Experts Look: I'LL Tell Yuh Whats Really Wrong With The Game!..

With all the Bertuzzi exploitment and hockey personalities being scapcoated.

I won’t keep my view back, and I’ll go ahead and tell you what it is that’s killing our game, along with its respect and dignity….

-Look no further then your “reliable” media.

CBA aside for the moment,

-But I am disgusted by the way the *media* has exploited Todd Bertuzzi. They SHOULD be ashamed of themselves for making a guy who was pouring his heart on National Television look like a “scoundrel”.

Who are the *media* to go around getting every type of public opinion they can from anyone possible. Just for the sake of branding criminal on Bertuzzi’s forehead.

And I don’t care if they say it’s their calling to do or job. Because if it is, they’re selling a little something called pride….

-Now add Gary Bettman.

Ok, I will admit the man looks like a puppet. But how dare anyone(media) try to attack him for only trying to do what’s best for improving the NHL..!

Now obviously they’re have been many flaws in the NHL organizations. But they’re have been so many bright spots and improvements in the game. Those yet again were ruined by the *media* focusing on the negatives that truly have no point to them.

-And I have to defend my bud Don Cherry again just as well. All you people that jumped down this guys throat for what he said about the whole visor issue.

Well, turns out he was literally dead right on..

Don Cherry’s a proud Canadian and hockey expert who knows what he’s talking about. And its a shame that such a character guy is being attacked by the media when he’s committed so much for improving and advertising the game of hockey the “true” way for all the young and upcoming kids out there!

(But you won’t hear such a bright and positive things about that from the media now will you.)

-And finally, all those idiots that complain about the game of hockey. Which is AGAIN exploited by the *media* way too much!

There is nothing wrong with the “Game” of hockey. If you don’t like the intensity and aggression which makes it so original and the hardest sport to play in. I very simply suggest you go watch the “finesse’ ” flamingo figure skating.

While those people crying foul all over the goalies and screaming for more and more goals. If you like seeing bigger nets and smaller goalie pads. I suggest you start liking a different sport and go join Mikster’s soccer site.

Other then that, the *media* and those who give them such credibility should be disgusted with themselves for ruining the game of hockey. -Its bright spots, its passion and worst of all those who love it so deeply….


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  1. mattf says:

    i don’t think it is particularly a matter of exploition, the nhl could use exploition for the sake of greater fan base to keep the game alive financially.

    rather, they are poorly marketing the nhl to an audience that would be accustomed to watching such garbage as wwe and jerry springer (most idiotic americans).

    people don’t understand that hockey is more than just a sport played by athletes, it is a representation of life itself. teams and players go through obstacles much like anyone else does in life. people reach breaking points and let the stress and intensity of the game get to them, as what we seen from bertuzzi and mcsorley recently.

    fighting shouldn’t be blame for hockey as a dangerous sport, rather the size of the players (3-4 inches taller than 20 years ago and 20-30 pounds heavier) and how the game is played.

    ken dryden at halftime during the montreal/leaf game tonight said it best when he pointed out that the average shift is 40 seconds (before in the 70s it was 1-2minutes), players push at full tilt. i think there are too many lines and too many teams. talent is diluted and defensive systems are put into place to win games.

  2. SwiftLEAF says:

    Everyone should go and read what cherry said about the bertuzzi hit because he speaks a lot of truth and most of it is getting lost in the media “frenzy” that is all over bertuzzi.

  3. OldNord says:

    Man thats true, just talking about medias from province of Québec… SRC and TVA don’t talk about hockey, both have cancelled their sport report, (Québécois, correct me if I’m wrong) and last week this news was one of their main story. This kind of stuff make me sick. They’re showing the replay of Bert’s dirty act and they did just wait which kind of suspension he’ll get, getting some “expert” point of view, and made this story a drama. A bunch of vultures.

  4. Bruins4771 says:

    Is this a surprise? The media controls the way people view things. And they do it with more major events than hockey. I mean this is nothing new. But i do disagree with you. I think “media” is exactly what the game needs. The game has made to many changes and now the powers that be are trying to make more changes to counteract those other changes. I think the games biggest problem is a marketing issue. Hockey is not a marketable sport at least not in the United States. And when most of your teams are from that area, thats a problem. No major tv contract is a big reason teams struggle. The NHL needs to redirect its focus to the youth of america and implement more learn to skate programs, make deals with local hockey teams to make tickets majorly affordable so that youth teams can see at least 2-3 NHL games a year for relatively low cost. You give hockey back to the fans, especially the kids, you get NHL back on its feet.

