Fantasy Impact: Edmonton's Dealings

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The Edmonton Oilers swung a pair of deals Thursday, picking up a pair of defensemen with some offensive talent.

First, they sent winger Jani Rita and defenseman Cory Cross to Pittsburgh in exchange for Dick Tarnstrom. Afterwards, they sent prospect Tony Salmelainen to the Chicago Blackhawks for defenseman Jaroslav Spacek.

Edmonton: Rita had become a spare part, and Cross’ impact upon his arrival last year had worn off this year and he was a number five defenseman at best. What they got in return was an injury-prone offensive specialist, who may fit in with their run and gun style, but I doubt it. He is not a MacTavish player, and I have read in some fantasy columns that this is a good thing for Tarnstrom owners. I’m saying if you’re a Tarnstrom owner and other people are reading those columns, than see what you can get for him from those other people. His immediate impact may be decent, but I think fifteen games in, if he’s not hurt, he’ll be benched. Tony Salmelainen, currently ranked 50th on my fantasy prospect rank, is a decent prospect with offensive potential. I think the Oilers did this deal in case Tarnstrom does what I said he would do just a couple of sentences ago. I think Spacek will flourish in Edmonton.

Pittsburgh: Picked up some size on the point, which they needed, and a solid two-way prospect who is still young enough to do something decent in the NHL. Don’t run out and pick up Rita yet, but if you already own him this trade should be seen as good news.

Chicago: In Salmelainen, they basically got another Yakubov, Hilbert, Vrbata, Vorobiev…just another decent prospect with a lot of upside and equal downside. The above four players still haven’t proven themselves yet, although Vrbata is closest to impressing me.

Fantasy Players Impacted: I think Spacek will benefit the most, followed by Pittsburgh’s Ric Jackman. You know – that guy that keeps getting benched. Now there is one less player ahead of him on the offensive defenseman depth chart.

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19 Responses to Fantasy Impact: Edmonton's Dealings

  1. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    Holy Sh*t get rid of Belfour please

    Trade him to Anaheim for Giguere

    What an embarrasment tonight 7 games pshhh!!

    Belfour- they have bryslakov, and are planning on trading giguere..

    Antropov-they need depth at center

    Klee-they can use klee in exchange with salei

    2nd rounder




  2. BeLeaFeR28 says:


    Belfour and Lindros to Edmonton for Ales Hemsky

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    HAHAHA!!!!! You have got to be *****ing joking. Like the Edmonton Oilers are going to trade Ales Hemsky to the Toronto Maple Laughs for injury prone and suck ass Eric Lindros and a goalie who is 40+, well past his prime, has a bad back, and just lost 7 games in a row…………….Kevin Lowe makes smart trades to help the Oiler’s organization, and not DUMB ASS trades to hurt the Oilers. The Leafs have nothing the Oilers would want to give up a great talent like Hemsky.


  4. skidragoon says:

    stfu ur team lost to a team full of injuries, then u go around calling it a fluke u a are a *****ing moron dont post anymore bull shit here and these aren’t only my thoughts smartass

  5. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Use whatever excuse you need. The Leafs have lost 7 in a row, just as the Oilers did at the start of the season. It can happen to ANY team, as I said at the start of the season. All teams have injuries, so you can’t use that as an excuse…………I don’t know what your problem is. Do you seriously think that the Oilers would take Lindros and Belfour for Hemsky? If you believe this, than you’ve just proven you’re a delusional Toronto Maple Laughs fan.

  6. Scruffy05 says:

    Why would Anahiem want a goalie who can’t stop the puck? If you say they are planning on going with Bryzgalov then Giguere won’t be traded for another starting goalie…

    Yes they need depth at centre, but why the hell would they want Antropov? He is a two way centre with 13 points. They already have Marchant and Niedermeyer, they have no need for Antropov; especially not for a million dollars.

    If they can use Klee in exchange for Salei, why the hell not just keep Salei and save the change to the lockeroom? Salei is a very personable player and great with the rookies… Klee is a fragile defensmen with legs of lead that is having trouble adapting to the new game.

    What was the second rounder for? Sweetening? With Lupul, Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan and Smid what the hell do they need another mediocre (only second round) prospect for?

    You can’t trade s*** into gold.

    People think about your trade proposals… put some common sense into them and realize, first of all, that a 5 player trade where all 5 of the names are roster players are VERY rare. Usually it is the small trades and when it comes to tweaking alineup, a little can go a long freakin’ way.

    Every team has slag they want to get rid of, but it is just not that easy. Especially not now.

  7. Scruffy05 says:

    he gets a little defensive at times.

    rough week in the office?

  8. Scruffy05 says:

    Oilers need a goalie but they need one who… you know… wins.

    Also with the addition of Spacek and Tarnstrom we’ll have to see how the dynamic on defense changes and wether or not they still require a goalie. I know both Dick and Jaroslav are offensive defensemen but these trades can change the whole look of the defensive core and in turn make the goalie shine…

  9. BeLeaFeR28 says:


    Belfour and Kronwall, and antropov


    Joseph and Morris

  10. BeLeaFeR28 says:








  11. Kraftster says:

    haha nicely put.

  12. skidragoon says:

    this one will never pull through its a dream trade but the phx one didnt sound so bad

  13. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    Well maybe we could add a pick and another prospect

  14. BeLeaFeR28 says:


    Allison-Nashville needs #1 center to play with sullivan and kariya

    Klee- more Defensive defenseman

    Kronwall-future Dman with potential

    Aubin- need a backup in back of Vokoun, instead of Mason

    2nd round, and 3rd round- If necessary.

    To Nashville for:

    Markov-Needs to come back to Toronto, love the way he plays

    Zidlicky- pair him with a defensive dman and he’ll flourish on the PP also




  15. FLAMESOWNU says:

    who really wants hemsky?? the guy has no heart

  16. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Have you watched Hemsky play at all? I know you’re trying to piss me off, but seriously, have you watched him play? He plays hard every night, and the results are showing this season. If you’re serious that you honestly think that Hemsky plays without heart, then give me a reason why you think that.

    Trust me, if the Flamers had drafted and held onto Hemsky, you’d be singing a different tune.

  17. dcz28 says:

    Why would Nashville make trades like that to make their defense weaker when they are fighting for top spot in the west? makes no sense what so ever…like any other contender they will be looking to add without giving up much from their current roster so the chemistry remains… not blow up their roster to help the Leafs

  18. Realistic says:

    California dreaming my man…you give us Leaf fans a bad name with your inane arguments and ridiculous trade fantasies — do you have pipe lips yet from sucking on the glass d*ck? (because you must be smoking crack to think Burke would make this trade)

  19. Realistic says:

    or, or, or…insert any players name…man, go buy NHL 06 and offer the trades on that game instead of posting all these trades you think will work. They aren’t bad trades, but they won’t happen, so why bother!

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