Fantasy Free Agents

So I’m sitting bored at work at midnight unable to go home until my boss has (Why should we care I hear you ask – well its just the start of a post so gloss over and continue).Where was I. Ah yes, bored at work. So I figured I’ll kill a few minutes by playing with the free agent lists: if I was GM of an expansion team and had the current free agency market to pick from what sort of team could I come up with (excluding Group II’s obviously). Stay with me here, I know I’ve left reality but its late so give me a break.

Well here’s what I came up with:

Eloranta – Yzerman – Hlavac

Domenicelli – Nieuwendyk – Hoglund

McCarthy – Gilmour – Svardvadet

Buchberger – Larionov – Westlund

There really are no wingers left are there. Anyway on to defence (a bit more choice here):

Tverdovsky – Yushkevich

Woolley – Klee

Housley – Johansson

Hell, thats better than the Leafs have at the moment.

Goalie is a no brainer really, Potvin obviously and I went for Skudra as back-up.

So any advance on that or did I miss anyone I should have spotted in my semi-comatose state?

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  1. beefer says:

    You forgot about Arvedson. There’s a winger you missed.

  2. trademan says:

    Hey what about Baron he is a great d-man

  3. Rampage_Winger says:

    Woolley and Yzerman are back in the Wings’ fold. Hnat Dominichelli is going to Europe. When was this written?

  4. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Were Turco or Khabibulin ever signed, or are they group II’s?

  5. leafs2003champs says:

    I think turco signed I aint sure about the wall I didnt even know he was a RFA

  6. jon95616 says:


  7. Brigand says:

    I was going by the list on and according to that they are still listed as free agents.

  8. Domi says:

    Svartvadet has signed for Modo in the Swedish Elite League (a 5-year contract). Johansson has retired and will work as a scout for the Capitals.

  9. BosBrn77 says:

    Since Yzerman is not available, add in either Oates or Muller. Woolley is out, but Odelein is in. And you left out Arvedson(as others have already noted), Berezin, Rucinsky, and Graves.

    Also, due to Larionovs age, I would grab R. Robitaille instead. And I might grab Hircsh instead of Skudra as a back up.

    Congrats though… nice list!

  10. Infu says:

    I dont know but this is just off the top of my head…

    1.Thomas Nieuwendyk MCeachern

    2.Berezin Oates Yachmenev

    3.Graves Gilmour Hlavac

    4.Arvedson Messier Dahlen

    1. Housely Baron

    2. Johansson Klee

    3. Tverdovski Yushkevich

    1.Potvin 2.Skudra

    Offensive Line

    1. Thomas and Nieuwendyk are both aging but the presence of MCeachern will remind them both of a how they played when they were younger. Shawn has leadership and is good defensively, kind of what Steve and Joe’s game now revolves around.

    2. Oates is an incredible passer and having Berezin and Yachmenev on his line who both love to shoot would probably create this line to score the most points of any other line on this team (if they were an actual team)

    3 and 4 I just put together, my idea of the best possible players left that are UFA’s.

    Defensive Pairings

    1. Housely is ofensively minded and has been getting caught ( end of last season with the Leafs) and Baron is a great defensive player having a +10 rating last year

    2. Johanssen and Klee played together in Washington…. what more can I say.

    3. Yushky and Tverdovski are complete opposites of eachother, Oleg loves to join the rush, while you will only find Yushky in the defensive zone or at the point.


    1. Potvin- I still think that Potvin i a mediocre goalie, but honestly, wayyyyyyyyyy better than Skudra…

    What you think…

  11. Motherpucker says:

    You need a new job

  12. pantherboy says:

    Baron? geez :>

  13. big_booty says:

    Hey Homer, you want some beer to wash down your donuts? Mmmmm…..donuts….

  14. kidhenry1 says:

    i think he just wants to be traded

  15. mattf says:

    this is dumb article, and compared to leafs management, you are also dumb

    eloranta and hlavac? would they even make first line on any nhl team

  16. Tradedude says:

    No. And they aren’t expected to. There are FREE AGENTS, not the mats sundins, and the brendan shanahans buddy.

  17. GilaMonster says:

    potvin isnt mediocore hes a hell of a lot better than a lot of other goalies in the league.its pretty funny if you think about it he was run out of To when they got joseph but id take potvin over him now.

  18. Enigma says:

    steve thomas….i’d take him over hoglund in a heart beat.

  19. still_fly72 says:

    good article, but skudra has elected to play in, i believe russia this season.

  20. still_fly72 says:

    By the way, Baron is washed up and if the Canucks end up signing him it better be for cheap, 1.5 Million max. What’s all this buzz about Burke having 14 Million bucks ???

  21. Sabresfan1 says:

    Skudra had signed with a russian team, so take him off your list.

  22. Domi says:

    HE has also signed for a Swedish team. SO take him of the list as well

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