ESPN (Embarrassing Sports Poor Network) Best World Wide?

I do give credit to ESPN for giving a fair amount of solid information from sports around the world. But, it is pathetic how they program the NHL.

I am not sure who is to blame, since,, and others, do not update the NHL boxscores of the pre-season games. Whose fault is it exactly? I don’t know, but i think the general media just mistreats the NHL. Before the NFL started its pre-season games, there were pregame previews of NFL pre-season games. How pathetic is that? The sport already has the wrong name (football?) and it was JUST pre-season. Yet, ESPN, had NFL tonight and so much entertainment for NFL fans.

How are they the leaders of sports coverage world wide when they cannot even have an update on a 7:00 pm game at 9:00 pm? How dare they call themselves leaders? They can’t even update a score? Total unfairness for NHL fans in the USA. I checked the ESPN channel itself, and just the BOTTOM LINE has the updates on the scores. It’s a shame. How about they switch from football to hand ball since basically 95% of the game you use hands? But hey, let’s call the real sport where you use feet, soccer.

I am using for NHL scores and updates. Does anyone else know another site with updated scores? is too slow, shame on them too.