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And…article soon to be posted.kyle88 writes:

For those of us who think team budgeting works…..

I hear alot of arguments over fiscal responsability, budgeting, etc. and I am tired of those points being brought up. They are invalid when used in context with the NHL right now, and I will tell you why.

Let us begin with the idea of teams budgeting. First off we have people complain that: “if teams stick to a budget, then we would not be in this mess”, sorry but you are wrong. We have a league with 30 teams, each one located within a different market, and each one can budget according to the amount of income they raise in their area. That inturn means that Toronto, New York, Philly, can all have budgets exceeding the 50 million mark, because they have that kind of revenue. Teams like Florida, Nashville, Anaheim, do not have budgets that can exceed 30 million. So I would have to say that the old system allows teams to budget fine, however the budgets are so different from team, to team that we have NO competetive balance.

What the NHL can have when implementing a cap is a BUDGET for the NHL, which is what the players say they want each team to do. The idea is that you have 30 teams work on a budget(cap) that is implemented by the league rated at 55% of the leagues revenues. The players just hate the idea of losing their ability to squeeze every last dollar out of the system, and who wouldn’t.

You also have to look at the way things are now though. If the league currently allows for 75% of their budget to be set aside for players salaries, then what kind of money does that leave for advertising(to bring in more fans, which we need), and even other general functions of the league. 25% budget is very bad when you are trying to grow your league, or your business.

I would also like to say that no one side is to blame in this one. Both sides took advantage of the system, and in the end this is what we have. Since neither side showed restraint, or personnal responsability, then I think it is fair to say that both sides screwed this up, and are getting what they deserve. The only reason that I support the owners is because they are invested in improving the NHL, because they invested in it, they do not want to lose money on an investment, and niether would I. The players on the other hand just want in and out with as much money as possible, mind you I wish I could do that to.

leafymcleaf writes:

A strange letter recieved by the Ekky

The Blogger Eklund recieved a strange letter today. I know Fifla ussually covers Ekky, but I wanted to put my two cents into it.

This is Eklunds post today:

“Germany? Very Odd

Again, I don’t think there is anything to this but it merits mentioning when three e-mails correspond….

“I’m not an official (no agent or player or something), but:

After tonight’s DEL-games here in Germany there were announcements made in Mannheim (where Jochen Hecht, Yannick Tremblay are currently playing), that the NHL will start and that the players have to leave.

Also, the coach of our national hockeyteam (Greg Poss) was quoted, players will leave.

What the hell is going on?

Best regards from Cologne, Germany.”

and this

“.. Greg Poss exactly said on the local radio station N1 that the announcement to play the nhl season 2004/05 will come tonight (european central time) … that means in the next 4-10 hours …

the only thing i know is that Poss has various friends in the nhl community like don and tony granato, some agents, also knows peter laviolette who was head coach of Team USA while Poss was assistent and has other great sources …

this is quite interesting so far …”

and this

“In spite of yesterday, Greg Poss, former assistant coach for Team USA, and right now head coach of Team Germany and the german DEL team Nuremberg Ice Tigers, told a radio station before sundays game in Mannheim that the NHL WILL definitely play in a few weeks. DEL-Team Adler Mannheim told their fans before the game that it will the final appearance of NHL’ers Jochen Hecht, Sven Butenschon and Cristobal Huet because the lock-out is over.

I don’t know how to take that because of all the bad news from north america since saturday evening.””

Now, I think Greg Poss probabley said this Saturday. Before it was recancelled. But could this possibley be a manouver to get the locked out players out.

But the season has been cancelled… twice… so… I wish it was true but… ugh! Just thought it was interesting.

By the way I had a dream last night… it seemed so real. Among some other weird things that happened, a season was played in it. Twenty games. It was a Leafs Oilers cup final. It was over time. A long over time. Game seven. Then the puck got dropped. I was so excited. Then… my mom yelled “Hey Bill get up, it’s time for church, and realized it was just a dream, but hey, whenever I think of a Simpsons episode, it comes on.

