Fan's View on Possible Leaf Moves

This post is purely speculation, as a true leafs fan this is what I believe is the best option for the buds for not only next year but for years to come.

This post is purely speculation, as a true leafs fan this is what I believe is the best option for the buds for not only next year but for years to come. Some, if not all of my ideal moves will be questioned but this happens no matter what. I will do my best to keep in mind the salary cap, by using figures from similar players to decide an appropriate amount awarded to signing new players.

With the recent acquisition of Mark Bell there have been a couple rumors that the Leafs would like to re-united Bell with former Chicago Blackhawk Kyle Calder. Calder who last season played in 78 games racking up 14 goals, 21 assists for a total of 35 points could come at a decent price and could be a good fit in the blue and white. Last year Calder was paid $2,950,000. He would most likely sign for around $1.75 to $2.5. Another first/second line winger that is speculated to sign with the leafs are Jason Blake and Todd Bertuzzi. Both are solid wingers, Bertuzzi has been in a downward spiral ever since the incident with Steve Moore but maybe a stint with buds could change that around. I do not think Blake is a good fit in with the leafs, mostly for person reasons which have nothing to do with his skill I just don’t want him playing for the leafs. 

I believe that Peca is going to be like Lindros was last year, a final option. I believe he will sign somewhere else, I think the leafs best bet is to sign Todd White. White is a good hardworking, defensive center like Peca who could come at a cheaper cost.


I also believe the leafs should try and get a skilled winger for Sundin to work with. Calder, Bertuzzi and Blake are all skilled but Mats needs to point getter to help take the pressures off of him. Which leads me to who I think the Leafs should pursue the most Ladislav Nagy. An offensive threat that plays the wing, I believe him and Sundin would make an amazing duo. If Nagy’s price is too high a possible second solution could be a Petr Sykora.


Finally, with the RFA’s being released today I think Toronto should make a stab at Michel Ouellet and/or Derek Roy. I think these young players are going to be leading point getters in the league for years too come.


Again, this is all pure speculation and I obviously don’t expect all of these moves to happen, maybe one or two of them at the most. But if I were in charge this is how I would want my roster next year to look.




Poni- Wellwood- Antropov

Ouellet- Stajan- Suglobov








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  1. future_agent says:

    i forgot to put tucker into the lineup…i would work him into the top two lines

  2. lukeleim says:

    what'd you do with tucker, pohl and devereaux? Suglobov is done in Toronto, maybe even the NHL. Sign Ouellet at what price? He's alright but I'd rather try my luck with Nagy. We only have enough room on the roster right now for 1 or 2 forwards. The current team looks like this:

    Ponikarovsky – Sundin – Antropov
    Bell – Wellwood – Tucker
    Steen – Stajan – Devereaux
    Kilger – Pohl – Belak
    Newbury – Williams – Ondrus

    Kaberle – Kubina
    Colaiacovo – McCabe
    Gill – White
    Wozniewksi – Kronwall
    Harrision – Stralman


  3. Hoondog2 says:

    Sign Bertuzzi, 2 years-3.5 per year
    trade McCabe for Trent Hunter, and a draft pick

    Bell                Sundin              Bertuzzi
    Antro.           Wellwood            Poni.
    Tucker            Stajan               Steen
    Kilger              Pohl                 Hunter

    Kaberle                  Kubina
    Colaiacovo              White
    Gill                        Kronwall


  4. Benson15 says:

    Suglobov signed in russia so he won't be playing for the leafs. What possibility of the leafs signing Karyia or Williams making the team. 

  5. fernz says:

    white iz not a forward and why sign calder we need a scoring forward he's a power forward, someone who can put the puck in the back of the net!

  6. habsrock99 says:

    what a load of crap. why put your most consistent scorer on the 3rd line for Todd White? God, Leaf fans are incredibly delusional. You get Andrew Raycroft and after the first game, you want him out. He almost made the playoffs for you last year and only had a hand full of bad games. He still won 35+ games. If the Leafs wouldn't of gotten Raycroft and they started with Tellqvist, Leaf fans everywhere woulda been like "JFJ shoulda got Raycroft, we woulda at least made a run for the play offs"

  7. Canuckspwn says:

    Todd White is indeed a forward.

