Experts Rumor Update: Berard To Sign With Nucks…. Guerin To Leafs?


The Canucks are reported to be the front-runners to sign unrestricted free-agent Bryan Berard,

While the Leafs are said to be in talks to acquire Bill Guerin and a vetran defenseman….

-The Vancouver Canucks are the “front-runners” for the services of UFA defenseman Bryan Berard. They could sign him to a contract worth more than $2.008 million.

Experts Look: The Canucks could use the offense Berard brings to spark things up. It could also spell the end for another defenseman(Sopel?), to back-up the Canucks in any event for a possible trade. But I still pick the Blues to sign Berard. They were considered to go after him when “Big Mac” went down, and they should be very aggressive to get him with Jackman gone for 4weeks.

-Curtis Joseph is expected to get his first start of the season against the Nashville Predators. Team scouts for Nashville, Calgary, and the Avalanche are expected to attend the game.

Experts Look: The Avalanche could really use Joseph to seal-the-deal on them winning the Cup. The tandem they’ve got is proving to be just way too inconsistent. While the Preds should be the team that MUST go after him if they want any chance at making the playoffs. They can afford him financially and to acquire him aswell. So what the hell is holding them up?..(probably his new hair style)

-The Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Stars are said to be in trade talks that would see forward Bill Guerin end up with the Leafs along with defenseman Richard Matvichuk. Nothing has been confirmed what the Leafs could offer back, but defenseman Richard Jackman has become a valuable stone for the Leafs in other team inquires.

Experts Look: Well its good to see “Jack” get some recognition from other scouts in the league, he’s a good solid defensive kid and I doubt the Leafs are gonna let this guy go. Guerin is a power forward that the Leafs have already got in Nolan. Sure he was in a slump, but Nolan’s been one of the best wreck-house’s in the league for many years, and for good reason too! So I doubt the Leafs need Guerin or Matvichuk. Just seems to me, like Strachan is really LOW on material….


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  1. Johnny_Blaze says:

    Berard would be completely awesome for the Canucks. They need to take the pressure off of Jovo and his offensive output. They also lost a good defenseman in Baron during the summer. They could sure use Berard. He’d be the perfect fit there.

    As for Cujo, the Wings acquired him last year to “seal the deal” and look what he sealed. Out of the first round. I just have a hard time believing that Colorado and Detroit could make a deal. Holland likes Cujo apparently and believes he is a good goalie, so why would he give them to a rival team???

    Excellent post!!!

  2. GretzNYR99 says:

    This just in, Nicklas Lidstrom traded to St. Louis for Tony Twist.

    Come on, why are any of you taking him seriously and getting worked up at each other over this? What a joke. I can’t believe that anyone thinks that the Leafs would honestly take on both Guerin’s and Matvichuk’s salary. The Stars have been looking to unload Guerin since he got injured. Now that this rumor has been shot down, the only other place a player can go in the rumor mills is to NY, and that’s not happening.

    I can see Berard being a Canuck, but I’m not completely sold on it.

  3. Johnny_Blaze says:

    Dude, everything about HTR is speculation. That’s just what it is, trade rumors. I’ve heard this rumor all over the place too, not just in the Sun. I think it’s a complete waste of air talking about this trade too, but you should really look at other sources of hockey rumors before you open YOUR big mouth.

  4. Johnny_Blaze says:

    Those 18 other guys also outshot Anahiem by a HUGE margin every game. What else could they do??? It wasn’t Cujo, it wasn’t directly Red Wings offense….it was J.S.Giguere.

    And what do you mean “so-called young guns”? Throughout the last half of the season, Zetterberg destroyed every other rookie in point production. Datsyuk is playing excellent this year. I think they deserve a little more respect then what you’ve shown. I think you may just hate Detroit. Who doesn’t, but, you’ve got to give respect where respect is due and they are far from being “so-called”

  5. Johnny_Blaze says:

    Sooo…you’re saying you’re a fan who knows everything about goaltending????

    The Wings outshot Anaheim BADLY!!!! It wasn’t Wings’ offense that was the problem, nor was it Cujo’s. It was J.S.Giguere. Easy as that, he stood on his head like Cujo was supposed to but didn’t.

  6. Johnny_Blaze says:

    Modano or Yzerman??? You could say the same about Stevie Y as well. Just thought I’d bring it up. I agree with you though.

  7. brewstar03 says:

    Pity usually goes to Toronto, especially all those darn rumors. But I hate pity, so Toronto is not my favorite team.

  8. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Still a wuss but I agree with most of what you said.Still doesn’t change my mind though.

  9. mattf says:

    wha? LOL. grrreat example of mike kicking ass. hey man, that marchment knee on modano, brought him down to earth – don’t cruise through the neutral zone like a princess..

  10. mattf says:

    comparing modano to lindros is like comparing bill gates to hulk hogan – their style of play is completely different. lindros, in his prime, averaged 3rd most all time in points per game while CRUSHING the shit out of opponents. modano has yet to break the 100point barrier. lindros has turned into shit now, but a few more dingers for modano and he’ll join the alztimers disease club too

  11. TheVaginalAnnihilator says:

    Is Sundin02 dead? That rumor about him getting in a car accident died down pretty quick and nobody has reported on it. Sounds like a bullshit story to me.

  12. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’d like to know what your major malfunction is.

    Would you rather be like a guy who uses his speed and moves to get away from big hits, or a guy that just takes them head on and gets hurt?

    Simple question, I didn’t think it would be hard to answer.

  13. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yzerman is another one, so is Sakic. These guys are the elite in the NHL. Forsberg too, even though he was still good defensively as a younger player.

  14. mattf says:

    Hockey is all about physical contact, if you like a guy who can dance around opposition like a ballarina thats your opinion, bag it. lindros CRUSH YOU

  15. sportside24 says:

    If toronto was going to add a 9 million a year they would have signed fedorov in the summer

  16. TC_4 says:

    Hey buddy, what’s offside??? Yeah that’s what I thought jack ass, go back to the trailor park.

  17. TC_4 says:

    No he didn’t! That’s just an awful comment. I know the last half of the year he couldn’t have outscored Hemsky, because Hemsky ended up with 31 points, and 90% of them came from Febuary on.

  18. dlo44 says:

    You opened your big mouth too soon

    He happens to mention Al Strachan in his post.

    I suggest you read what he said about before you open your big mouth.

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    No shit, slappy! Hockey is all about physical contact, and did I not state before that Modano has improved his physical game over the years to become one of the game’s elite? Ah, yes I did. Just because he doesn’t keep his head down cutting across center ice like Lindros used to doesn’t mean that he’s not a physical player. He’s not overly physical like Lindros was, but he does battle, and he does pour it all out on the ice.

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