Evaluating Leafs Tradables

It seems likely that Kaberle will agree to be traded and if not he goes in the off season. Damien Cox feels Antropov will definitely go, he writes in his blog: “I agree Antropov is a good player. But right now, would you want to sign him for 5-7 years for between $5-6 million per season? That’s what it would take to get him to skip unrestricted free agency at this point. I just don’t see him as a player you would want to commet $30-40 million to, and the Leafs just can’t afford to lose yet another veteran asset without getting something significant in return. So Antropov has to go before the deadline.”
What value will Kaberle and Antropov bring back. What about Toskala, Ponikarovski, or Kubina. I am not saying all these players will be traded but some will.

In past years we have seen players heading for UFA fetch a fair return. How about Antropov? Will the Leafs sign him? Could they sign and trade him? What will he get on the market from the high bidder at the trade deadline?

What about Toskala? Here are a couple thoughts. You continue to play Toskala despite his poor play. If his play improves and a trade opens up that is good then move him. If his play stays poor then keep playing him through the end of the season. This should ensure a top 5 pick.

What about Kaberle? He either goes now or in the offseason. You would think that he goes sooner than later. Perhaps after the holidays he is the first to go in a major move. Leafs could take back salary to open up Kaberle to more teams and to sweeten the pot. Once Kaberle is gone it will create a major hole on their defence allowing younger players more ice time and it should ensure a top 5 pick for the Leafs. What teams would want him? Last year the Flyers offered Carter and a first rounder for Kaberle, will they get similar this year?