Read the Power Rankings of ESPN and CBS. Are the media doing a good job, or are they showing their lack of knowledge and think they are smarter than any original hockey fan? ESPN POWER RANKINGS

Team Pvs. W-L-T-OL The skinny

1. Maple Leafs 2 20-8-2-3 Winning 20 games in 33 tries is all well and good, but the trophy with the big punch bowl on top is the one that matters most.

2. Red Wings 1 23-7-2-1 Four goals in the last six games makes one think $64.4 million doesn’t buy as much as it used to.

3. Sharks 4 16-7-5-3 San Jose and Chicago are the only Western Conference teams with four players in double digits in goals.

4. Avalanche 3 19-13-3-0 Don’t forget Bob Hartley when dishing out credit for the Avs’ turnaround.

5. Oilers 7 19-10-4-2 Five players combined for the Oilers’ goals in their 3-2 win at Philly — four of them are former college players.

6. Stars 6 14-9-6-3 Mike Modano has registered 8-9-17 during his current nine-game point streak.

7. Senators 5 16-11-4-0 Marian Hossa Bobblehead Night — proof that even Canadians aren’t immune to cheesy American promotional ideas. Trust us, in five years, bobbleheads will be passe.

8. Blues 13 15-9-6-2 Perfect, no. Getting better, yes.

9. Rangers 9 18-13-2-2 The Rangers are finding out how good they are without a 6-foot-4, 240-pound, MVP center.

10. Islanders 8 16-9-5-2 One win in their last nine games is a perfect example how a fast start comes in handy.

11. Flyers 11 15-10-5-1 If you can’t put the bully back on Broad Street, import him from Vancouver.

12. Bruins 10 16-10-3-3 Let’s face some facts, as fun as Joe Thornton is to watch, Sergei Samsonov is the most exciting player on the team.

13. Blackhawks 12 16-11-8-0 As Steve Sullivan learned in youth hockey, always keep your stick on the ice … even if it’s Eric Daze who is carrying the puck.

14. Flames 14 16-10-6-2 The Flames are finding out the hard way that a second line is a nice dimension to have.

15. Hurricanes 21 16-12-4-4 If Paul Maurice had a theme song, it would have been changed to “Wasn’t Me,” by Shaggy, last week.

16. Capitals 20 14-14-5-0 Just when the tough got going, Olaf Kolzig gets hurt and the going gets tougher.

17. Devils 17 14-12-3-2 Ever get the feeling the Devils are biding their time until it matters most?

18. Canadiens 18 14-12-5-1 To play hurt is one thing, to win hurt is another.

19. Wild 19 12-12-5-3 Ever wonder what would happen if Dwayne Roloson played more?

20. Canucks 23 14-18-4-0 Shutting out the Red Wings could go a long way. To where is the question.

21. Penguins 16 13-14-4-2 Dear Mario, Get well soon. Love, Johan.

22. Sabres 22 14-17-2-1 Needing to call up your minor-league goalie of the future to save the day now isn’t a good thing.

23. Coyotes 15 12-12-5-3 After surrendering 18 goals in three games, play in the Coyotes’ zone is now known as “Festival of Lights.”

24. Predators 24 12-15-5-0 Relying on your goalie isn’t cheating, but it is deceptive.

25. Kings 25 12-14-5-2 Going 3-0-1 in a week is nice … if one of those teams were above .500 it would be better.

26. Lightning 26 12-16-3-1 Quick math lesson: If Nik Khabibulin and Kevin Weekes limit opponents to 2.12 goals per game, the Lightning need just two goals most nights — sometimes three — to win.

27. Panthers 28 9-17-2-3 How bad were things? Mike Keenan already has led the Panthers to their first back-to-back wins this season.

28. Blue Jackets 29 9-19-5-1 The Jackets have supplanted the Penguins as the worst power-play team at 9.2 percent.

29. Mighty Ducks 27 9-18-4-3 Definition of frustration: Losing five of your last seven games by one goal — three in overtime.

30. Thrashers 30 6-20-4-2 After a five-game “reconditioning” stint in the minors, Patrik Stefan is much improved.


CBS Power Rankings

Current Rnk/ Team/ Previous Rnk/Skinny

1/ Toronto/ Maple Leafs/ 3/
Clicking on all cylinders and pulling away from the East pack.