    And if you assumed he meant the Ian White that plays on the leafs, you should have read the whole article,before posting a comment.

  8. 42wellwood42 says:

    To Toronto: Ilya Kovalchuk
    To Atlanta: Mats Sundin, Bryan McCabe


  9. leafmeister says:

    Is your goalies in any perticular order because Vesa should be the starter.

  10. DJTOKid says:

    1)I would sign LW Kozlov(atl) to a 1 year 4m contract
    2)I would sign D Skoula(min) to a 2 yer 5m contract-2.5per yer
    3)I would trade D McCabe to NYI for RW Satan, and whatever picks I could get.

    Current roster 22 players @ 43.866mil
    After transactions 24players@49.166mil

    Some explanation… Kozlov is a pure winger, which the Leafs need, he's playing maybe the best hockey of his career. He is AWSOME at the shoot out, which the Leafs need and a one year commitment is great for the Leafs. Skoula is to replace McCabe, not completely, but defensively Skoula is alot more sound. Plus Colaiacovo and Kubina can pick up the offensive slack that they will miss from McCabe. None of this works of course with out the trade. New York has nothin I want except for Satan and draft picks and if I couldn't get them then I would rather keep McCabe. Satan would be a free agent after the upcoming season, think about that for a second. Satan 4.5mil, Kozlov 4mil, Sundin 5.5mil, and Toskola 1.375. That totals 15.375mil in cap space, and yes you have to replace those players if they leave, but the Leafs could afford anyone they want on the market.

    So my line ups would be…

    Kozlov          Sundin           Satan
    Antropov       Wellwood       Ponikarovsky
    Tucker          Bell                Steen
    Kilger           Stajan            Deveroux
    Ex: Pohl, Newbury, Williams, Tlusty

    Kaberle     Colaiacovo
    Kubina       Skoula
    Gill            White
    Ex: Kronwall, Belak, Woznewski, Harrison, Stralman

    Ex: Pogge

    Shootout line up would look something like…
    1) Satan
    2) Sundin
    3) Kozlov
    imagine those three every time theres a shoot out. The Leafs would definetly do a 180 in the shooout department.
    This is of course just what I think the Leafs should do to be the bst they can be next year. I don't hink it's too unrealistic as well, other then the trade maybe being difficult to pull off it's pretty reasonable.

  11. leafsfanforever13 says:

    Man, I agree completely. I'm a leaf fan but we have to stop ragging on Raycroft, he actually did well in net for Toronto last year. It just seems that if he was on his game, he was really on his game.. or if he was off, he was REALLY off. I'm glad we got Toskala to help Raycroft out.. Raycroft was forced to play too many games last year. Can't wait for next year and the new lineup.

  12. Penssuck says:

    What does Toronto to do players that every year there is at least one that doesn't want to return?  This year Peca doesn't want to return, nor do they want him back.  Him and Lindros dreamed of playing for the leafs, and after 1 year both were gone.  Speaks loads to the management and the way they treat their players.

    Who'd want to play in Toronto?

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    SAMSONOV, KOVALEV, BOTH said they did't enjoy playing for the habs.

    Lindros wanted to resign, and JFJ didnt want him.
    Peca wants to resign with the leafs, and it remains to be seen whether he will resign.

    please keep your stupid, and horribly inacurate comments to yourself

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Let O'neill, Perreault, Green, Aubin walk.

    Peca 1 year 2.5 mil
    Battaglia 1 year 0.5 mil

    Send down

    Sign Guerin 1 yaer 4 mil




    Total salary cap hit (including past buyouts) 48 mil

  15. Penssuck says:

    Peca just came out publicy and said he doesn't want to return to the leafs.  I'm no hab fan, if that is what you were implying.  Seems a lot of players hate playing in the eastern side of canada.

    So please keep your stupid retorts to yourself.  I know its hard to think logically being a leaf fan, but you can at least try.

