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Just giving some Expert analysis on this weeks early rumors.– Bryant McBride, agent Jason Allison, reports that Allison ditched his crutches last week and could be back in the Kings lineup by the middle of next month – at least two weeks ahead of schedule reports the Boston Globe. Allison banged up a knee two weeks into the season, and initial reports had him out possibly until February

– Boston, with restricted free-agent defenseman Kyle McLaren rotting away while the Bruins set the pace in the East behind goalies Steve Shields and John Grahame, long has been rumored as one potential landing spot for DiPietro, a Massachusetts product who excelled at Boston University. The Bruins are among a slew of clubs (with Edmonton, Florida, Ottawa and others) said to be after either forwards Brad Isbister or Dave Scatchard. The Coyotes, who’ve been looking to dump winger Brian Savage, also have been trailing the Isles.

– The Senators continue their search for a physical, tough winger. The Sens may have their eyes focussed on Nashville’s Scott Walker, but he is currently injured.

– The Sabers are said to be shopping mainly Cris Gratton and Curtis Borwn.

– Scott Walker could very well be on the way out of Nashville. Ok, I guess he wouldn’t be the only one. Nashville needs a change.

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  1. big_booty says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong (and I don’t think that I am), but when you analyze a trade rumor, you look into all sorts of different scenarios and possibilities, ask questions, answer questions, find out the good versus the bad, find out what statistics impact the deal, theorize how a certain player will do on a certain team, etc.

    You have done none of the above. I fail to see the logic in calling yourself an “expert.”

    Allison: Started skating on Sunday, but is reporting that the timetable for his return is still eight to twelve weeks. I wouldn’t read too much into what his agent is saying. Making a player seem like more than he actually is is part of an agent’s job description. Best to listen to the doctors, first and foremost. LA is mostly an average team anyway – they’re at, near, or below the middle of the pack in almost every statistical category. What happened to their power play? It was the best in the league last year, and now it’s mediocre.

    Boston: Why would they be interested in a player like Dipietro? They don’t really need him right now. Shields and Grahame are playing out of their minds right now, why mess with their heads by bringing up a cocky rookie hotshot who can’t beat out Garth Snow or Chris Osgood? They don’t need Scatchard or Isbister either, those two would be a step in the wrong direction.

    As for the Isles products: Here’s a bit of news for you – they aren’t all that good. Isbister and Scatchard are over-rated. Isbister can’t play defense to save his ass. How does a player score 18 goals and register a minus-19 rating? Same with Scatchard (career minus-33), who just injured his knee last week. There’s a reason why they haven’t been moved yet, Milbury is asking way too much for them. Mad Mike thinks he’s going to get the likes of Shane Doan and Ladislav Nagy for those two stiffs.

    Sabres: They’re shopping Gratton? Well, thank you Captain Obvious. That overpaid dung heap has had a “For Sale” sign hanging from his neck for the past two years. Ten seasons and he still hasn’t lived up to his potential.

    Scott Walker: Isn’t a world-beater. He could definitely benefit from a change of scenery, but a Radek Bonk-for-Walker swap is a lateral move at best. Besides, Bonk is the type who needs better talent surrounding him. He can’t put teammates on his back and carry them. He would stagnate in Nashville.

    I hope you were taking notes. Or should I have written this article for you?

  2. MossRocks says:

    Maybe the Kings’ PP is suffering from a Palffy power outage, no Allison and no Deadmarsh. They also don’t have Boucher’s shot from the point anymore.

    Couldn’t agree more on Boston/NYI. Everybody wants to move a goalie and Milbury would be stupid to move DiPietro in a buyer’s market. That means he probably will give him away but not to the Bruins. I don’t like the kid anyway.

    You’re right, Isbister is a bum right now, although he may still turn out to be a player. You manage to defend Brendl on a regular basis and Isbister has done much, much more in the NHL to warrant some more hope than sad, soft, little Pavel. Milbury is asking far too much for Scatchard and Isbister, but apparently you fail to see the value of those players. Isbister is a project and a risk – so was Bertuzzi at one time. He probably won’t come around but what if he does?

    As for Scatchard… as usual you are putting too much emphasis on a very dubious statistic – plus/minus. Like save percentage, this statistic does not provide a whole picture of a player’s worth and is often very misleading. Both Isbister and Scatchard have played on some very bad clubs that allowed a lot of goals. (a crummy Phoenix team, a bad Canucks team and dismal years on Long Island) Plus/minus does not assess blame, but rather gives only circumstances. Scatchard is a big, strong third line centre who is excellent in the faceoff circle, plays with toughness and finishes his checks. He is worth what a third line centre is worth, not a lot, but teams need this kind of player.

