Could Evander Kane be moved today

There are lots of rumors that the Jets could be looking to move Kane today. Also hearing that the leafs could be looking to trade with the Hurricanes for the number five pick.

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  1. 93killer93 says:

    I knew Barkov was going to go high, but I really didn’t expect him to go second. I was hoping we’d be able to grab Mantha. As for the Bolland trade, I really like it. If we can sign Lecavalier, and add a top 4 defenceman I think we’d be in really good shape.

  2. LN91 says:

    It’s been a good day for the Leafs.

    I like the Bolland deal, clearly Bozak was way over his head.

    Also, I like the draft of Gauthier…He is in between Staal/Hanzal and we can both agree that type of center is needed with Kadri to form a 1-2 punch.

    Good start so far by Nonis. Next will be Clarkson

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    I’m pretty happy with the day as well. I was also hoping the Leafs could nab Nic Petan, but there was no passing over a guy like Gauthier. Very safe pick that will likely be an effective high end third line center, with the potential to be a 2nd. Addresses a little of everything. Good on faceoffs, PK, good size, and considered the best defensive forward by many scouts in the draft.

    Love the Bolland trade, didn’t give up as much as I thought he would cost. Thought it would have been a 2nd or 3rd and a prospect we liked such as a Finn, Percy etc.

    Top 4 D, Clarkson, and hopefully Lecalvier would really make for a solid offseason.

  4. leafs_wallace93 says:

    David F’ing Bolland!!!!! Not to mention this saves us from the Weisses, Bozak ect..

    When mentioning this guy last year I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of trading for him. Hands down my favorite player in the league. Dougie Jr. welcome to Toronto. Nonis you just became my favorite GM (for the day).

    Kadri, Garbo, Bolland, McClement is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s capable depth until an improvement presents itself.

    Obviously turning Garbo into a 1 or 1A is how to put the finishing touch on this roster.

    If Nonis keeps to the media script, Clarkson will be next (god I hope it’s 4.5 or under cap hit). Clarkson will give the Leafs another dimension, a physical forward in the tradition of Gary Roberts (I’d be hard pressed to find a better example on a neo Roberts). It’s not all about scoring goals but becoming a bruising team. JVR, Lupul, Kulemin and Orr with Clarkson give some jam for the Leafs.

    Bernier, Bolland and Clarkson would be a B+ summer for Nonis, something the Leafs haven’t had in a long while.

    Gauthier was also the right pick, looking at this draft center’s values are at an all time high.

    • LN91 says:


      If Colborne ever developed, the Leafs are rolling.

      They should buy out Grabo next season.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        I’m fine with Garbo getting a real audition this season for the second line center spot just like Kadri getting a 1st line audition. Though how sexy would be offering a big package for Seguin be right now? We’re that close taking the next step IMO.

        If Koromov decides to come back one day….

        Koromov-Bolland-Kulemin…. pretty decent that’s a playoff line.

  5. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Everyone seemingly on the same page on HTR? Must be a good day for the Leafs.

  6. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree. I would much rather ride it out with Grabovski as our 1A kinda guy then sign Weiss, Roy, Reibero etc. Lecalvier would be nice but if we can’t I would rather continue with patience seeing as there have been some nice improvements.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens with teams in cap trouble, but this deal along with a couple of smart signing puts Nonis back in the position where he can be patient and just go with what he has.

  7. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Looking at free agency, Stalberg would be a great replacement of Frattin/MacAuthur’s spot. For 2 million or less short term? Would give Biggs, ect… time to ease into the line up.

  8. TimTheBone says:

    Well i must say toromto is looking better than they have in years, but i don’t see a way of you getting both lecavalier and clarkson… Just not enough cap space.. I saw a comment saying he’s hoping for Clarkson at 4.5 or under.. Well i can’t see clarkson going for anything below 5… Toronto could be a likely spot for Clarkson but i believe whoever signs him over pays for his services…. Also vinny will probably be signed at a 4 mil cap hit or in around there… that would be upwards of 9 million on two players and with Dave bolland coming in now out not leaving much space to sign the rest of the roster… So signing both Clarkson and vinny is almost impossible really… But overall good moves so Farr this summer… I’m thinking more moves need to be made if Clarkson is to be brought in… whether it be a trade or using the last compliance buyout.. Salaryneeds to be moved i think.. Or some key players wont be returning…interesting summer ahead for the leafs

    • DannyLeafs says:

      Well the Leafs have about 18 million in cap space to sign Kadri, Gunnarsson, Franson, Fraser, McLaren and Benier as well as add more and that is after adding Bolland and before any buyouts at all.

