Experts Rumor Update: Trade Offer From Leafs To Be Accepted?


The Toronto Maple Leafs have apperantly become the #1 contenders to land the services of defenseman Sergei Gonchar….The Star is reporting that a deal be done by the end of this week.

One NHL source said the Leafs have been the most aggressive team in its pursuit of the NHL’s leading scorer among defencemen and that as a result other teams are dropping out of the running.

The Leafs are believed to be offering the Capitals Nik Antropov, one of either prospects Carlo Colaiacovo or Alexander Steen and a first-round draft pick. Capitals GM George McPhee is reportedly waiting to see if the Leafs will improve the offer with another pick or prospect before completing the deal.

“It’s really steep,” said the source. “But the Leafs want him badly.”

Chances are Colaiacovo would be the prospect because by losing Gonchar, and potentially Brendan Witt, the Capitals will be crippling an already weak blue line. Colaiacovo fits their needs more in that he is close to being NHL-ready. Should the Leafs make a deal that includes both Colaiacovo and a first-rounder, it will mark the second straight year they’ve traded both their top prospect and first-round pick.

*Experts Look: With the recent decline of the Leafs. Gonchar’s puck handling skills and offense would be very key for the Leafs. Hes stated he wants to come to Toronto and its obvious Toronto wants him. If Washington is a team that will live of to Gonchars demand of a team. Then yes, expect a deal done. But one has got to look and say the Leafs are giving up a tad too much in the deal….

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  1. MaSTiK says:

    How can u say Stajan is having an AVERAGE year? Do u have something to compare this year to? ummm no. Unless u count playing in the minors, which u can’t. This is the first yeah he has played at this level, and u can find him around the middle of the pack for points on the leafs. Which makes one say that hes not bad, but when u factor in that he doesn’t get even close to the amount of playing time that some of the other top rookies have, because he is playing for the leafs. Compare Stajans ice time to the likes of Nash, Raycroft Staal and Ruutu, U’d might be surprised……

  2. nocuphere says:

    Great point, but i’m marking this down on my calendar. Just want to make sure your not here in two years saying along with the rest of the morons that they should of never let those young guys go.

    The leafs power play is alot like an old truck it’ll run great for a while, and then it just breaks. Aquiring Gonchar addresses that point, and proves the ownership wants to win. The payroll speaks for itself. They also have to get one of those apparently unattainable 3-4 D-men your talking about. This addresses what the fans apparently are the most worried about. Everybody gets what they wanted, and the leafs take a run at the cup.

    As far as none of those types of D being available thats just not true. We’ve been hearing for years that so and so isn’t available, and what happens he’s traded.

    I agree that they need to take charge and go for it now seeing there core group aren’t that far away from old age pension. Prospects are prospects. New ones come along every year.

    Bottom line is they need those D, any maybe 1 forward with speed up front.

  3. nocuphere says:

    And this coming from a habs fan, the only team worse than the leafs when it comes to the draft.

  4. IceColdSoda says:

    Since there’s so much Leafs talk going on around here, I’d just like to say thank you to the Leafs for Ric Jackman. 7 games, 3 goals, 3 assists, -1 rating (which is great for the Penguins), and he ends the 18 game losing streak. He hasn’t really made any glaring defensive mistakes yet, and he plays a lot. Plus, Berehowsky is gone, which in itself is great. A win-win situation for the Penguins. Thank you.

  5. argee says:

    Now just think if they could somehow pick up a Hill or a Carney and a Jeff O’Neill, I’d start where I’d like to sit on Yonge St. in June….

  6. telavian says:

    You do realize the Rangers won the Cup in 94, right? When was the last time the Leafs had a tickertape parade down the streets of TO? Huh? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. What was that? Early 90’s. I’m sorry, the Jays don’t count. Speak up! Oh, I see, selective memory. That’s typical for a Leafs fan. And you wonder why the majority of HTR members despise you people ……….

  7. bamboo says:

    If you think that is me Jack_Off, why don’t you ask the admins to compare IP’s just to see if they are remotely the same.

    Is it getting to you that you might actaully be on the losing side or would that be something that you are used to?

  8. kojakleafs says:

    Good point!!! I really liked Jackman in Toronto, I was really disappointed when I heard that the Leafs got rid of him for Berehowsky… what was JFJ thinking, does anyone still have hope for Drake??? If we are gonna get rid of talented young defenseman, lets get players like Gonchar!!!

  9. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    No I can’t hear you even through and your whining.Have fun competing for the bottem feeders of they year award.

    So stick to you team of losers and when you make the playoffs get back to me.