  16. the_next_agent says:

    The last thing i want the leafs to do is to get jason blake, this guy is 34 and is the most overrated player in this years free agent market.  I say we get Milan Hejduk from Colorada for Pavel Kubina and Matt Stajan and maybe one of our many young dman.  This move will finally get Sundin a qaulity winger and it frees up some cap space.  Kubina may have a NTC but when your team doesnt want you, youd probably waive it.  We should also try to resign Peca to a 1 year deal worth 1.5-2million, when he was with us we were top 15 in the PK and with Bell and Toskala part of the mix now we can safely assume that will might possibly have top 10 or top 5 Pk in the entire league.  We should also go after Bertuzzi at around 3.5 a year, 2 years max, hed give us a top5 power forward every team needs.  Our lineup would look something like

    Hejduk             Tucker             Antropov        Kilger
    Sundin             Wellwood         Peca              Pohl
    Ponikarovsky    Bertuzzi           Steen             Bell
    McCabe            Kaberla           Gill
    Colaiacovo        kronwall          White              Raycroft 

    now how many teams do you know that can role all 4 lines like that other than the the Ducks and Sens and look where they ended up.  im not sayin a stanley cup but i am saying a deep playoff run.  GO LEAFS GO

    and for all you leaf haters that say this wont happen, Bertuzzi has said he would love to play in Toronto and Hejduk, he was supposed to come here on the trade deadline anyways

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    link??? Peca never said that. you come on to a *****ing leaf board and make up a *****ing rumor like that.

    Players dont want to play for the HABS because carbs is a dick. Players dont want to play for the OILERS because… well if you've been to edmonton in the winter you know why. HOWEVER, as something like 35% of all NHLers were born in southern ontario, MANY players want to play for the leafs.

  18. andrizle says:

    first of all the leafs need to get rid of McCabe. i still cant believe that they offered the dumbass a 7.15 mill contract. Trade him away to any team that acceots an offer. the islanders seem like a good suit for mccabe and the leafs should try and get Trent Hunter in Return. This would clear up 6 mill in salaray space. Of course now the leafs would need to get a defencemen. I suggest going after Brian Rafalski at 4 mill including hunter in the trade. The leafs second bigest need is a winger for Mats. Sundin is a world class player and it kills me to watch him every season wasting his talent. Kariya would be a great suit at 4.5 mill along with a Chris Drury for 3.5 . Getting rid of Peca will also free up some cap space and i also suggest getting rid of battaglia, oneill, travis green and perrault for some cap space. My team would look like: Kariya Sundin Steen / Tucker Drury Wellwood / Poni Antropov Bell/ Pohl Stajan Kilger  (Defence)  Kaberle Colaiacovo / Rafalski Kubina / White Gill (Goalies) Toskala and Raycroft 

  19. wielerj says:

    did you say "racking up" 35 points?  i don't know about you, but i don't consider 35 points to be in the "racking up" category.  i'd call that a flop.  he did finish the regular season fairly well but god, he was a complete bust in the playoffs… a healthy scratch toward the end.  it's bad enough that we're rolling the dice with bell… who, by the way, like his buddy calder, was also a healthy scratch during the playoffs… these are the games that COUNT… kyle calder, no thanks.  we've got enough kyle calders to figure out… and why do you have white playing both centre and d?  suglabov?  really, now.  i mean c'mon.  at some point during this post i genuinely thought that this was a joke… suglabov won't even play for the marlies next year, let alone the leafs.   maybe somebody can actually shed some light on his situation… is he playing overseas next year?

    anyway, the whole suglabov topic leads me to one of my most pronounced frustrations with jfj…

    man, i'm so tired of taking chances on players that failed MISERABLY in other environments and in most cases, only one year previous to being leafs… the list goes on and on – i understand that taking risks is a vital and cumpulsory element in any  general management position – i mean you want a guy to take a risk, it's exciting – but how many times… that's my problem with calder, bell, suglabov (lou is still laughing about that one), lindros, allison, onelll, raycroft… on and on… enough is enough…  no more wishing jfj, no more fingers crossed, no more "let's hope this pans out", no more "what if"…. you did well with toskala, i think… keep it up.  
    get us a smyth…. or get us a kariya… just get us a damned player that can play with sundin… for once! that's it.  that's all.  bring us a bonafide nhl player that we know is going to make an impact.  granted, you can't be right all of the time and sometimes the odds backfire… but c'mon now… be smart dammit.  smart. that's it. that's all.
  20. wielerj says:

    sorry pal, mccabe, we're stuck with him.  i figure mccabe's probably overpaid by about two million but what can ya do?  nothing, in this case.  and hey, drury, 3.5?  no way.  try 6.5.  battaglia oneill travs green and perreault… yeah, they're definitely gone… peca too… howard berger has an article on peca at  check it.  

  21. wielerj says:

    yeah, listen:

    lindros sucks and peca's skills are sliding fast.  like howard berger says, peca's skills can be replaced easily but his desire and heart can't.  
    get smyth.  problem solved.  
  22. Glucker says:

    why would you put  Calder and Suglobov on the team and leave out Tucker and Pohl :|… I'm confused….

    annyyywho… I would like to see this, myself, next year
    trade McCabe for Smyth's rights
    sign Smyth to a 6.5 M contract…that puts us at about 44M
    re-up Peca, 2.5, that puts us at 46.5
    Smyth Sundin Wellwood
    Antropov Bell Ponikarovsky(Sky Line MK 2 :P)
    Tucker Peca Kilger (gritty line, gritty goals)
    Pohl Stajan Steen (could easily be a 3rd line on any good team, a second on crappier teams)

    Kubina Kaberle
    Colaiacovo Kronwall
    Gill White


    come on, you know its a good team

  23. Glucker says:

    Smyth Sundin Tucker
      Kaberle   Kubina
    Wellwood Peca Ponikarovsky
       Colaiacovo White

    Smyth Peca
       Kaberle Kubina

    Ponikarovsky Antropov
           Colaiacovo     Gill
    (yes, other then Colaiacovo it is a slow line, but, playing a tight box, would be very effective… it's a very big line, not many shots would get through a tight box)

  24. Glucker says:

    its funny when ppl don't know what they're talking about… McCabe's salary is only worth 5.75… and Drury won't be getting below 6… and even without those mistakes.. your team is still over the cap I believe…

  25. Glucker says:

    and bell is a defenseman and kaberle plays on carolina… your point?

  26. Glucker says:

    yea, he won 37 games… in 72 starts. he's not a bad goaltender, but they played him WAAYYYY too much. he's a butterfly goaltender, you can't tire their kind out

  27. Glucker says:

    I would cry to, why do you want to move Sundin:S

  28. Glucker says:

    "It's sort of like the situation with Eric Lindros last year," said Peca. "He was also a Toronto kid who dreamed of playing for the Leafs and he obviously wanted to do more for the team. But, the organization looked at him differently after he got injured and he went somewhere else [to Dallas]. For me, it's the same scenario."

    "To be honest, I'm feeling great and I'm ready to take on more responsibility than I had with the Leafs," he said. "I'm physically and mentally prepared to handle the kind of role I had in Edmonton two years ago, when I played in all situations, including the powerplay. Is that going to happen for me in Toronto? Probably not. So, I'm set to move on, and it looks like the Leafs are as well."

    "I don't expect to be back with the Leafs," Peca told me earlier today from his home in Buffalo. "In my after-the-season meetings in April, I got the feeling the team didn't want me to return, and I have the same feeling today. My agent [Don Meehan] talked briefly with John Ferguson a week before the draft and John said he had some other things to look after. To my knowledge, he hasn't called Donny back and I don't expect him to."

    those are all found here:

    it's sad, at first he wanted to re-sign, but I don't think the negotiations where going too well… which led to this

  29. Glucker says:

    The Leafs didn't want to re-sign Lindros, and I think talks broke down between Peca and MLSE due to his injuries…they probably wanted to pay him too little.

    and look at how long some of our players have been on the team, at or around a decade, with Sundin being here 12 going on 13 years… clearly we treat our boys right.