  5. Flyers_01 says:

    I agree that hockey needs to start with the kids and encourage them to play/watch hockey. However, “uninformed” media exposure is not what we need.

  6. Flyers_01 says:

    I have to agree in that the media and in particular media people who wouldn’t know a blue line from a clothes line are using this incident as their 15 minutes of fame by treating this incident with an outrage level usually reserved mass murderers and child molesters. Well that’s not true, mass murderers and child molesters get treated with more respect. Do you realize that people who stole 100’s of millions of dollars (ie Enron, Global Crossing) and essentially ended the lives of many of their employees got little press coverage outside of the business section? In fact many of those multimillionaires are still living free today. Why? Because their crime couldn’t fit onto 30 seconds of video and they can use their stolen money to clog up the justice system.

    Do you realize the US has troops dying over in Iraq every day? Can anyone name a couple of the soldiers who died (other than the relatives)? Can anyone tell me why they died? The media is very selective and only attacks what it feels won’t fight back. You make an issue with people dying in Iraq or busses getting blown up in Spain and the government will get on your case. You go the slightest bit out of bounds on Enron executives and they’ll have 50 lawyers on you so fast you’ll need 10 years to dig yourself out from the legal paperwork. Wait .. here’s a sports figure who won’t defend himself … code red .. attack … attack!

    Cherry’s, hockey’s canadian icon, article was particularly amusing on this incident. Saying that he has some guy named Emile and the language police after him. And he’s right. It’s more important these days to be politically correct than honest, more important to be “sensitive” than to stand up for what you believe.

    The media needs to be educated and the children need to be educated. Until we convince the media that it’s in bad form to attack hockey, they will continue to do so.

    On the topic of what’s wrong with hockey, I’m in full support of an NFL type salary cap. It’s done wonders for football and the competitive balance has done wonders for their revenue and hence their salaries. Salaries in football have skyrocketted in the 10 years since the last labor agreement but only in proportion to revenue. Everyone benefits. The only ones who could object to it are the ones with the 10 mill/yr guaranteed contracts who once they get the contract coast until it’s time for a new contract.

  7. UsedandAbused says:

    It’s True… The Media is full of shit. They say whatever they want and what they want is to turn hockey to a sissy sport. I’ve been reading all kind of shit lately stating just that. The funny thing is that half these fags don’t even watch hockey.

  8. cementhead says:

    Do you know where this can be found? I would love to read it. Thanks

  9. wingsfan13 says:

    i agree with the whole idea that the media oversteps the line but i still believe that bertuzzi needs more, though i think the nhl acted apropriatly. he might possible have ended a guys career almost purposly with his fat ass. quite possibly even killed him. he should also have had 75% of his salary taken away his crying i think was bs and a crock he knew what he was doin and a man of his demenor can be taken away by salary

  10. Petr89 says:

    they did a feature on him on yesterday

  11. starsgirl25 says:

    the media emphasizes what it thinks should be emphasized. they dont’ exploit.

  12. Aetherial says:

    The cheap stuff CAN be removed from the game AND fighting can be removed.

    I don’t like the whole concept that hockey players *police* themselves. I don’t agree with the Don Cherry’s of the world in that the instigator penalty or visors are what lead to cheapshots.

    The NHL CAN stop this crap.

    You want to stop high sticks….

    Next time a player is carrying his stick high and he hits another player in the face…

    Automatic, 20 games without pay.

    The NHL needs to REALLY crack down on crap. YOu can’t have players going for retinal surgery on UNCALLED highsticks to the eye fro Christ sakes and then turn around and tell me that this stuff happens because of the instigator rule. That is BS.

    The crap that goes on in the NHL, goes on because the league is gutless and it allowing it to.

    I would love to see some REAL suspensions, automatic, without pay. That would make people think out there.

    Hockey is a great game but it really has become ridiculous the way crap is allowed to go and key players are getting injured every other day.

  13. Leaf_Expert says:

    I agree with your concept.

    But I don’t think suspensions are the right way to deal with high sticks.

    It’d be allot better if a guy gave you a high stick and got a double minor(4min). And if blood is drawn, then an automatic 5 minute major.

    That way the player isn’t the only one sitting off for his actions, but he probably just cost his team the game….

  14. Leafanatic says:

    That is quite possibly the most naive statement I have ever read. How’s the weather in that little bubble of your’s?

