Fans Speak Out: What deal would YOU do?

Ok, since March 9 is coming fast what better time than now to tell what deal you would make if you were GM of your favorite team.Here’s how it works: First you name your favorite team, then you list what part of their roster need to be upgraded and what Realistic deal(s) (oops, sounds like I just lost half of the Leafs fans!! Just kidding guys.) you would make being the GM.

I’ll go first:

Team: Montréal Canadiens

Situation: Since the Habs chances of winning the cup this year are next to none, I say why rent a player and compromise our future?? Let’s be honest, our first goal right now is to make the playoffs, and our little Stanley Cup would be to get past the 1st round. That’s it, we shouldn’t expect anything more. The team we’ll play against in the first round will have to take us very seriously unless we could upset them, end of the story. No Stanley Cup for us this year…

Needs: Solid D-men & Gritty Winger

Player I want the most: Ryan Smyth – EDM

Status: We won’t have him because Kevin Lowe will ask for AT LEAST future star Mike Komisarek and I’m not ready to let him go altough we’d need a guy like Smyth in Hab-town. It’d be tempting to let him go since Smyth is young and he is the power forward we are desperatly looking for but I personnally would stick to the plan and hang onto our “Scott Stevens with an offensive upside” defensemen.

As my trades, I first have to take into consideration what Bob Gainey said last week when asked about what he was looking for. He said: “We are looking for someone to stay with the team longer than just these playoffs, we are listening to every offer and if we have to we’ll ‘rent’ someone but it is not our plan”

Realistic trades:


To Calgary: Yanic Perreault-C, Karl Dykhuis-D, 4th Rounder.

To Montréal: Denis Gauthier-D.

The Perreault-for-Gauthier rumor just doesen’t seem to die and I won’t let it either!! Denis Gauthier is exactly the kind of defensemen we need: He is gritty, cocky, reliable and french-canadian. He is young (27), in his prime and could fill the #3-4 d-men spot in any average team in the league already. This would be an excellent deal for now and for the future at the same time.

On the other hand, Calgary would receive the best centermen at taking faceoffs in the NHL. Perreault has been placed on the 4th line for most of last month because of our overload of similar centers and hasn’t said a word. Even if he is an established veteran, he didn’t even asked to be traded: “I’ll do what’s best for the team” he said, “Be it play on the 4th line if it’s what the coach thinks is best”. He would compliment Jarome Iginla perfectly or could also be center of the second line in Calgary. Craig Conroy is rumoured to be on the market because of his contract ending this year, this could give some room to Calgary to swing a deal and get something interesting for Conroy. Dykhuis would be nothing more than a throw in player in this deal. Could be a 6th or 7th d-men, still can play in the NHL but he is nothing spectacular, you never have too much veteran d-men when entering the playoffs though, so he could help the kids of the Flames. Calgary also need all the draft picks they can receive so a 4th pick would be a nice addition to the deal.


To NYRangers: Ron Hainsey-D OR Marcel Hossa-LW

To Montréal: Matthew Barnaby-RW

The gritty, provocative winger every team would love to have when entering the Playoffs. Matthew Barnaby is one of the best at getting under players’ skin and isn’t bad at all offensively. Put him on a 3rd line and he’ll do wonders for your team! The Rangers are now on “Selling Mode” and will trade any high-priced veteran they can if they can receive a prospect in return. I’d ask Glen Sather if he is looking for a defensemen or a forward… If he says a d-men I’d propose him prospect Ron Hainsey, offensive minded d-men he isn’t affraid of leaving his position to join the rush. He already has an attitude that can be seen as a problem by some and a quality by others, but hey what’s adding one more ego to the Ranger locker room anyway? He could be compared to a Tom Poti kind of player. Has lots of potential but needs to work harder on his game.

If on the other hand Sather is looking for a forward, I’d propose Marian Hossa’s little brother: Marcel. The guy is young (23), big (6’2″ 215) and has all it takes to become a future power forward but lacks work ethics. He was set to become a regular this year and play alongside Saku Koivu, but lost his starting job to Michael Ryder who out of nowhere is now making a run at the Calder trophy. If taken care of, Hossa could be a great project to work on, but he has to gain some maturity first or else he’ll always play in the shadow of his older brother.

