Experts Look: What The Leafs Have To Do!…

With everyone’s opinion on what moves and players the Leafs need, I’m going to give my Expert analysis on what I know the Leafs need to fix their weakness and to give them that better shot at winning Lord Stanley…With all this Nolan to Leafs talk, everyone’s thinking we’ve gotta get him to improve the offense. Well, offense for the Leafs isn’t a problem what so ever…

Who ever saw the games between Nashville and Detriot would have seen that the Leafs didn’t get the aggresive and energetic play they needed from the blue-line.

The names of defensemen the that are available and have been linked to have the Leafs inquired about:

Bryan Marchment-San Jose

Bob Boughner-Calgary

Aaron Miller-L.A.

*Alexei Zhitnik-Buffalo

All these defensmen are just what the Leafs need on the blue line.

But if you noticed the * beside Alexei Zhitnik’s name, its because he is the best defensemen available and one that I believe if the Leafs acquire theyll have a defense that will win the Stanley Cup. But(sadly) the Sabres would be reluctant to deal with the Leafs and if they were to deal with the Leafs we all know who the Sabres would want(9). And that’s not gonna happen.

So the Leafs are stuck with Miller, Marchment, and Boughner all whom would be terrific fits for the Leafs, but then there would still be that extra depth missing.

If the Leafs can’t get a Zhitnik type defensemen or better, than they must get Nolan! with Marchment or Boughner or some type of defensemen with that type of calibre.

the Sharks want McCauley, Boyes and a 1st-round pick for Nolan… I wouldn’t pull the trigger on that for the Leafs, but rather would have a deal that consisted of:

To San Jose: Alyn McCauley, Alexander Steen, Karl Pilar or Wade Belak, 1st round, 3th round draft picks,(and possibly cash)

To Toronto: Owen Nolan, Bryan Marchment and a 2nd round draft picks…

This deal could go down, and if it did. The Leafs would beat the wings, and any team for that matter to make Robert Svehla change his number from 67 to 03….


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  1. Aetherial says:

    Ottawa is going to win the cup

  2. Jejunum says:

    That trade with the Flames might work, except that Craig Button’s IQ is above 20. Conroy has turned into a pretty good point getter and he’s a Selke finalist on one of the worst teams in the league. Bob Bougher is one of the best defensive defensmen in the league. I don’t think a 4th liner and a 2nd liner are gonna get that. And the last thing the Flames need are draft picks.

  3. -Swizz- says:

    well mccabe wears 24…so he needed a new number…

    he wears 67 b/c thats the last time the leafs won the cup…

  4. Tony says:

    The defending Cup Champions are the team to beat. They’ve won 3 Cups in 6 years and by the end of the year they will be ahead of Ottawa in the standings. Ottawa still has to prove they can win in the playoffs.

  5. Sn0wman says:

    You must have forgotten how far the leafs made it last year with all the injuries they endured. Yes Belfour has had an excellent year so far but when you say that his gameplay in the playoffs is unknown how can you say that Detroit will be the team to beat or that Ottawa is the only team that has a chance at beating them. The fact of the matter is that the playoffs itself is an unknown because anything can happen, what if suddenly Naslund broke his arm or Cujo sprained his foot the teams chances of advances greatly decreases, the point is that anything can happen in the playoffs.

  6. Sn0wman says:

    I think your on to something here…it seems that whenever a player would like to come to Toronto everyone thinks that that Leafs are gonna do everything in their power to get this person. Do you think it makes the GM happy that his player wants to leave whatever town their in to go to Toronto or wherever? of course not he’s gonna be pissed so he’s gonna make it as hard as he can for that person to go to that certain team.

  7. guinsfan4life says:

    No I haven’t forgotten anything about the Leafs last year, but that they, again, didn’t live up to expectations. Which basically sums up the least few years of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey, at least according to their fans.

    But last year is last year and that has no bearing on what my comments were this year.

    What I am saying about Belfour is that I am not totally sold that he will be consistent enough in the playoffs to give the Leafs a chance at going deep into the playoffs. Detroit IS the team to beat, since they won the cup last year, Ottawa, based on regular season record, has the best chance due to their performance thus far.

    There are many unknowns in the playoffs, I agree with you there. Anything can happen, but alot of what happens is based on player performance.

