Expert Rumor Update: *Flyers Find Goaltender In Nabokov*…Sharks Want


The Philadelphia Flyers are said to have a trade in place to acquire San Jose goaltender Evgeni Nabokov….

Apparently the deal appears to be set like this:

To Philadelphia: Evgeni Nabokov, Marco Sturm, and Jonathan Cheechoo.

To San Jose: Simon Gagne, Michal Handzus, Radovan Somik and an option to swap 2004 1st round draft picks.

In the deal the Flyers acquire Evgeni Nabokov(27)who has lightning-quick reflexes and the ability to snatch a sure goal away from opponents. Gives shooters little to shoot at. And they also acquire Sturm(24)who has excellent speed and puck-handling skills. He possesses great hockey sense, sees the ice very well and his speed makes him a real weapon.

The Sharks get Gagne(23)an exceptional skater, who sees the ice well and loves to use his imagination. He has solid defensive instincts and versatility. Handzus is a load at 6-5 and 217 pounds. He plays stellar defense and is also a capable playmaker.

The source added with the Sharks would like to give a shot to young and developing Miikka Kiprusoff and that the Sharks are already in talks to sign goaltender Felix Potvin to a 1-year contract to what they called “allot” cheaper to what Nabokov is set to make and demand next summer when he is a restricted free agent.


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  1. mikster says:

    Doubt the deal is like that, but obviously the Flyers will have to give up value in order to land a goalie like Nabokov or Biron.

    Flyers get Nabokov who is definitely a good goalie, we all know that.

    Sturm is a good two way forward, young.

    Cheechoo would fit beautifully as a Flyer if he can reach his projected potential for this upcoming season. Big LW with skills.

    Sharks get Gagne…..and we all know about Simon.

    Handzus is the solid center who has a hard time scoring but he solid all-round. And, Somik appeared to be a solid player all-round with some skills.

    I doubt the Sharks are looking to replace Nabby with Kipro, but more likely it will be Toskala.

    Sharks appear to be heading as a fast, smart defensively young team and this deal will help complete that. Michalek may very well be ready to step in too, so….Sharks are heading to rebuilding mode.

    In a way, Flyers get the edge since they get a top notch young goalie, a good two way forward in Sturm and Cheechoo will be quite fun to watch. So….they get quality needs in return.

    Still, kinda of a long shot.

    But, Clarke needs to go via trade. Signing Hackett…Potvin…too risky. Esche and either of the UFA goalies don’t look so strong as a tandem.

    This is going to be interesting….since draft picks didn’t get Clarke any goalie.

  2. UsedandAbused says:

    Bullshit!!!! All I got to say is it isn’t gonna happen. I can’t see Flyer’s trading Gagne and I HOPE they don’t!

  3. OilersRush says:

    Havent seen this anywhere, but if im the Flyers I say deal asap.

  4. SArmour21 says:

    This is the absolute worst trade the flyers could make. Nabokov is an acceptable goalie, not exceptional….and giving up Somik, Handzus and Gange for Sturm and Cheechoo???? Are you out of your mind?

    Gange didn’t play well last year, but he will rebound the injuries well.

    The line of Somik, Brashear and Handzus was quite possibly the most productive line of the season while the flyers were in their mid season scoring drought.

    I’ve heard announcers on both CSN and ABC compare Somik to Jere Lehtinen.

    Handzus was 4th on the team in points, 2nd in goals, and led the team with 9 game winning goals, all while playing on a third line with a bruiser in brashear and a rookie in Somik (as good as i think he is, he’s not there yet).

    Plus, Hitchcock loves defensive offensive players like Handzus, Gange, and Somik, they play both ends of the ice, Handzus was +13. Somik +9, and Gange +20.

    I bought a Handzus jersey last year, so I’ll be really pissed if they trade him.

    All I can say is that if Clarke does this……i don’t know yet….HE WON’T.

  5. dlo44 says:

    if sanjose doesn’t get a good goalie they will regret this deal soon. the jury is still out on ALL players in this deal, this could be one of those trades you look back on and wonder why such a one sided trade took place, could only take a year could take 5 to see who got the better of this one.

  6. B-man says:

    Who gives a crap. The Flyers are a piece of shit team and thinks they are the best in hockey. All of them suck, ESPECIALLLY that arrogant asshole Roenick.

  7. MantaRay says:

    Why do you just make things up:

    “I doubt the Sharks are looking to replace Nabby with Kipro, but more likely it will be Toskala”.

