Experts Look: Where Are These Players Going?

I will give my look on where,

Derian Hatcher,

Teemu Selanne,

Brian Leetch,

Jeff Hackett,

Greg DeVries,

Joe Nieuwendyk

Sergei Federov,

And more on where these names will sign next year?….

Derian Hatcher – New York Rangers

*Experts Look: Why do I say this? Because it has become obvious that the Rangers can add an amount of salary to their team especially for about 5 years, or else they wouldn’t be so close to have acquire Jamior Jagr. And they would cut long time server Brian Leetch in a second to make room for Hatcher to pair along with Tom Poti.

Teemu Selanne – Anahiem Mighty Ducks

*Expert Look: The Ducks plan to make an offer to Selanne after having Paul Kariya accepting to take a pay cut next season. I do not expect Selanne or the Ducks to agree on a long term deal but rather a one year contract(with options)at what price both sides agree on(expecting Selanne to take less money to be back with the Ducks). Selanne also told gave comments saying he will retire to play in europe if there is a CBA lockout for next year, which there will most likely be one.

Sergei Federov – L.A. Kings

*Experts Look: The Kings have been rumored to be shopping center Jason Allison and Federov to be just the man to replace him. I don’t think the Kings will give Federov the 10million he was seeking, but I do expect hem to offer the length he wants so he can retire under contract.

Brian Leetch – Toronto Maple Leafs

*Experts Look: The Leafs are in desperate need to replace the retired Robert Svehla, and its one heck of a start with Brian Leetch. When Leetch is let go by the Rangers, he will not be as committed to signing long-term contracts with any other team. And that’s exactly what the Leafs want, and is exactly what the Leafs are willing to give up for someone of Leetch’s caliber.

Other names:

Ray Whitney-Detroit Red Wings

Greg DeVries- Philadelphia Flyers

Vaclav Prospal-Detroit Red Wings

Todd Marchant-Boston Bruins

Luc Robitaille-L.A. Kings

Darren McCarthy-San Jose Sharks

Ken Klee-Toronto Maple Leafs

Eric Desjardins-Philadelphia Flyers

Dimitry Yushkevich-Vancouver Canucks

Jeff Hackett-Philadelphia Flyers

Joe Nieuwendyk-Toronto Maple Leafs


41 Responses to Experts Look: Where Are These Players Going?

  1. avsfan19-33 says:

    I can tell you this much….Colorado will sign at least one of those names mentioned above. They need to acquire another solid line centre and a fourth or fifth defenseman.

    These are guys who would fit in nicely:

    1. Marchant

    2. Whitney

    3. Prospal

    4. Robitaille

    5. Klee

    6. Yushkevich (i hope not)

  2. tharock098 says:

    Nice, REAL predictions. I like your take on Leech, it makes sense. However, his value of his contract may be the only problem. If the Leafs can get his salary down to at least 6 million, or less, they will want to sign him for a one shot deal, 1 year at $5-6 Million, then he can do what he wants. I would like to see him in the Leafs uniform, alongside McCabe, then Kaberle with Klee, we can make it the Kaberle Klee Connection

  3. titans says:

    Problem is none of the teams mentioned have the money or are willing to spend the money on these free agents. Especially with what their asking! It’s gonna be a loooong off season for NHL free agents.

  4. Hockey_Fan says:

    Hackett sucks. Didn’t you post an article earlier that the Flyers were going to trade for Nabokov. So contradictory.

  5. mikster says:

    Bah! I respect your opinion….but i may disagree with certain things.

    Rangers just won’t get Hatcher to add payroll. Mantaray is right, the Rangers have lost money and “they don’t have any” but the truth is that Cablevision has a wallet as deep as the lowest level of the Pacific Ocean. Rangers are also not done in talking to the Capitals about Jagr, by the way. As i was saying, the Rangers can sign Hatcher. Messier coming back is up in the air, but the truth of the matter is…he will. I would want to come back and pass that Howe record to be numero due.

    However, Slats may not let him come back with the kind of money Messier may want. Losing Messier, Richter (retiring), McCarthy, Leetch’s salary (or half of it if he re-signs), Lefebvre leaving and Karpa, and Boris Mironov will free up about $15-20M.

    That would easily give enough money for Slats to spend it on Hatcher and other key players…like Arvedsson/Marchant.

    Not to mention, Bure is also a toss up…and if he goes/retires….then it’s $10M more off the payroll.

    With if the Rangers manage to keep Leetch and sign Hatcher, great. If they don’t keep Leetch but sign Hatcher…still good since Poti is on the verge of becoming one of the very best offensive defensemen in the game.

