OK let’s go back to the basics here. I’m going to give the facts on this Jagr trade to shut up everyone on this website.

So yes like most of the time…. I’m going to challenge everyone about this topic since it seems to me so many Rangers fans and other fans have cried about this Jagr deal.

Here Is the Basic Facts on the deal.

Fight them if you can.All right First of all…..

1. You tell me who you want on your team…. Jagr…. Or Carter? The two just don’t match. Jagr is a superstar…. Carter a Solid scoring winger. Not one person could want a 2 year younger 20 goal scorer over the point getting Jagr.

2. The Rangers Power Play is, if not was… LAST in the NHL! You cannot win like that. Again like I have so many times … let me give you the numbers from a while ago.

When the Rangers Score 2 or more Power Play goals they are 9-4-1-1….. When they score one Power Play goal They are 4-3-1-1… something close to these numbers … but they are well over .500 with this in hand. When Jagr Hit’s the Power Play with Kovalev at the point… it should be a much different game. So don’t tell me the Rangers where fine on the Power Play or didn’t need a sniper on it.

3. Washington is paying about 20 million of his salary…. And if I’m right…. Nothing in this Contract says He can’t be traded by the Rangers….. Soooooo… If the Rangers really need to…. They can eat a million a year for the remaining years and make him a 4 million Dollar Player … tell me who wouldn’t trade for Jagr at 4 million a season?

4. The Rangers Gave up not one young player in this deal … Lundmark… still here….. Ortimyer…. still here….

5. Lindros is noooo Super Mario…. But he is playing amazing….. He’s running over other players…, and look who he’s passing to when me makes great plays…. Simon, and Barnaby…. not that they are bad… but they cannot finish like Jagr can.. And to tell you the truth I can’t wait to watch lindros and Jagr run over other players. Jagr loves NY and wanted to play here… So did Bure… Bure was great till he went down…. So why all this talk of no one plays good in NY? Bure played fine… I never had anything against him for how he was able to score.

The bottom line is… Sather has truly not done that bad of a job when it comes down to it….. I mean the Salary of the team is off the wall but… when you look at the deals they made… the only player that…. Kind of got away which most fans miss (including myself)… is York from the Poti deal….. Even the Bure deal….. so he got hurt….. who did we give up again? Ulanov.. And Filip who? Novak? That was how many years ago and he can’t even break a Florida Roster? come on now!

Not one thing in this deal went wrong. Not one! No doubt about it…. The Rangers need Defense … and maybe even a goalie… IF Duhnam is hurt for more then 2 weeks…. That I am not going against….. But Remember DeVries may be back in a week… Non the less We needed D-men more then Jagr… But at this price? Why would Sather Pass this up? then again….. why would you pass this up?