    You love to name drop and pretend you know what your talking about. Toskala finished the season ONLY because the Sharks were eliminated from the playoffs, otherwise he would have finished the season off in Cleveland and you would have never heard about him.

    IF Nabokov is traded, Kipro gets the start and they will probably sign a UFA goalie. Toskala played well, but he needs more seasoning in the minors before he gets his name on the roster.

    Don’t name drop.

  8. tharock098 says:

    They probably want Nabokov because Khabibulin, Biron and Burke may have came with a larger price tag. Nabokov is an up and coming goalie, and the other 3 may have not fit with what thier respective teams were wanting in return for thier 1st stringer.

  9. bender says:

    well, this certainly got me fired up when I seen it, and I went to the Flyers homepage,, and to see if it had actually happened or if anyone was rumoring it. Nothing could be found. So I’ll sit a little easier for know.

    Pretending that the trade was true, I’d have to say….WOW. I don’t mind getting rid of Handzus. That would be great news, meaning the Flyers were prolly close to signing Marchant!!! Somik showed potential this year, but so did Cheechoo, I’d be more than happy to get Sturm and Cheechoo for Handzus and Somik. But Gagne is the name that always makes me cringe unless the rumor is for Iginla. But…Nabakov is a fine young goalie. Perhaps Gagne would be worth the risk. Certainly he has become somewhat “tender”. Cheechoo almost sums up the deal for me though, I’d love for him to suit up in the Orange and Black.

    This rumor is a lot better than the Pheonix Rumor (Gagne and Williams for Burke and Doan) I will definately admit that.I’d be really shocked if it was made, but I wouldn’t be completely upset, it’s one I could live with. Could we somehow give up Brashear in this deal, That’d make me even happier.

  10. Flyers_01 says:

    I don’t like this deal for a number of reasons. Nabokov is less proven than Cechmanek and has never put up better numbers than Cechmanek. Clarkes rationale for the pick he got for Cech was “There’s not much of a market for goalies who haven’t done in the playoffs”. Which is funny because Cech has done at least as much in the playoffs as any goalie that is rumored to be his replacement, including Nabokov. How can everyone say Cech was a piece of crap yet say how great all these other goalies are who haven’t done anything?

    The flip side to Nabokov being an RFA in 2005 is the end of the CBA. You can bet that while the owners want to lower the salary cap, the players will want the UFA age lowered. It would really look like a dipshit deal if Nabakov was able to leave the team after one season.

    Also, what about Roman Malek who is breaking goaltending records in the Czech Republic. At the very latest he should be ready to be the Flyers #1 tender after the lockout. He will most likely play for the Phantoms next year.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see this deal happening without some of these other issues being given some thought.

    Last but not least, if Hasek comes back to the wings, what happens to Joseph?

    The Wings will not get a kings ransom for him plus they would have to eat part of his salary in any trade. It’s entirely possible he might be put on waivers.

  11. Hockey_Fan says:

    Interesting article Leaf. I was just on the ESPN Flyers message board and they even think you have retarded rumors. Maybe its not just us on HTR that think your a moron too. AND DUN SAY MY NAME!!!

  12. WeStSiDe says:

    If this were the EXACT peramiters, Flyers would be nuts NOT to do it, Sharks are getting raped in that deal. I dont know why they would want to do such a deal. They sureley cant win with Kiprosouff, and they say they are going to try and win still next year.

  13. flyersdude123 says:

    I wonder whate site Leaf Expert copy and pasted this article from.

  14. aaron says:

    When I first saw the Sharks were considering trading Nabokov, I thought they were quite possibly clinicly insane. Then again, I already thought that from the rest of their deals the past year, but this was the nail in the coffin. Nabokov has the potential to blossom into another Giguere. Easily. He is a tremendous goaltender, and the Flyers should jump on this deal if they get a chance. You aren’t going to get a goalie like Burke, Biron, or Nabokov for less, I’m sorry. The reason there was no market for Cechmanek is b/c Flyers fans had made it abundantly clear that he had to be traded, and his style had been ripped to pieces by everyone for years. That completely destroyed any trade base Clarke had; everyone knew he had NO OPTION but to trade him, and everyone also could use the whole gamble factor in their negotiations. That was pretty much entirely the fault of Flyers fans, as I knew it would be two months ago when you started that crap up again.

    The Sabres and Sharks, however, have no reason whatsoever to give up a goalie like Nabokov or Biron, b/c unlike Flyers fans, their fans appreciate the worth of those goalies and don’t want to give them away for a bag of pucks. The GMs don’t really want to give either away, and will only do so for the right price.

