Experts Rumor Update:(For Leafs) Maple Leafs To Acquire Another* Defenseman


Trade Rumors have been circulating around the Toronto Maple Leafs acquiring another “Top 4” defenseman.

And this one will definitely make them tough with a “Boogie” Man….
It appears the Hurricanes and Maple Leafs might be close to a deal which will send the “Boogie Man,” veteran Bob Boughner, to Toronto. The Maple Leafs love to add physical presences and he certainly would bring that.

Boughner plays a safe, smart game behind the blue line. Loves the rough stuff. He’s a horrific body-checker, especially in the middle of the ice, and is a born leader.

Note- The Sun and TFP are also reporting that Washington defenseman, Sergei Gonchar is to be on the Leafs “final cut” of imminent trade possibilities….


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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    Learn the difference between opinion and speculation. big_doofy

    You could have named more accurate names,. But instead you decided to exaggerate and just listen to yourself talk.

    And I called you on it….

    As for “logical” fans. Logical fans wouldn’t waste their time on this.

    So I said, learn the difference between opinion and speculation. Then learn to accept a lose.

    And I’ll be hear to call you on it,

    -Leaf Expert.

    Long time Htr member and defender of all Leaf fans.


  2. trailerparkboys says:

    Take Leaf_expert with you looks like he needs a new site . HA HA HA

  3. Leaf_Expert says:

    Gretz, kubli what ever YOUR name is I should direct this to.

    I’m going to relax a bit with the bashing. Because it’s simply not worth it watching the lows and how bad you guys shove your pride down the ground.

    I’ll defend my article always, but logically.

    As I will those that I respect on here and my fellow Leaf fans!

    May “pride” be shown as an example to you new time goons….

  4. madhippo says:

    LynchMob450 — learn to read you retard. He said “Klee AND Gonchar would be great”, not Klee for Gonchar. If y’all hate the Leafs so much, why do you read articles AND then go out of your way to post smartass, inbred insults. If you don’t like what you read, then read something else. Why everyone feels the need to slander each other on here blows my mind. Go Lynch yourself ya dumb schmuck!

  5. madhippo says:

    DUDE, GET A HOBBY!!!! I can’t believe your time is so cheap that you can waste one-up’ing some guy on a hockey rumour (yeah, i’m from Canada) website.

    Leafs_Expert, please stay on this site. Regardless of whether your trade rumours happen or not, you write good article.

    Big_Booty, you will now be know as Big_Loser and El_Grando_Retardo. Dude, you need a hobby or a friend or a woman – borrow $100 and the car from your mommy and go get a hooker. You virgins have so much pent up anger!

  6. madhippo says:

    If you don’t like hearing Leafs fans go on and on about trade “rumours” DON’T READ THE ARTICLES IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!

  7. mondoman says:

    Yeah I wasn’t replying to your post, and I’m not here to act tough or give people shit, just to get some hockey info. Look I’m gonna let this fizzle, maybe a misunderstanding. No hard feelings here either.

  8. trailerparkboys says:

    Um…….. Is it leaf-expert or leaf_expert

  9. nocuphere says:

    No sand to play with the big dogs eh? Mommy let you stay up late and watch smack down did she. That dirty whore.

    Listen you fucking diddler, I was actually trying to save you some face. Small fry eh tough guy! You little bitch. You add me to that list you fuck.

  10. nocuphere says:

    It’s neither!! It’s the diddler! haha

  11. mondoman says:

    Ha Ha Ha , this is mildly amussing, this guy is like a funny little monkey. However, none of these “leaf expert”s on this thread are the one who wrote the article, it’s just one more dick-ticklin’, acne-riddled, socially rejected, scared of girls, chat room-dwelling, bed-wetting, twelve year old loser who will get the same kind of thrill from spitting on your food when he’s flipping greasy pattys at the Burger King in

    Strip-mall-ville fifteen years from now.

  12. Lynchmob450 says:

    Why everyone feels the need to slander each other on here blows my mind. Go Lynch yourself ya dumb schmuck!