    Your team is the biggest joke in the NHL.No wonder why HTR members laugh at you guys.

  10. OilersRush says:

    How can you get Hill, when he made it clear he does not want to leave Carolina. His wife is from the area and does not want to go, and a player will listen to his wife over a team, and the Ducks said Carney is not avalible.

    And Wesley did not like being a rental player last year and does not want to do that again.

  11. Mailman says:

    you’re an idiot. antropov nieuwendyk and ponikorovsky are our second line. if you take out antropov, you leave a gap. if you put roberts back in the lineup, you can maybe put tucker or nolan up there as fitzgerald will make the cut again. but lets say someone gets injured, namely mogilny. almo has said that he might not even make it to the playoffs as his hip is still hurting. so lets say we lose ONE player, who do we have left? craig johnson? lord have mercy on us all….

  12. Mailman says:

    the teachers union owns 30% of the shares, not the entire team you idiot.

  13. matrix2003 says:

    He’s one of (ifnot top) D-man in the League. Plus there won’t be hockey next year anyway so lets break the bank, sell the future and outbid everybody. Somebody fax this message to Fergie (it’s not like people haven’t told to do this anyway rgiht?… it’s not like the fans aren’t already holding a gun to his head…LOL. Make the/a trade already!

  14. matrix2003 says:

    just wait awile then he’ll like every other absent mind D-man of Pitts…Burgh. then again its the only thing to talk about in Pittsburgh so have fun with it while it lasts. He was a minus 11 in 29 games with Toronto and has always suck on D.

  15. Rotty says:

    I think that IF the Leafs manage to aquire both Gonchar and Witt for that package of players and pick they should turn around and try to ship Kaberle to Florida for Huselius or Hagman. Florida is looking for a 1-2 puckhandling d-man and are willing to move one of the 2. The Leafs with McCabe, Klee, Pilar and possibly Gonchar would have both power play units set, so Kaberle would be expendable. There would be a log jam of D-man otherwise, with Berg, Berehowsky, Marchment and possibly Witt into the mix. The Leafs could really use a skill forward to replace Antropov on his line, assuming he is apart of the deal. With the Leafs lack of depth in that area one of those 2 would be a great addition. And Kaberle could help Floridas power play and take some of the heat off of Bouwmeester.

  16. IceColdSoda says:

    Well, it’s obvious that a player will suck if you play him once every 3 games, and for 13-15 minutes at that. Toronto may be good at signing free agents, but they can’t develop anything.

  17. argee says:

    I said “a Hill” or “a Carney”. In other words someone like them. I don’t think the leafs will have anyone left to trade if the Gonchar trade goes down anyway.

  18. LeafsNation says:

    You are welcome, Soda, but an ex-leaf has 2 more goals than your “Team”‘s top player, how about that?? LOL, maybe he’s gonna be the next Lemieux, talking about the crybaby, he should sign with the Leafs for a buck once he’s able to come back, at least that way he’ll win more than one game in 18!! When he’s healthy, he quit, when he’s injured, he keeps wanting to come back or so he says, great logic!!

  19. LeafsNation says:

    I think this would be a fair deal.

    To TORONTO: Gonchar, Witt, Lang

    TO WASH: Antropov, Karbele, Coliacovo and a 1st OR 2nd round pick, will throw in Berg/ Pilar if necessary.

    Lang can more than replacing Antropov and Witt and Gonchar for the rest seem fair too?!

    What do you guys think?

  20. LeafsNation says:

    Hey, just curious, why would you “try and come on this site as much as I can.” You thought the rumor posted on about if you have a $100 Million payroll gurantees 100% Stanley Cup Victory, (no sorry I mean Playoff appearence) was legit??? LOL HAHA!!! “Its very annoying and I probably won’t be visiting it much anymore.” Don’t just probably not come, just DON’T COME. Did you see that period ‘.’ ??? Oh and keep visiting, I am sure they’ll brag about how they beat the Islanders every time out, 6-3 tonite right?! Woohoo, if they can only play the Isles 82 games a year?!?? Hey I heard they are propsoing just that for next year’s schedule!! Check out for more info!

  21. Sepuku says:

    It is funny MR. DRINK MILK/SPERM you asshole. You take all of this too seriously. If legos, transformers and GoBots aren’t enough for you then play with barbies and strawberry shortcake. If only I could meet you in a dark alley. Then again you might like that, eh! By the way, don’t count on AMogs for anything. He’s washed up and soon to be laughed at, like you. Get it, got it, good.

  22. OilersRush says:

    Truthfully how many d-men like them “Hill” “Carney” are avalible anyway?

