Experts Rumor Update: Berard To Sign With Nucks…. Guerin To Leafs?


The Canucks are reported to be the front-runners to sign unrestricted free-agent Bryan Berard,

While the Leafs are said to be in talks to acquire Bill Guerin and a vetran defenseman….

-The Vancouver Canucks are the “front-runners” for the services of UFA defenseman Bryan Berard. They could sign him to a contract worth more than $2.008 million.

Experts Look: The Canucks could use the offense Berard brings to spark things up. It could also spell the end for another defenseman(Sopel?), to back-up the Canucks in any event for a possible trade. But I still pick the Blues to sign Berard. They were considered to go after him when “Big Mac” went down, and they should be very aggressive to get him with Jackman gone for 4weeks.

-Curtis Joseph is expected to get his first start of the season against the Nashville Predators. Team scouts for Nashville, Calgary, and the Avalanche are expected to attend the game.

Experts Look: The Avalanche could really use Joseph to seal-the-deal on them winning the Cup. The tandem they’ve got is proving to be just way too inconsistent. While the Preds should be the team that MUST go after him if they want any chance at making the playoffs. They can afford him financially and to acquire him aswell. So what the hell is holding them up?..(probably his new hair style)

-The Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars are said to be in trade talks that would see forward Bill Guerin end up with the Leafs along with defenseman Richard Matvichuk. Nothing has been confirmed what the Leafs could offer back, but defenseman Richard Jackman has become a valuable stone for the Leafs in other team inquires.

Experts Look: Well its good to see “Jack” get some recognition from other scouts in the league, he’s a good solid defensive kid and I doubt the Leafs are gonna let this guy go. Guerin is a power forward that the Leafs have already got in Nolan. Sure he was in a slump, but Nolan’s been one of the best wreck-house’s in the league for many years, and for good reason too! So I doubt the Leafs need Guerin or Matvichuk. Just seems to me, like Strachan is really LOW on material….