  15. 2001_FLUSHES says:

    im prob gonna get butchered for saying this but

    i think its very interesting that the media in the US would make such a huge deal out of this. If it was a ‘American’ sport it would have been somewhat exceptable. For instance in baseball when a player intentially throws a 100 mile per hour fastball at the batters head or when a football player deleberatly goes out and trys to hurt the an opposing player (happens more than u think). He may be ejected from the game and fined but the media never goes out and butchers the pitcher or sport like the media did to the NHL and Bertuzzi. Im not trying to condone what Big Bert did but if this happened in football, baseball or basketball there would not have been half the amount of coverage. I think the media only covered this because of the bad rap that hockey has in the US media. It was and is shameful how they r treating this situation. Shows like the view and all that other crap have no business with hockey and should not be talking crap about it. What Todd was bad but if it was anyother American sport the media would have just said oh well its part of the game


  16. 2001_FLUSHES says:

    1 more things… the situation is just a reflection of how popular the game is in most of the US. Not very popular

  17. defenestrate says:

    “Exploited” Todd Bertuzzi?

    Gosh, you learned a new word in my absence (syntax still needs work, though).

    Funny how your view of this got posted and mine didn’t – oh, well.

    Here’s the bottom line – if you don’t market your sport properly (and we’ve already worn out several keyboards debating this), then all people will notice is the “bad news”.

    In fact, that’s all you see on the “news” – “bad news”.

    Why? People like to see other people suffer. It makes them feel better about themselves. Then they can sit back and say, “I’m glad that wasn’t me”, or “How can people be so cruel / stupid / whatever?”

    Then Marty McMoron chimes in about “media blowing things out of proportion” and “judgment being passed by non-hockey people”.

    This is akin to Timothy McVeigh saying Hitler was “just misunderstood”.

    Brian Burke is a disingenuous cretin – “A quality player made a mistake”. My slat-sided ass.

    Locking your keys in your car is a mistake. Calling yourself an “expert” is a mistake.

    Dropping portents of doom such as “That kid won’t be skating in March”, then waiting 5 periods to ambush him in your own barn – that’s not a mistake. That’s cowardice.

    A “quality player” doesn’t take 20 power-play chances away from his own team by taking stupid penalties during the season.

    And save the crocodile tears – you’ll need ’em the next time you run into Worrell and / or Barnaby….

    And don’t even get me started on that helium-voiced, nutless hairdo of a coach, who not only encouraged, but probably orchestrated this whole thing.

    You wonder why the ratings, ticket sales, and merchandising stink?

    I don’t….

  18. defenestrate says:

    “exploitment” isn’t a word.

    But then again, neither is “scapcoated”.

  19. starsgirl25 says:

    the weather in my bubble is great, a little cloudy today, but otherwise it’s wonderful. thank you for asking

    as part of the media for one team, i see things differently than you. consider this- if you were part of the media and something happened, you would emphasize it more than other things. the more you emphasize it, the greater importance it gets and the more it affects the people as a whole. now i will agree that some things get out of hand. the whole bertuzzi hit got out of hand, but i don’t believe that it was expoilted. then again i live in texas where if hockey’s mentioned on the news it’s a shock.

    take in to account where people live and what is relevant to that area.

  20. Leaf_Expert says:


  21. sensman99 says:

    Why are we supposed to care what you say?

    You’re just a fan- not an expert. Fine with me to express your opinions, but don’t pretend to be an expert.

  22. EmptyNetter says:

    Um. . .hockey doesn’t have a half time, dude.

  23. Aetherial says:

    That is the CURRENT system pretty much.

    It has not stopped a thing.

  24. nelsog says:

    Media is exactly what hockey needs but is it getting the right kind? NO. The Bertuzzi incident was shown on every American network yet I can’t find a great game like the Leafs/Habs anywhere on TV (except CenterIce). The incident became fodder for a bunch of Basketball, football and baseball analysts to give a low blow to a game they can’t seem to get a hold of. I saw JD look like he wanted to jump across the satelitte feeds and slam a little sportswriter for spouting off about a game he had never played and could only track in the boxscores (p.s. he was given more time to do this then for JD to actually explain things to the public).

    Most teams have absolutely no problem drawing crowds to the arenas yet there are not many huge network deals going down for hockey teams. In order to keep up with huge salaries today the NHL needs to get big network deals like the NFL or baseball. ESPN and the duece have not been terrible this year in bringing games but spread the wealth to a team besides the Wings.

