Fans Side with NHL regarding CBA

According to TSN, of the 928 Canadian hockey fans surveyed, 83% said they would stand by the NHL even if a lockout wiped out more than half a season as long as it results in a reduction of player salaries and a better deal for smaller clubs.

56% of those think that the NHLPA are the ones that need to compromise.
I’ll be honest I wasn’t surveyed but I’m among the 83% and the 56% as well. I know it’s been argued and beaten to death that both sides are to blame for the current ‘problems’. I do think, however, that the league is now saying, we know there’s a problem and we need to fix it. I don’t think the NHLPA wants to admit to their share of the problem.

I find it disturbing that the NHLPA quickly dismisses proposals from the league because “each one begins and ends with a salary cap”. Well what they propose with a luxury tax does too in a sense. The tax would be applied over X amount of dollars. How is that not a cap?? You need a baseline (a cap) for the tax to be instituted. Yet they are unwilling to hear anything from the league.

The fact that players are jumping the pond next year if there is a lock out also indicates that the players are potentially willing to play for less money in order to keep playing. I’ve not heard any terms of any of the deals nor done any coversions to see if this is in fact the case, but the fact that a lot of the guys are doing this (albeit with escape clauses) might indicate that there isn’t necessarily solidarity among the players themselves.

Even though both sides are playing each other in the media, I think that the league does appear more concerned about what we the fans think than the players themselves do, even though we are the ones who are ultimately paying their salaries through ticket sales, souvenirs, concessions, etc.