Fantasy Rankings!

By … JoelLeafs

Well, the season is set to start with puck dropping around the league on the 15th. With that, I’m sure many of us are scrambling around to organize our fantasy leagues. In the spirit I thought we should have a discussion around the anticipated best of every position.

I’m making the assumption that we’re going off points, PPP, face offs, PIMs, hits, and the usual goalie stats.

Here’s my take:

Quick – Does anyone look as stable on a good team as Quick?

Lundqvist – nothing needed here, it’s Lundqvist

Howard – maybe not in too many top 3s but he’s on a stable team that didn’t change too much and know their system

Schneider – a short one, but likely his first full season and the Canucks are still a very good team

Stamkos – well, obviously.

Crosby – despite all that happened last year and his lengthy absence from play, hard not to go with best player in the world™

Giroux – I just love watching him play. He was still leading the playoff scoring two rounds after being eliminated. Beast

Spezza/Hank Sedin – couldn’t pick between these two. Tavares or Seguin might step up too, but hard to put them above the established group above

Zetteberg – again, on a stable team and he happens to be one of the most talented and creative players of this generation

Parise – a bit of a risk going at number 2, but he could have a huge year in his new home

Kovlachuk – with the departure of the above teammate he’ll have to step up for the devils to succeed. Remember all those years in Atlanta? Yeah, he’s good when he’s got a team on his back

Ovechkin – comeback year? Sure hope so. Plus, if you have hits in your league he’s a huge bonus.

Perry – contract year and a short season with familiar faces. With some questions in net, you know his team will be all out offense.

Kessel – F you, I’m a Leafs fan. He’s been consistent and doesn’t seem to get injured.

Iginla – Calgary has stated they don’t want to rebuild. A shorter season might be just what an aging iggy needs to really put up big numbers

Neal – He’s got some talent around him…

Karlsson – I kind of doubt he can repeat last year, but hey, I live in Ottawa now, gotta root on the home town boys

Chara – it’s Chara. He breaths fire

Suter – new digs in his hometown with an upgraded team.

Weber – his playoff beard still haunts my dreams