So that’s it, I wouldn’t do anything else if I was able to get those two guys. No need to go after all the Kovalev’s and Gonchar’s of the league. Our only hope by adding one of those top-players would be to go only one round further and it would cost us several good prospects anyway. Altough we are already one of the most loaded teams, prospects speaking, Bob Gainey shouldn’t do any stupid moves just to please the fans. We should enjoy these playoffs while it last and make a run for the cup as soon as the NHL resumes, we should then be one of the teams to beat in the NHL.

So go ahead and tell us what you’d do if you were the GM of your team!


95 Responses to Fans Speak Out: What deal would YOU do?

  1. TC_4 says:

    If his leadership and vet attitude was important, it would have shown a lot earlier in the year haluschak. I would rather get a point per game guy that’s big and has also been to a Cup finals. This team isn’t even going to make the playoffs anyways, so why not get something out of him???

  2. TC_4 says:

    That’s very true, but people claim Jeff O’Neill is going to cost more, when he’s had an even worse season!

  3. bamboo says:

    office Space.NICE!!!

  4. SwiftLEAF says:

    Most of the trades you mentioned are really good and have a lot of sense to the them. No one has really noticed but the Leafs are weak at LW, the talk has been focused on D. All there really is, is Roberts. Smyth would really help and give the leafs a whole new dimension, and as you mentioned, Quinn would be estatic. Another well thought out trade that you mentioned was the one with Huselius. The leafs have to start bringing in some good younger players and I think I heard a week or two ago that the panthers were thinking about moving Huselius. Florida really needs a Dman like Kaberle to go beside Van Ryn and Kaberle would be closer to his brother.

    You have some really good ideas.

  5. SwiftLEAF says:

    If only it could be done……..

  6. MightyJortikka says:

    What is the NYI finance situation at the moment,

    since i remember reading from the finnish magazine “veikkajaa”(our poor version of hockey news) that the NYI had money problems and they would be thinking of cutting some players, and couple of weeks later they put Weimer on he waivers..

  7. Swingle31 says:

    If I were the AVS, and I would be looking to beef up my third or fourth lines fowards…

    I think that Peter Worrel has been a BIG(And I Mean A Very Big) Disappointment and the AVS would do very well in trading him away. I also think that Morris has decreased his offensive output since last year and could be used as trade bait!

    Players I would most like to see would be: Tkachuk from St Loius(VERY UNLIKELY).

    Trade #1: Worrell for Barnaby Rangers

    Trade #2: D. Morris for Pronger from St Loius(I think a change of scenery would do both the players good)

  8. argee says:

    I think you should look at Berard’s points per game. I’d say he’s been borderline great considering the rest of the team. He’s almost at 1 point per game.

    For most teams 3.3 mil isn’t too much, remember, we are talking about the Oilers. Also, the price for Berard will be pretty high once Leetch and Gonchar go. There will still be at least 6 teams looking for a good defenceman.

  9. MightyJortikka says:

    Has Roope talked about retirement?

    Since knowing his medical history, i would guess that he isn´t going to play for more then 2 years.

    Huselius made it clear couple weeks, that he wants out from FLO in a interview, where he also credited Mike Keenan of almost destroying his career(and also Näslund´s, when Keenan was at Vancouver)

    Also when were are talking about young players, i have to say something about the Leafs finnish prospect Jarkko Immonen, who has played a great season and has posted 20+23 in 49 game, in a team which is ranked third last in the league and has problems getting into playoffs. Depending on how long CBA will last, Jarkko will become a solid 2-3 line center for he leafs.

    Also i might be wrong with this, but didn´t Jeff Friesen play in same line with Nolan 99-00 when Nolan posted his best season, points wise?

    There for Friesen could be a good fit into the team,

    since the Devils really don´t do the man any justice.

  10. argee says:

    It’s kinda funny, I just read an article saying Philly’s looking for a 6th d-man. I think Weinrich would look good there. Bobby Clarke, you’re my hero……

  11. argee says:

    Laraque said he wouldn’t fight for any other team, not that he wouldn’t fight. He wants to stay in Edmonton pretty bad

  12. argee says:

    The fourth period is citing sources that Clarke is shopping for a 6th dman. I think they should offer a 2nd rounder for Weinrich 😉

  13. argee says:

    I don’t think Berard would want to come back to Boston after the way he left. They screwed him around pretty good.

