Experts Rumor Update: (Trades Are All About Salary, Nothing Else),

Lasts nights game between the Oilers and Leafs added speculation that the Leafs are considering persuing scoring forward Anson Carter.-The TorontoSun is reporting that the Oilers are going to make deals at this years deadline and most notebly mentioned is Anson Carter. It was rumored that conversations began last March but didn’t see handshakes done – word on press row here has Quinn interests in Carter have been revisited. That started at the meetings in Florida.

-Jarome Iginla being traded by the Calgary Flames before his $7-million paycheques kick in is an “of course”. Iggy isn’t the only one mentioned on the block(i.e. Chris Drury and Bob Boughner).Toronto, for instance, may be hot for Iginla, but the Maple Leafs won’t get him from Button for players such as Carlo Colaiacovo or Brad Boyes, ditto the Philadelphia Flyers with Joni Pitkanen and Jeff Woywitka. This case should be interesting to see how it turns out.

-The Senators keep shopping for a gritty winger to complement all their young shooters. Sharks banger Adam Graves and Bates Battaglia of the Hurricanes have joined Matthew Barnaby on their shopping list reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

-According to a number of reports, the bankrupt Buffalo Sabres have been told by the NHL not to trade their two most expensive players, RW Miroslav Satan and defenseman Alexei Zhitnik. Both earn $3.5 million, but the NHL feels the Sabres will not be able to find a buyer if it purges its best assets(if that makes sense)….

Experts Note:

I do not expect the Sabres to make really any big moves this season as they want to keep there salary at what it is so that any owner can see what budget they would be picking up.

The Sens are in need for a gritty forward as they only remind me of the Sens team in 2000-2001. At team that had sooo much talent and skill, but was out done in the playoffs with toughness and experience.

I expect Jerome Iginla to be dealt sometime around this trade deadline or during the summer. 7.5million is just too much for a Calgary team to spend on one player who prabably will never put the same numbers he did a year ago. I do not expect the Flames to deal Drury this season as they know he would be extremly valuable for a drive next season for the playoffs. Boughner could be dealt to relieve salary but the Flames will not rush into anything.

And for the Leafs, if any indication from what happend with the Kovalev saga its that the Leafs are not willing to open the so called “war chest” for any trade that would have looked such as the Pens and Rangers one. Also what Leaf fans had to learn from the new ownership deal is that the owners don’t look at the Toronto Maple Leafs as a team that needs final commitments hear and there to win Lord Stanley’s Cup, but they look at this Leaf organization as a huge profit and nothing but a huge profit. Hey, the Leafs are noted as one of, if not the most profitable organization in sports….Thats gotta be a great thing to hear, but its not quite what I want to hear. Besides ending our 35year drought……