    I win, you loose, give me a philly cheese steak 😛

  30. Glucker says:

    Suglabov was released and sent over to Russia… he had potential, the poor guy, just couldn't adapt to the NA style of play… he's probably gonna tear it up in the RSL and ppl are gonna wonder why we let him go 😛

  31. Canuckspwn says:

    Don't be a smart a**

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hockeybuzz aint reliable.

    granted JFJ is probably still mulling whether or not he wants to bring him back.

  33. leafmeister says:


    PP1 Smyth-Sundin-Tucker-Kaberle-Kubina
    PP2 Antro-Wellwood-Poni-Colaiacovo-White
    PK1 Peca-Kilger-Gill-Kaberle
    PK2 Stajan-Steen-Colaiacovo-Kubina

  34. 42wellwood42 says:

    Because you need to give up a lot for Kovalchuk and Sundin and McCabe good maybe even add in a 2nd round pick in 08.

  35. 42wellwood42 says:

    To Toronto: Ilya Kovalchuk
    To Atlanta: Mats Sundin, Bryan McCabe, Chad Kilger

    To Toronto: Nikolai Zherdev
    To Columbus: Nik Antropov, Andy Wozniewski

    To Toronto: Ryan Malone
    To Pittsburgh: Hal Gill, Boyd Devereaux, 3rd Round Draft Pick

    Sign Michael Ouellet 2 years, 1 million per.

    Kovalchuk Wellwood Zherdev
    Malone Stajan Steen
    Tucker Bell Ponikarovsky
    Ouellet Pohl Gamache

    Kaberle Kubina
    McCabe Colaiacovo
    White Stralman


    Cap: 42.6 million

  36. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    that team is better defensively than last years club, but wouldn't score as many goals.

  37. Glucker says:

    really cant help it:P

  38. Glucker says:

    i wouldn't trade sundin for him, I'd find a way to get Sundin to center him… now you know that would be awesome

  39. Glucker says:

    ok, well sportsnet connected said the same thing 2day… those are Howard Berger's quotes, when its stuff like that, it's accurate

  40. Glucker says:

    buddy, anttopov and ponikarovsky are excellent on the PK…really underrated there

  41. 42wellwood42 says:

    My bad I put McCabe in the lines 😛

    Defence would be like this

    Kaberle Stralman
    Kubina Colaiacovo
    White Kronwall


  42. the_next_agent says:

    heres what the leafs should do
    To Pheonix: Williams, Woznieski, 2nd round 08 
    To Leafs: Boynton

    To Islanders: McCabe
    To Leafs: Draft Picks

    these trades will free up 4 million in cap space

    Sign: Kariya 3 year deal worth 4.75 a season
            Calder 2 year deal worth 2.50 a season

    Kariya       Tucker          Bell            Ponikarovsky
    Sundin      Wellwood      Stajan        Pohl
    Steen        Kilger           Calder        Antropov
    Kaberla     Boynton        Gill
    Kubina      Colaiacovo    White        Raycroft

    We dont need Smyth at 6.5 a year when we have tucker at 3 a year and Blake aint that good for his potential salary.

    this team is a serious playoff team and with the extra draft picks will be amazing for years to come


  43. the_next_agent says:

    I wrote this before and i want to change it up.  I think Kubina is gonna stay he became better than mcCabe at the end of season so heres what i think should happen

    to Leafs: Witt or Draft Picks
    to Islanders: McCabe

    To Coyotes: Williams, Kronwall, 2nd or 3rd round in 08
    to Leafs:Boynton

    Sign: Kariya 3 year deal paying him 4.75 a year
            Calder 2 year deal paying him 2.50 a year

    With these deals the leafs will finally get a defencive defencman and a skilled winger to play with Mats, they might get a few draft picks we lost with the sharks trade and aswell a 50 pts a season guy.

    Kariya           Tucker               Bell                Ponikarovsky
    Sundin          Wellwood           Stajan            Pohl
    Steen            Kilger                Calder            Antropov
    Kubina          Boynton             Gill
    Kaberla         Colaiacovo          White             Raycroft

    The leafs have never been able to role 4 lines like this before this is going to be a great season for the Leafs. GO LEAFS GO

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