Evaluating Leafs Tradables

It seems likely that Kaberle will agree to be traded and if not he goes in the off season. Damien Cox feels Antropov will definitely go, he writes in his blog: “I agree Antropov is a good player. But right now, would you want to sign him for 5-7 years for between $5-6 million per season? That’s what it would take to get him to skip unrestricted free agency at this point. I just don’t see him as a player you would want to commet $30-40 million to, and the Leafs just can’t afford to lose yet another veteran asset without getting something significant in return. So Antropov has to go before the deadline.”
What value will Kaberle and Antropov bring back. What about Toskala, Ponikarovski, or Kubina. I am not saying all these players will be traded but some will.

In past years we have seen players heading for UFA fetch a fair return. How about Antropov? Will the Leafs sign him? Could they sign and trade him? What will he get on the market from the high bidder at the trade deadline?

What about Toskala? Here are a couple thoughts. You continue to play Toskala despite his poor play. If his play improves and a trade opens up that is good then move him. If his play stays poor then keep playing him through the end of the season. This should ensure a top 5 pick.

What about Kaberle? He either goes now or in the offseason. You would think that he goes sooner than later. Perhaps after the holidays he is the first to go in a major move. Leafs could take back salary to open up Kaberle to more teams and to sweeten the pot. Once Kaberle is gone it will create a major hole on their defence allowing younger players more ice time and it should ensure a top 5 pick for the Leafs. What teams would want him? Last year the Flyers offered Carter and a first rounder for Kaberle, will they get similar this year?

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  1. Kramer says:

    According to my sources, there are all sorts of rumors circulating but none of them relate to hockey.

  2. drive425 says:

    Im not sure if you got my last post but ill post it again so you can understand:
    Mtl prospects"
    Mcdonagh – 1st round – American
    Pacioretty – 1st round – American
    Subban – 2nd round – Canadian
    Maxwell – 2nd round – Canadian
    Our highest rated draft picks are north american. Yes of course we have other European prospects that were all drafted in later rounds like Yemelin, Valentenko. But our of the top 6 only 2 are Russian. 
    I agree that part of the reason we traded Grabovski is beceause there was a falling out, but the big reason was because there was no room for him on Mtl's roster, they simply had too much depth this year to have a Grabovski type player on the team. It worked out for both parties.
    As far as Kaberle goes; he is a solid offensive Dman and he probably is the most valuable as far as trade bait goes, but you can for 1 second think that he can be traded straight up for Jeff Carter. Carter would be the perfect Leaf, probably captain of the leafs within 2 years if he ends up there. But if I know this and you know this….dont you think Holmgren knows this? One for one trade, the most you can get for Kaberle is a Cammelleri type player.
    Antropov; the whole league knows he is a big for nothing useless cancer to a team.

    Listen, its obvious im from Mtl, so a little bias, but Toronto is where we were 10 years ago. It is going to take you a good decade before you even see playoffs. Shenn and Pogge is somethiing to start with, but dont think you guys can trade and form a contending team. You had your chance in the mid 90's and you didnt take advantage, or maybe its because your city just cant win?

    And about your moron comment;
    I realize that you have to trade those players to acquire draft picks, that is what i was saying, the last post was saying that you will get proven players and draft picks, i feel all they are worth is draft picks.

    By the way its definitely not deffernetley.
    1967 was your last….at the rate your team is going the next will be 2067.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    you forgot to mention d'gostini,price,fischer,weber kristo,and others! the laffs will never be able to draft these kinds of prospects because they don't have the frank jays david mayvile's as scouts in their organization and they don't have trevor timmins either! and they've already traded some of there picks in this draft away! i believe we still have there 2nd r.d.pick in this year's draft!

  4. LeafsNation91 says:

    I never said the Toronto Maple Leafs were going to rebuild in a day, nor did I say Jeff Carter is coming to Toronto or anything like that. All I was saying is that Toronto does have players that are tradable, and could acquire some mid-solid prospects, and acquire draft picks for the Leafs. And I do believe they can be first and second rounders. If Hal Gill went for a secound rounder and fifth rounder, why cannot Pavel Kubina or Tomas Kaberle, two high scoring defenceman that can help a team on the powerplay, and provide offence.

    I do not know where your getting your facts about Antropov. Antropov has no way been a cancer to the Leafs in the last couple of years. He has been one of their most productive, and slowly growing players that could fetch something in a trade. Sorry to mention, but he has more points on a horrible Leafs team, then any Montreal Canadien so far this year. Even Ponikarovsky has turned into an offensive and defenive force.

  5. LeafsNation91 says:

    uhmm…we traded our second rounder for Luke Schenn…enough said

  6. Rickler says:

    Plus the Preds have Kevin Klein, Cody Franson and Jonathan Blum waiting to step into the lineup as well. I don't know if they would be desperate to add a defender or not.  

