Experts Look: I'LL Tell Yuh Whats Really Wrong With The Game!..

With all the Bertuzzi exploitment and hockey personalities being scapcoated.

I won’t keep my view back, and I’ll go ahead and tell you what it is that’s killing our game, along with its respect and dignity….

-Look no further then your “reliable” media.

CBA aside for the moment,

-But I am disgusted by the way the *media* has exploited Todd Bertuzzi. They SHOULD be ashamed of themselves for making a guy who was pouring his heart on National Television look like a “scoundrel”.

Who are the *media* to go around getting every type of public opinion they can from anyone possible. Just for the sake of branding criminal on Bertuzzi’s forehead.

And I don’t care if they say it’s their calling to do or job. Because if it is, they’re selling a little something called pride….

-Now add Gary Bettman.

Ok, I will admit the man looks like a puppet. But how dare anyone(media) try to attack him for only trying to do what’s best for improving the NHL..!

Now obviously they’re have been many flaws in the NHL organizations. But they’re have been so many bright spots and improvements in the game. Those yet again were ruined by the *media* focusing on the negatives that truly have no point to them.

-And I have to defend my bud Don Cherry again just as well. All you people that jumped down this guys throat for what he said about the whole visor issue.

Well, turns out he was literally dead right on..

Don Cherry’s a proud Canadian and hockey expert who knows what he’s talking about. And its a shame that such a character guy is being attacked by the media when he’s committed so much for improving and advertising the game of hockey the “true” way for all the young and upcoming kids out there!

(But you won’t hear such a bright and positive things about that from the media now will you.)

-And finally, all those idiots that complain about the game of hockey. Which is AGAIN exploited by the *media* way too much!

There is nothing wrong with the “Game” of hockey. If you don’t like the intensity and aggression which makes it so original and the hardest sport to play in. I very simply suggest you go watch the “finesse’ ” flamingo figure skating.

While those people crying foul all over the goalies and screaming for more and more goals. If you like seeing bigger nets and smaller goalie pads. I suggest you start liking a different sport and go join Mikster’s soccer site.

Other then that, the *media* and those who give them such credibility should be disgusted with themselves for ruining the game of hockey. -Its bright spots, its passion and worst of all those who love it so deeply….