See ya later people

-Leafy out

In the famous words of Homer Simpson “I have more trophies then Wayne Gretzky and the Pope combined”.

kicksave writes:

The Blame Game

Well, this is just what we didn’t need. How are we hockey fans supposed to rant and rave and vent our anger and frustration if we don’t even know who to blame?

All along, I have felt pretty good about my stance against the Player’s Union. My feelings were justified by the fact that they just seem unwilling to understand that economic changes are needed to keep this league alive. It also didn’t help that, for a while there, every time a player opened his mouth, a little nugget of manure fell out.

Now, I am not ready to shift my hatred toward the NHL, but some of what is being reported makes you wonder what was going on in NY that could have lead to this last bit of hope? Who really invited Wayne and Mario? What made the league believe that the Union was going to show up with a $45 million offer in their hands? And so on and so forth…

Who do we blame now? Who do we direct this angst towards?

Lately, all we have heard is that the players quickly understood the reality of their lose/lose situation when Gary Bettman actually stood at that podium and made us all so nauseous. We softened our stance in regards to the players, as some were actually coming forward saying intelligent things for the first time in a long time. It became a little more widely recognized that maybe the Union just wasn’t keeping the players abreast of the actual situation. Maybe the majority of the players were smarter than Bill Guerin after all.

Now we have the NHL vs. the Union, the Union vs. the Union, and the NHL vs. the NHL (the owners and their little factions). Who do you blame, and how can you even keep track?

I, for one, am going to stick to my guns for the time being. While I wondered over the past day or so if my allegiance is justified, I can only come to the conclusion that nothing has really changed. Despite all the excitement of the past few days, and the fact that we were all so high, only to crash down so low (again), what has actually changed? We don’t have any facts about the latest rumors, who said what, what truly went on during that meeting, who leaked the supposed “agreement in principal”, etc.

The way it looks right now, all I can surmise is that the League heard the rumors that the Union was breaking and that players wanted to play for that last $42.5 million offer that was on the table. We heard those rumors, I’m sure the league heard them as well (certainly they are checking Eklund’s blog regularly!). So they invited them to NY, expecting the players (who now understood that they won’t get this good of an offer ever again) to say, “Do up the paperwork, we want to play for that last offer.” But when the Union and players get to NY, there is no such proposal in hand.

If I was the league, I’d be surprised too – the rumors that prompted the meeting were that the Union was willing to play for the last deal offered, or at least something relatively close.

There is no reason for the League to set up the meeting to start new negotiations centering around the 42.5 or 45 million dollar numbers. That simply wouldn’t happen. They just cancelled the season and everyone knew that it meant the next offer the league would propose would be significantly lower. They had the bargaining power here (as they seemingly have had all along). Most likely, since the rumors still revolved around these higher figures, the Union created this last little mess.

Of course, I respectfully reserve the right to change my mind and blast whoever I want when (if) the facts come out! But for now, I still blame the Union for most of this entire situation.

The difference now is that I can’t hold the players accountable for what they are doing or saying because they are most likely being lead astray and lied to by their own union. From this point forward, when I say “the Player’s Union is to blame”, I am pretty much blaming the actual suits, not the players.

So while these last few days have been a mess, and have made the NHL’s PR nightmare even worse, I’m not sure anything has changed except for the fact that if you’re going to blame the Union, we know to blame the guys in the expensive suits, not the guys in the colorful uniforms.

Just my opinion.

habs_punk writes:

What would the stars of the past be making today?

I recently had the idea to look up some of yesterday’s stars’ salaries and, using the average inflation rates, see what they would be making today.

In his prime Rocket Richard made $25 000. I wasn’t able to find an actual year that he made that salary, so I used 1951 since it was right in the middle of his career. With an inflation rate of 629.12% from September of 1951 to December of 2004, Richard’s salary could be extrapolated to about $182 000.