    Has anyone ever said that Scott Walker was a world beater? Come on, why slam a player like that for no reason? “A Radek Bonk-for-Walker swap is a lateral move at best.” How on Earth could that ever be a lateral move for the Sens? Bonk is a much, much better player than Walker and he’s younger. Plus, Walker is an oft-injured RIGHT WINGER that would have to play behind Alfredsson, Hossa and Havlat. He’s a tough guy and looks like a good fit superficially, but that’s all. You wouldn’t give Isbister or Scatchard the time of day but you would even consider Bonk for Walker? Wow.

    “Besides, Bonk is the type who needs better talent surrounding him.”

    As the Blue Beetle would say: BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

    I hope you frame this one. Name a player who isn’t the type that needs better talent surrounding him. (Please don’t)

    That was a wide open net, with Leaf Expert sprawled out on the ice like Dan Cloutier in the playoffs, and you just shot the puck off the glass and into the crowd. Well, not even that – just into the mesh.

  3. Glen says:

    My “Expert Analysis”

    I will be very disappointed if the Flyers trade Dan McGillis for Kyle McLaren. This has been rumored for a wile now. Not sure what the Flyers management is think by getting rid of Richardson and possibly McGillis, before Therien or Desjardins. Ahhh, the intriguing mind of Bobby Clarke.

  4. TheDevil says:

    Boston has Shields, Grahame and Thomas to carry the load in the NHL (all average goalies – good backups, but not great starters).

    But they have a big card in their sleeve in the minors: Andrew Raycroft. This guys is supposed to be their goalie of the future, so I don’t see why DiPietro should interest them….

  5. big_booty says:

    Isbister is a bum right now, but he’s doing nothing to change anyone’s opinion of him. He’s been in the league six years only to stagnate at this point. Yes, he has done some things in the league that give him some merit, but with that merit comes expectations that he is just ignoring and not living up to. Brendl, on the other hand, is only in his first full NHL season, and is not saddled with all kinds of pressure and expectation. He can develop at his own comfortable pace under a great teacher like Ken Hitchkock. At this point, Brendl has a much greater upside than Isbister.

    The “dubious” statistic that you so often pay no mind to is probably one of the most telling stats in the sporting world. Why would you say that it, along with save percentage, are misleading? If a goalie faces a hundred shots and stops 97 of them, that’s misleading? If a player scores 20 goals, but his failure to backcheck and defend against entry in to the offensive zone results in 40 goals being scored by the opposition, that’s misleading? I fail to see your logic here.

    I don’t disagree with what you said about Scatchard – he is what he is. But he is continually over-valued by his organization, and his play this season does not warrant that. Third-liners are out there to check and play defense against opposing teams’ scoring lines. There are much better third-line centermen out there, and if Milbury thinks he’s getting one of them in exchange for a shoddy defender like Scatchard he is sorely mistaken.

    Look, I wasn’t try to slam Scott Walker. I’ve barely even seen him play. And I only brought up Bonk’s name because every time I read something about the Senators it’s his name that is mentioned in trade rumors. Bruce Garrioch has had the guy going to every single team this side of Dynamo Moscow. I say it is a lateral move because neither team would be better for it. They’re both bigger guys who can score a little, though Bonk has the edge offensively and Walker is more adept at taking the body. Walker, yes, he would get caught up in the depth chart, and Bonk would literally disappear in Nashville. He’s not one to put a team on his back and carry them through a half-season.

    Who the hell is the Blue Beetle? Is he the one telling you that Tommy Salo is a quality goaltender?

  6. mikster says:

    Izzy is definitely not worth anything, not even Tanguay. He is not even close to be a power forward, the guy is a wuss with or without the puck. They kept Izzy, but not Bertuzzi…..way to go Mad Mike.

    Leaf_Expert will learn as time goes by. We all learn more every season. Last time i gave a Flyers review of the team or something like that (which you actually and amazingly were pleased about) was only because i learned more about the Flyers.

    So, good job in showing Leaf_Expert how to do it, but always avoid offensive remarks.

  7. guinsfan4life says:

    yeah booty!!! Way to set this “expert” straight!!!

    Holla back!!

  8. vasko says:

    I don’t see this happening. Yes, McGillis had an off year last season; and he has had some trouble adjusting to both a new position and a new style, Still, he is a legit #3 defensman, something McLaren aspires to be.

    I have no doubt that the Flyers have interest in McLaren. I just do not believe Mc Gillis for McLaren computes with Bobby Clarke.

    Actually, Therien is playing quite well. I thought he had his best year last year.

    Desjardins is virtually untradeable given his salary.

  9. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Well it’s simple. You gotta give up something to get something. McGillis may be the price they have to pay to get McLaren. They may want to trade Therien or Desjardin, but who’s to say they can get something back that’s an upgrade on both.

