OK let’s go back to the basics here. I’m going to give the facts on this Jagr trade to shut up everyone on this website.

So yes like most of the time…. I’m going to challenge everyone about this topic since it seems to me so many Rangers fans and other fans have cried about this Jagr deal.

Here Is the Basic Facts on the deal.

Fight them if you can.All right First of all…..

1. You tell me who you want on your team…. Jagr…. Or Carter? The two just don’t match. Jagr is a superstar…. Carter a Solid scoring winger. Not one person could want a 2 year younger 20 goal scorer over the point getting Jagr.

2. The Rangers Power Play is, if not was… LAST in the NHL! You cannot win like that. Again like I have so many times … let me give you the numbers from a while ago.

When the Rangers Score 2 or more Power Play goals they are 9-4-1-1….. When they score one Power Play goal They are 4-3-1-1… something close to these numbers … but they are well over .500 with this in hand. When Jagr Hit’s the Power Play with Kovalev at the point… it should be a much different game. So don’t tell me the Rangers where fine on the Power Play or didn’t need a sniper on it.

3. Washington is paying about 20 million of his salary…. And if I’m right…. Nothing in this Contract says He can’t be traded by the Rangers….. Soooooo… If the Rangers really need to…. They can eat a million a year for the remaining years and make him a 4 million Dollar Player … tell me who wouldn’t trade for Jagr at 4 million a season?

4. The Rangers Gave up not one young player in this deal … Lundmark… still here….. Ortimyer…. still here….

5. Lindros is noooo Super Mario…. But he is playing amazing….. He’s running over other players…, and look who he’s passing to when me makes great plays…. Simon, and Barnaby…. not that they are bad… but they cannot finish like Jagr can.. And to tell you the truth I can’t wait to watch lindros and Jagr run over other players. Jagr loves NY and wanted to play here… So did Bure… Bure was great till he went down…. So why all this talk of no one plays good in NY? Bure played fine… I never had anything against him for how he was able to score.

The bottom line is… Sather has truly not done that bad of a job when it comes down to it….. I mean the Salary of the team is off the wall but… when you look at the deals they made… the only player that…. Kind of got away which most fans miss (including myself)… is York from the Poti deal….. Even the Bure deal….. so he got hurt….. who did we give up again? Ulanov.. And Filip who? Novak? That was how many years ago and he can’t even break a Florida Roster? come on now!

Not one thing in this deal went wrong. Not one! No doubt about it…. The Rangers need Defense … and maybe even a goalie… IF Duhnam is hurt for more then 2 weeks…. That I am not going against….. But Remember DeVries may be back in a week… Non the less We needed D-men more then Jagr… But at this price? Why would Sather Pass this up? then again….. why would you pass this up?


  1. Sands says:

    I’m happy everyone understands the Facts on Jagr…. I think this post had to be up there after all the questions…. This all just comes down to the facts….. I have no idea how Sather gets these trades…. Maybe it’s the respect, or maybe it’s that he sold his soul to other GMs…. I have no idea…

    But to the last POST! Above me…..


    These should be the lines….






    1) The second line is weird but they play ten times better then nedveds line! Let Ortimyer play with all the heart the kids got…..

    2) Jagr will most likely play on Nedveds wing for some Stupid reason

    3) If Jagr is on Lindros’s wing Rushinsky will play on the other side and that will start the dismantle of the Holik Kovalev line.

  2. GretzNYR99 says:

    Cujo is like that, the more shots he faces, the better he gets. Cechmanek too.

    And I agree about quality over quanity.

  3. Treva says:

    I’m no Ranger fan, but I would place blame on Washington for this one. Why would they spend that much on Jagr in the first place? 11 mill for 7 years??? You can’t say that the rangers are bullying a small franchise, not when that “small franchise” shells out a 77 million contract. Furthermore the franchise deals that player for a lesser one (no offence to Carter, but even he will say he is no Jagr) AND pays a substantial portion of the salary.

    Washington Screws itself and the league on this one.

  4. B-man says:

    Couldn’t agree with u more sands, this trade makes perfect sense

  5. nskerr says:

    This is the problem with the trade. Sather consistently looks for offense to solve the problems of the team when it is defense and goaltending that win championships. Lets see, Bure, Kovalev, Carter, Poti and then Jagr. All offensive players. The Rangers are 6th worst in the NHL in goals against.

    Then there is this little thing called the CBA that is coming up. Although there won’t be a hard cap, there are indications a soft cap will be put in place around the $36-40 million dollar range. It might even be closer to $33 million. Any team that spends more than that will be taxed. I’ve heard even some radical numbers like for ever dollar over the cap, there would be a .25-.33 charge. The Rangers payroll is so ridiculous now, after the luxury tax is tacked on, it will make going to the Garden too expensive for the regular fan and even for some smaller businesses to have season tickets. The Rangers don’t sell out as it is.

    Speculation is that if the CBA lockout is a long one, Sather might leave the team even with 3 years remaining on the contract. In effect, he could leave the Rangers holding the bag. He has been there 3 years, missed the playoffs 3 years and is in 10th position in the East this season. Jagr might get them to the playoffs, but they aren’t really a threat when you consider they would have to face teams like Toronto whom they haven’t beaten this year, Boston whom they haven’t beaten, Philly who manhandled them, New Jersey and Ottawa.