    Wow…what a surprise. I guess this is proof that MapleLOSER fans are just plain preDICKtable.

    Listen, Mr.Hippo…why don’t you go back to the mental institution you escaped from and allow all those Ballard fans to have a chance at pleasing you. I’m sure you’d like being sucked by Harold’s boys!!

  13. jacosta says:

    LE why the hell have you put my name on this. Read my posts, I am the one asking that this crap stop. I have never said anything on this site.

    Read my posts and comments again. You are mistaken.

  14. Lynchmob450 says:

    Tough guy….hiding behind a monitor??? What a total joke!! I’ve seen many punks like you who speak like that but crawl into a fetal postion when push comes to shove.

    Why don’t you take a step back and understand how ridiculous you sound. Your pathetic line of replacing Gonchar with Klee is plain STUPID. I’m sure you’re a MapleFAG, so you can’t come up with a fair trade in your little brain. But don’t fret precious…you’re just like all the other MapleWHORES…you think you can get a dollar for a nickle. Well, open your eyes, Mr.Wonder…the MapleBOZOS will not go where you dream of them going. Where they will go is towards an early exit in the first round and allow all those parade plans through Younge St. get flushed in a MapleFUCKER ritualistic way.

    Now go back to giving your fat Hippo father the blowjob you like so much. Enjoy!

  15. rojoke says:

    Well, Luca Cereda is currently playing in Switzerland, and is signed to play there for two years afterward. Does that clarify anything for you?

  16. nocuphere says:

    Sounds like you were beat as a child all that aggression. It’s not my fault uncle Phil made you play hide the salami as a youngster. You go flyers, you and grandfather Burke. You guys are a lock to win the cup now eh diddler.

    Get ready to take it up the shitter again this year sphincter boy.

    Keep hiding behind that monitor you little bitch.

  17. Motherpucker says:

    Your mom gave Tom Fitzgerald the Rusty Trombone for this heaping pile of shit? The information she received while being filled out like an application must have been confused with last year’s Leaf rumor nonsense shortly after Fat Quinn gave her the Donkey Punch.

  18. mojo19 says:

    I can never figure why everyone is so down on Aki Berg. He’s nothing special and doesnt claim to be, but he is a steady D-man.

  19. mojo19 says:

    you were trying to be funny, and when someone tells you you werent, you say you werent trying to be and continue with the bad jokes and boring sarcasm.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    Oh, and who was the one rambling on about starting up crap with other people, “Mr. Internet Tough Guy?”

    You call me out for acting like a little kid on here, and what are you doing? You’ve actually stooped to ripping my screen name off in an attempt to annoy me after switching between a plethora of different screen names to talk shit on here without revealing your true identity. You’re pathetic. It’s people like you who take advantage of hiding behind your monitor and talking shit acting like your tough. On top of that, you start up with people trying to be a bully, and you’re not. You’re a pint-sized punk who’d get thrown by almost everyone on this site.

    Don’t worry, I know you walk away from your computer, and you fret about not being able to say a damn thing offline because if you did, you’d have to live in fear of getting your ass beaten 6 ways from Sunday. I’d try to console you with some sort of cliche expression like “I feel your pain,” but I’d be lying, because I don’t bring this type of shit upon myself like you do.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    Dude, I’ve had problems with this waste of oxygen too. I know what you’re saying. He’s a walking contradiction, now watch him back off with some stupid comment and bite on his own words. He’s another one who comes on here to talk shit because he’d get his ass beat offline if he did. And if he wants to get technical with spelling and grammatical errors, I could pull up a few, and point out his excessive use of online lingo.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    Now you’re ripping off Leaf_Expert.

    You’re one sad, sad person. Now I see why you live for this stuff, you have nothing to live for beyond it.

  23. OldNord says:

    It’s an impostor.