  10. aaron says:

    You realize Bertuzzi’s stats were about half of what Isbister’s were when he was traded? (and don’t quote me on that, I don’t know them off the top of my head, but I would be shocked if he EVER broke 20 goals, or even 15, on Long Island). Not that I’m defending Isbister or comparing the two, but I’m just pointing out that Bertuzzi looked like as big a bust as Isbister when Mad Mike traded him. That team was a little counterproductive to hockey in the mid ’90’s.

  11. aaron says:

    #1: never call your analysis expert if you’re not one (and no one on this site is an expert).

    #2: if you are going to call it expert, actually analyze something. Those were summaries.

    Good for Allison. Not too much to analyze there, I suppose. I could say the Kings need him back, but that would be kinda like saying the Thrashers need to tighten up their defense.

    Again, why would Boston want DiPietro? That rumor makes no sense. NYI NEEDS DiPietro the way their other goalies are playing, and the Bruins tending has been fine. Isbister and Scatchard…neither are great, but I don’t see anything saying they’re packaging Rolston and Boynton for them. Don’t see how the Bruins really need either forward, or why so many teams want them, but its not like they’re going to destroy any team they’re shipped too.

    Whoever suggested Bonk for Walker is insane. Bonk is ten times the player Walker is. Plus, he’s a center right? The Senators don’t have the greatest depth at that position.

    The Sabres should be shopping that entire team. I don’t think it really matters what they do at this point.

    Nashville…I honestly couldn’t care about who’s out of Nashville. They aren’t as bad as their record: I will say that. Wins against Detroit and Colorado, not bad.

  12. Lint07 says:

    Way to go, Expert.

  13. MossRocks says:

    Actually, the Blue Beetle is the one telling me that Cechmanek quits on his teams in the playoffs. Mister Miracle is telling me that Salo is a quality goalie. BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! (Someone on this site must know what I am talking about – maybe I’m dating myself?)

    Great spin on the Brendl/Isbister comparison. You almost had me going there. It’s great that Brendl is “develop(ing) at his own comfortable pace” – he should be pretty motivated player by the time he is 50. I call the upside thing a wash. Neither player has desire – Brendl is younger but you can’t teach speed and he doesn’t have much. By the same token, Isbister is starting to reach the point of no return, but you can’t teach size, strength and speed and he’s got a great mix of all of those. Maybe if Isbister had a teacher for once, he could turn it around.

    As for save percentage and plus/minus, it is quite simple, those two individual statistics are highly dependent on team play. I would say far more so than goals, assists, points or shots. You can be great defensively, but if you are playing on a team full of stiffs, you will still have a bad plus/minus. Save percentage is misleading also, because it gives no description of the quality of shots. A classic McGillis wrist shot floating in from the point with no traffic in front (I hope he doesn’t do that for you guys anymore) has the same value as a one-timed Hull snapshot from the slot. You can’t tell me that the difficulty in stopping those two situations is the same.

    Belfour’s career save percentage (.906) is bloated from having excellent defenders who forced low percentage shots. With Chicago he had Chelios, Steve Smith, Suter, Marchment, Cam Russell, etc. etc. all in their prime. There was no traffic in front of the net, there were few opportunities from the slot. Belfour feasted (.904) on low percentage shots from the perimeter. He was roasted (.884) in his short time in San Jose, because he saw more scoring chances. Again upon arriving in Dallas, with Hatcher, Ludwig, Zubov, Sydor and Matvichuk in front of him he did well. (avg .914) Last year those guys sucked and so did his save percentage. (.895)

    Those stats are not always totally misleading, but defensive players on awful teams should not be judged based on their plus/minus. By the same token, goalies on teams with no defense should not be judged solely on their save percentage.

    We have different definitions of a lateral move. I define it as a move that gets you nowhere – just making a move for the sake of making a move. If the Sens traded Bonk for Walker they would be WORSE. Therefore not a lateral move, actually a backwards move.

  14. Leaf_Expert says:

    I never wrote analysis when I sent it in………..

  15. mikster says:

    Bertuzzi’s size and the fact that he was not a wuss made his future better.

    Isbister is just a wimp.

  16. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I use to watch this kid as he went through the system. he is good. VERY GOOD. So why bring in another tender when you have 4 young ones already playing for you?

  17. Avalanche114 says:

    What happened to the Tanguay/Isbister rumors..I really liked the idea of Colorado getting some fresher, more physical players like Isbister or Scatchard and somebody even mentioned Aebischer going for DiPietro, which sounded far-fetched but interesting..I hope that heats up again, the Av’s need some help 🙁

  18. jammer21 says:

    he may be a wuss, but i’ll take him over brendl anyday of the week and thrice on sunday……..

  19. big_booty says:

    Did you see Brendl play last night against the Sharks? Obviously not. If you did, you would come to the realization that the kid is coming along quite nicely.

    Every shot he took pretty much handcuffed Evgeni Nabakov, and he hustled on the ice all night long.

    Brendl will have a better career than Isbister – mark my words.

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