  7. DandoEagle says:

    Toskala to the Sens via Vancouver.

    To Vancouver –


    To Toronto-

    Bernier/Bieksa/1st pick

    To Ottawa –


    To Vancouver-


    Canucks get another great face for the franchise – and a good d-man in the process – Sens get the goaler they need, another defencemen and a good prospect – this can get the Dando trade seal of aproval.

  8. cam7777 says:

    Yea, even Grabovski would be tops for scoring on the Habs where they "couldn't fit him in the roster".  That's an absolute joke if this guy thinks teams are looking at Grabovski saying "he's only good cuz he's playing with nobodies".  That doesn't even make sense.  The same Habs fans are always *****ing that guys like Latendresse just need to "play with good players" to be good.  Grabovski's value has sky rocketed to a 1st round pick, and potentially a 3rd rounder as well, because that's what it would take to pry him from the Leafs with an offer sheet.  You don't think Columbus would give up their first to have him replace Brassard in the year they've assured their fan base they're going to the playoffs…finally.  There are a dozen teams that would pay a hefty price for him right now, and shockingly, none of them care what happened in Montreal.  As well, Kaberle will fetch a 1st and a prospect…at least.  Another Leafs fan put it this way for some of the more moronic Habs fans around here : Ask yourself what you'd get for Markov if he was 1 and a half million dollars cheaper?

    The only question that matters in hockey, is "what have you done for me lately"?

  9. TradeMaster66 says:

    so in other words, vancouver the team that just signed Mats Sundin, is going to trade away top line players. Ohlund wont waive his NTC cuz he wants to play with Sundin

  10. DandoEagle says:

    Well let's see smartie pants where is the upgrade?

    Kaberle or Ohlund which one would you prefer? And you know what you do

    "Waive the clause or go home that's fine"

    Can't tell me that Kaberle and Spezza aren't a lot gooder then Bernier/Bieska?

  11. LeafsNation91 says:

    go back to making hab trades

  12. LeafsNation91 says:

    haha…I know this is about the Stempniak-Steen+Colaiciovo trade because I know how much you hate that trade!

    Though, I believe Stempniak is starting to get more comfortable with the Leafs, and obvious with his play as he is playing really when with the Leafs the last few games.

  13. leafy says:

    He's a better forward than Steen, I'll admit that, and you're right that he's starting to settle in.  The Leafs better hope that Colaiacovo doesn't amount to anything special if or when he stays healthy for long stretches…..and I'm assuming the Leafs won't lose Stempniak when he's an UFA in 18 months.

  14. lafleur10 says:

    this one is the best yet! it's the funniest and the god's honest truth!!


  15. lafleur10 says:

    YouTube – Toronto Maple Leafs Suck !this one is the best yet! and the god's honest truth!

  16. JuicemaN says:

    No, you're right its not…but this site hasn't been about real trade rumors in years, it's unfortunately now about people posting what they think would be a "cool trade" and unfortunately for fans of other teams; you need to put up with the fact that the Leafs and Habs are the two most popular hockey franchises on the planet.

    It's supply and demand my friend, the sooner you get used to it the easier it gets to tolerate.
    Ask MLB fans what they think about the Yankees
  17. lafleur10 says:

    i believe you traded it to us along with greg pateryn  for grabovski!

  18. lafleur10 says:

    antropov has 2 more points than our leading scorer kovalev and he's played 1 more game! not a big difference!and i suspect kovalev will pass antroflop and finish with more points this season than antroflop!i think you guys indeed do have some tradeable guys no doubt but i think some of those players won't go for what some of you leafs fans think! some of them will get you and good return such as kaberle, and some will get you back the picks you traded away in other deals and will be maybe 3-5 r.d range! antroflop will garner some interest but i don't think as some of you leafs fans think will land you guys a top 5 pick! maybe a 1st r.d pick in the 25-30th range and a mid level prospect! no team is going to give up a potential superstar(top 10 pick) for an above average player! there just aren't that many jfj's out there! ponikarovsky will probably get you a pick or 2 but in the range of a 4th or 5th r.d pick1i'd be surprised if he get's you any higher picks.

  19. lafleur10 says:

    grabovski wouldn't be tops on the habs for scoring! sorry man he wouldn't even be in the top 5! with his current total of 23 points!i don't think grabovski's stock has risen to 1st r.d status yet but it could! i think if you guys trade him and get back a mid level prospect and the 2nd r.d pick that we got for him from the leafs would be more realistic and a good return!if columbus acquired him he'd only be a short term replacement for  brassard1 and they wouldn't give up a 1st r.dpick for him! brassard is a way better player and at the time of his injury was leading the jackets in scoring! i could see however maybe pascal leclaire  coming to you guys( as mason is now the number 1 guy there) cam i think the only leafs player that will legitimately get you guys a 1st r.d pick and  a top3or 4 prospect from a team is kaberle!it's too bad for you guys that kaberle wouldn't have waived the ntc last year because you definately would've had carter and the flyers 1st!it's no different than if markov was available he'd fetch us a huge return!much like kaberle would've last year! and might this year1 as for my habs this is what i'd be willing to give you guys for kaberle d'gostini,1st r.d pick! that would be a nice return for you guys and you get 1of our better prospects and a 1st r.d pick and if that isn't enough to satify burke then i'd throw in a 4th r.d pick!