      It all depends on what certain guys get, and who Toronto decides to move forward with. Things that will make a difference will be contracts like Bernier and Kadri. Most likely they will be trying to get them on 2 year, prove yourself deals that have become very popular with RFA’s. Likely that means that you will see them signed for a combined 4-5 mil. The next biggest cost will be Franson and Gunnarrson. This will be the trickiest negotiation. I would like to see them both retained for about 7 million. After that guys like McLaren, Fraser and any other fill ins will likely cost less than an average of about 900k each. That means there is probably only about 5-6 million before buyouts. They could make room with moves or buyouts. So I do think if they had Lecalvier and Clarkson signed (which they can do without being under the cap) for amounts they are happy with, I think they do it and will be able to make it work.

      • TimTheBone says:

        Yeah impossible is the wrong term to use…. But unlikely… if too get both players at a steal which to me would be a combined cap hit of 9 million, taking into consideration Boland and komisarek buyouts… That leaves roughly 11 million to sign kadri, gunner, franson, bernier and another forward to just fill out a full gameday lineup.. That is definitely possible if you get the rfas at good respectable prices… A liles buyout could afford you even more space to fit everyone in and leave room under the ceiling… So it could happen i guess… Just highly unlikely to fit both im thinking

        • DannyLeafs says:

          I think it will depend mostly on whether or not the Leafs can get both to sign for amounts they are comfortable with. Chances are we won’t actually see both accept what Toronto offers, but my point is that Nonis will likely make offers to both, and if they both sign, will work on the salary cap space then. The nice thing about Vinny’s situation is that he will likely give the team that he wants to play with an indication before the buyout deadline ends, giving teams greater flexability.

          Like I said, I am not saying Nonis will sign both, but we know he is interested in both, and will likely make offers to both, so it comes down to whether or not either will be interested in what Nonis offers and playing with the Leafs in general.

  9. TimTheBone says:

    Half way through the draft.. in my eyes there are two big story lines.

    Obviously the big one is the trade of schneider and now what is to happen with luongo?….

    The other story line for me (for some obvious reasons perhaps) is the pick of zach fucale to montreal. Clearly this particular story line will only truly start developing maybe this WJC or the next.. But with how highly regarded Fucale is, seeing how he develops and where prices career is in two years could be very very interesting… Could be a quick bernier situation or a luonogo schneider situation to some level…

    I just want to hear every ones thoughts on these two story lines..

    • TimTheBone says:

      Just for the record, ive been a huge supporter of price from the beginning.. And still am… But i love this pick in Fucale… Goalie depth is never a bad thing

      • LN91 says:

        It’s a decent pick by Montreal. Although Fucale is probably 5-6 years away from actually having a shot too start. A bit too early, especially with goalies.

        Personally, I would hate drafting goalies…I feel like nowadays you can pluck a guy from Europe or the AHL and he’s better then anyone else you got.

      • lafleur10 says:

        the same as you tim i’ve been one of if not the biggest price supporter on hear but as you said and i agree it’s nice to have the depth at the goaltending position. as for the devikls adding schneider i think they fleeced the canucks on that trade it’s going to very hard for loungo to go play there when he was told and promised by gillis that he’d be traded from there ,he clearly doesn’t want to play there and when you have an unhappy goaltender things can go bad very quickly. …the devils are set in goal for the next 10 years or so with schneider as well, i kinds thought the devils were going to add a goaltender or do something big especially since they were hosting the draft and the fact that they won’t have a 1st rd pick next year( they have to forfeit it)so i thought they’d either trade for one or draft fucale because it looked like that because he was still on the board at the time of their pick,then they said that they hd a trade to announce..i was was very surprised and happy because i wanted fucale for us.

