Experts Look: What The Leafs Have To Do!…

With everyone’s opinion on what moves and players the Leafs need, I’m going to give my Expert analysis on what I know the Leafs need to fix their weakness and to give them that better shot at winning Lord Stanley…With all this Nolan to Leafs talk, everyone’s thinking we’ve gotta get him to improve the offense. Well, offense for the Leafs isn’t a problem what so ever…

Who ever saw the games between Nashville and Detriot would have seen that the Leafs didn’t get the aggresive and energetic play they needed from the blue-line.

The names of defensemen the that are available and have been linked to have the Leafs inquired about:

Bryan Marchment-San Jose

Bob Boughner-Calgary

Aaron Miller-L.A.

*Alexei Zhitnik-Buffalo

All these defensmen are just what the Leafs need on the blue line.

But if you noticed the * beside Alexei Zhitnik’s name, its because he is the best defensemen available and one that I believe if the Leafs acquire theyll have a defense that will win the Stanley Cup. But(sadly) the Sabres would be reluctant to deal with the Leafs and if they were to deal with the Leafs we all know who the Sabres would want(9). And that’s not gonna happen.

So the Leafs are stuck with Miller, Marchment, and Boughner all whom would be terrific fits for the Leafs, but then there would still be that extra depth missing.

If the Leafs can’t get a Zhitnik type defensemen or better, than they must get Nolan! with Marchment or Boughner or some type of defensemen with that type of calibre.

the Sharks want McCauley, Boyes and a 1st-round pick for Nolan… I wouldn’t pull the trigger on that for the Leafs, but rather would have a deal that consisted of:

To San Jose: Alyn McCauley, Alexander Steen, Karl Pilar or Wade Belak, 1st round, 3th round draft picks,(and possibly cash)

To Toronto: Owen Nolan, Bryan Marchment and a 2nd round draft picks…

This deal could go down, and if it did. The Leafs would beat the wings, and any team for that matter to make Robert Svehla change his number from 67 to 03….