  14. Rotty says:

    team : Toronto Maple Leafs

    needs: A couple solid D-men, better goaltending depth, speedy winger.

    trade #1:

    to Toronto- Gonchar, Witt

    to Washington- 1st round pick, Colaicovo, Antropov, Berg.

    reason- Gonchar seems to be headed to Toronto anyways, but Witt would be more of a help and fits Toronto’s needs a little more than Gonchar.

    trade #2:

    to Toronto- Huselius, 5th round pick

    to Florida- Kaberle, Berehowsky.

    reason- In possibly aquiring Gonchar, Kaberle would have a more limited role with the club. With Gonchar, McCabe, Klee and Pilar all seeing lots of power play time, they could afford to send him to Florida to aquire a good young forward to replace Antropov and add more speed and skill to the lineup. Florida is apparently looking for a #1-2 d-man capable of moving the puck to help take the pressure off of the younger defensemen on the team. i.e Bouwmeester.

    trade #3:

    to Toronto- Brent Johnson

    to St.Louis- 3rd round pick, future considerations.

    reason- Kidd just doesn’t seem to be reliable, Tellqvist has shown flashes of brilliance but also showed he is still at least a year away with some bad puck handling, soft goals, and coming out way to far to challenge the shooter. Johnson can’t seem to catch a break in St.Louis, and with Osgood and now Divis ahead of him on the depth chart a move might rejuvinate his career. Not sure what the asking price would be, but with St.Louis being JFJ’s former employer I am sure that they could work something out.

    trade #4:

    to Toronto- Denis Gauthier, 2004 4th round pick

    to Calgary- Ian White, 2005 2nd round pick


    to Toronto- Vitaly Vishnevski, 2004 4th round pick

    to Anaheim- Ian White, 2005 3rd round pick.

    reason- Gauthier and Vishnevski are both physical solid d-men that could help Torontos defense depth. Ian White is a good young d-man with alot of potential (although small) he has a really good hard shot from the point. Used it alot in the world juniors 2 years ago. Calgary and Anaheim both have quite a few good young D-men on there rosters now and could easily wait for his development. Toronto has more of a win now, worry about the future later approach. (doesn’t appear to be working) but none the less thats the way it is here.

  15. gr8haluschak says:

    Is that all for Pornger, are you taking lessons from a leaf fan ?

  16. coderaspberry says:

    The first deal would be sweet, but I think the Caps would want more than that for both – right now, they want everything you mentioned but Berg for just Gonchar, if the reports are to be believed. I’d say Toronto would probably need to package at least a 3rd round pick in addition to what you’ve listed. Witt’s got some value for the Caps brass right now, and they know it.

    The second deal I really like, though I’m thinking it should be a 3rd-4th rounder to TO – Kaberle is a quality guy, and though Huselius is good and speedy, I think he’s still a little unproven. Granted, I haven’t had the opportunity to really watch him much, either, so I can only go by stats and apparent impact. I like the speed, though – the Leafs need more of that.

    The third deal makes the least sense to me – I think Kidd is every bit as good as Johnson, to be honest. There’s a reason he slipped down the depth chart in St. Louis – he’s not that good. Again, I haven’t seen him much, but he just doesn’t seem to have an NHL presence. I’d rather hang on to the picks, and I think JFJ would too. Besides, if Belfour goes down in the playoffs, Johnson really couldn’t lead them anywhere Kidd couldn’t.

    The last deal is also a good idea, though I personally LOVE Ian White (ever since the Juniors you mentioned 🙂 ), and would love to see him get a shot. His chances aren’t good with the Leafs, though, so dealing him could be wise. I’d prefer Gauthier, I think, but I hear he’s not moving, so Vischnevski is a close second. There was talk the Leafs were going to acquire him earlier in the season in a trade involving Tucker, but it didn’t pan out.

    One question – what would you think of Staios or Hill, and what do you think it’d take to get them?

  17. ZaphodBeeblebrox says:

    crap, was just re-watching that movie last night.


  18. kidhenry1 says:

    To be honest, nobody really knows. They’ve gone from trying to slash salary to rumors of building a new arena.