2/ San Jose Sharks/ 5/
Taking big bites out of opponents with seven wins — including four on the road — and a tie in their last eight starts.

3/ Colorado Avalanche/ 1/
Defense wins in the NHL. Avs have allowed just 16 goals in the past 15 games.

4/ Detroit Red Wings/ 2/
They miss America. Wings get shut out twice in Western Canada, going 1-2 on the road trip.

5/ Carolina Hurricanes/ 18/
Fear factor. Since talk of a shakeup began, ‘Canes have picked up 9 of a possible 10 points.

6/ Edmonton Oilers/ 6/
Road warriors. Oilers lead league with 24 points away from home.

7/ Calgary Flames/ 11/
Wins over Detroit and Dallas prove Flames won’t flicker any time soon.

8/ Dallas Stars/ 17/
They do take offense. This usually goal-challenged team has scored 38 times in its last nine games while going 7-2.

9/ Chicago Blackhawks/ 7/
They need a break. Chicago is 3-1-2 in first half of back-to-back games, and 1-5 in the follow-ups.

10/ St. Louis Blues/ 12/
Feeling the power. Blues have four goals in past nine man-advantages after scoring four in their previous 53 tries.

11/ Boston Bruins/ 10/
Brian Rolston’s career season should make him a lock for U.S. Olympic team.

12/ Philadelphia Flyers/ 16/
Big guys John LeClair and Keith Primeau look mighty small these days.

13/ Ottawa Senators/ 13/
Three of their 11 losses have come at the hands of the Devils this season.

14/ New York Islanders/ 7/
Home-ice disadvantage. Isles are 0-3-3 in past six starts at Nassau Coliseum.

15/ New York Rangers/ 14/
Give them a ‘D’ for defense. Rangers have allowed more goals than any team except Atlanta.

16/ Montreal Canadiens/ 22/
Is anyone playing better in goal than Jose Theodore these days?

17/ Washington Capitals/ 19/
Since opening the season 6-11-2, the Capitals have gone 8-3-3 to reach .500 for the first time since late October.

18/ New Jersey Devils/ 4/
They beat the Islanders and Senators, but lose to Columbus and Florida in the space of five days.

19/ Los Angeles Kings/ 24/
They’re inching back toward the playoff race with four wins and a tie in their past five games.

20/ Vancouver Canucks/ 25/
Dan Cloutier’s two shutouts last week give him five for the season, one short of the franchise record.

21/ Pittsburgh Penguins/ 9/
Expect GM Craig Patrick to start making some moves soon.

22/ Nashville Predators/ 21/
Andy Delmore is the only defenseman in the NHL to lead his team in goals.

23/ Phoenix Coyotes/ 15/
G Sean Burke played himself out of Olympic contention by allowing six goals in back-to-back games against Ottawa and Toronto.

24/ Florida Panthers/ 28/
They weren’t pretty, but road wins over the Devils and the Isles were the first back-to-back victories for the Cats this season.

25/ Tampa Bay Lightning/ 26/
No one has reached double digits in goals, which explains why Bolts are last in the league in scoring.

26/ Buffalo Sabres/ 20/
Getting close to the time when they’ll start thinking about next year.

27/ Minnesota Wild/ 23/
Still at .500, but playing more like a second-year team than at any time this season.

28/ Anaheim Mighty Ducks/ 27/
With only 13 goals in their past seven games, it’s no wonder they won only once during that span.

29/ Columbus Blue Jackets/ 30/
Not so special teams. Jackets have the league’s worst power play and rank 20th on the penalty kill.

30/ Atlanta Thrashers/ 29/
Since returning from the minors earlier this month, 1999 first overall pick Patrik Stefan has played the best hockey of his young NHL career.

I would have to agree more with the ESPN Power Rankings than CBS Power Rankings. CBS is pretty pathetic to move the Rangers down to 15th when they are in the top 5 teams in the league, and had the Devils as 4th last time and moved them down to 16th. These guys are switching way too much. ESPN’s seems fair, and if I were to do a power ranking it would look very similar to ESPN’s Power Rankings.

Which one do you agree/disagree with? How would you do your Power Ranking? I thought this would be fun to discuss.

Micki Peroni

Happy Holidays

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