Experts Look: What You Want/Think Your Team Will Do In The Offseason?..

Heres your chance to let everyone know what YOU think your team will do this offseason and what would you do if you could call the shots for team….If I were GM of the Leafs what would I Do?

-Buyout Jryki Lummes contract

-Wazzle and Dazzle Darian Hatcher as much as possible to bring him to T.Dot.

-Look for a solid 2nd line center who could handle duties on the 3rd line if Antropov cought fire(i.e.Nieuwendyk,Cassels).

-Try to sign a Darren McCarthy type player.

-Bring in one of the young prospering defensemen to work with a vetran on the blue-line and learn how to excel in the NHL.

-Try to make lines like this as possible:








*What would you do, and what do you think your team will do?….


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  1. guinsfan4life says:

    I know as a ducks fan it appears as though you should sign Gigure to a long term deal soon as his playoff performance has been incredible, but I think you should wait until after next season.

    Check out THeodore in MTL..he had a good run last year and flopped this year after he was given a bigger contract.

  2. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah..I think he was fired the day I posted that. I remember posting it and riding home I heard it on ESPN radio that they had fired him.

    That is a good move. I don’t think they are done. If this thing doesn’t turn around soon, I’ll bet that Mario has the balls to tell Craig to take a hike. RUmor has is that he orchestrated Glenn Patrick to be fired.

  3. guinsfan4life says:

    I can’t imagine what another year of Mario would help the Penguins. I believe their attendance may increase by say 100 fans per game, but their attendance was horriblet his year while he played.

    Besides, who in the world would he play with?

    Also, would him playing have an effect on who they hire as coach? If so, I am sorry Mario, retire.

    I believe that is why Patrick is waiting so long to interview candidates after the initial screening process. He knows Mario won’t play in a defense first system, therefore for him to hire a coach who puts an emphasis on such wouldn’t be kosher.

  4. Habfanforever says:

    Are you stupid or something? The league needs a salary cap and you’d make it worse by offering Forsberg 16 million dollars a season. Not to mention those dumb trade ideas, hell why not trade for Jagr, Kariya, Modano and Sakic while you’re at it. Then maybe you could sign Selanne and get Lidstrom to pair with Leetch. The maybe you could trade Dunham and Richter and Get Martin Brodeur and J-S Giguere as a backup. Estimated payroll: more than you can count.

    Get Bowman out of retirement and get him to coach the Rangers.

    Shit, I hope real Rangers fans are smarter than that.

  5. devfanman4 says:

    Tucker definitely had the best dive of the playoffs, I’d say Mogilny was the best Leafs player.

  6. defenestrate says:

    Bring McSorley out of retirement..

    Can you skate with an ankle monitor on?

  7. defenestrate says:

    The grist in the rumor mills here say the hometown boy is going back to Toronto..

  8. defenestrate says:

    Did you just say “haters”?

    Did I log on to “” by mistake?

  9. TC_4 says:

    I think you should switch Murray and Lundmark.

  10. TC_4 says:

    1)Let Marchant walk. He had his career year, Slats will give him 5 mil per season, and he won’t get more then 40 points ever again.

    2)Trade Salo. You’ll get a good return for this guy if he goes to St.Louis, Boston or if Roy retires, Colorado. The Blues and Avs won’t get him though, because all they have to offer are pieces that the Oilers already have(young forwards). I would ask Boston for Shaone Morrison, and Ivan Humel. Morrison is huge, and won’t be anything special offensivly, just a solid 2, 3, or 4 d-man for 15 years in this league.

    3)Trade for a hot young goaltending prospect that is ready to step up. And if any of you have read what I think the Oilers should do in goal that last couple of weeks, I’ve stated I would want Ryan Miller. The only problem is that I think the Sabres would rather part ways with Martin Biron. Ok! If Biron had any kind of team in front of him, he would do his part, and the Oilers offense would do there’s. Humel, and Conklin, probaby have to throw in some kind of pick, but that should land him. Another guy that could be availbe for the right price is Marc Denis or Pascal Leclaire. But this is a long shot, as the Jackets probably believe that Leclaire needs more time in the minors. Add to that, they need d-men, an area where the Oilers are no longer deep. One more guy could be Jamie Storr. But again, if L.A is smart, they trade Potvin and give the work to Storr next year. I wouldn’t want Potvin, he’s too inconsitant.

    4)Re-sign Cory Cross. This guy played so well all year, not just when he got here. He makes the d-men he plays with better(just ask Kasparitis, or Scott Ferguson). Thing is, I got sources(not kidding)close to Cross that say he won’t sign here. he doesn’t like all the ass kissing that comes from people you don’t even know in your home town. The people from Lloyd would be HOUNDING this guy for tickets, autographs, and all sorts of favors all year long. So unfortunatly, it probably won’t happen. But give it a shot, just don’t go over

    $850 000 a year to do it.

    5)Get that number one centre we desperatly need! Eric Lindros? Didn’t want to play here before, maybe NY picks up his base salary(3 mil for 2004), and we just pay the bonuses(that’s a ton of money if he hits all of them though). One thing is sure, Lindros needs a fresh start, maybe getting out of the tight checking East and start playing free wheeling Oilers hockey would help. Jeff O’Neill? Maybe, money wouldn’t be the issue with him, it would be putting a good enough package together for him. I would offer Shawn Horcoff, Brad Isbister, and Jani Rita. Horcoff showed that he’ll be a good 2nd or 3rd line centre in this league, Isbister is a big winger(something that the Canes would be losing)and still has tons of POTENTIAL(touchy word), and Rita was the number 3 rated prospect going into last year, a big winger, who knows both ends of the rink, and has good speed. The only problem, is that the Canes will want O’Neill to be the number one centre when Francis retires after next season(they should have a two year offseason to look for one though!). Petr Nedved? Again, maybe. Wouldn’t be too much money(espically if we dump Salo), but I think Slats is finally going to want defensive d-men, which as I stated before, we don’t have depth on d. I would say are best bet is O’Neill. I would toss in a 2nd round pick(Washington’s)in that deal.

