Expansion- Point, Counterpoints

Ever since I have been on this site, I have noticed how everyone hates expansion teams, and how everyone wants the league to make conditions so teams will have to fold. I agree with that, but after heavy thinking, I have come up reasons as to why 30 teams is a good thing.

Now the reason for having less teams is quite obvious. There would be more talent on each team, which is a very good thing. The game itself would be more interesting to watch, right? I mean since the previous lockout, the NHL has seen a significant drop in scoring.

I tend to think that that is not so much the lack of team talent, but rather rules. There has been a lot more obstruction, there is no more tag up offsides, and goalie equiptment has gotten bigger. So, unless these these are implemented, and the traps have been defeated, and scoring is still not up, I do not think that the talent level is the reason for less scoring.

However, think about what else expansion does. The NHL is a distant fourth in sports in the US. Gary Bettman in my opinion is trying to reach out the the markets in the south to get more fans from the US. And they very might well have with the Lightning winning the Stanley Cup. But with the lockout, the NHL has lost a lot of support.

I also like the fact how new pro sports teams bring jobs. The world needs a lot more. Unemployment is a hige issue right now, and having more teams employs more people.

Another thing that expansion does is if the NHL were to have only 9 rounds with lets say 24 teams, a lot of players would not be around. Flyers fans, Kim Johnnson would not have been drafted by the Rangers, and traded for Mr Concussion. Bruno St. Jacques wouldn’t have been either, which if I recall was a part of the Sami Kappenen deal. Karlis Skrastins of the Avs wouldn’t be around. Ales Pisa who has one of the hardest shots, and an excellent powerplay QB.

I as you might have known am a Rangers fan. The minors are becoming over populated. In two years, the Rangers will have in the minors Dan Blackburn, Hendrik Lundqvist, Alvaro Montoya, and Jason LaBarbra all as #1 AHL goalies. The minors is a place for youngsters to get ice time. Kinda hard with 4 goalies.

My last thought goes to those of you in a city that you think can support an NHL team. How would you like another expansion to 32 teams, like the NFL, and have Quebec City back, or the Winnepeg Jets, or a team from Hamilton, or Seattle, or the California Seals, Golden Seals, Seals, whatever they were, or want to be. Or this thought is really out there, but how about cutting the games played in half, and have a Finnish team, Swedish, Czech, or one in Moscow, Russia?

Your comment please.