Everyone continue to write them off because it's the only way they win!

The title says it all. I can’t figure out how these guys think, nor how their coach thinks. The only read I can get on this team is that they said after the Dallas game (remember blowing the 4-1 lead just like everyone seems to do in Big D), they said “ok, let’s push that button now.” It’s frustrating when you look at some of the points they’ve blown. They had a 3-2 lead on the Kings with a 1:13 left at home in January, and lost the game in regulation. I know the Flames have had an excellent year, but 1-4-1-0 against them is unacceptable. Even though it was a HUGE win Friday, 1-2-1-0 against Nashville is unacceptable. Losing to Carolina on home ice, blowing a 3-1 lead to Vancouver while they’re playing there worst hockey and losing in OT, blowing a 3-0 lead to St.Louis on home ice, and of course the Dallas game. Let’s say they go .500 with Calgary and Nashville, that’s a total of 16 points they’ve blown this season. I know your going to blow some points, but 16!?!?!?!? Still, everytime this city throws in the towel and says “that was the last straw”……they get back in it. And now, they’re 1 point out with 2 weeks to play, and 7 very winnable games. They never cease to amaze me!

This isn’t to say that St.Louis and Nashville don’t have some easy games, my goodness. I believe they both still play Chicago twice, and have a game against Anaheim and Columbus! Nice for them. The Oilers still need help in all this, but if they just continue to win there games, they’ll be fine. First things first, let’s put the beat up Kings out of there misery! The Kings have a game in hand on the other 3, and only sit 2 points back, but have to finish a point ahead of everyone because they lose the tie breaker(wins). The Oilers seem to play well in LA, but did lose the last time there(4-2 on an empty net goal, Joe Corvo scored with about 4 minutes left to win it). The Kings seem to be falling every since aquiring Anson Carter. I understand also that Roman looked awful in his return Friday night against San Jose. The Oil are rolling and the timing couldn’t be better to “beat LA” as Boston Celtic fans would say. My prediction for the game: Oilers 3 Kings 1.

Then we get Dallas. Scary considering this is a team that I believe will finish 2nd, yes, 2nd in the West. A miracle considering where they were at the midway point of the season. They remind me of the Avs last year, overtaking the nucks on the last day of the season. But…….the Stars have been brutal on the road this year(how do you lose to Pittsburgh???). Add to this, we SHOULD have won both games vs Dallas this season. The Oilers will be tired, but I think the roll will continue. My prediction: Stars 3 Oilers 4(OT).

Then it’s LA again. They’ll be comming off a win in Vancouver(I think), and both teams will have had Thursday off. I just think the Oilers will be rolling too much to lose this game. The wheels have maybe come off the Kings by then, like the Habs of 2000, they’ll have just run out of gas. My prediction: Kings 2 Oilers 3(OT).

So that’s that for this week. I’ll do one next week even if everything goes awful and we’re out by next Sunday night(4 loses, including the Sunday night to Phoenix). I honestly think the Oilers will only lose 1 more game this season(Mar. 31 in Dallas). Will that be enough to get them in? I think so. St.Louis is a tough team to get a read on, and Nashville has only won twice in there last 11, so the Oilers couldn’t have picked a better time to get hot. 2 points out of 7th, and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but they’ll get to 7th and lose in 7 to Dallas in the first round……….”Don’t tell me they can still play Dallas!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?”

You got it! “Oh F*** no!!!!!!!!!!!!” You can say that again! I’m PRAYING that San Jose holds them off for 2nd, but I don’t think they will. Here’s how I think the West will end up:




4)San Jose





What this would do is set up A LOT of awesome rivalries in the first round. For those of you that SHOULD know, Detroit and Nashville have had some memorable games this season, and the Preds could give the Wings fits in the first round. While I’m at it, here’s how the East will end up:

1)Tampa Bay





6)New Jersey


8)NY Islanders

Nothing too shocking I don’t think, just that the Isles will for sure make it. I would watch for an Islanders upset against T-Bay simply because all the powerhouse teams have been upset before they became true contenders, and Tampa has a thin d-core, and a little bit questionable(just a little, nothing serious)playoff goaltending.

But hey, go Oilers go! If your not a Kings or Blues fan, you’ll like this article, and you love seeing the Oil in the playoffs. I wanna see you Flames fans match our noise should we both get in! If all 6 Canadian teams get in…….OH CANANADA, WHAT SEASON!!! But I won’t get ahead of myself!

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  1. distance7 says:

    I really want Edmonton in the playoffs, I just don’t want it to be at the expence of Nashville. If the Preds don’t make the playoffs then it’s completely their fault, TWICE against the Blackhawks, a home game against the Blues that’s a must win, Tuesday at home against Anaheim. They suck on the road, so they need to win every home game. And look at this, they haven’t beaten Chicago ONE time this season, I hope that changes…

  2. Lint07 says:

    Concerning your EAST predictions:

    I am confident to see the Habs get past New Jersey for the 6th spot. As I predicted last week they got 3 points out of 4 in the back-to-back games against NJ (I thought we would lost one game in OT but a tie was even better!)

    I don’t think that TBay will hold onto their 1st spot. The pressure is too high behind em and they chosed the worst possible time of the season to hit a slump. Even though I think that my Habs have all the elements they need to beat any team in the first round, Philly is the ONLY team I don’t want em to play. Bring anyone but not the Flyers! Even though their goaltending could be shaky come playoff time, they are WAY bigger than us and could destroy us in a best-of-seven. We are faster and have a better goalie which is more than enough to get past them though.