    I do admit, that would be a great deal for the Sharks if they could pull it off. They would have to give up Nabokov, but it looks like he’s a greedy little bitch anyway. And getting three quality players in return…granted they have to give up two other quality players, but its a very nice trade for them all around, I think. And they do have good depth at goalie.

    Philly’s been forced to bend over and lift its skirt up, so to speak, by its fans. Unless there’s something better out there (which I doubt, possibly Burke, since he has the age factor), they’re going to be forced to do a deal very similar to the one above.

  15. DaMick says:

    Because ANYONE in the tristate area knows WFAN is unreliable.


  16. MantaRay says:

    If you were refering to the old mans station in New York, yes its very unreliable for sports rumors.

    But WFAN in Toronto is pretty damn good when it comes to Hockey.

  17. titans says:

    WHAT???? Nabokov Sturm and Cheechoo for Gagne, Handzus and Somik?? What do the Sharks have a gun to Clarkeys head?? Doesn’t Nabokovs contract expire soon?

    No way I make this deal!

  18. Malurous says:

    His view could have something to do with the fact that Kipper sucked big time last season.

    Also, about seasoning, Toskala has been in North America for three years now, with solid progress. Kipper spent two years in the minors. Unless Kiprusoff gets his confidence going, Toskala should be higher in the depth chart.

    Stats ’02-’03:

    Kiprusoff 22: 5-14-0 3.25 .879

    Toskala 11: 4-3-1 2.35 .927

    Don’t forget Toskala played not only in the end of the season but in the beginning as well. When Nabokov was out, Kipper was the starter but choked badly and Toskala took the reins.

  19. Malurous says:

    Wouldn’t count on Malek. Markkanen thrashed the records of a better league in Finland before coming to Edmonton, and what is he? A reliable #2 goalie, nothing more. And Malek was shredded to pieces in the Worlds whenever he encountered a team with skilled NHL scorers, that’s what worries me. He shines in the European level, but…

    Remember, Cechmanek was a Euro-legend when he came to America, much like Hasek earlier. Malek is a one-year wonder so far. Even Hnilicka had been shiny for years before he came over.

  20. MantaRay says:


    You could argue that. Kipper did suck, but he was also thrust into a bad situation by Sharks new owners. I don’t think he was ready to be the starter and the defense was not heathly early in the season and Stuart was a hold out.

  21. mikster says:

    Make things up?

    It’s an opinion of mine. You disagree with it? Tough….deal with it.

    And, you always think that you know what you’re talking about. You always think that your opinions are true and that other people’s opinions, which you disagree with, are wrong. Doesn’t work that way….

    Toskala started the season replacing Kipro who had a pathetic start.

    Kipro had a complete training camp, pre-season match practices and it was his best chance to play well at the very least. He didn’t have such a good offense and defense, but he did not even come close to making some big saves or showing any signs that he should start.

    That is why they called up Toskala who played at the start of the season and as you said the end of the season.

    They even had Kipro as trade bait during the season, especially on the deadline day.

    Toskala has been playing in NA for a while and has done well.

    You need to check your facts before criticizing me and state that my opinion is wrong.

    Who are you to say such things anyway?

  22. big_booty says:

    I don’t buy this at all.

    Yes, this is probably a figment of the “expert’s” imagination, as I haven’t been able to find anything remotely related to this subject on the Fan 590 or WFAN in New York. That being said, we would do well to remember that six-player trades are not commonplace in the NHL.

    Bob Clarke has repeatedly said that he is not trading Simon Gagne. He is one of the top young offensive talents in the game right now, and both Clarke and Hitchcock are expecting him to play more minutes and increase his production next season.

    Clarke had been lusting over Michal Handzus ever since he played in St. Louis and bent over backwards to bring him here from Phoenix. I highly doubt that Clarke would give up on him now.

    Radovan Somik probably doesn’t have all that much trade value. He is talented, and formed some nice chemistry with Handzus and Donald Brashear to form a nicely productive line last season. He has yet to play a full, healthy season, as he was plagued by groin and abdominal pulls last year.

    The Sharks’ Ron Wilson is no dunce. He knows he is under some pressure to produce with the talent he has. He also knows that the main cog that was missing to the Sharks’ machine early last year was Nabakov. When he plays a full year, he produces – and produces well. He showed up late and out of game shape last year and never recovered. Don’t think that the Sharks’ brain trust is prepared to go to war without their star between the pipes.

    Signing Potvin and trading Nabakov would be a mistake for the Sharks – a big step in the wrong direction. I don’t doubt that a player like Sturm is a tradeable commodity, but Cheechoo is very young and I’m sure they want to see what he can do for them.

