Fantasy Free Agents

So I’m sitting bored at work at midnight unable to go home until my boss has (Why should we care I hear you ask – well its just the start of a post so gloss over and continue).Where was I. Ah yes, bored at work. So I figured I’ll kill a few minutes by playing with the free agent lists: if I was GM of an expansion team and had the current free agency market to pick from what sort of team could I come up with (excluding Group II’s obviously). Stay with me here, I know I’ve left reality but its late so give me a break.

Well here’s what I came up with:

Eloranta – Yzerman – Hlavac

Domenicelli – Nieuwendyk – Hoglund

McCarthy – Gilmour – Svardvadet

Buchberger – Larionov – Westlund

There really are no wingers left are there. Anyway on to defence (a bit more choice here):

Tverdovsky – Yushkevich

Woolley – Klee

Housley – Johansson

Hell, thats better than the Leafs have at the moment.

Goalie is a no brainer really, Potvin obviously and I went for Skudra as back-up.

So any advance on that or did I miss anyone I should have spotted in my semi-comatose state?