  24. Lynchmob450 says:

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    * Hell freezes over,

    * Leafs win Stanley Cup

  25. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    hey man im just fucking around ,the only guy on this website that I have issues with is the Leaf_Expert who posts these awful articles…..thats all I have no spat with anyone else, just fucking around thats all…..

  26. trailerparkboys says:


  27. nocuphere says:

    Right on tough guy. Still hiding behind that monitor eh?

  28. cuntscab says:

    New Trade on the block…

    bob mckenzie and washington radio are both reporting that a deal between the toronto maple leafs and the washington capitals is on the verge of being complete.

    although the minor details are still being worked out, the trade is being speculated as being:

    to toronto:

    – gonchar

    – lang

    – whitfield

    to washington:

    – antropov

    – kaberle

    – hedin

    – wellwood

    They expect the deal to be done by sometime during the weekend

  29. RangerSteve says:

    Seriously Expert, you don’t have the greatest track-record as far as ‘players going to Toronto’. I’ve had my run ins with booty, but for the most part all of your ‘dream trades’ simply don’t come true. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion. Maybe you gotta look in your own closet first before calling out all these guys. You basicly lost a great deal of respect from the HTR users by posting how youa re ‘the rightful HTR President’ and ‘ever little maggotthat spawn off big_booty’s shit’. If you are the HTR President, Why don’t you just go on out and make a big fat apology to some memebers who might have been offended by your post.

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    This isn’t a knock at the Leafs or their fans, but that was hilarious.

  31. Lint07 says:

    that’s right folks, you better all watch out!

    I have no respect for someone hiding behind someone elses name.

    Good luck with your quest to rule the world. Oh and while you’re at it, why don’t you add me to your list as well, tough guy?

  32. Lint07 says:

    dude, you’re sooo last week!

    I can’t believe people are still falling for “similar” nicknames trying to make the real one look bad.

    oh well.

  33. Lint07 says:

    Ohh and I thought it was a pair of shoes…


  34. nocuphere says:

    Dude i’m a leaf fan and you’re right everyone has issues with this gay.

  35. nocuphere says:

    Are you serious?

  36. nocuphere says:

    It was pretty funny. I’m not sure if I should be more pissed as a canadian or a leaf fan.

  37. Lynchmob450 says:

    Obviously, you are showing your lack of intelligence. Believing such a rumour is clearly a MapleLOSER thing to do. See, LOSER, this is what i was trying to teach you earlier. But its obvious that the roadblocks you encountered while trying to finish primary school (and leading you to stop trying at 17yrs old) are hindering your mental abilities in weeding out falsities versus truths.

    Get this LOSER….this rumour is a falsity. You being a fucking IDIOT is the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH!! Get a life…try to pull that dick head out of your asshole when trying to THINK. Ok??? Thnx!

  38. nocuphere says:

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    Well time to go bag your mom. The fat whore. Oh oh and I think I hear foot steps. Looks like Uncle Phil is there. I’ll leave you 2 alone now. Loser!

  39. Lynchmob450 says:

    Hey FAT FUCK FELLA….what’s a diddler?? Did you find that word in a Dr.Seuse book?? As for Uncle Phil…not sure who that would be…but we all know about the MapleLOSERS history with child abuse…can you spell HAROLD BALLARD??? I’m assuming you can’t since he’s a HERO for you!!

    Try not sucking so hard, fella!! And remember…if you need to bite, just give Uncle Harold a warning 😉 Enjoy!!

  40. cuntscab says:

    ATTENTION: Washington Capitals are giving away their players for free!!

    The Ottawa Senators pick up Peter Bondra for virtually nothing (Brooks Laich and 2005 2nd Round Pick).

    It looks like the Leafs have been offering too much for Gonchar because McPhee refuses to trade when a fair trade is proposed, he would rather get ripped off.

    LOOK FOR THE LEAFS GETTING GONCHAR IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS…. the way McPhee is handling trades, we may not have to give up Antropov and Colaiacovo… Gonchar could be traded for Aki Berg and a 5th Round Pick.

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