    I agree that Sather will try to get Hatcher. And, he’ll use the same method that he used to sign Holik and Kaspar. I forget how it goes…but it has to do with the bonuses.

    Ducks going to get Selanne? If Kariya decides to take a pay cut then it’s a possibility. Remember, Boston tried to sign Selanne as well.

    I say something stinks in LA and it’s not pollution, or is it? Fedorov has to end up somewhere…somehow it’s not going to be Detroit.

    Leetch to the Leafs? Meh…..i would not mind see that happening and he fits beautifully on that team. I say Leetch can go to the Leafs, Flyers (i they cut Desjardins), Dallas (if they lose Hatch), Boston….or he may come back to the Rangers if he doesn’t see an offer elsewhere that’s worth it.

    Whitney, Isle’s.

    de Vries, Rangers….Leafs Bolts.

    Prospal, Hawks..Wings….Kings, Boston.

    Marchant, Rangers Flyers….

    Lucky Luc…..Kings

    McCarty….Kings, Leafs, TB


    Desjardins….Flyers, TB…Boston.



    Nieuwendyk, Stars, Leafs….

  6. Goldenscud says:

    Tell me why the Flyers would sign DeVries? You also said that they would sign DesJardins too. WHY? They are so loaded at D and have some young guys who can definately step in (Vandemeer, Sedanberg) and others you might (Pitkanen, Woywtika).

  7. mikster says:

    Don’t you want your Flyers to win it? Pitkanen Vandermeer and Woywitka or Sedanberg…or is it Stationwagonberg (?) won’t win you the Cup.

  8. NemiNA says:

    I like that list i agree with eveyone but hatcher, leetch whitney and hackett.well thought out, and im glad you didnt put that they were all going to the leafs

  9. dlo44 says:

    the only fact, is that when all is said and done one thing will be certain.


    and under-produce

  10. TrojanMan says:

    Thats his next article

  11. flyersdude123 says:

    Was that a horrible attempt on making a joke?

  12. DJMerlin says:

    Have you not read that the Leafs aren’t going to be big players in the free agent market, yet you say that they are going to sign 3 free agents? I agree with Nieuwendyk, but there is no chance of Leetch. And once again Klee is a maybe, but if you would have read up on some details you would have noticed that the Leaf management said that they might give chances to their younger guys. What makes you such an expert anyways? Is it because your name has “expert” in it? Ha

  13. bruinexpert says:

    even though I don’t think Boston would pay for leetch I think it’s awesome that you mention boston having a shot at 3 of those names, all of which would make then a stronger team (assuming they get a goalie as well that is). nobody ever mentions the bruins on this site but they have been throwing their name out a lot more lately so it’s very possible, anyway, we need more bruin stuff on this site (i suppose i could give it a shot)

  14. mikster says:

    Well, yeah they need a goalie and they may be getting Burke soon, unless they’ll actually get Potvin instead. I could see Potvin in Boston too.

    They need to get better, overall. They traded Stumpel, they may get Prospal to cover that 2nd line. Their defense is ….meh….plays hard but i think they can improve it overall, even with a simple addition like Staios (29 years old, UFA) or go for the big name in Leetch…….or get Yushkevich.

    The Bruins can be easily improved by making these moves.

  15. mikster says:


    If you expect to make a good run in the playoffs with Pitkanen/Woywitka and Vandemeer taking up 3 spots on your D, and you don’t even have a goalie…

    …then i think you’re trying to make a joke.

  16. amok says:

    As a Canucks fan I sure hope Colorado takes Robitaille. He was one of my favourites when he was with the Kings early in his career, but he’s going downhill faster than Ross Rebagliati towards a hot box.

  17. flyersdan says:

    If they wanted to sign a 3-5 dman around 3 million a year why would they get DeVries when they could just keep Yushkevich who loves Philly and showed tons of heart in the playoffs.

  18. Hockey_Fan says:

    I second that notion.

  19. Leaf_Expert says:

    I was updating about what a source had reported.

    By my personal prediction is Hackett to the Flyers…

    And stop trying to beef with every little thing you try so desperatly to find in my articles.

  20. Leaf_Expert says:

    Well, I don’t think you should be so confident in your words of the Leafs not being big players at all this summer.

    The Leafs didn’t exactly say they were not going to spend big money at all this summer…

    Rather, management said they were going to be laid back and wait to see what happens.

    IF you listened to Ken Dryden(vice-chairman of the Leafs)he said that many teams will be sellars this year, and the Leafs can be buyers.

    The Leafs can sign players to what Brian Leetch may seek, aslong as the contract is not a lengthy one which is the only thing the Leafs will almost positively avoid this year.