  23. OilersRush says:

    How many players like them are avalible anyway?

  24. Sepuku says:

    I just read bamboos post and I am not him! My IP is not this guys IP. Maybe he has ruined this site (actually, it has been F’d up by both leafs and rangers fans for 2 years now at least), although, it is still funny to read. Bamboo, keep it coming!!!!!!! These guys suck for the most part. BTW, I’D LOVE TO TALK ABOUT HOCKEY BUT IF YOU CAN’T STOP BEING SO PARANIOD ABOUT “SAID SOMEONE” THEN MABE YOU SOULD GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Ask the admin of this site. I’m sure they can show you that this guy/gal and myself are not the same and I have no connection to him/her. Later on. Sorry if I have created a misunderstading. My apologize once again.

  25. LondonK says:

    FAN 590, in TO is reporting that a deal is almost complete.

    I was shocked to hear what the cost is going to possibly be. They are reporting that a deal is really close for Colaiacovo + a 1st round pick. Washington is trying to get a little more but no biting from JFJ. He tried to add Antropov and Pilar to get Witt but Washington turned it down.

  26. Sepuku says:

    The teachers union owning at hockey team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you for real or is it just a Canadian thing? If it’s true then that’s very cool. If not, then whatever. FU. Happy trails.

  27. cwthrash says:

    I see the point you are making, and I understand to an extent the frustration you feel. There have been times when I’ve seen what I perceived to be an abuse of power by an admin, and it struck me as being wrong.

    I just see it as part of the system that these message boards are. It’s damn near impossible to control what people will say when they don’t have to actually face the other person and be accountable for those words. It’s one thing to write down a comment you feel, it’s entirely something different when you discuss it face-to-face with someone. Many people take advantage of that. To stem that onslaught, rules are set up and there are moderators/admins to make sure those rules are followed. But I still believe in what I said before; they are human and they make mistakes like everyone else. That’s a flaw I’m willing to overlook when the rare occasion of it occurs here. These guys work too hard (without getting paid I might add) for us to complain too much about their slip-ups. That’s how I see it at least.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t really agree with the way you have tried to go about and affect change. There is always another way. It would likely be more difficult, but if you feel strongly enough it would yield better results in the end. I’m not advocating that you do that because like I said above, I have little or no problems with the way this site is run. But that choice is up to you.

    To end, just wanted you to say I appreciate these comments. It won’t stop me from being true to myself on future occasions of course. If I like what you say, I will say so. If I don’t like what you say and feel it warrants a comment, I will definitely speak up.

  28. nocuphere says:

    Wow. If this is true, it’s a steal. The fan is as reliable as Trevor Kidd though.

  29. Bubblenuts says:

    sniff sniff, awww, is there going to be a kiss now?

  30. Bubblenuts says:

    ha! no kidding!

    Definately good if it’s true.

    IMO they should offer up Marchment as part of the package for Witt. Geez, all we hear is “defensive liability” about Gonchar, has anyone seen Marchment play this year?

  31. stevescottys says:

    Why is he a dumb fuck if he does this trade? Explain to me the downside to this deal?

  32. Cortland says:

    I enjoyed your comment about Gonchar. I am a leaf fan But I live on an island in the Carabbean. Seeing the leafs play is something I never have an opportunity to do. I look at their web page and I enjoy looking at the rumor page. What and who do you think the leafs should get. A Witt and Smith for defence and who should they get for forwards?

  33. guinsfan4life says:

    Very true, very true. However, the percentages are in favor of a higher draft pick succeeding in the NHL than they are of a lower draft pick. And yes, prospect ranking ins’t an exact science, but the place that the draft pick was taken isn’t the only thing taken into account. Input from scouts, as well as how they are playing currently is important too. I suppose you could say it is a ranking that takes potential into account also.

    My main point in the post was that the Leafs are making a horrible mistake in trading all of their young talent in order to make continual runs at the Stanley Cup. Their roster is among the oldest in the league and sooner or later the window is going to close–if it hasn’t closed already. I believe they should have tried, at least to plug the holes they have had in the past with the younger players in their system instead of dealing them for veterans. If they would have done that, I believe they would have more success in the playoffs and more money to spend if they need to go out and get a player to put them over the top to get the cup. I suppose only time will tell…

  34. MathieuBourlique says:

    Oh, you won’t find me complaining about Toronto trading away young prospects in a couple of years–I’m a Caps fan! I WANT them to trade them–trade them ALL! Haha.

    Wait, I’m a Caps fan. The joke’s on me.