    This trade might help the powerplay, but it is defense that they need. They are without Poti, Kasparitis and De Vries and they add offense. Their number 1 goalie has a concussion and they add offense. This is wy Sather is overrated. He hasn’t gotten the job done with an unlimited budget and has made the team older and full of players that budget conscious teams won’t take.

    Good luck Rangers.

  6. TheJudge says:

    Bahahahahahahahahaha1 Bandwagoning where? Bahahahahahahahahahaha.

  7. TheJudge says:

    Great point mullet, then explain to me why they are still shit?

  8. TheJudge says:

    Complain? who’s complaining? it is just getting funnier and funnier with the players that you guys keep getting and the team is actually getting worse. please get whoever you can, this is hilarious!

  9. TheJudge says:

    It really is great to see your spelling isn’t that of a second grade mongloid anymore sands. More like a fourth grader! NYR-10th overall hahahahahahaha! Leafs 1st overall hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  10. TheJudge says:

    Please let me comment on the rangers and all you ranger fans. Bahahahahahahahahahaha! Who cares who and what you get, it makes you even more of a league laughing stock than you already are…………hey by the way, the LEAFS are in 1st without Moginly, Klee, Nolan, Tucker. 1 player doesn’t do it, otherwise washington would have been a little better than basement dweller roomates with the Rangers, bahahahahahaha

  11. Donovan says:

    They’ll get Ovechkin because they’ll finish last. It was a joke

  12. TheJudge says:

    Allright, my apologies. I was dense on that one and didn’t pick up on your sarcasm.I don’t think that other jerk did either. Go Leafs!

  13. PeterPuck says:

    When Bure was in the line up, did the Rangers make the playoffs? NOPE, Jagr is a 1 way player that replaces BURE, that is it…with all these 1 way (very talented, but 1 way) players, who will back check? who is suppose to carry the load in goal for the Rangers? who is the superstar (go to guy) on this team? will Lindros be upset again? if this doesnt work, Sather is GONE and i think it will not work….in time maybe, but not this year and Sather is done……

  14. RangerSteve says:

    Only thing I can say is Dolan doens’t care about the CBA and has enough cash to pay his way out of any problems. If he didn’t have enough money, he would have most likely be realtively conservative w/ Sather’s ramped spending.

  15. Killa_Bs says:


    1-7. Can Jagr play goalie??.

    At least he has 1 shot on goal. That’s not bad.

    That means 82 of them during a season.

  16. RangerSteve says:

    Hey! When you actually beat Philly or the Devs, call me buddy! 🙂

    Oh yeah, 1967..what’s that to ya? 😀

  17. GretzNYR99 says:

    Mongoloid, you dumb shit. You’re going to criticize his spelling when you can’t even spell words right? Sad son of a bitch, get a life.

  18. GretzNYR99 says:

    That’s what being a front-runner gets you? Wow, maybe I should try it out.

    1967, anyone? Modern Era?

  19. big_booty says:

    “Tell me who wouldn’t trade for Jagr at 4 million a season.”

    Pierre Lacroix.

    Brian Burke.

    Ken Holland.

    Bobby Clarke.

    Lou Liamorello.

    Larry Pleau.

    Shall I go on, o king of the run-on sentence?

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    Lamoriello (sp?), Burke, and Pleau are all givens.

    Holland was interested, you can’t believe a word from Clarke’s mouth, and Pierre LaCroix signed Sakic a long time ago to a disgustingly high front-end contract in which he was making a huge portion of his sum in his first few years. LaCroix would have traded for him this summer had not Kariya and Selanne ventured to Denver.

  21. big_booty says:

    Holland? He was never interested, nor would he need to be.

    If you believe Clarke ever even considered bringing Jagr to Philly you’re even stupider than I thought.

    Lacroix would never be interested, even without the pair of mighty mites he picked up. He’s already got a top-of-the-line winger who scores in bunches – Milan Hejduk – and an $11 million per year player – Peter Forsberg.

    My point was, winning organizations want nothing to do with the Polly Prissypants of the NHL.

  22. devfanman4 says:

    (Old) Aerosmith rules!

  23. devfanman4 says:

    Polly Prissypants! haha

    “What do you think of me Clyde Frog?”

    “I think you’re a fat piece of crap”

  24. devfanman4 says:

    Not only is this a doomsday prediction of the CBA, but if it was a salary dump it was a terrible attempt at it. They’re picking up half his salary?!? Unbelievable.

    Anyway, the major problem (and point I want to make) with this trade is if the Rangers have all this money, don’t you think they should’ve signed some big name defenseman? Hatcher was obviously available this summer. Of course he claims he wanted to be closer to home, but don’t you think if the Rangers offerred him at least what the Red Wings offerred, he would consider New York? They get all these big name offensive players (Bure, Lindros, Kovalev, Messier, to a certain extent Holik, Carter, etc), but the best they could do signing defensemen is Greg de Vries? De Vries is good, but there are other players out there that are better. They spent $9M/year for a defensive forward. Why can’t they do that to get a big name defensemen?

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