    I like to think one of the reasons I have the “Expert” in my name is because I tend to pay a little more attention than those like you, who tend to give snobby comments, as yours would confirm.

  21. DJMerlin says:

    Here is the article from read it through and you will see what my post was saying in regards to yours.

    As for Leetch becoming a Leaf…keep dreaming, I’m a leaf fan too, but I dont see him signing with the Leafs.

  22. TC_4 says:

    I like the article, some nice predictions, but some really dumb ones too. Yushkevich signed by the nucks??? No freakin way!!! Marchant to the Bruins??? No freakin way!!! How about De Vries to the Leafs, and Klee to the Flyers, that makes more sense since it’s heavily speculated De Vries would like to sign with Toronto, and they want him. Nice thinking about Leetch going to the Leafs, but he’ll re up with the Rangers. I don’t believe everyone saying that Federov will sign with the Kings, since this was a team desperate to dump some salary just 4 months ago. Why get rid of Allison??? And it’s Darren McCARTY, not McCarthy! I agree with the rest, so here’s what I think will happen with the ones I disagreed with.

    Dimitry Yushkevich – Dallas Stars(need to dump some of Turgeon’s salary)

    Todd Marchant – NY Rangers

    Sergei Federov – Detroit(although, I would like to speculate one team…..the Florida Panthers)

    There for the Wings won’t need two forwards, so…

    Vaclav Prospal – San Jose Sharks

    Ray Whitney – Columbus(hell the Wings will sign Federov, and won’t have any more cash).

    Expect no action for a long time as the GM’s have apparently been getting heat from the Commish lately to start bringing down salaries immediatly.

  23. TC_4 says:

    Mik have you hit the bottle hard since the Rangers season ended, because you and me use to agree on everything, now you just seem obnoxious! The Rangers aren’t just going to shed that much salary just cause they want to. If Richter retires, they still owe him this year’s salary, Kapa doesn’t make much anyways, no one will want Bo Mironov, and they would still owe Bure his money if he retired too. So just because you want them to shed these salaries, doesn’t mean they can just do it.

  24. B-man says:

    Are you kidding me? Leetch to the maple leafs?

    Thats a good one. Leetch isn’t going anywhere.

    He will stay with the rangers and finish his career here. Get that through ur head.

  25. B-man says:

    Are you kidding me? Leetch to the maple leafs?

    Thats a good one. Leetch isn’t going anywhere.

    He will stay with the rangers and finish his career here. Get that through ur head.

  26. MAGNUM says:

    Leaf Expert,

    Do you just spout off without reading any papers. Fedorov to the Kings? They are trying to reduce their payroll, not add to it in every report I’ve read. Hatcher to the Rangers? Oh yea I’ve read that one all over the place. I haven’t seen one article or story that has connected him to New York, so where do you get that from? Leetch to the Leafs to fill the hole left by Svehla? Really, are you aware that Svehla hits people and blocks shots? Two skills Leetch hasn’t used in years. They are more likely to add some gritty defenseman to complement Kaberle, than bring in another sweetheart like Leetch. And finally it’s Darren McCarty, not McCarthy.

  27. bruinexpert says:

    I agree, they’re close, murray and thornton have

    great chemistry and throw a healthy samsonov into the mix and that’s gonna be one of if not the best line in the NHL, I’m mad they got rid of stumpel since he had such a great season but propsal would fill that quite nicely, then i think potvin is in the bruins range, I still think leetch is wishful thinking since the management is so cheap but that would make this team a serious contender in my opinion.

  28. d0rd says:

    It might just be Leaf doubletalk.

    Last 3 or 4 off-seasons management has said they were going to be “big players” in the free agent market.

    With the exception of “Big Name Players” like Mogilny and Joseph (yes, Belfour was an excellent pick up, but remember, last off season, the Leafs had no goalie not resigning Joseph, Schwab or Barrasso), I wouldn’t take to much stock in what they say when it comes to signing UFA’s.

    They don’t want to give away what they’re planning on doing, that’s just stupid.

    Anything can happen.

  29. Malurous says:

    Because Clarke and Yushkevich’s agent Mark Gandler hate each other.

    Why did the Leafs let Yushkevich go? Because Bill Watters and Yushkevich’s agent Mark Gandler hate each other.

  30. Malurous says:

    What are you ranting? None of your comments make any sense.

