Experts Rumor Update: Leafs Want Kovalev(Almost did)


I’m just giving an update to the fans that aren’t aware of the trade plans the Leafs have this season:The easier plan but also more risky plan, which is was on the mind of GM Quinn, is trade discussions with the Capitals regarding Peter Bondra. The same can be said about left-winger Luc Robitaille. These trade plans would obviously not cost much for the Leafs to acquire but the same cannot be said for the salaries of these veterans. Trade talks for Peter Bondra have cooled in due part of a Caps 14 game point streak.

Now things get a little complicated…

At the early part of the season it was rumored that the Leafs were shopping aggressively for a 2nd-3rd top defensemen, most notably Dimitry Yushkevich. It was also found out in recent weeks with sources reporting the Leafs at that time were also having trade discussions with the Penguins about Alexei Kovalev. Apparently the Pens were/are looking for a mobile defensemen.

The understanding of both situations is that IF the Leafs had acquired that “defensemen” they’d of have been able to complete a trade with the Penguins that would have looked like:

To Penguins: Bryan McCabe, Alyn McCauley, and a draft pick

To Toronto: Alexei Kovalev

The defensemen that the Leafs were said to have been shopping for was supposed to have replaced Bryan McCabe on the blue line, and would have allowed Kovalev to be a Leaf. But then the Panthers received an offer/accepted with the L.A. Kings, McCabe has stepped up his play, and a hot streak came for the Leafs cooling down/killing trade talks…..At that time.

With the return of Roberts in 3 weeks looming, a trade has become an imminent thing to accomplish for the Leafs. A report yesterday on suggested the Leafs have offered prospects for the gifted winger, a pending restricted free agent this summer.

The Fourth Period is also reporting that the Leafs have a plan in motion that would reportedly send promising young defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo and forward Darcy Tucker to the Penguins for Alexei Kovalev. Toronto would love to bring in Kovalev but are reluctant to part with the Toronto native Colaiacovo and are attempting to substitute another young player in his place.