In 1971-72, Bobby Orr signed a deal that would pay him $200 000 a year for 5 years. With an inflation rate of 366.42% from September 1971 to December 2004, Bobby Orr’s salary could be extrapolated to a little more than $930 000.

Ten years into his pro career, Wayne Gretzky finally signed his first million dollar salary. The year was 1988 and he had just joined the LA Kings. The deal had a base salary of $2 million. With an inflation rate of 58.85% from September 1988 to December 2004, Wayne Gretzky’s base salary could be extrapolated to almost $3.2 million.

It’s obvious salaries have been on the rise for some time, but especially in the case of Orr and Gretzky, the amount of money top players are demanding today would imply that they feel they are worth more than either Orr or Gretzky. Sure expenses have increased as well, but not to the point where a Chris Pronger is worth $10 million. He is not, and never will be as good as Bobby Orr, why should he be making relatively so much more money than Orr?

Inflation Rates

Richard Salary

Orr Salary

Gretzky Salary


Thanks to our members for contributing.

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12 Responses to Fan's Rant Corner

  1. Aetherial says:

    Gretzky and Lemieux were invited by the NHLPA and they were given the impression that another proposal was being made.

    This fits Bettman’s story.

  2. Flyer_Fan says:

    I don’t like phony front running “fans” like Defenstrate!

    ps: Hockey players are STUPID!!! – A cap is needed weather they like it or not!

  3. defenestrate says:

    Apparently hockey players aren’t the only ones that are “stupid” – “weather” you like it or not.

    Looks like some “Nanny 911” is needed here.

    Can’t you at least be a little more original, instead of playing one note over and over?

    Btw, in case you haven’t noticed, since you’ve been too busy spanking your frank to Ashlee Simpson videos – there’s no season, ergo no “fans”, ergo no “front runners”.

    Ad hoc, propter ergo hoc.

  4. defenestrate says:

    Very, very, nice work on the salary / inflation issue. Puts the whole thing into perspective, and sort of pinpoints the time frame when “sports” turned into “business”.

  5. Aetherial says:

    Thank you Def, I also found it amusing that someone making that mistake was calling someone else stupid.

  6. Flyer_Fan says:

    everybody on this site misspells now and then

    Doesn’t change the fact you are a PHONY geek!

    Keep on Flapping

  7. Flyer_Fan says:

    If a Toronto fan for example moved to another city, and that city just happened to be winning cups,


    “jumped allegiance” to that team.

    What would be your opinion of that person??

    btw, he changed his story a bit.

    NOW he has himself living in Colorado for 19 years.

    If the Colorado Rockies of the 70’s were playing there now, don’t even try to tell me he would be rooting for Michel Plasse and crew.

    He knows he’s busted.

    I’m just calling him on that.

    Even though I don’t like the Leafs for example,

    I do respect the LOYAL fan base!

    nuff sed

    (like that “spelling” geek boy?)

  8. defenestrate says:


  9. defenestrate says:

    Since you’ve never lived anywhere but your parent’s basement, I don’t think your opinion on this is germane to the issue.

    You’re not “calling” me on anything. I’m old enough to be your daddy (and, while it’s theoretically possible, I don’t think my DNA could possibly be that tainted – and I never slept with any mongoloids, so……).

    And yes, chocha, I would be rooting for the Rockies (or the Spurs) if they were here.

    But since there’s no season, it’s sort of a moot point. Which leaves me with a lot of free-floating hostility my therapist says i need to find an outlet for.

    It appears you’re volunteering for the position.

  10. Flyer_Fan says:

    I own my own business AND house junior.

    Don’t you ever get bored of being clueless??

  11. Flyer_Fan says:


    viva Gary Croteau!

  12. defenestrate says:

    “Life is just a fantasy

    Can you live this fantasy life?”

    Aldo Nova

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