Fans need to be patient in Winnipeg

There was a sense of euphoria in Winnipeg on Tuesday as the city welcomed the return of the National Hockey League after a 15-year absence, but the new owners didn’t waste any time outlining the economic reality facing the team with no name. A good part of the press conference to announce the purchase and relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers was given over to a sales pitch to prospective seasonticket holders. The team announced it will start selling tickets Wednesday with a goal of 13,000 in the MTS Centre, which has a capacity of 15,015.NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said while the league didn’t require that show of support, strong ticket sales would send the right message to the NHL board of governors which is expected to approve the sale on June 21. But Bettman went on to say that NHL hockey won’t work unless the building – which will be the smallest in the NHL – is sold out for every game.Much was made of the fact the economics have changed since rising salaries, a depressed Canadian dollar and a tired old arena forced the Winnipeg Jets to abandon the city in 1995. Today, there is a salary cap, there is revenue sharing and the Canadian economy is looking pretty good compared with its neighbour to the south.

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  1. HABSSTAR says:

    Rumoured list of names for the new Winnipeg team:

    Falcons (rumoured to be rejected)
    Polar Bears
    Rebels (Salute to Louis Riel)

    Belugas???  That's horrible, as is Borealis and Polar Bears.  What about the Winnipeg Windigo? 

    Of the list above I hope they go with either the Rebels or the Trappers.  If they go with Trappers their first rivalry might be with PETA though. lol

  2. palindrom says:

    We will need a new Winnipeg logo header for this site 🙂

  3. Kramer says:

    I'm gonna help out management. They need a new name. I'm doing this for free.

    Winnipeg Apples (they produce lots of apples there)
    Winnipeg Pepsi (they got a big pepsi cola factory)
    Winnipeg Ice Age (needs no explanation)
    Winnipeg Noodles (the favorite soup of the region to fight cold)
    Winnipeg Floods (they got too much water usually)
    Winnipeg Swimmers (that's what they do when the flood waters rise)

  4. Vicks_Prick_Leafs says:

    a name i like, although it doesn't sound "neat" is Phoenix.
    as in the bird, that rose up from the ashes.
    i think this name has dual meanings.
    1. winnipeg lost their team, but rose back up again. (to Phoenix)
    2. a tongue-in-cheek slap in the face to the Coyotes too

  5. Kramer says:

    I can see the Leafs and Jets making a trade this summer.

  6. Boston_Bruins says:

    A big f.uck you to the NHL. Burrows played a bit of a role in the outcome in that game.

  7. hockey_lover says:

    Ugh.  We havent always gotten along but man, I feel for ya today.  Totally sucks.

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    Did you see Max trying to put his finger in Bergeron's mouth after one of the plays was stopped?  Even the announcer was saying how hard it would be not to punch him.  lol

  9. MystifoLeafs says:

    That is outrageous, at this moment I really don't like either team in the finals but to be fair Burrows should of been suspended and if he was this game would of most likely went an entire different way at this point I really hope Boston wins the cup because I don't want to see that jerk in Burrows with the cup above his head. 

  10. HABSSTAR says:

    50-50 on that.  Yeah, Burrows should have been suspended.  But Chara had zero effort on that play and Thomas got burned on exactly the type of playing style that has made him a success this year.  The series isn't over by a long shot as now it goes back to Boston and I'm sure the B's will turn it on.  Wouldn't surprise me to see them come back to Vancover tied after the two games in Boston.

  11. leafy says:

    I have to give Boston credit. I didn't think they'd compete so well against Vancouver, but after seeing the first 2 games, they are definitely giving the Canucks a game.  And with a little bit of luck, the Bruins could easily be up 2-0 in the series.

    Boston shouldn't be totally written off, but they do need to win both games in Boston. A tall order, but possible, as Philly showed last year when down 2-0 to Chicago.

    As for the Burrows incident, well that's hockey. In '93, the Leafs are ONE goal away from the Stanley Cup final against Montreal.  In Game 6, with the game tied 4-4 in OT, Gretzky high-sticks Gilmour and draws blood…an automatic 5 minute major and match penalty at that time.  Instead, none of the officials sees the high stick (I hate you Kerry Fraser!). Gretzky goes on to score in OT, then nets a hat trick in Game 7. The Leafs dream is over. That's hockey.

  12. MystifoLeafs says:

    I know its apart of the game it will just leave a bitter taste in my mouth of Vancouver wins and I have to listen to those snide fans gloat. I could care less about Montreal fans I have learned to deal with them but Vancouver fans are such Bandwagon hoppers. Plus I keep hearing over and over "Canucks are Canada's Team." To be fair there is more Canadian players on the Boston Roster than the Canucks. To be fair you can't deem any NHL team "Canada's Team" because there is only one team that is "Canada's Team" and only play on a international stage. (I don't mean to offend any Vancouver fans on this site by generalizing you all its just there is a vast majority that overshadows you just like there is a vast majority of Toronto fans who overshadow the rest of us.)  

  13. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Looks to me like Chara and Seidenberg are getting too many minutes….like it's affecting their legs and brains. At some point Julien needs to trust the rest of his team or this will be a 4-0 series. 

  14. frankinboltonleafs says:

    As an aside….the Bruins C&S tandem ain't Chelios and Suter….those days are gone.

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