ESPN (Embarrassing Sports Poor Network) Best World Wide?

I do give credit to ESPN for giving a fair amount of solid information from sports around the world. But, it is pathetic how they program the NHL.

I am not sure who is to blame, since,, and others, do not update the NHL boxscores of the pre-season games. Whose fault is it exactly? I don’t know, but i think the general media just mistreats the NHL. Before the NFL started its pre-season games, there were pregame previews of NFL pre-season games. How pathetic is that? The sport already has the wrong name (football?) and it was JUST pre-season. Yet, ESPN, had NFL tonight and so much entertainment for NFL fans.

How are they the leaders of sports coverage world wide when they cannot even have an update on a 7:00 pm game at 9:00 pm? How dare they call themselves leaders? They can’t even update a score? Total unfairness for NHL fans in the USA. I checked the ESPN channel itself, and just the BOTTOM LINE has the updates on the scores. It’s a shame. How about they switch from football to hand ball since basically 95% of the game you use hands? But hey, let’s call the real sport where you use feet, soccer.

I am using for NHL scores and updates. Does anyone else know another site with updated scores? is too slow, shame on them too.

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  1. Rushing says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Here it is, Friday night while my Stars are hosting the Redwings here right now!!! I can’t even watch it on tv nor listen to it on the radio! It is ticking me off! I mean gee, we kicked the Avs butt last night and Turco didn’t even play. Yeah yeah, it was preseason but it’s been too long since last year. Come on NHL, give us something to watch!!! Come on sports channels, give us updates.

    I had to pull an overnighter yesterday and I pulled up online to get the score. All I keep seeing on tv is MLB scores. Geeeeeeesh.

  2. saiklo says:

    To make a long comment short, I completely agree, but the only way national broadcasts will happen is if there are more substantial ratings increases from markets that do not have an nhl team. As long as hockey remains a regional sport, the networks are going to treat it that way.

  3. Tradedude says:

    did you guys see the leafs / sens game, devs / pens game and the washington / boston game, dam those scores were high, annswer is the f’n refs, they f’n call every thing, scores (sens 7-1) (DEVS / PENS TIE 4-4) (bruins – 6-4) f’n refs call every thing so there is like a zillion penalties, freegin 8 goals or more per game, if ne1 seen the leaf game, man, sens were on 5 on 3 for like the whole freegin game, i swear, refs were horrible, although i have to put some of the blame on the leafs for not playin’ well, say 50% of the blame, i as a leaf fan was dissappointed, VERY!!! im sure them sens fans are laughing it up now, but a preseason win is nothing compared to 3 year playoff series win, sens knocked out by leafs 1st, 1st, 2nd round (in 6 games, sweeeeeep, and in 7 games) so nothing to be chearing for, i just hope the leafs smartin’ up and get serious!!! same with them f’n refs, like 26 goals in 2 preaseason games is horrible, the refs must lower the powerplay precentange by calling fair calls to BOTH teams.

  4. Tradedude says:

    thats 3 preaseason games, not 2******* my mistake

  5. acebailey says:

    Last nite, ESPN news didn’t even have the preseason scores on the ticker, tonite, they had them earlier, but only 2 games. I am miffed at, last year, in fact I think the last 2 years, they had the pre season on their “Game Radio”. Not this year.

    Does anyone know where you can HEAR these games on the internet?

  6. Aves21 says:

    Were SOL on the net. I tryed ESPN,, and and none of them had the Avs/Stars game. I guess we will have to wait 18 more days untill the regular season starts.

  7. tgray says:

    Holy Shit, you are complaining about missing preseason scores–GO to the ***** game then, the tickets are on sale. Believe it or not guys, there was a time before games were televised or even on radio!! Shit there are a lot of markets now that do not have television coverage for home games and manyroad games. I consider myself lucky when i can watch games from the comfort of my own home without paying high ticket prices or for premium channels. Wait for it when the NHL games are broadcasted on pay per view, its only a few short years away, with the league in the financial situation its in.

    And for the fact that espn can’t update the scores on Preseason hockey games fast enough—tough shit. Pick up a book, ***** your girlfriend or read about the president trying to start another Oil War to avenge his father. Read about aparthied in Israel, do something, instead of seeing who scored the gamewinning goal in an exhibtion game.

  8. Rushing says:

    Uh…..yeah right…..being that a lot of them are “OUT OF TOWN!”

    Also being that I can’t drive! Don’t get your panties in a wad there dude.

  9. Tradedude says:

    ya! that’ll teach that dude,

  10. cwhockey says:

    I have amassed around one hundred hockey-related websites. They are dedicated to all sorts of different topics related to hockey, many news and information sources. I really couldn’t list them here for you (take too much time and space). But if you, or anyone for that matter, would like a list of these sites, just leave me a message on this topic. Or you can leave a private message on here or send me an email, whatever you like.

    Good for anyone in fantasy hockey as well. Got a ton of resources that will give you an edge in your leagues. Just let me know!

  11. habs_88_4life says:

    Micki did you just come to realize they were that bad? My opinion is the best.

  12. mikster says:

    Bettman is killing the NHL.

  13. BayStBullies says:

    Yes,sooner or later the games will only be seen on a pay per view basis.Leafs TV are showing all Leafs exhibitions games,which is great.As for you last few comments well maybe it’s time for you too grow up ,what does that shit have to do with anything?.