  20. pezzz says:

    lol I guess you're right, but there's still many interesting articles about other teams on HTR, but no one are commenting or even reading them. I understand you can be a Hab or Leaf fan, but an interesting article, even if it's on the Nashville Predators, remains an interesting article.

  21. LeafsNation91 says:

    no…thats 2010 second rounder

    and that pick went to Chicago for Robert Lang

    so you don't have the Leafs pick at all

  22. LeafsNation91 says:

    I think he's saying grabovski can get a first rounder if signed by another team during the summer because I believe he is still a RFA. The 1st rounder in iffer sheets is around 2.5 million I believe, and he is saying the Leafs will not give him away as a RFA for nothing less than that.

    Nice trade for Kaberle, but I don't know if the Leafs/Habs will deal anything because it is too close to home. The only trades I remember MON/TOR do is the Grabovski trade, because the Habs were desperate to get rid of him, and Gilmour trade, because Montreal was kind enough to let Dougy finish where he basically made his career.

  23. LeafsNation91 says:

    Okay Lafleur. did I ever say that ANTROPOV will get a top 10 pick, I said a first rounder, but I never mentioned in the top 10, nor did I say the top 5. You seem to assume about me alot so I will tell you what I believe Antropov will go for. I believe he will go for possibly a first rounder, in th 18-30 area likely, or maybe a mid-high(NOT SUPERSTAR)level prospect, and draft pick in the second or third rounds.

    For your info on "Antro-flop", Kovelev SHOULD have more points then Nik already, since Nik plays a more difficult style of game then Alex, and his style of play typically develops later into a players career. His style of play is similar to Ryan Smyth, and Thomas Holmstromm, very physical presence infront of the net, with alot of goals either being deflected or being jammed in. If you actually watch when the Leafs-Habs play together, you should most loikely pick up on that.

  24. Sundin101 says:

    These are moves that will help the Leafs in the near future and help the teams fighting for playoff spots.

    To CBJ: Kaberle and Antropov
    To TOR: Bassard and 1st Round Pick

    To EDM: Kubina, and Ponikarovski
    To TOR: Cogliano, 2nd Round Pick and 4rth Round Pick

    Both the young prospects the Leafs get in this trade, I believe will soon become star players like jeff carter and correy perry.

  25. Rickler says:


  26. Tavares91 says:

    ok hopefully you take absolutely no offense to this but, WHAT?!. Kaberle and Antropov, a defenseman who is i say underacheiving at this point in the season, and.. a forward who will get maybe 20 goals because of limited minutes on a very good team which i think most of us could say is a good game, for, a more than likely future superstar in JVR, a 1st rounder which i guess wont be that high but still a first rounder in a deeper draft. Claude giroux, and is that not the guy who played for the super series and the world junios last year. and another prospect.

  27. Tavares91 says:

    dont know why we are giving up 2 draft picks for cheechoo who i believe is about 28 or 29 now and is not doing as well as he has been, and is becoming injury prone, and i dont even think they have their 2nd round pick this year.

  28. Tavares91 says:

    you are kidding right, please, cause, i dont know who else that could agree with this, but, i find Hodgson could turn out to be a player alot like doug Gilmour, roughly a point a game player who is a selke trophy type caliber defensive type player.

  29. Tavares91 says:

    Grabovski is definently not a proven scorer, he has showen glimses of brilliance but he has been very streaky, therefore not worth a first round pick.

  30. Tavares91 says:

    i think this is probably the most realistic thing i have seen so far, Kaberle for Brassard and a 1st is not enough, throwing in a cheap forward like ANtropov makes the deal i think. and Cogliano is underacheiving this year because Edmonton is expecting too much from him, and a 2 and 4th is realistic as they could not land a first in the deal.

  31. cam7777 says:

    I don't want to say what I think about either of these really, as far as fairness is concerned, but I will say that trading with Edmonton is not a realistic possibility.  That franchise will have nothing to do with Brian Burke…

  32. cam7777 says:

    Not to mention the fact that Antropov makes only a third of what Kovalev makes.  I'd happily take 3 Antropov's scoring a couple less points than Kovalev any day of the week.  Antropov and Ponikarovsky to VAN for Bernier and a 1st is a trade I think makes a lot of sense.  That's a lower end 1st round pick (18-20) and a mid-top level prospect having a rough year. 

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