Experts Rumor Update:(For Coyotes) Boucher To Be Traded…

The Phoenix Coyotes have basically solidfied they’re goaltending with Zack Bierk and Sean Burke.

Now its just Brian Boucher waiting for the word out….“I have no idea what they’re going to do, but I’m sure they’re going to sit down and figure it out, if they haven’t already,” said Boucher, who was acquired by the Coyotes 11 months ago to be the team’s “goalie of the future.”

Boucher’s future in Phoenix is cloudy. He had an inconsistent season in which he had to assume much of the No. 1 goaltending chores.

There are whispers Boucher will be the odd man out.

NHL teams typically don’t keep three goalies on the roster, and if one of them were to be dispatched to the minor leagues to start next season, he would have to be exposed to waivers and most assuredly would get snatched up for a nominal fee.

So somebody has to go….

-Burke is 36 and was coveted by several clubs at the March trading deadline. He was a Vezina Trophy finalist just a year ago, and after battling ankle, knee and groin injuries this past season.

-Bierk is 26, four months older than Boucher, but like the 6-foot-4 Burke, he is bigger and covers more net than Boucher (6-4 vs. 6-2), he makes less money ($600,000 vs. $2 million), and he had better numbers (2.17 goals-against average, .932 save percentage vs. 3.02 and .894.)

“It’s completely out of my hands, but I’m prepared for anything,” Boucher said. “I just plan on having a great summer, get in great shape, and be better for next season.”

According to one management source in the Coyotes’ front office, there are at least six teams that could be in the market for a new, potential No. 1 goalie.(Ironically, one of those teams are the Philadelphia Fylers who could try to take a run at Boucher again or even go after number one Sean Burke).

*Experts Look*: If Burke continues to have injury problems and Bierk proves to be a one-hit wonder, will the Coyotes be kicking themselves in the head if they deal Boucher?..

I expect one of either Burke or Boucher will go…

-If Boucher leaves, then Burke would stay.

-But if Burke would leave, then Boucher would most likely stay and the Coyotes would have 2 young talents competing for the future job of being the Yotes number 1…(And at this state the Coyotes are in, I think this is a better option for them, in Burke, they could bring in allot of value).

This will be a very interesting thing to see going into next months NHL draft….