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    You know, I tend to agree with you, but you know the curse that surrounds the number one seed in the conference.

    What team in the East can be the Senators?!? I just look at Lalime right now and see he is unstoppable. I think he will be the X factor.

  9. jpmac says:

    Time to bring in the new era…it will be Vancouver who wins the cup….no one thinks they can do it….why their goalie hasn’t proven anything yet..well lets look at cujo..only thing he proved is that he shit the bed in the olympics, and won a couple of rounds….he may have gotten to the eastern confrence finals…but if he didn’t win the cup..he still hasn’t proven much….and FYI i would put my money on Dallas or Colorado to make it to the wesntern confrence championships before detroit.

  10. stevieY says:

    leafs might not have enought to beat the wings or stars, but the leafs would sweep the avs. colorodo is gay, and roy should retire. RED WINGS FUCKIN’ ROCK! and yzerman is the best.

  11. stevieY says:

    Its already been mentioned why the flames wouldn’t do this, but neither would the sharks, they dont want corson

  12. amazing_jesse says:

    It’s been a while but I think the stuff is called Kwellatine?? or soemthing like that. It’s actually pesticide that you put right on your balls. Be careful to tell your boyfried because the little buggers will jump right onto his eyebrows!

  13. amazing_jesse says:

    Yah, we need Barnaby too. Everyone would love us lots!

  14. stevieY says:

    The Senators are not “the team to beat”. they are horrible,I saw a senators fan in the summer wearing his senators t-shirt and i laughed at him because the leafs without sundin, renberg and 5 others still beat them in the playoffs and what did he say? “well the season series was blah blah blah….”. SENATORS AND THEIR FANS ARE ALL LOSERS, get a life, get a wings jersey. Yzerman is King.

  15. Kraftster says:

    yeah right man….on all counts of that email..

  16. Kraftster says:

    yeah right man….on all counts of that comment

  17. WeStSiDe says:

    Who cares if teams and people hate Toronto, obviously they are jealous of something, I mean, come on, are you going to hate Atlanta or Buffalo? Not likley.. They can hate all they want, it wont change anything, and the fact that there are Leaf fans everywhere you go makes it that much more ammusing…

  18. WeStSiDe says:

    You sound bitter…

  19. titans says:

    From the looks of the comments it’s unanimous…everyone thinks your a dork!

  20. Tradedude says:

    ok, why would we give up THREE FIRST ROUND PICKS (Boyes, Steen, McCauley) a 2nd pick (Pilar) 3rd round pick AND cash for cheapshotter, and Nolan who is far too expensive and a pick.

    I would trade ’em McCauley, 2nd round pick, and Jackman (or Pilar) for Nolan, 7th round pick.

    if they don’t accept, throw in ponikarovsky.

  21. Tradedude says:

    Nolan is a younger version of Roberts so Don Cherry says it.

    I think Aaron Miller could suit are needs.

  22. Tradedude says:

    take lumme out and replace him with ANYONE, and sure, we’d win all the games. but aint gunna happen.

  23. Tradedude says:

    well they are in 1st or 2nd place, but ya HAHA to them getting beated by leafs in 3 straight years. 🙂

  24. Tradedude says:

    unfortuneately yes!

    actually 2 be honest i have no frikin clue, lol.

  25. Tradedude says:

    dork? could you pass the kleenex to leaf “expert” so he calls him self.

  26. c2p996 says:

    Dreggs are not going to get a deal done. That’s why STAND PAT can’t make a trade. He has no BALLS to pull the trigger on ANY DEAL. Big or small.

    He plays it safe by trying to steal a player. Not too many fools around to make that trade.

  27. Leaf_Expert says:

    On this note..its was pretty even…(for the fighting part), but yea…

    I dun really care shit for other fans….Besides..Unless there Leaf fans..They can kiss my ass, or follow the others by doing the good old Expert saying….

    “Shut Da Fuck Up!”

    Go Leafs GO!

  28. Leaf_Expert says:

    Who said throw in Boyes…?

  29. infoengine says:

    Ok LA just gave away Yushkevich because they are happy with their defense. Aaron Miller is a big part of that. It would take a good player to pry Miller from LA and that won’t happen. You can scratch Miller’s name right off that list.

  30. BlackJackman5 says:

    his team has actually won a cup in the last half century……..