  14. mikster says:

    So you want me to spend 65 bucks on a pre-season game, waste gas, pay high priced parking? *uck that.

    all i am saying is that it’s pathetic that they have all this cool stuff before a pre-season football game, and they can’t even update a score on a web site?

    As for the war, you democrats should be ashamed of yourselves! Clinton spanked his monkey in front of sluts and Monica Lewisnky more than he did try to figure out where Osama is and investigating Hussein.

    You guys are only giving Hussein more time to prepare…he has HAZARDOUS WEAPONS, he SUPPORTS TERRORISM, and you guys can only blame Bush for only wanting oil? PATHETIC! Bunch of clowns just like the socialists in Europe. TOTAL CLOWNS!!!

    Get real, he has broken those 12 rules or whatever they were. You want to let him prosper?

    ATTACK! ATTACK ON IRAQ! Though polls are not reliable, 83% of Americans have voted a poll that supports Bush and the war.

    WAKE UP DEMOCRATS!!! Hussein is sending you an invitation to his a-bomb when he launches it.

  15. mikster says:

    Unfortunately, i have….

  16. Habfan1234 says:

    The site that is probably the best is They even have a downloadable scorboard where you can get updates. You have a shortcut on your desktop and whenever you want to know the score just double-click. It is refreshed ever minute or so. It is updated more frequently then TSN and ESPN. The feature is called Game On. The only problem is that it does not show preseason scores.

  17. Forsberg21 says:

    Does anybody know of anywhere on the internet to listen to pre-season games?

  18. LEAFS4EVER says:

    two good sites for scores are;, this is good but works better with high speed internet. is alright but can be as slow as

  19. Tony says:

    when i was watching tsn last night they had first period highlights of the toronto/ottawa game after the first period was over and tsn is owned by espn. the US does not care enough about hockey for the espn network to bother.

  20. aaron says:

    While we’re at it, why don’t we give syncronized swimming equal screen time as football? Let’s be serious here; these networks are going to play what the ppl want to watch. And the fact of the matter is, there are a LOT more ppl interested in football than there are hockey.

    BTW, on the topic of the refs, all the players have to do is NOT commit the penalties, and wa-la! No more penalties. Guarantee the same thing that happened last year will happen this year: everyone will piss and moan about the refs calling EVERYTHING and how its RUINING the game of hockey until they cut back, and then everyone will piss and moan about how the refs aren’t calling ANYTHING and its RUINING the game of hockey. Guaranteed.

    BTW, has anyone watched an old Finals game on ESPN Classic? I’ve seen games where they call 16 penalties in an important game of the f’n finals. So don’t talk about how this is “excessive”.

  21. garry1221 says:

    espn does suck, no two ways about it, but it’s corporate america at its finest, shows the games that grease the pockets, for scores that are updatesd regularly maybe check out and click on sports, they kept the games updated pretty well last night, and ass for the little punk that’s whining about other worldly problems and trying to downplay the preseason: GO FIND ANOTHER BOARD IF U DON’T LIKE WE’RE SAYING HERE …… ok there, i feel a little better now lol,

  22. mikster says:

    I am not asking for NHl 2night or a pre-season game.

    All i am asking for is for UPDATES!!!

  23. mrpurple says:

    ESPN has always been a bandwagon network as far as hockey goes. With Al Morganti with his head up the Flyers’ arse and Bill Clement and Gary Thorne wearing out their knees and pillows for Patrick and the Lanche they get to be a little bit annoying after a while. Thank God for Hockey Night in Canada!!!!!!!

  24. aaron says:

    Will you please explain to me why a sports network shouldn’t show the games the ppl who watch it want to see? I mean, while we’re at it, we can give equal screen time to cricket and sumo wrestling.

    Seriously, I can just see big studio execs, “hmm…90% of our audience wants to watch football in this time slot, while 5% want to watch hockey, and 5% other. Let’s go w/ hockey! It may piss off the majority of the ppl watching our station, but those hockey fans’ll be happy!”

  25. acebailey says:

    it is 10:30 and still has not coverage for the canes/ panthers game that started at 7:30.

  26. saiklo says:

    If you want to vent your liberal ideas about politics, I suggest you do them elsewhere where people actually care what you have to say. Still not over the fact that Bush is the President? Loser.

  27. saiklo says:

    Hey mik, I never knew you were a man of objective political thought, I want to commend you on your honest and correct lambasting of this pot-smoking dove.

  28. dazplumy says:

    Man, it makes me happy when I don’t have to deal with shity stations like espn…but for die hard fans, why don’t u check out a sports radio station of some sort instead of serching on the net for one. It just might be a little easier to do it that way!

  29. saiklo says:

    But Hockey Night in Canada is completely biased towards the Leafs, is it not?

  30. Nemix says:

    I hate to sound nationalistic (though i am ) Its sad the way the american media treats sports that are anything other than solely american .. For example..if u do watch hockey night in canada..its not always solely two canadian teams facing each other u may see toronto vs Pittsburgh or edmonton faciong dallas. or fgasp they will cvut into an american game… Any of the american networks forget there are other teams in another country or even mention players who are canadian. Its bad enough they have annoucers that call it like a football game. (sad to think while the action is going on…they are chatting about someones fave breakfast while a goal is being scored.. Think maybe shoiuld tell them there is no huddles in hockey ) Even as an american fan id be insulted.. Heres to hockey night in canada.. whitman, cole.. who can actually call the game the way it should be.. Anyone remember the the red line following the that was a disgrace..

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