    • lafleur10 says:

      tim i was very happy with our picks it sure address a need for us ..we neede to add size and we did that i hope the 25th pick overall mike mcCarron develops and pans out i men this guy is huge and could be a beast he said that he’s a lucic type player …so i can hope that he is and that he can fight too and when and if he does make our team he pummels lucic that alone will make the pick satisfying,i like the fucale pick as well we had not goaltending depth in our organization and he will provide that ….craig button did say that he was the best 16-17 year old goalie he’d ever seen at that age and was a frnchise goaltender that bodes well for us on so many levels we’ll have a nice problem on our hands because we can trade either one(price or fucale) for a kings ransom down the road when we become true contenders i also ws very impressed with fucale’s record 45-5-5 witha .905 sv% they said he won 77 games over that past 2 season that’s figgin impressive, i really like the de la rose pick too i think he was the steal of the draft he’s already played 2 years in the sel with men and put up really good numbers,the lekhonen pick was awesome as well he’s a very good skilled guy that i think will make our team and have an impact i think he could be a very good top 6 player for us. the connor crisp pick was interesting but i like his size at 6″4 and 210 pound the reway pick was a good one as well he’s a bit small but i stil like this pick all in all i think we had a very good draft tim and our cupboards are stocked with some really nices piecesfrom this draft and last years draft it’s going to be exciting to watch these picks and see how many develop and make our team! once again trevor timmins did great ,it just shows you why he’s one of the best scouts in the league.

      • TimTheBone says:

        Im always wary about what Craig button says.. His analysis is hit or miss… Never an inbetween. McCarron turning into a lucic player would be best case freaking scenario… Im personally just hoping for a Bickell… Big tough guy able to play key minutes against top competition… And occasionally put the pick in the net…

        Fucale I’m hoping turns into a steal of a pick… I’m really hoping he is that franchise lundqvist/brodeur type.. Obviously everyone hopes for that.. But his scouting report says he could be.. Fingers crossed…

        The rest of em are just ahl stockers with a slight exception to lekonen.. He could prove to be solid in a few years

      • DannyLeafs says:

        Goalie depth is never a bad thing. I don’t get why that position such a hot button issue. Teams draft players they believe can bring value, so whats the big deal. Pittsburgh just drafted two centers so should Crosby and Malkin be insulted?

        Fucale has the best chance of anyone taken in the second round of becoming a star player, so even if it means he will be traded for something the Canadiens need down the road, he was still a good pick. If Price falls off, he is a great insurance policy, and if he turns out to be nothing, he will join the other 80% of all second round picks ever taken. I don’t see why there needs to be a disucssion on why Montreal took a goalie when they have price.

        • lafleur10 says:

          because we had no depth at that position and hadn’t drafted a golie since 2005 so it was needed i think he’l be brought along slowly.

  10. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Bargnani for 1st, 2nd, Novak and Camby? I miss caring about the Raptors, good day for Toronto.

  11. mapleleafsfan says:

    Awesome trade. Grabo should be given less defensive responsibility now. Our center depth is the best it’s been in a long time. Really surprised at the price too.

  12. toronto77 says:

    Some how I knew everything would have worked out for the leafs to pick Gauthier! This is the player I wanted.

    I don’t see the comarisons to J.Staal and Handzal because I don’t see them play that often. But I think Gauthier will be more like a Patrice Bergeron. He is a very defensively responsible centremen and great face-off guy.

    Can’t wait to see this kid play.

    I can understand why the Hawks wanted to trade Bolland, aside from scoring the cup winning goal after the bruins really took their foot off the gas, he did not perform that great in the playoffs. Frolik on the other hand was one of their best penalty killers and great 3rd line guy, not sure on that one.

    Bolland is still a great aqcusition! Perfect 3rd line guy and a hometown boy. That’ll make Cherry happy.

  13. LN91 says:

    I know no one has mentioned it, but how is Gillis not the dink of the last while for how he handled this goalie situation? I feel for Lu more than Schneider. Complete moron.

    Also, they did not have a first-round pick…But how is Chuck Fletcher not snickering in Minnesota? He gave up a guy that he wanted to sell (Clutterbuck)…And got a potential beast in Nino (who ripped up the AHL this season)?