    At this point it seems that Wang is willing to allow Mike Milbury to be aggressive and pursue what he needs, but doesn’t want to part with his prospects. I think that he’s trying to get the team younger and cheaper over the long run, but thinks the Isles have a chance this season.

  19. ju8686 says:

    Hehe … I was thinking more like Antero Nittymaki, Patrick Sharp, Dennis Seidenberg, a 1st and a 2nd for Ron Francis and Bret Hedican.

  20. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, and Berard has been terrible in his own end, so maybe don’t make that kind of statement without watching the guy play first.

  21. 1cheech4 says:

    Kovolev is elite, but from what I’ve read on other forums, Ranger fans Don’t make him sound like it would take a lot to get him. Fahey has top4 potental that he will reach (he’s only in the minors now ‘cuz Ron Wilson just loves having Ehrhoff with the team, IMO Fahey should be there instead).

  22. wheresthesoda says:

    now, your a flyers fan??

    and you want them to rebuild??

    are you out of your fucking mind. they have a hell of a team they should just be focusing on a stanley cup. god damn, if u want 2 rebuild start being a caps fan.

  23. wheresthesoda says:

    wow..i am impressed. about all of those deals make alot of sense. good work

  24. RangerBlue says:

    Problem with that is the Ducks gm said he aint dealing Carney.

  25. tr8der_info says:

    hmmm… I’d rather get Kolzik to Toronto instead of Brodeur. Did you see him play yesterday against Toronto? Smooth Hockey. lol. Anyways, why the trade for Gonchar is taking so long? Cause Toronto want’s to package him up with Kolzik.

  26. RangerBlue says:

    If the Caps deal Gonchar I doubt they deal Witt although alot of teams would love to get him, but they need a proven NHL defencemen around you know.

    Hill ain’t going nowhere. His wife is from the Carolina area, and does not want to leave and a player will listen to his wife before anything.

    Florida is looking for a top 2 defencemen so Kaberle would be someone they would want, but would it work im not sure?

    Johnson could have been claimed for his salary and no one did there is a reason why, but Kidd is not that impressive anyway.

  27. MODANOSTAR says:






    This would give the 3rd line some more grit and offense. and give teams a headache wondering which line to put their best defenders on.



    This could give dallas some offensive youth to develop into their system.



    I would love to have smyth, If not for his skill, then just to piss off my oilersfan roommate.

  28. GeniushockeyKID says:

    i dont know how but i forgot about kovelav!

    DET: Kovelav

    NYR: Jiri Fischer

  29. SelanneFan says:

    My friend there was a time were i thought Leaf fans were dumb but u r the biggest *****ing idiot in the world of hockey. Who do u think NHL GM’s are to trade away their superstars for bulshit players. This just proves my theory that Leaf fans r crackheads. What cracks me up is that u think these trades are likely to happen u must be *****ing insane. lets just use one of these “likely trades” as an example hmm… Rob Blake not just by himslef but with Forsberg AND a number one pick for 2 bs players and a number 7 pick WTF?????? y did u even post something so ridiculous i havent signed on here for like a year and i signed i just to repsond to something so retarted

  30. LeafsCrazy2430 says:

    OilersRush, he is not yet on the team. That was just a bug that they worked outta the system. But i’m pretty sure they’re gonna get him. He wantst to go there anyways and toronto is offering the better deals.

  31. Rotty says:

    I’m not much of a Johnson fan myself but he is much younger, fairly cheap and could be had for a lot less than a Kolzig, Fernandez, or even a Dunham. I just feel that The Leafs goaltending depth isn’t that great. If Belfour happens to go down again, It would be alot easier to have Johnson and Kidd in goal during the playoffs than Tellqvist and Kidd. It’s just that it seems that the Leafs will be giving alot of there future away to attain Gonchar alone, not to mention what it would cost to get a good goalie like Fernandez or Kolzig.

    As far as them getting Hill, not going to happen. He has his family living in Carolina and has a no trade clause in his contract and already stated he would not accept a trade to Toronto.

    Staios on the other hand would be great, I was going to include him in my trades list. The only problem is Lowe seems to think all his players are the next Gretzky. His asking price I imagine would be pretty steep, probably a draft pick and cash or a prospect.

