Fans Speak Out: What deal would YOU do?

Ok, since March 9 is coming fast what better time than now to tell what deal you would make if you were GM of your favorite team.Here’s how it works: First you name your favorite team, then you list what part of their roster need to be upgraded and what Realistic deal(s) (oops, sounds like I just lost half of the Leafs fans!! Just kidding guys.) you would make being the GM.

I’ll go first:

Team: Montréal Canadiens

Situation: Since the Habs chances of winning the cup this year are next to none, I say why rent a player and compromise our future?? Let’s be honest, our first goal right now is to make the playoffs, and our little Stanley Cup would be to get past the 1st round. That’s it, we shouldn’t expect anything more. The team we’ll play against in the first round will have to take us very seriously unless we could upset them, end of the story. No Stanley Cup for us this year…

Needs: Solid D-men & Gritty Winger

Player I want the most: Ryan Smyth – EDM

Status: We won’t have him because Kevin Lowe will ask for AT LEAST future star Mike Komisarek and I’m not ready to let him go altough we’d need a guy like Smyth in Hab-town. It’d be tempting to let him go since Smyth is young and he is the power forward we are desperatly looking for but I personnally would stick to the plan and hang onto our “Scott Stevens with an offensive upside” defensemen.

As my trades, I first have to take into consideration what Bob Gainey said last week when asked about what he was looking for. He said: “We are looking for someone to stay with the team longer than just these playoffs, we are listening to every offer and if we have to we’ll ‘rent’ someone but it is not our plan”

Realistic trades:


To Calgary: Yanic Perreault-C, Karl Dykhuis-D, 4th Rounder.

To Montréal: Denis Gauthier-D.

The Perreault-for-Gauthier rumor just doesen’t seem to die and I won’t let it either!! Denis Gauthier is exactly the kind of defensemen we need: He is gritty, cocky, reliable and french-canadian. He is young (27), in his prime and could fill the #3-4 d-men spot in any average team in the league already. This would be an excellent deal for now and for the future at the same time.

On the other hand, Calgary would receive the best centermen at taking faceoffs in the NHL. Perreault has been placed on the 4th line for most of last month because of our overload of similar centers and hasn’t said a word. Even if he is an established veteran, he didn’t even asked to be traded: “I’ll do what’s best for the team” he said, “Be it play on the 4th line if it’s what the coach thinks is best”. He would compliment Jarome Iginla perfectly or could also be center of the second line in Calgary. Craig Conroy is rumoured to be on the market because of his contract ending this year, this could give some room to Calgary to swing a deal and get something interesting for Conroy. Dykhuis would be nothing more than a throw in player in this deal. Could be a 6th or 7th d-men, still can play in the NHL but he is nothing spectacular, you never have too much veteran d-men when entering the playoffs though, so he could help the kids of the Flames. Calgary also need all the draft picks they can receive so a 4th pick would be a nice addition to the deal.


To NYRangers: Ron Hainsey-D OR Marcel Hossa-LW

To Montréal: Matthew Barnaby-RW

The gritty, provocative winger every team would love to have when entering the Playoffs. Matthew Barnaby is one of the best at getting under players’ skin and isn’t bad at all offensively. Put him on a 3rd line and he’ll do wonders for your team! The Rangers are now on “Selling Mode” and will trade any high-priced veteran they can if they can receive a prospect in return. I’d ask Glen Sather if he is looking for a defensemen or a forward… If he says a d-men I’d propose him prospect Ron Hainsey, offensive minded d-men he isn’t affraid of leaving his position to join the rush. He already has an attitude that can be seen as a problem by some and a quality by others, but hey what’s adding one more ego to the Ranger locker room anyway? He could be compared to a Tom Poti kind of player. Has lots of potential but needs to work harder on his game.

If on the other hand Sather is looking for a forward, I’d propose Marian Hossa’s little brother: Marcel. The guy is young (23), big (6’2″ 215) and has all it takes to become a future power forward but lacks work ethics. He was set to become a regular this year and play alongside Saku Koivu, but lost his starting job to Michael Ryder who out of nowhere is now making a run at the Calder trophy. If taken care of, Hossa could be a great project to work on, but he has to gain some maturity first or else he’ll always play in the shadow of his older brother.

So that’s it, I wouldn’t do anything else if I was able to get those two guys. No need to go after all the Kovalev’s and Gonchar’s of the league. Our only hope by adding one of those top-players would be to go only one round further and it would cost us several good prospects anyway. Altough we are already one of the most loaded teams, prospects speaking, Bob Gainey shouldn’t do any stupid moves just to please the fans. We should enjoy these playoffs while it last and make a run for the cup as soon as the NHL resumes, we should then be one of the teams to beat in the NHL.

So go ahead and tell us what you’d do if you were the GM of your team!