  14. toronto77 says:

    excellent move by NJ!, Schnieder will not have the same situation with Brodeur in NJ that he had with Luongo in Van like those idiots on TSN said. Luongo still has 6-7 good years left and still a good goalie.

    Brodeur on the other hand can retire as early as the end of next season. and then for the first time in 20 years the devils would have had a giant question mark in goal, but not anymore with the schneider move.

    As much as I hate Vancouver this was an excellent deal for them as well, they are dangerously approaching what Calgary is starting to go through. The Sedins are getting older and their better days could be getting behind them soon. They don’t have to rebuild, just slightly retool and they will be fine. With players like Schroeder Jensen, Gaunce and now Horvat and Shinkaruk, I don’t think the Canucks will ever have to go through what Cal and Edm went through and this was the perfect draft to do it.

  15. leafs_wallace93 says:

    My favorite part of the Bernier was the middle finger Nonis gave Gillis, considering Burke/Nonis teased Bozak, Kadri, Gardiner ect… for Loungo for two seasons perhaps it was really Burke/Nonis just screwing with Gillis? Gillis was a pretty huge snake in forcing Burke out and taking Nonis’ job in Vancouver.

    Not to mention the Sundin offer and stealing Sweatt from the Leafs in the wake of the Vesteeg deal. If Lou is untradeable how could Gillis seriously act ask for a legit NHL blueliner or center for him?

  16. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Jay Feaster on his draft…

    “The three players we drafted in the 1st round were on the top 13 of our list but to be fair I admit our list is terrible”

    • 93killer93 says:

      I really think they should have taken Shinkaruk with the 22nd pick.

      • Gambo says:

        I agree. I like the pick of Monahan, but i thought they should have went with Shinkaruk and Fucale with their next two picks. The two players they picked, a long with their first from last year are going to be long projects. Hopefully Feaster actually knows what he’s doing.

  17. 93killer93 says:

    It was pretty cool to see Anthony Brodeur get drafted by New Jersey in Jersey.

  18. 93killer93 says:

    Because I’m feeling greedy.

    Grabovski, Gunnarsson, 2nd (2014)
    Alzner, 1st(2014)

    Vincent Lecavalier 4 years 24mil
    Nathan Horton 5 years 27.5mil
    Chad LaRose 2 years 3.4mil

    Nazem Kadri 2 years 5.5mil
    Cody Franson 2 years 5.5mil
    Karl Alzner 3 years 7.5mil
    Jonathan Bernier 2 years 5.5mil




    • TimTheBone says:

      Well there are numerous theories as to where and why lecavalier signs… Some examples are for money, some because he wants to win, others purely just to who gives him the longest term at the right price… Also there’s the rumors that lecavalier doesnt like the media storms of markets like montreal and toronto..

      In my mind i believe, and I’m hoping for the sake of his own integrity, that because he just walked away with a 32 or whatever payday that he will be looking for a team to sign with that could potentially win NOW. With that said i think Toronto is out of the realistic running. As is montreal. I don’t think Montreal has the depth yet to make a deep run in the playoffs. Philly also to me would not be an option.

      I personally see Detroit and the Rangers as the big players in on Vinny if he truly is in win now mind set. Even Chicago i think could be at the top of vinnys short list for the win now mindset….

      i just hope we dont see another greedy player take a stupid paycheck over heart and passion for winning

  19. TmLeafan says:

    I think Nonis is a pretty sweet GM. He got Bernier and now Bolland and has not given up anything significant. I was just watching his interview about the Bolland trade he is a smart GM cannot be underestimated. Burke and Nonis did a good job of managing our cap space. They realized the cap was going down this summer after the lockout, that was no accident and put us in the position to make some moves I don’t think we are done by any means. Realistically we picked up Bernier and Bolland both for bargain prices because we were one of the few teams in the league that were in a position to add salary.

    • nordiques100 says:

      I am happy he is on the same page as the coach.

      He’s also acting, not re-acting by pursuing Bernier and getting him, and going after and getting Bolland.

      The Bolland move is key. It doesn’t handicap the Leafs into needing to overpay Bozak or any other centre save for Lecavalier.

