Experts Rumor Update: For All PlayOff Teams


I’ll be updating everyone with rumors on every playoff spotted team, and what I believe they will do at the Trade Deadline….WEST:

Vancouver Canucks: The Canucks have been rumored all season to be interested in Sabres center Cris Gratton and Columbus winger Geoff Sanderson.

Experts Look: The 2players mentioned above are too rich(for Burke). Burke is just looking for that minor deal to bring in chemistry and leadership. I am putting my money on Adam Graves becoming a Canuck.

Dallas Stars: The Stars have been said to be interested in other goalies in the league due to Turco’s injury and Tugnutts unconsistant play.(notably Sean Burke).

Expert Look: The Stars will stand pat for this coming deadline. The only possible deal they could do is to bring a Shayne Corson type player in. Somthing which most players of that calibre are too rich for the Stars at this point.

Detriot Red Wings:Many sources reported the Wings were talking trade with the Habs that would have sent Patrice Brisebois for Mathieu Dandenault.

Experts Look: The Wings will definetly be in the market for a defensemen but Scotty Bowemen has been pressing Wings management to acquire Brisbios somthing that will happen if the Habs are will to eat up some of Brisebois salary(which has been the only thing holding this deal up).

Colorado Avalanche: Their have been some rumors of the Avalanche to be persuing a vetran defensemen(Glen Wesley,Bryan Marchment, etc.)

Experts Look: With the way the Avalanche have been playing I doubt any move will be done for them. They will be looking for a 4-5th type defensemen, but will be in no rush to acquire him.

St. Louis Blues: The Blues have been reported by several sources to be in deep trade talks for goaltenders Sean Burke and Artus Irbe.

Experts Look: The Blues are a very strong team with a stronger weakness called goaltending. The way Sandford has been playing its kind of cooled of trade rumors on the Blues acquiring a top goalie, but the Blues will acquire a goaltender and my bet is on the cheaper and Stanley Cup experienced Irbe.

Minnesota Wild: Have not been rumored in any real trade talks.

Experts Look: THe Wild will stand pat. For their budget and team is exactly where they want it.

Anahiem Mighty Ducks: Reports indicate the Ducks are interested in winger Gino Odjick or a player of his stature.

Experts Look: They Ducks to lack that extra toughness required for the playoffs, and I do belive they will acquire it at the deadline(just not sure who).

Edmonton OIlers: They Oilers have been in so many rumors and most recently looking to acquire a real tough, energy player such as Darcy Tucker.

Experts Look: Tucker would be a great fit for the Oilers and their playoff run. But recent reports indicate his price may be too steep for Oiler blood. But I believe the Oilers will make a run at winger Geoff Sanderson or Ray Whitney(both rental players).


Ottawa Senetors: Sources indicate the Sens are trying to make room for Coyotes winger Brad May.

Experts Look: The Sens interest in May could have stepped up a notch due to the Nolan trade which has now made the Leafs a huger threat to the Sens then they already were. But I don’t think May can fit in their budget. The Sens will not make any trades at the deadline(unless its really cheap).

New Jersey Devils: Rumored to be hunting for San Jose’s Selanne or Damphousse.

Experts Look: With the recent Nolan trade, its possible any high notched player on the Sharks would welcome a trade to a contender. I don’t think Selanne will be with the devils because he may be too rich. The safe bet would be Damphousse or Columbus’s Ray Whitney.

Washington Capitals: Interest in Pens forward Yan Hrdina has been reported.

Expert Look: I don’t think with the Caps budget they will be adding any impact players. But Hrdina may be in their fold to reunite with Jagr and Lang.

Philadelphia Flyers: Sources are saying the Flyers will stop at nothing to acquire Jerome Iginla, especially after the Leafs recent trade.

Expert Look: The Flames will NOT deal Iginla(period). And I don’t think the Flyers will make any more deals. They got the skilled forward they wanted(Kapanen) and the warrior type defensemen needed(Yuskevich).

Toronto Maple Leafs: Sources reporting the Leafs will acquire one of Bryan Marchment, Alexei Zhitnik, Aaron Miller or glen Wesley.

Expert Look: Terry Koshan of the TorontoSun was reporting that sources say the Leafs *will* acquire Glen Wesley. And that the deal can be expected to happen near this Sunday. I believe Wesley will become a Leaf(but it should be Zhitnik).

TampaBay Lightining: A vetran defensemen has been said that all the Lightining would want.

Experts Look: See above for names the Lightining would want to acquire, and I’m betting on either Marchment or Zhitnik becoming a Lightining.

NewYork Islanders: The Isles are all but said to want a high scoring winger to play along Yashin. TFP reported a Isbister for Satan trade in the mists.

Experts Look: I do believe the Isles will be in the market for a skilled forward, and Satan is a safe bet. But so is the Islanders staying how they are.

Boston Bruins: Reports indicate all the Bruins feel they need to do is fire head coach Robbie Ftorek.

Experts Look: coaching isn’t the problem for the Bruins and I think they know that. rumors of him being fired are just plain stupid. I think the Bruins know what there real problem is, and may try to fix it by going after Sharks Teemu Selanne(a player they desperatly were after in the offseason and his price fit right in the bruins budget).