Fairness of the league

Today Randy Jones was served up with a 2 game suspension for his hit on Patrice Bergeron during the 2-1 Flyers win on Saturday. Many fans that are against the Flyers have called for a lengthy suspension against Randy Jones for the hit. Is this simply because fans around the league hate the Flyers and consider them a goon team and compare them to the Broad Street Bullies of the 70’s? Or is it they want an example made of these players to cut down on the checks and hitting that are resulting in injuries.

While browsing the ESPN message boards I was reading about the fairness of the suspensions to the Flyers players and how other players around the league so far this season have escaped any kind of punishment for hits of the same malicious nature. I am not here to defend the suspensions against the Flyers but I am seeing a huge bias in the way punishment is being levied against the Flyers. I offer you this videos some of them from this year where no suspensions were handed out. And mind you some of these brutal hits came after the Randy Jones suspension. Let me know your thoughts. I for one am kind of tired watching the Flyers being targeted for suspensions and other players getting nothing.

(Copied from ESPN.com message board courtesy of Phil07ly)

Andrew Peters cheap shot


Tootoo and Weller






From last year:





If you know of any others, preferably from this year, post them. Apparently, we’re not the only team with questionable hits, we’re just the only team being held accountable.

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  1. Archion113 says:

    True… does that mean Bergeron deserved it?

    I saw the hit from behind he had last year that didn't get suspended.

  2. Archion113 says:

    Other than Thornton, who has even played since you were alive?  I had to have been in diapers when Neely was playing…

    So Bobby Orr, Cam Neely and Craig MacTavish all retired due to injuries while they were in the boston lineup?

    Wow… thats news to me…

  3. Archion113 says:

    For some reason i was thinking Cam Neely was the goalie Ken Dryden.  No idea why i got the two confused.

    I was alive for Cam.  Neely didn't retire cause of a cheap shot though.  So you can throw neely out.  He was injury prone throughout his career and retired due to some degenerative hip injury.

    Bobby Orr, spent 3 injury plagued seasons in Chicago.  His last 3 years.  So you can throw Bobby Orr out there as players the Bruins have seen take a hit and their career was ended.

    MacTavish left the bruins after he ran over some woman.  So what the hell are you talking about?

    Guess i just frigging owned you.

    I'm done with you.

  4. Archion113 says:

    Gord Kluzak had chronic knee problems.  Not resulting from a serious hit.

    Normand leveille i'll give you.  He had a brain anyersum. 

    Louis Sleigher i have no idea who he is.  I have never even heard his name.  Nor have i heard the name Leveille or Kluzak, but none the less…

    CHarlie Simmer played his last year in Pittsburgh.  So again, what the hell are you talking about?

    Michal Thelven? Did in fact have a career ending knee injury after playing 6 games for the bruins in his final season.

    Joe Thornton has not had any injuries that has changed him or ended his career.  He's still dominating the league because the Bruins traded him away, so no idea where you going with that.  Lindros lost all his talen in the last few concussions, and he could never play the same way again.

    So since i just took apart your list pretty well…. any more names?

    Anyone remember the defencemen we had a decade ago who died in the boating accident?  Cut his jugular or something… Dimitri or something… add him to the list… although he barely played with the big boys…

    So… any other names you want me to prove you wrong about?

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