    I also don’t doubt that Bob Clarke has inquired about Nabakov, that is definitely a possibility. But Gagne is going nowhere and I doubt Handzus is either.

    Make with the source, “White Chocolate.” Otherwise, it’s all just conjecture.

  23. titans says:

    White cocolate? Hmmm…

  24. calflyers says:

    sounds like the Queefer is in cahoots with someone to make Flyer fans “scramble”

  25. Goldenscud says:

    I woke up in the middle of night all wet and it came to me………………..

  26. Freeze says:

    If you’re Bobby Clarke, you make this deal. Why? Because Philly is hurting for a quality starting netminder and there are no Roys or Haseks or Gigueres or Brodeurs in the UFA market.

    What is in the UFA market is a replacement for Gagne and Handzus. With Fedorov, Selanne, and Marchant available, you can backfill for the loss of those 2 guys that had to be moved to get Nabakov and company. Cheechoo and Sturm are not exactly chopped liver. Actually, I think this trade (fantasy?) is slanted in favor of the Flyers.

    If you want to win a Cup, you have to be creative to get the job done. I’m not talking about a wholesale commitment to UFAs. The Rangers have proven that that approach does not work. But to pluck one or 2 key UFAs in a situation like this will have the Flyers drinking from the Holy Grail.

  27. titans says:

    Get a box of tissues next to your bed…works for me.

  28. Goldenscud says:

    I prefer the trusty sock- softer to the touch!

  29. Goldenscud says:

    probably “tales for the inept”

  30. FlyerzFan12 says:

    Like already said, Clarke has repeatedly said that he would not trade Gagne with him being the Flyers future, along with Williams. Although i would love to see Nabokov in orange and black, it will not happen.

    I’m not too high on this trade anyway, even if clarke would trade gagne. The Sharks would get 2 proven scorers in gagne and handzus, and a possible 15-20 goal scorer in somik if he stays healthy. Yes i like the youth the flyers would get in cheechoo and sturm but cheechoo is still unproven. Sturm i like but it isnt worth the risk of givin up gagne for him

  31. calflyers says:

    you guys are sharing waaaaayyyy too much


  32. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    This is complete bullshit, for a couple of reasons.

    1) Flyers aren’t going to trade Gagne, PERIOD. I said it when the Iginla rumors were flying around, and I’m saying it now. Gagne is going nowhere. Same goes for Handzus. This kid played great last year (one of our top goal scorers, and he led the team in GWG’s), and Calrkey’s had a hard on for him since forever. Not to mention he’s a good fit for Hitchcock’s system. Speaking of Hitch, he think’s very highly of Mr. Somik. He is a very good defensive forward, and I’m anxiously waiting to see what he can do when he plays a whole season injury free. None of these guys are getting traded.

    2) The Sharks would be insane to trade Nabakov. I know they have Kiprusoff and Toskala, two talentd young netminders, but Nabakov has shown that he can play at a high level as a starter, something the other two haven’t. As for signing Potvin, I think it’s laughable. He’s such a step down from Nabakov it’s funny. Less talented and older, at the most important position in the game? I don’t think so.

    As much as I’d love to see Nabakov here in Philly (although not for Gagne), it isn’t going to happen. I still think that Biron is the going to be between the pipes for them next year if Clarke wants to get a Goalie through a trade. With Ryan Miller (this kid is gonna be a helluva goalie) and Noronen, Biron is expendable. The only question is whether the Sabres think Miller is ready to start. If Clarke opts to pick up a goaltender through free agency, well, I don;t even want to think about Hackett in orange and black.

  33. SArmour21 says:

    Everyone is saying that the Flyers would be getting younger with this deal. This is only fractionally true…

    The average ages are 25 for the Flyers and 24.33 years for the Sharks. Not much of a difference.

    Also, if you check out the stats on the players, it is clear that in Hitchcock’s system, Somik, Handzus, and Gange will perform better. The point totals are nearly identical for Somik/Handzus and Sturm/Cheechoo, but look at the plus/minus.

    Somik/Handzus = +22

    Sturm/Cheecho = +4

    This would be a downgrade on the Flyers second or third line.

    And, while part of me wouldn’t be terribly opposed to Gagne for Nabokov straight up or maybe with a 2nd rounder draft pick, I still do not think Gange will be traded, unless it is for another young proven goal scorer, like Iginla, Thorton, or Marian Hossa.


  34. Malurous says:

    Check Mikster’s reply. That’s all I have to say.

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