  31. Malurous says:

    I don’t see Fedorov going to the Kings either (for the reason you stated) but why would he go to the Panthers? The team is years away from winning and can’t offer the big bucks, therefore there’s nothing in it for Feds. Also, there’s nothing in it for Florida, because: A) He’d cost too much to be the veteran they’re looking for, and B) they have two good players on their team, one of whom is a center (Jokinen, the other being Luongo), so why have two top-flight centers without any supporting cast? The defense is OK, quite solid but needs a veteran to give Bouwmeester & co a tip or two. Also, they need an offensive veteran or two. They can’t afford it all, especially with Jokinen, Huselius and Kozlov RFA’s seeking raises, if they go for Fedorov.

  32. mikster says:

    Insurance covers retirements from injuries and both Richter and Bure are in that category.

    They can do it. Karpa is $1.6, McCarthy $1.75, Lefebvre $2.5, Mironov $3.3M, Leetch can be either $9.8 or half of that.

    That clears up at the very least $13M, the very most is $19M.

    No one will want Mironov? We’ll see. He’s a solid 4th d-man.

  33. Mikeobe1 says:

    Fedorov to LA? Are you kidding, get rid of Allison? This will never happen. Fedorov will not be a King. Maybe Selanne, never Fedorov.

  34. Malurous says:

    Thanks. That’s what I meant when I said his rantings didn’t make any sense 🙂

  35. DaMick says:

    Lets do this one by one in my opinon where these guys might end up.

    Derian Hatcher- Rangers? interesting but doesnt make sense say he resigns with Dallas in a suprise move.

    Teemu Selanne – stays a Shark…i dont see anahiem spending the dough to get him back

    Brian Leetch- true mystery guy …Can the Leafs spend THAT much for a guy past his prime? stay tuned…

    Jeff Hackett- Indeed i agree..he might just retire.

    Greg DeVries- Rangers..hes a cheaper offensive threat.

    Joe Nieuwendyk -Leafs…yeah thats a nice fit

    Sergei Federov- better hope Detroit takes him back…because He wont fit with LA.[remember they need playmakers like Allison ]

    Ray Whitney- Hopefully Isles…if not possibly…Florida?

    Vaclav Prospal-Detroit Red Wings…yeah nice fit

    Todd Marchant- Ranger$….hes a Sather type player & a decent one at that.

    if not ….hopefully the Isles give him a look.

    Luc Robitaille-L.A. Kings [why is he playing?]

    Ken Klee-Toronto Maple Leafs

    Eric Desjardins-ohh tough one.

    now hed be a steal for a team like the Rangers or Leafs to get.

    Clarkey will regret losing him.


  36. TC_4 says:

    Just because I think they want a guy who can take the team and lead them. Say what you want about Federov, but the guy has three Stanley Cups, and would love the warm weather in Miami. Jokinen can easily play on Sergei’s left side, and Stephen Weiss could be the second line centre with Huselius on his left wing. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. With Federov, they would be a playoff team. They have a lack of toughness, but as shown at the draft, are immediatly trying to address that, unlike the Ottawa Senators, which took them about 4 years to get a wee bit tougher.

  37. TC_4 says:

    Ok, I can see that, but your dead wrong about no one wanting Mironov. Yes, GM’s would want him because he is a solid 5 or 6, but he’s not going to be had at 3.3 mil!!! That’s why only the Rangers wanted him this year!

  38. TC_4 says:

    How do they not make sense. I told him that they can’t just dump salary because they want to, they’ll still have to spend a lot of money on those players, end of discussion. When you want to make a hockey comment buddy, let me know.

  39. Tradedude says:

    Great article leafexpert, i remembered i used to ignore all your submits, but I really think your doing a good job now. Respected opinions, but I could see some changes. Here;s sum of my predictions, and the leafs r doomed if they dont sign wesley, he’s our only hope lol.

    Derian Hatcher – makes you think, but ill go with the rangers, but he could go anywhere basically.

    Teemu Selanne, he’s so ducks territory

    Brian Leetch, leafs, we neeeeed him and i just hope he dont ask for too much $$$$$

    Jeff Hackett, dammit i dont feel like thinking on this one, but ill go wif da umm, dammit lol, ill pass LOL

    Greg DeVries, caps, they are in desperate need of a defense and he fits their criteria.

    Joe Nieuwendyk

    Sergei Federov, kings, but i hope not, allison is the greatest!

    now seeing that this is a useless comment seeing that i agrew wif everythin except 1, i will now shut up lol.

  40. Tradedude says:

    Yeah, i agree mirnov is old, useless, and has a thick salary, but you’ll eb suprised that teams r shopping him around. Don’t get me wrong, i hate mirnov, he’s a stinkin old geez makin lotsa money, but just cuz fans dont like em, dont mean gm’s dont like em.

    Your welcome, for yet another useless comment lol.

  41. Tradedude says:

    I can see prospal going to wings, and whitney going to avs, and de vries going to the caps.

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