  32. gobruins08 says:


    The Bruins need a over average defenceman that they can afford to keep for a few seasons (which is hard to do with Jeremy Jacobs isn’t it Mr. O’Connell). So these are some trades that I would make b4 march 9th.

    Players Wanted- Husalius, Witt, Odelin


    1) TO FLO:Hibert + Huml and 2nd rounder in 2005.

    TO BOS: Husalius+Odelin

    (depth on 2nd line and dman help)

    2) TO WAS: 2nd rounder in 2004 or 05

    TO BOS: Witt

    (more help where they need it)

    3) TO LA: O’Donnell

    TO BOS: 5th round pick in 2004

    (i’ve heard LA is interested in him, put him on waivers if a deal can’t be made – he’s almost as bad a Aki Berg!)

    Crazy and will never happen but good for all teams trades:

    TO TOR: Gonchar

    TO WAS: Jilson, Samsonov, Colovacio 1st round T.O pick

    TO BOS: Witt, Stajan, 2nd round WAS pick

    Crazier Trades that will never ever happen:

    TO BOS: Rob Blake

    TO COL: Tom Caron

    I know people want Francis…but boston doesn’t need centers!

    Anyway…go bruins

  33. argee says:

    Sounds like Gonchar

  34. nskerr says:

    I would rather go after a different defenseman than either of these two. Brendan Witt would be a younger more physical player that would be great with Niniimaa. Washingon would want a younger player in return, possibly either a Justin Papineau or a Justin Mapletoft.

  35. Lynchmob450 says:

    Get a life PRECIOUS!

  36. chanman says:

    If i was a leaf fan, I would probably swing a deal like sakic and selanne for Aki berg and wade belak, if colorado would toss in thier 1,2,and 3rd round pickes for the next 17 years. But i am from buffalo, and would like to see pavol dimetra come here, in a deal involving Brown, /cambell,/ and biron.

  37. dvast8 says:

    phaneuf plays for the rebels. brent sutters Major Jr. Team..

    And we all saw what phaneuf brings to calgary in the world jrs.

    Even if brent didnt own/gm/coach(lol i still think its funny he does it) that team, phaneuf likely would of came to calgary.

    He’s exactly a sutter player. He’s a Gauthier, without the give aways, and bad passing decisions.

    I love my fans but i hate gauthier, he takes too many risks with open ice hits, he’s a poor passer, and quite frankly he’s useless on the powerplay.

    and honestly what White did to him in the devils game, is what he deserved.

  38. dvast8 says:

    Calgary Flames

    To Calgary: Jeff Heerema & Jamie Lundmark
    To Rangers: Turkey.. err i mean Turek.

    To Calgary: Zach Parise(hah ya right) & Grant Marshall
    To NJD: Denis Gauthier (maybe he’ll learn how to play def. in devil land)

    Ottawa Senators

    To Ottawa: George Laraque
    To Edmonton: 3rd & 4th rounder with future considerations.

    Laraque is exactly what the sens need.
    They dont need a rob ray or a todd simpson.
    They need a tough guy who can play the game at least.
    Laraque would be the most perfect fit in ottawa.

    Toronto Maple Leafs

    To Leafs: Jason Smith
    To Oilers: Harold Drunken & 4th or 5th round pick.

  39. Byzz33 says:

    I hope this is all sarcasm.

  40. Byzz33 says:

    A pure question: what do you think of Brian Campbell’s play? I have him in a long-term pool and haven’t had the chance to see him playing yet. Thanks

  41. chanman says:

    I watch almost every sabres game, and cambell has established himself as a offensive-minded dman who is terrible in his own zone. he cannot stay with a forward who is mucking it up in the corners or behind his net. He has potential, but needs to put on some weight and get stronger to stop being embarresed almost every night.

    Not a good pool pick.

    glad 2 answer your question!

  42. SelanneFan says:

    seriously wtf right

  43. SelanneFan says:

    are u serious it probably took u forever to make this *****ing bullshit up this is the most ridiculous thing i have EVER read in my entire life… precious wtf are u gay or something

  44. spazmainia13 says:

    dude this guy is a habs fan.

    he was just joking

  45. SelanneFan says:

    i hope so, lol

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