Experts Rumor Update: Leafs Want Kovalev(Almost did)


I’m just giving an update to the fans that aren’t aware of the trade plans the Leafs have this season:The easier plan but also more risky plan, which is was on the mind of GM Quinn, is trade discussions with the Capitals regarding Peter Bondra. The same can be said about left-winger Luc Robitaille. These trade plans would obviously not cost much for the Leafs to acquire but the same cannot be said for the salaries of these veterans. Trade talks for Peter Bondra have cooled in due part of a Caps 14 game point streak.

Now things get a little complicated…

At the early part of the season it was rumored that the Leafs were shopping aggressively for a 2nd-3rd top defensemen, most notably Dimitry Yushkevich. It was also found out in recent weeks with sources reporting the Leafs at that time were also having trade discussions with the Penguins about Alexei Kovalev. Apparently the Pens were/are looking for a mobile defensemen.

The understanding of both situations is that IF the Leafs had acquired that “defensemen” they’d of have been able to complete a trade with the Penguins that would have looked like:

To Penguins: Bryan McCabe, Alyn McCauley, and a draft pick

To Toronto: Alexei Kovalev

The defensemen that the Leafs were said to have been shopping for was supposed to have replaced Bryan McCabe on the blue line, and would have allowed Kovalev to be a Leaf. But then the Panthers received an offer/accepted with the L.A. Kings, McCabe has stepped up his play, and a hot streak came for the Leafs cooling down/killing trade talks…..At that time.

With the return of Roberts in 3 weeks looming, a trade has become an imminent thing to accomplish for the Leafs. A report yesterday on suggested the Leafs have offered prospects for the gifted winger, a pending restricted free agent this summer.

The Fourth Period is also reporting that the Leafs have a plan in motion that would reportedly send promising young defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo and forward Darcy Tucker to the Penguins for Alexei Kovalev. Toronto would love to bring in Kovalev but are reluctant to part with the Toronto native Colaiacovo and are attempting to substitute another young player in his place.


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  1. 24slabs says:

    I don’t think Yuskevich wanted to leave Toronto.

    They traded him exactly for the reason stated earlier – The Leafs were pissed at his agent.

    Some things were said by Yuskevich when he left about Toronto management but he sort of regretted the comments in the media later on.

    So lets just imagine the Leafs reacquiring the guy and letting bygones be bygones (I’m not sure if this would happen but it is the Leafs and they’re history of doing strange things to this team).

    Your defence would consist of:

    McCabe / Kaberle

    Svehla / Yuskevich

    Berg / Lumme

    That’s a pretty decent set of top four blueliners with Berg/Lumme being interchangeable with anyone waiting in the wings.

    I’m no expert and this is just my opinion but it would be cool to see Yuskevich patrol;ling the Leafs blue line again.

  2. sportside24 says:

    yuskevich may still end up in toronto, he is an UFA this summer , and L.A. may want to dump his salary.. But Kovalev will end up in toronto soon.. Hes the type of player Quinn wants..

  3. hockey says:

    Hey brother… thefourthperiod is reporting this, so it’s not as if he made it up out of thin air. TFP might have… but the author of the article didn’t.


  4. HabsPunk says:

    “try not to make a Leaf fan look stupid”……. i’ll let your posts do all the talking here

  5. HabsPunk says:

    The Leafs appear to be going hard after Lemieux now as well as Kovalev. Forsberg and Sakic are part of an imminent deal heading towards TO. Fedorov, Kariya, MacInnis, Pronger, Blake, among others are rumored to be on their way to the Leafs. Lets have a look at possible line combinations after all the trades are done








    of course, all TO is giving up in return is Hoglund, and Reichel, and some picks.

  6. HabsPunk says:

    woops, forgot to throw Lemieux and Kovalev in there.

  7. Bishop7979 says:

    The Penguins are looking for EQUAL RETURN on Kovalev. I know that leaf fans think that any of their third/fourth line players can be cleaned up to look like gold, but the rest of the league still knows that its crap underneath. This isnt the Jagr situation, Kovie isnt a crybaby injury prone (has only had one major injury since joining the pens) jack@ss whose contract is already in the ten million dollar range. There aren’t only 3 teams that can afford him. Kovalev is one of the top players in the game, his contract is now at 4.5 million, he is 4th in the league in scoring, and it has been said that hes a model citizen and a great locker room guy. That being said the Pens will not be taking tucker (dirtball goon w/ how many LESS points then Kovalev) and some prospect who most people have heard of but has done nothing to prove that he’s going to be half the player everyone says he is. Craig Patrick is looking for established players who can CONTRIBUTE more then penalty minutes, suspentions, and bad headlines RIGHT NOW. Quinn will not give up guys like Sundin,mogilny,renberg or kaberle leaving McCabe as the only player that may be available that the pens could be interested in, and hes not enough. If Kovalev gets traded, and thats still an if, (there is something like 4 million dollars in salary getting opened up next season w/ the departure of Jonnson, Laukanan, Daigle, Pushor, and Vujtek leaving enough cash to push Kovalevs salary to over 8 mil if the team injects youth [orpik, melichar, ference] in place of ineffective veterans) then he will go to a team like the islanders who have guys like isbister/parish/hamerlik/bates/cairns (now injured) or the devils who have gomez and rafalski. But to me the dark horse could be L.A who could trade someone like deadmarsh and one of their many defensmen for Kovie giving them, when healthy, Palffy allison and kovalev as a top line, something that could run against some of the top lines in the west.


  8. TrojanMan says:

    Ive said this before. There may be many teams that have the chance toland Kovy, but Toronto isnt one of them, unless they part with Mogilny/Kaberle. The Carolina Hurricanes may be a team looking into acquiring him now that Brind A’mour is done. I could honestly see Kapanen, Battaglia and Tanabe for Kovy and someone else taking place. And dont say thats too much because Battaglia and Kapanen were supposedly offered for Anson Carter. I also believe the AVS have a huge shot now that Sakic is out up to a month but Skoula and Tanguay wont do it.

