough times. The only reason it would appear the Flyers will choose Nitty over Esche is because Esche is a few years younger and Nitty has been just a little bit better of the two (which REALLY is not saying a whole lot). they also want to see nitty get back to that Olympic form we all marveled at last winter.
They Flyers could be set next year though with Biron starting and the caliber of d-men that he will have in front of him. The Flyers had a good draft and keep an eye on them this off season, because next year it seems they will be right back in the hunt.

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  1. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Just so correct you, Esche is an UFA after the season so he does not have one more year left on his contract and he might as well start packing his bags out of town now.  The Flyers just need to make sure they get Biron, also an UFA, and Niittymaki, a RFA, both signed immediately, especially Biron since their will be other suitors come free agency this summer.

  2. UsedandAbused says:

    My question is.. How good is Biron? Is he a guy that can get the job done in the playoffs? I know he has played well in Buffalo.. Are there going to be any better goaltenders out there for the Flyers this summer or is this guy the real deal?

  3. nonhl2005 says:

    I think the next few weeks will determine all 3 of these guys future in the orange and black. Let's say Martin plays well and proves he's a number 1 guy. What's wrong with signing him long term, keeping Esche as a back and moving Nitty? Personally I think Nitty would get you better return, he's a RFA and I think he would be more appealing to a team looking for a number 1 guy. Esche has never proven to be a number 1, save for a couple weeks during the season a few years ago. Nitty did it in the Olympics. I think Esche is a very capable back-up to a solid number 1.

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  4. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Esche won't be back.  Word out of the Flyers locker room is that Esche is a cancer in there.  My dad's friend works for the organization and has said that Esche has called out the team and yelled at the young guys on defense and Mike Richards stepped up and pretty much told him don't talk until you can stop a puck.  No way he is back in the orange and black next year.

  5. Warriorhockey55 says:

    There are a couple of solid goalies hitting free agency this summer such as JS Gigure.  However, Biron will be a lot more affordable, which helps them sign players at other positions that they need.  In my opinion Biron will do fine in Philly and has the potential to be the real deal.

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