    As for the WEST:

    I hope Edmonton & Nashville are the two teams that make it into the playoffs. They both are the most deserving teams of the bunch while St.Louis played awful this year and L.A. doesen’t stand a chance in the playoffs with their depleted roster and a goaltender (Cechmanek) that couldn’t perform a lateral movement to save his life…

    It would be so nice to see all 6 Canadian teams make it!

  3. trailerparkboys says:

    The cardiac kids !!!! It doesn’t matter who puts on that jersey they are always a team nobody want’s to play in the playoffs.

    But come on Dallas again???? No way , If the oil get in and that is still a big if. Their scedual still looks tough .I mean Dallas can finish them for a 7th or 8th or 9th time . I lost count on those fuucking pricks.

    But if the Oilers make the playoffs the only team I don’t want them to meet is Detroit. Detroit was embarrased last year and are out for revenge . Colorado is vunerable and not the team everybody expected to see going into the playoffs. They are a very beatable team .

    All in all, with 20 games to go and 10 points out to 7 games to go and 1 point out. My heart can’t take this anymore, The cardiac kids are at it again.

    Go oil GO

    Bubbles out……..

  4. The_Conductor says:

    Damn you Oilers. Why can’t they just be at the top… so there is no crap on “if” they will make the playoffs. I am gonna be so mad if they dont. Cause they keep my bloody hopes up and for what reason, if they dont make it.

    But now they are just playing absolutely steller. Everything is going right for them and its exciting. But yeah they are truely playing as a team. But who do you have to thank? Moreau and Nedved. Both have played just remarkable.

    But here is to those stupid Oilers. “You love to hate them”. But when was the last time all the Canadian teams were all in the playoffs… does anyone have any idea?

  5. Next_Semenko says:

    It breaks my heart every year when the Oil’s playoffs start three weeks before the actual playoffs begin. They always work so hard to put up an incredible streak only to play a 1st place team and lose in 5 to 7 games.

    This year I hope the Oil climb to at least 7th to avoid Detroit in the first round. But for THE LOVE OF GOD…NOT DALLAS AGAIN!! ANY TEAM BUT DALLAS!!!

    Maybe theyll play San Jose, they looked pretty good against them last night. Ah well whom ever the Oil play, ill be watching!!

  6. The_Conductor says:

    1986 as I answer my own question.

  7. Enigma says:

    I agree with not wanting to see Edmonton in at the expense of Nashville, they would be a more entertaining team than St. Louis so hopefully it’s them that gets knocked out.

  8. hockeyhead says:

    shock is that the west is outclassed this year by the east. bruins will finish higher then 5. oh it s true.

  9. CaptainModano says:

    1993, actually

    This was not only the last year all 6 Canadian teams made it in, but also the last year a Canadian team won the cup (Habs).

  10. devfanman4 says:

    Good games this weekend, Lint. Seems like the playoffs started a bit early. Those games were intense.

    I’m a little worried about the Devils losing that 6th spot, but they do have a game in hand on the Habs. All they have to do is get a point in that game and they’ll have that 6th spot. I’m confidant they can do it, but it’s like Jekyl and Hyde sometimes with them.

  11. The_Conductor says:

    Really… I thought it was the year 8 teams were in the playoffs. Hmmm

  12. TC_4 says:

    Well, yes and no. You must remember that in 93 there was still 2 Canadian teams that didn’t make it that year(Edmonton and Ottawa). In 86, all 7 Canadian teams made it in. I believe that’s what the conductor was trying to say. Hey, notice how the Stars and Oilers did each other favours this weekend? Funny isn’t it!?

  13. The_Conductor says:

    Thanks for clearing that up TC. Dude what are you doing tonight to watchthe game? If nothing call me… and leave a message or whatever we can go to shanks or somewhere? Or whatever.

    7 Canadian Teams… Which ones?

  14. Kashin says:

    Bottem line the Isles own Tampa so it won’t be a typical 1,8 matchup. Tampa does have 3 solid d-guys and the isles have 4 so there isnt that much of a difference. The goaltending is the key. dipietro and snow just have always played well against this team. The other had khabibulin will see no action in this series so i expect a lot of grahme for tampa downt he stretch.

  15. sharksfan101 says:

    I would love to see another Oilers Vs Dallas series. This is always arguably the best series every year. Hard hitting and fast paced the way playoff hockey should be. Besides Dallas is missing the sole reason they won, which is Hatcher. Without Hatcher the Stars’ “D” becomes that much smaller.

    The big test comes this week in the two games Vs LA win those and the Oilers are virtually in. The sick part is they are only six points away from Calgary.

    Heres to the Most Exciting Team in Hockey.

  16. TC_4 says:

    Hopefully you get this soon. Let’s go to schanks as soon as your off, you know when I’m done (7). Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, and the 1986 Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens.

  17. The_Conductor says:

    Dude if you get this… meet me about 8 or 815. cause the ppv doesnt start till 830. Plus i still wanna workout.

    So call my house and i will get the message.

  18. starsgirl25 says:

    it just wouldn’t be the playoffs without the stars facing the oilers in the first round. you have to admit it is an exciting series and is usually pretty good.

  19. brewstar03 says:

    You said it. Last year’s series was so good. I miss playing them already.

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