Experts Rumor Update:(Jagr Available)


At the moment, any team could, for instance, get Jaromir Jagr from the Washington Capitals. But accountants willing to add Jagr’s $10.7-million US salary to their team’s budget are few and far between. You have a better chance of not seeing me get into a fight!….-Jagr is an unconditional free agent after this season and may yet end up with the Maple Leafs. After all, he’s exactly the type of player Leafs general manager/coach Pat Quinn has hinted he may get with the contents of the now infamous war chest.

-In Tampa Bay, the Lightning would like to move Fred Modin for the Boston Bruins’ Kyle McLaren. But again, there are accounting difficulties. Because McLaren is unsigned, the Lightning would have to negotiate the terms of a contract before the trade is made.

-There’s a reason the Coyotes haven’t made a trade in an effort to shake their spiraling ways. Nobody wants any of their players, according to Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky, the team’s part owner and managing partner. “I don’t mean this to be controversial, and I don’t mean it to be a finger-pointing sort of thing,” Gretzky told the Arizona Republic Tuesday in Scottsdale at the conclusion of the NHL owners’ meetings. “But the fact of the matter is there aren’t many guys on our club that teams want, and that’s a fact.” Gretzky said the team has been trying to deal for weeks, but every time general manager Mike Barnett and Cliff Fletcher, the team’s senior executive vice president, make a pitch, they hit a dead end. The Coyotes players drawing the most interest are forwards Shane Doan and Tony Amonte, neither of whom they want to trade.

-Suspended defenseman Boris Mironov could be out for some time. The Hawks refuse to rush a trade. General manager Mike Smith said Tuesday he was no closer to trading Mironov, who has asked to be dealt. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat out until after Christmas,” Smith said. Mironov has now forfeited $146,664 in salary for the eight days away from the team.


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  1. leafsrule31 says:

    hahaha.. tell me when you see your team in the finals again jackass. maybe they should concentrate on scoring a few goals again? your in absoloutly no position to rip on the leafs dumbshit. remember how the flyers only scored 2 goals all playoffs?.. and then how the leafs smoked the team the flyers couldnt score more then 2 goals against in 4 games? then the flyers were able to sit home and watch the leafs almost make the cup finals?.. almost?.. while the flyers were still trying to figure out how they only scored 2 goals? lets not even talk about how the leafs buried the flyers twice this season already… its a shitty time to be a leaf hating flyer fan.

    established teams?!?.. hahaha.. thats the weakest arguement ive ever heard. maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass you’d realize the flyers will not amount to anything close to leaf history in this freaking generation. 13 cups?!?.. and you think winning the cup a couple times and making it to the finals in the last 20 years makes them better then that?!?.. your just like every other flyer fan.. cocky and dumb as piss

    talk a walk kid.. your not worth the time.


  2. leafsrule31 says:

    what?!?.. you dumb little kid.. you dont get it do you?!?

    the flyers have made the finals what once or twice in the last 20 years?!? and you think that thats a reason why the flyers are better then the leafs??

    so.. when was the last time 2 freaking playoff goals and multiple first round colapses got their team to “the big game” that the flyers seem to know so well?

    your a dillusional little prick.. flyer fans dont get it there in no position to make fun of the leafs. your right it doesnt matter how the flyers do in the regular season because they’re classic chokers in the playoffs.

    at least i can see my time score in the playoffs!.. and then beat the piss out of your team!.. twice!

    get the fuck outta here you little dumbshit. how old are you 12?

  3. Leaf_Expert says:

    Obviously another Flyer fan who still hates the Leafs for kicking his teams ass in the “99”playoffs….

  4. Tradedude says:

    Kaberle AND McCabe

    shit! if that’s the way it is, i don’t want the trade 2 happen

  5. Tradedude says:

    HaHa! now that reality.

  6. Tradedude says:

    Too Generous.

  7. Tradedude says:

    Domi for lemieux, kovalev, straka, morozov, tarnstrom, and 9 picks. Seems a little lopsided.

    a draft pick for yzerman, fedorov, shanahan, lidstrom, chelios, robitaille, hull, larionov, datsyuk, legace, holmstrom, avery. Is it just me or is this trade lopsided toward leafs quite a bit. I admire the pick for yzerman and fedorov, and robitaille, but all those other old goofs we don’t need, other than lidstrom.

    If we’re going to get ALL those players, i would add one more pick and take larionov out, then it wouldn’t be so lopsided.

    and that bertuzzi thing. We don’t need superstars like bertuzzi and naslund. sure we’d be giving up a first rounder, but i think we should add Eriksson or someone just to make EVEN MORE RIDICILOUS!

    Look! i know leaf fans would love these trades, but do WE EVEN NEED THEM. and just cuzz one leaf fan is crazy and stupid, doen’t mean we all are. OOO! lets seee here. if there was a mentally challenged person in U.S.A canadians can pounce right on that and say ALL AMERICANS ARE MENTALLY CHALLENGED and stupid! does that seem fair?

    all though i do admire those trade suggestions THEN u making leaf fans feel like crap cuzz one person is trading prospects and reichel and shit.

    those trades. Ain’t gunna heppen. sorry, i know ur acanuck fan and all, but would u really like 2 see bertuzzi and naslund gone? I’m not dissing canucks now. but there nothing without them and cloutier.

  8. calflyers says:


    another STUPID leaf fan

  9. calflyers says:

    remember, your team will NEVER win anything, AND will never even SEE the finals!!!

    stupid leaf fans get on my nerves

  10. calflyers says:

    your argument makes NO SENSE

    get a REAL team to root for!

  11. calflyers says:

    it is STILL better than the “queefs”

  12. leafsrule31 says:

    ok.. well way to prove that your nothing but another mindless pathetic immature yet ignorant flyer fan.. go bury your head in the sand you waste of skin

  13. leafsrule31 says:

    my arguement makes more sense then your does you fuckin dickhead..

    your saying that because the flyers have won a couple cups in the last 30 years.. and made it to the finals once since then there the better team. this is regardless of torontos 13 cups.. and many trips to the conference finals while the flyers were struggling to make it out of the first round. and you completely dodge the 2 ass kickings the leafs laid on your oh so powerful team in the last month.. just like every other single flyer fan. youve got your head so far in your ass they dont even exist to you. your a mindless piece of shit and a waste of time.

    and after the way tucker beat the living hell out of that mindless coward jeremy roenick i never want to hear another fan say another thing about tucker. remember that one flyer fans the next time you wanna call tucker a pussy.. he beat the shit out of your star.


  14. leafsrule31 says:

    you don’t get it do you.. just because philly made it to the finals once in the last freaken 20 years does not make them the better team. man your stupid.. get the hell out of here.

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