  9. TrojanMan says:

    Then dont add the post-gazette as a source numbnuts

  10. Tradedude says:

    haha LMAO!!!

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    1:I did get it from the post gazette.

    2:If you didn’t see it in the papers then you probably have been reading the wrong dates

    3:Your juss talking shit for readers to see because you must be dissapointed that the Leafs have a better shot at Kovalev then your team…

  12. Tradedude says:

    ok I’ll Shut da fuck up!

    …….would a grown adult really say that??

    your readers, lol, one person comments on you (although he was trying 2 make u look bad) and u act like the king of europe.

    ha, your lack of intelligence amazes me sometimes.

  13. sonny says:


  14. Tradedude says:

    Yes ley me be the first to remind you that Colaiacovo has 3 goals, 3assists and 6 points in his 5 games in the pre-season, then he played 2 games wif the leafs (which he defineately deserves more) and added an assist, he was also first in scoring in the WJHC Canada’s Cup, actually tied first with 10 points in i think 7 games. And now he is in Erie playing outstanding games hitting the point per game plateau as a DEFENSEMAN.

    Also with Tucker, he was 2nd on the leafs in scoring with 24 goals and 59 points, adds physical frit, character, not afraid to fight, and is young (27 yrs). He is a 3rd liner at worst, he has been struggling this season only in goals with 8, but still a wealthy 26 points so far even with decreased ice-time.

    This is exactly what Pittsburgh is looking for, a big physical forward (which they NEED) and a defenseman who could easily put up numbers and gain respectable ice-time.

    The leafs have been stalling to make this trade because of Colaiacovo. He’s been truly outstanding this season, and the promising 19 year old is just awaiting next season to breakout.

    Kovalev will not go to L.A. I’ve heard that LA was headed where Ottawa and Buffalo unless i heard wrong, so doubt any superstars heading there.

    I like the idea for the trade Gomez and Rafalski though, too bad that isn’t rumored right now.

  15. neophool says:

    Why do leaf fans think they can give up nothing for a player of Kovalev’s caliber? You have to give up something to get something. This isn’t your NHL 2002 videogame where you trade your shit 4th liners that won’t have the luxury anymore of cheapshoting everyone and not getting called for it (refs give leafs special treatment for some unknown reason to me) and get superstar after superstar. Or you fantasy leagues where you try to dump off 3 crappy players for freakin’ Markus Naslund.

    Kovalev isn’t going anywhere. The Penguins will sign him in hopes of the CBA, and they’ll dump some dead expensive wood (Wilson, Johnson, Luakkanen, etc.)

    At least, that’s what I hope. I’m sick of seeing talent leave pittsburgh. let them keep their stars!

  16. Bishop7979 says:

    the problem with tucker is that as soon as he was off the sundin mogilney line his production soon disappeared, when now playing with guys of high skill he can’t support himself as an offensive contributer, he just becomes a third line gritty winger, which we have enough of. we have manderville, lacouture, donovan premeau, nieminen, mckenna (who actually has 5 goals this season). All of those guys are players who are gritty (when they want to be) but dont score enough. What the pens need is someone who will at least contribute when Mario leaves. I know that there are people that dont want to think about it but eventually it will happen, mario gets old like all of us, he retires like all of us, and pittsburgh hockey has to plan for the day when it happens, and a 19 year old defencive prospect and darcy tucker arent doing that

  17. leafsrule31 says:

    and how big of a loser are you that you come to an internet site in your free time to watch people bicker?.. might i suggest some friends and a life away from the computer?

  18. leafsrule31 says:

    actually i dont think hes had one article with less than 50 comments on it. that shows that there are to many losers around here with no lives that open peoples articles just to bitch about how bad they are. no names of course.

  19. leafsrule31 says:

    ohhh ahh hahaha.. boy is that funny. ?!? how old is that exactly?

    if your gonna make a half assed attempt at being a smart ass at least take the time to not use material thats been floating around for about 2 years, and isnt used up more than pamela anderson, and im guessing your mother as well.

  20. leafsrule31 says:

    numbnuts.. this isnt some leaf fan making it up out of thin air. its all over the freaking place. so crap on the sites and papers reporting this stuff not the person who submits it here, who happens to be a leaf fan.

  21. guinsfan4life says:

    Look Leaf Expert, I read the paper all the time. It is on the internet as well. I have a copy of the papers since Sunday, when the news first broke, at my house. I give the papers away to my dad to burn and I give him my latest ones…

    So what date have you gotten this info from???

  22. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah but I have heard nothing of the sort from the Post gazette. He has made up rumors before.

  23. Tradedude says:


    signings of roberts, mogilny, belfour.

    well he’s gotta do something this year, and he will trade for someone, kovie or no kovie.

  24. Leaf_Expert says:

    Saturday exactly!

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    I give TradeMan a copy of all the sources where I get my information… He checks it, then posts it. They are not allowed to post things that are “made up”. Its an offense.

    Thats why the administrators on here check every trade rumor article that is sent in…So instead of talking shit!, you need to:

    “Shut Da Fuck Up!”

  26. big_booty says:

    I said trades, not signings.

    Karpotsev? What the hell has he done?

    Not a good trade if he’s a nobody.

  27. NemiNA says:

    your a jackass. im tired of hearing your shit about how great you are. you really have to set your ego aside, grow up and start putting intellegent comments on this site instead of saying how far superior the leafs are to everyone else’s team. the leafs do not have a good shot at landing kovalev because quinn gets nervous when making a big trade. please please please GET OVER YOURSELF!

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