      What they have now they can get by, without the 5-6 mil spent on ok but not great players at centre.

      Lecavalier though is still my fav target. He seems just too good to pass.

  20. blaze says:

    Good draft by Nonis. First half anyways didn’t catch any of the late picks. So what are the chances Bolland actually doesn’t play a defensive role and gets a legit shot with Kessel?

    Nonis did say he won’t be pigeon holed into the 3rd line role, he put up pretty big numbers in junior and decent numbers in Chicago considering his role.

    If Bolland could net 50+ points and add some back checking and snarl to the top line that would be an adequate first line center on a deep team would it not? Probably asking too much but you never know.

    • mojo19 says:

      As it stands, I guarantee you Bolland will get some games with Kessel. He’s gritty and reliable, where as Kadri needs a lot of work and should still be going through ups and downs.

  21. toronto77 says:

    Doubt it, Kadri can provide everything Bolland can and more.

  22. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Rielly for Seguin
    Phaneuf for Schultz
    Sign Clarkson, Ference, Stalberg

    Kessel – Seguin – Lupul
    JVR – Kadri – Clarkson
    Kulemin – Bolland – Stalberg
    Orr – McClement – McClaren

    Gardiner – Schultz
    Gunnersson – Franson
    Ference – Faser


    Balanced line up with a ton of upside that should be good enough today to secure home ice position.

  23. mojo19 says:

    Looking good, boys. Gotta love Dave Bolland. Perfect fit with Carlyle, gritty, aggressive, hard hitting, tenacious, defensively aware. This is a guy who has routinely been matched up against big Western Conference studs in the playoffs. Guys like Joe Thornton, Henrik Sedin. Bolland is a great addition.

    I also like the drafting of a big 6’5″ grinding centre with the 1st round pick. A giant who led the Q in face off %, point a game player who dominated defensively. Not a bad late first, and increases organizational depth down the middle.

    Then a skill centre with the 3rd round pick. These picks, coupled with the Bolland signing are exactly what this organization needed – centres.


    Deepest at an NHL level, and in terms of prospect depth as its been in a while. Would love to add Vinny and move Grabo to a team that misses out on Weiss, Vinny, Ribeiro, etc.

    • DannyLeafs says:

      I think moving Grabo could be hard after a down season. I wouldn’t mind seeing him at wing for a season (if we can spare the cap space) and see if he can put up some numbers to make him more attractive if the cap goes up the following year. I would hate to have to sweeten a deal, or take back a lot of cap space just to move him. Grabo also plays a game that could translate easily to the wing. He does like to shoot more than pass, has good speed, fiesty, and is more willing to go to the corners then his frame would suggest. He works hard defensively but isn’t polished, so he would go from being a mediocre defensive centre to a good defensive winger. I think if he can get back to the 25+ goal range, all of a sudden you see him as a hard working, goal scoring, back checking winger that won’t get eaten alive on the draw when he has to step in.

      • mojo19 says:

        Ya you’re probably right. I think we’ll keep him this year, and try to move him next offseason when the cap theoretically should go up again, or else compliance buyout next summer on him.

  24. mojo19 says:

    It would be nice to move Grabo for a high priced dman. Someone takes on his contract up front, we take on a big contract on D. Both sides happy. I wonder if there’s a good fit anywhere?

    Also we would need another C in this scenario.

  25. lafleur10 says:

    i think we could rival that
    de la rose

    so i think we could easily match that mojo it will be nice too see where lacavlier ends up i’d like to see us get him for 2 years if he’s wants longer than that at more than 4 million well then somebody else can have him.
    we were the same we need to add center depth and size we did that and i think both teams and organizations are stocking there cupboards with a lot of prospects which help going forward in evaluting team needs as these will be assets that could turn out to be traded for pieces moving forward or could play for both of our teams

  26. lafleur10 says:

    we do,but so do the leafs,however it depends on how you work with them,and develop them i included all of your center men in terms of the depth we have we also add size for the 1st time we also have a lot of very good wingers too so it’s finally nice too see that we have alot of depth and we also adressed a major organizational need with the drafting of fucale….. the leafs drafted some very nice pieces as well.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      So, Bolland and Bernier are Leafs for nothing that breaks the bank. I’m good with that.
      It was cool for me to hear Van traded Schneider and Kept Luongo, as that is what I predicted the day after the trade deadline.
      We grabed a big centre. All good considering we have Colborne who is NHL ready.IMO

      The big thing now is landing Lecavalier and moving Grabo if he can sign Vinnie. Although I have many times said I am fine with Kadri and Grabo (adding Bolland helps as well), Vinnie is a different category.