    (I’m pretty sure it’s been officially announced that Carney–probably the most desired of the defensive defensemen–isn’t on the market, and than Anaheim plans on resigning him since he’s such a key for them. But if the Leafs landed Gonchar AND a depth defensemen, you’re right–the testy Leafs fans would probably be much more pleased. I just hope it’s not Witt–the Caps need SOMEONE with a little bit of experience back there to show all of our supposed “prospects” and AHL journeymen how to clear the crease…)

  35. rangerboughtitin94 says:

    Hey, can you read the english language asshole. I’m obviously not a ranger fan if my site name is rangerboughtitin94. I’m a devils fan. We rolled you and eliminated your pathetic team two times already and I hope they get the chance again this year. I hate to tell you but the leafs will not win this year no matter who they trade for. Your shit canadian city won’t get a cup anytime soon.

  36. SmartLEAFfan says:

    In my opinion T.O should try to get a defensive D-man. If I were the G.M. I would try to get Gautier(spelling??), or Witt. Another guy that I would look into would be Smith. I would LOVE to have Pronger, but that isn’t going to happen this season. I do not believe that T.O should morgage the future for the cup. These guys wouldn’t cost half as much as Gonchar and would fill the need for defensive D-men. As for forwards, maybe Smyth(EDM) fao Kaberle and picks. What do you think?????????????

  37. telavian says:

    Actually, I’m not a Ranger fan and I don’t mind watching the Leafs play on the tube from time to time. I’m just tired of some Leafs fans thinking that every bloody player that is on the trading block will end up in TO. It’s bad enough that Sportsnet, TSN, Headline Sports and CBC favour the Leafs over the other Canadian teams. I don’t need to read it on HTR as well. The world does not revolve around TO, although many of you Upper Canadians seem to think so. You should be more like the Sens fans (no, they are not my team either). At least they respect other people and their opinions.

  38. telavian says:

    Too funny. You think the Devils will toss in Parise for Gonchar?

  39. nocuphere says:

    Dude we are in trouble with that D. I see two guys out there that can actually play defensive hockey, McCabe and Klee, besides those two we have no defense. Pilar is always out of position, Marchment has shown flashed of D, but we need that every game. Kaberle was exposed last year as a defensive liability. Gonchar/Witt, Leetch/Witt at least adressed that need.

  40. nocuphere says:

    Holy shit, there is actually more than one Caps fan out there. Just kidding bro. Witt is more the guy we need. Carney would be nice, but you’re like the 20th person that’s saying he’s not available. The caps will be fine again soon with or without Gonchar and Witt. They have a pretty deep system, so it’ll be interesting to see if the leafs try to pry both of those guys away from the Caps, but at a pretty penny.

  41. nocuphere says:

    It’s actually not the oldest roster in the league, the devils, flyers, wings, stars all have an average age of 30, the same as the leafs.

    You’re actually contradicting your own opinion by saying the leafs are old, and shouldn’t trade all their prospects. This is exactly why they should trade prospects. The core group are 5 years from their old age pension, and this maybe the last kick at the cup for a few years. You want to give guys like Sundin, Domi, McCabe, Kaberle a chance to win now, and the only way to do this is to go for it all now.

    Propects are prospects they’ll be more next year, and the year after that and so on.

  42. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Shut your hole,moron.Better yet any Canadian city is better than anything that the dump called New Jersey has to offer.

  43. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    I have no problem with that.But you should realize that your prior comment is going to get negative responses.

    It’s not out fault as,leafs fans,that Sportsnet,TSN,CBC,John at the bar,etc favours the Leafs.It’s all about the money and the Leafs are by far the richest Canadian team.

    Read some of the message board sometimes.Every teams fans has its far share of morons.

  44. TC_4 says:

    So there are no second line wingers to be had is what your saying? Good call, they’re always the toughest players to find at the deadline.

  45. cwthrash says:

    I still don’t like him, and will not hesitate to say so should the occasion call for it.

    But he actually made his point in a rational manner. I don’t really agree with it, but I do respect the way in which he stated it this time. That’s what I expressed, nothing more.

    If you happen to be looking for some sort of counter-insult, it’s probably better to direct it towards him and his hundred user names. His brand of humor would be better suited for you.

  46. mckintz says:

    You are a complete and utter ass clown. You have no life. Everyone thinks you suck. Kaberle will ultimately suck?? Why don’t you take the pin out of your asshole and get some fresh air dickhead. Kaberle is the Leafs best defenceman and I think most will agree that when he was hurt, the Leafs struggled with moving the puck out of their own end. You really need to pull your head out of your ass. People like you make me feel more stupid as a human. He will ultimately suck?? Get off the drugs man.

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