Experts Rumor Update:

Adrian Aucoins recent groin injury may force the Isles to speed up trade talks with the Bruins about the services of Kyle McLaren.– The sides nearly came to an agreement last week that would have sent winger Brad Isbister and a draft pick to the Bruins, although Isbister’s agent, Paul Theofanous, insisted Isbister “never” was informed by the Isles that he’d been traded, as a Boston newspaper reported yesterday.

-The Habs are said to be shopping several players, which include the likes of Mariusz Czerkawski, Donald Audette, Karl Dykhuis and Oleg Petrov. The Habs are said to be in the market for a strong, two-way defenseman. Reports suggest the team may be willing to pay a chunk of some player’s salaries.

-And according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Canadiens are still trying to trade veteran Jeff Hackett. Now that Montreal has already eaten half of Hackett’s salary for the season, he’s a bit more marketable.-The Bruins are the more likely contenders for Hackett.

– Several reports indicated yesterday that Monday’s deal for Grahame was to set up a blockbuster trade that would have unsigned defenceman Kyle McLaren of the Bruins headed to the Islanders, goalie Chris Osgood and winger Brad Isbister of New York to Boston, Islanders defenceman Roman Hamrlik to Tampa, and Lightning winger Freddie Modin to the Islanders.

-The Toronto Maple Leafs have also been reported to be in trade talks with the Predators about the services of Scott Walker. Jonas Hoglund and Karel Pilar’s names have been rumored to be involved.


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  1. leafsrule31 says:

    aww.. thats sweet, you consider yourself a part of the team. well at least you’ve finally figured out how the comments work.

    but stop sucking up, and shut the hell up. your little opinion here shows nothing except that your a little shit disturber that has homework to do.

  2. leafsrule31 says:

    you guys all consider yourself pretty big..

    considering how you just ganged up like 3 to one on someone.. on the internet??? i know its a big deal to all you hapless computer nerds, but some of us have real lives and dont consider this to be a little playground fight which HAS to be won.

    go get a life you no good bums.

  3. CaptainCanuck says:

    No good bums? That’s all you could come up with? I hope you weren’t trying to insult us becuase you failed misribley. I’ve thought up better insults in my sleep!

  4. MapleLeafs says:

    I think that Leaf rumor would be great for the Leafs if they can get Scott Walker for Hoglund and Pilar.But the player i would want to see on the Leafs from Nasville is a guy from Regina, Sask., Canada called Scott Hartnell who is young and talented and is not scared to get dirty.


    Go Leafs Go

  5. MapleLeafs says:

    i read it and like leafsrule31 said you do to.


  6. leafsrule31 says:

    see, the thing is, this is not a competition to me. I.. have a life, and dont need to create little spats on the internet for entertainment, especially ganging up on someone. its called baaaalless. as in you have no nuts. or life. i .. dont need to sit here and craftily come up with the wittiest insults i can, because this is not my life. i havent the need to win meaningless little battles with someone who lives thousands of miles away. so go outside, make a snowman or something. you think ganging up on someone on the internet makes you a tough guy or something? i bet you’d get your fucken ass kicked in a fight.. unless it was 3 on 1 right?

  7. matrix2003 says:

    A word of advice, don’t shoot the messenger. I heard rumors of that sort, if not the same, floating around. Isl’s may be looking to dump salary a bit, Hamrlik and Osgood have a lot that.

    A look at the trade rumor:

    HAMRLIK – 30 to 40 point Defensemen replaced by

    MCLAREN – 25 to 35 point Defensemen (cheaper and tougher).

    ISBISTER – 40 to 45 Point Forward replaced by MODIN – 40 Point Forward, who will score more goals than Isbister though. Last OSGOOD his large salary offsets the money taken on by other teams, they would get a younger, much more physical Defensemen whose best years are ahead, not behind such as is, in Hamrlik’s case. Dipietro is ready and is damn good too.

  8. matrix2003 says:

    I like S. Walker but do the Leafs really need another 40 point forward, he is better defensively then Hoglund which could be the reason for such talks.

  9. matrix2003 says:

    I really like the way he plays too, pyhsical, defensive, offensive the whole deal. Can they steal him away.

  10. matrix2003 says:

    who are all these asses they seem to do nothing but complain sounds like they are pre-teens and young teens with poor upbringings, making asanine comments ((oh, just wait a minute, have to paused to translate for the young ones, upbringings meaning how your parents or gaurdians raised you and asanine simply means talking out your ass so to speak))Anyway they are almost like mosquitos, just want to swat them with a big fly-swatter. To all those reading this and the comments are about you, quit writing crap, if your team is that bad you have nothing to write about them then i am truly sorry. And INSTEAD OF WRITING YOUR COMPLAINTS TO ME HERE, e-mail them to, if it’s not listed here just ask for it.

  11. adict_27 says:

    This isn’t so far fetched as you might think, you seem to forget that Milbury isn’t the smartest G.M in the league. Remember Todd Bertuzzi and a first round draft pick for Linden? I think they even threw in another player in that trade. I cant remember. Might have been Bryan McCabe. But then he might have been in the Potvin trade with Vancouver and Long Island. It was McCabe with Bertuzzi and a First rounder for Linden. Later.

  12. anionnat says:

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