  31. BlackJackman5 says:

    is “leaf_expert” canuckspeak for retard? knob…..

  32. TC_4 says:

    Carter is going to get dealt to Toronto, for Tucker and McCauley, I heard it today. Then Lowe is going to move Horcoff to Calgary for only Jerome Iginla. He told me he knows he’s giving up way too much, but Iginla is going to fix things on the 4th line, but he knows that Calgary will win the deal in the end. Toronto has nothing to give us buddy, and they could at the most, be 5 points out by next week, it isn’t happening. Nice to dream though isn’t it?

  33. TC_4 says:

    That’s not why they did that!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t try and put a good spin on it for your team, we all know what happend. They were going to lose him this summer, and he let it be known that he wasn’t staying, his value droped way down, and they didn’t have a choice but to deal him. Plus it sounds like your team is broke. But don’t stop sticking up for them(I mean that, good team, and I always do it for Edmonton).

  34. nocuphere says:

    I agree with this….Zhitnik is definately the best of what’s available….do you think a 3-way deal can be worked out with maybe someone from the west with Zhitnik coming our way….Or has there been anything said about a possible 3-way…I know Buffalo would be reluctant simply because they may end up meeting in the playoffs next year, and probably don’t want a former player burning them, but the leafs really need some D

  35. nocuphere says:

    Stop your damn whining if Tucker and Marchment were playing with your team they would be gods and can do no wrong….don’t you understand dude that if everyone hates em they gotta be doing something right…

  36. NotaLeafsFan says:

    You make a very interesting argument concerning the inability of Toronto Maple Leafs coach/general manager Pat Quinn to trade for, or acquire through free agency signings, a significant number of quality players that would make a difference between the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup and merely contending in the post-season playoffs. The Varada trade and the Kovalev trade are several recent examples of the tendency of other NHL general managers to play mind games with the Leafs management and then accept a lower bid for their player. Pat Quinn coached the Canadian mens’ Olympic gold medal-winning hockey team, and from what I recall reading in the newspapers, virtually all of the players liked and respected Quinn. Why would they not want to come and play for him in Toronto? Owen Nolan (who won an Olympic gold medal) whines like a spoiled brat and says he wants to stay in San Jose rather than head to Toronto in a trade. Bobby Holik states that he never took the Leafs’ offer ($42-million?) seriously and signed with the Rangers. Flyers’ GM Bob Clarke plays head games with Pat Quinn by asking for players (Kaberle, Antropov) that he knows the Leafs would never trade for Lindros. My observations: (1) The perception among other NHL general managers and players is that Toronto moves too slowly when it comes to making trades, i.e., Quinn has too much on his plate as both coach and general manager and fails to act quickly when quickness is required; (2) the Leafs want a quality player without trading a quality player from their roster, i.e., sometimes you have to give up a Tomas Kaberle or prospects like Brad Boyes to receive quality in return; (3) the Leafs are seen as not being committed to winning a championship – unlike Detroit, Colorado, Dallas, Philadelphia or Ottawa – despite rhetoric from Steve Stavro and Richard Peddie.

    I don’t think money is an issue. The Leafs pay their players in U.S. currency and the team is considered one of the wealthiest in the NHL. Ultimately, it comes down to a perception that the Leafs are all talk and no action when it comes to building a championship. In addition, perhaps the Leafs have been too smug for too long, and feel no need to go out and sell the merits of the team and the city. Case in point: The Dallas Stars signing UFA Bill Guerin when he was with the Bruins. Dallas sent him a CD-ROM extolling the virtues of the team and the city, they also flew the Stars president and team management to Boston to surprise Guerin and personally sell him on the Stars. The end result? Guerin – one of the better NHL forwards until his recent surgery – signed with the Stars. Perhaps the Leafs need to start from the beginning. Fire Quinn, hire Bob Gainey as the new general manager and hire a reputable coach who doesn’t whine or complain about how the referees are treating the Leafs – perhaps Jacques Lemaire? or Jacques Demers who won a Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadiens? Until these changes happen at the team’s management/coaching level, the Leafs will continue to suffer at the hands of other NHL general managers and UFA players looking to sign with a contending team.

  37. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Not sure Why was a Montreal team that is not even going to make the playoffs a contender in the preseason.

    Because some idiotic fans(habs, leafs, whoever) where blinders and don’t see the skill that is out there.

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