      Washington may lose Ribiero, who I have no interest in. Same for Weiss or Roy.
      I wonder if we could pull a Grabo for Jeff Schultz and Joel Ward. Schultz wants out, Caps need a good centre and Ward fills the big right wing position we may look for UFA.
      Then sign Vinnie and a top 4 D….done.

      • mojo19 says:

        I’ve been saying for over a year that for Vancouver to trade Luongo they would have to incorporate a top prospect and 1st round pick in exchange for mere salary dumps, but many people believed he actually had trade value.

        He didn’t. Mojo was right. Sorry to be that guy tonight, but I have to celebrate this sweet victory over Mike Gillis. He was a defeated man yesterday, and I took a lot of joy in that.

        • nordiques100 says:

          Ha Mo, you can’t call me out again for saying I’m right lol

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I have no problem with someone acknowledging when they predicted something (depending on how it’s done lol).
            Too seldom do we give each other credit on here for things coming true or being good ideas. Too often it seems this is a vessel to disagree with or trash others ideas.
            If you want to say you were right…go for it Nords, no one else will likely:)
            Over two years ago I said the cap would go down in the next CBA, not up. Not one person agreed with me and most said that will never happen or I was just wrong or didn’t understand how the NHL works.
            No one has since said…good call on that RLF.
            Hey, sometimes you might have to say…”I called that” because no one else will.

            • TimTheBone says:

              Yeah true but in respect to everyone else… No one is going to remember a damn thing you or anyone else for that matter said two years ago… Thats the main reason out of a couple that people dont always acknowledge other peoples correct predictions… It has npthimg to do with any resentment or ill feelings people may have… Well not in most cases anyway

              • Gambo says:

                If everyone acknowledged every right thing someone had said, this whole site would be a fucking rainbow.

                I can’t take anyone who whines about not being acknowledged serious. A broken clock is right twice a day, should I cup its balls and congratulate it?

                It’s okay to be proud of what you said, or publicly give yourself credit if you rarely do it. But some people(not going to say names) are constantly preaching how they were right(90% of the time on obvious shit).

                • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                  You guys are totally taking what I meant out of context. Mojo had called Nords out once for repeating being right. So, I am saying good for you to point out we all do it. When I was talking about two years ago, that was when the prediction started and I kept on saying it right through to the end. I wasn’t asking for acknowledgement, I was showing that I stuck to my guns for two years even though everyone said I was wrong and C’mon, there is no way NO ONE remembers.LOL
                  I am not saying to brag, I am saying it’s OK to make a prediction(s) and say “hey, I called that one.”
                  And, sorry, but it is true, most on here are quick to criticize but rarely acknowledge. We are all hockey fans, I don’t see how it would be horrible to acknowledge when guys post a good post now and then.
                  For me, What I can’t stand is all the “I’m right and you are just wrong” crap. Yea, that is a much better way to have

                  • Gambo says:

                    If you’re reffering to that time i was saying Toronto was using Phaneuf as a shutdown defenseman and you said they weren’t; we argued about that for a while that day and it got to the point where i did basically say you’re wrong and i am just right. May not have been the best approach, but i did recently see you refer to Phaneuf as a shutdown defenseman, so turns out i was right. Didn’t see me bragging about that.

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      Actually, I wasn’t referring to you at all. I was speaking in general. That is what I see a lot of. And yes, I have said used “shut-down” defenceman when talking about Phaneuf, as I typically use quotes are used to show what people say…not necessarily what I think. If you need to be right, that’s fine. BTW. The argument was what a true shut-down “role” is, not necessarily how Toronto uses him:)
                      Actually, you are proving my point that most use this as a vessel to disagree or trash others. So, thank you.

                    • Gambo says:

                      Hey good call on that RLF, mwah<3

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:


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