    So you would be looking at this lineup after I was done:










    This lineup is even younger and cheaper then 2003, and in my eyes, much better. We also got the 18th pick in the draft, I would like to see them trade that pick and something else to move up in the draft and pick Nathan Horton. But let’s not trade away all of our farm just to get one major guy, who for all we know, may not pan out. Stoll would be the first guy in when they get an injury. Brad Winchester is a huge forward, but needs a year or two in Hamilton. It would be nice if Michael Henrich would get his career back on track, but that’s a long shot. Alexei Mikhnov has fallen off the face of the earth in the 3 years since we picked him. Jesse Niinimaki sounds like he is making very nice progress in Finland. Bobby Allen could be a healthy scratch along with Scott Ferguson next year. Kari Hakkana is useless. An excellent team, that should take that next step(finally)next year. Home ice in the first round.

  11. kamakasi says:

    hejduk foppa, tangay

    selene, sakic , drury

    batalglia, rhyno, hinote

    haul, nedorost, larsen

    blake foote

    morris, devries

    mcallister, Muir



  12. BosBrn says:

    I can’t believe I wasted 25 seconds reading this!!

  13. OldNord says:

    And you wasted another 10 to write this!

  14. silva21 says:

    nice line up you loser

    how did u pull drury out of your ass?

    for reinprecht?

    you’re a couple of years behind man….

    and dafoe? … avs don’t need anybody like him

    just curious, where is shantz and yelle?

    and didn’t nedorost get traded for batalglia?

  15. jon95616 says:

    Naw they traded Radim Vrbata for Bataglia…

    but yeah whats with Drury?

    and its a bit optimistic to think that Colorado is going to win the bidding for Selanne…if he wants Money he will go to New York, if he wants to play in the area he loves, he will go to Anaheim…dunno where Colorado would fit into that???

  16. jon95616 says:

    2)Jamie Storr is never going to be a number one, and Potvin is a UFA…so the Kings are definetly screwed in terms of goaltending.

    as far as Edmonton goes they will continue to be a fun team to watch, but will have to fight all year to get 8th in the west. Hopefully the new CBA will help them out for the future.

  17. jon95616 says:

    I hope he doesnt turn out like Theodore..

    but he is restricted free agent this summer…so they have to pay a high salary…short term or long term he definetly has earned a big pay raise.

  18. kamakasi says:

    hey dumb ass, vrbata was traded for batalglia

    yelle is gone, he was traded to calgary for morris trade

    shantz sucks period, can’t score, can’t do shit

    drury will be a restricted free agent and avs can definitely outmatch calgary, and drury is better than rhyno

    so make things simple you are a dumb ass , if you don’t know what you are talking about than don’t talk fool

  19. silva21 says:


    if drury goes back to the shipwreck of a team called the avs, i’ll laugh

    roy is gone, blake is slowing down, forsberg is leading the team and sakic can’t get away from the injury bug

    tanguay is streaky and hedjuk is euro, which means he wun get you fair in the playoofs

    my bad with the vrbata thing though

    and saying that the avs will win bids on selanne and drury is just plain stupid

    not saying it can’t happen but hey, why don’t teh freakin panthers land derian hatcher, leetch, tkachuck and samsanov next offseason?

  20. TC_4 says:

    You really don’t like Storr? I think if you tell him that he’s your guy, he’ll have the confidence(and he’s always had the talent)to go out there and get the job done. Next year though, the Oilers will be in 4th or 5th in the West, I promise! And…your Kings will be up there with them. What a return Taylor got on Schnider!!!

  21. WildWing89 says:

    I’ll Only Comment On Two Teams-The Leafs And Ducks

    Ducks- What They Need To Do: Resign Teemu Selanne, Possibly Trade For A Center Like Brian Smolinski For Samuel Pahlsson Or Sign Smolinski And Sign/Trade For A Defenseman Like Jason Wooley, Dmitry Yushkevich, Or Cory Cross.

    What they Will Do: Sign Teemu Selanne

    Leafs- What They Need To Do: Resign Wesley And Roberts, Wheel Svehla Back, Trade For Alexi Zhitnik And/Or Cory Cross(Could Use Phil Housely Or Other D-Men), And Trade For Or Sign A Couple Good Forwards Like Kris Draper, Darren McCarty, Todd Marchant, Etc.

    What They Will Do: Give Up On Svehla, Try To Resign Wesley, But He’ll Go To Carolina, Reisng Roberts, Sign McCarty Or Draper.

  22. Leaf_Expert says:

    what a crapper

  23. Leaf_Expert says:

    Whitney just might happen.

  24. Leaf_Expert says:

    not bad..

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    nice cap lock skills

  26. Leaf_Expert says:

    you mean 1997.

    And your team is suppose to be swept by the Wings….

  27. Leaf_Expert says:

    What the?

  28. Leaf_Expert says:

    What the?

  29. Leaf_Expert says:

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  30. Leaf_Expert says:

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  31. Leaf_Expert says:

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  32. Leaf_Expert says:

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  33. Leaf_Expert says:

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  34. Leaf_Expert says:

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  35. Leaf_Expert says:

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  36. Leaf_Expert says:

    What the?

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