    Hockey is an extremely fast game with big bodies and a small puck which leaves many unacquainted viewers in the dark. Fox tried that stupid puck highlight thing but that just annoyed real hockey fans. i don’t own a digital TV but I have had the opportunity to watch some High Def games and it’s amazing. Bettman may be correct in thinking this is hockey’s salvation. The viewer can see a great deal more of the ice and can see the puck as clearly as if they were right on top of it. Yet all the old tachnology must breakdown and people must get new stuff to view in HD so it may take awhile for this to really pay off.

    Youth Hockey has no problems in America. It has been one of the best growth sports in the US and does not have the high drop off rate (like baseball) as kids get older. Kids go to games all the time and don’t need to be inticed into buying tickets.

    THe problem is the networks. Hockey competes with the biggest sports in America (Football in the Fall, Basketball almost all through, and baseball in the Spring) and it is tough to draw some networks away from these sports. People need to be brought more quality games on TV, games that have a history behind them-ones that really excite spectators and brings people in. No major networks have been doing this (only local team networks get some rivalry games) except ESPN who only covers Wings rivalry games. Hockey should not be kept as a subtitle or a backpage byline on Sports networks. Every SportsCenter spends about 2 minutes on Hockey coverage yet about 4 hockey plays make the Top Ten plays every day, while this is not bad coverage it is not enough-it’s treating a great game like eye candy that only delivers for a few seconds every game.

    I am not going to comment on changes in the game because I don’t think this is a problem. I can’t stand people who think that talent is diluted in the NHL, if you want to see a diluted sport watch baseball. Defensive play and strong goaltenders do not bother me at all (this could just be a jaded observation from a goalie). But if the people want more scoring it would be easier to beat the trap system if the NHL would let them. Smaller pads or goalies not playing the puck will not help at all, tag-up rule will help (I don’t know why it was ever taken out) but the one thing that will increase scoring the most was not suggested by NHL management-GET RID OF THE DAMNED TWO LINE PASS RULE. Enough said.

    Let’s Go Habs

  25. nelsog says:

    AYE, AYE.

    Good stuff yet the NFL gets huge network revenues that allow them to do this.

  26. nelsog says:

    Most of these high sticking incidents come from sloppy play by the players. Most are from chops at people but from some guy carrying his stick to high when he skates. I believe Don Cherry made the same observation.

    I also believe there should be an automatic suspension for someone who goes after someone else with the stick. But what your refering to is incidental play that is the result of guys carrying their sticks too high. These players should not suspended and as LEaf Expert said should be dealt with on the ice and not at HQ in Toronto.

    Hockey can patrol itself.

    Let’s Go Habs

  27. nelsog says:

    SHUT UP. The comment box is sometimes to slow to catch all the typed letters and I don’t care if the guy knows the King’s English or not. Write about hockey and don’t point out things that don’t matter.

  28. TML51 says:

    There is plenty wrong with the game of hockey. I don’t know where you have been watching from, but apparently you’ve not been watching what’s been happening latley.

    You attack the media quite a bit in your post. Guess what…the method you used to post it…the internet, is MEDIA!! The trade rumors that you sometimes post and quote from where your sources came are, you guessed it, MEDIA. Kind of hypocritical, isn’t it? I’m not so sure you should be bitting the hand that feeds you. Furthermore, they are only stating what your “bud” Don Cherry has been doing for years…an OPINION. Todd Bertuzzi has not been exploited by the media. THE GUY DID IT TO HIMSELF!! How was it the Media’s fault that Bertuzzi sucker puched and broke the neck of another man? I agree that it recieved alot of attention, but it was shocking, even for hockey fans. I think you are missing the whole point on the type of coverage the media gave it.

    Your point about media “focusing on the negatives that truly have no point to them” is about as far off base as a statement can get. Let’s look at some of the issues that can be percieved as negatives:

    1) Bertuzzi- Violence in the game that has gotten out of hand. Also remember Tie Domi’s elbow on Niedermyer, McSorley’s attack on Brasher, etc. These were instances in which people were ASSAULTED. This is a very important point.

    2) The financial state of the NHL. 19 out of 30 teams lost money. The game is in trouble. This too, is a very important point.

    3) CBA- There might not be any hockey next year. Owners want caps, players don’t. Players make too much…team loses money. Debated daily on most sports stations. Important point to those of us who don’t want to miss any part of the 2004-05 season.

    These are but a few examples. I don’t know why you are posting rants like the one above, but I think you should put more thought into the things you say, rather than say it because you’re trying to look like you know what you are talking about. Clearly you don’t.

  29. defenestrate says:

    Or cheerleaders, damn it!

  30. defenestrate says:

    “too” slow.

  31. defenestrate says:

    And I “wrote about hockey” in the above comment. Try reading it before you open your yap.

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