Favorite hockey clips

I was watching OTR with Bob Probert today and it got me in the mood to see more of my favorite fighter of all time when i came across a video on youtube.com that i had never seen before of Yzerman fighting one of Buffalo’s enforcers.

That video gave me a lot more respect for Yzerman because even though he was a young skilled guy at the time he didn’t back down from the challenge although i think Barrasso learned a valuable lesson in that brawl too…don’t get in Probert’s way when a player goes after Yzerman!

Here is the link to this video:


Another of my favorite would have to be the brawl between the Sens and Flyers. For any hockey fan that like fights like i do this game was great and very fun to watch. I know Sens and Flyers fans have argued who won what fight in that game and some didn’t get to see what went down in that game so here is the link to get a taste of that brawl and maybe clear up who won against who for Sens and Flyers fans:


As a Wings fan i have to give a link to the Brawl of March 26 1997 since that was the turning point from the Wings being playoff chokers to stanley cup winners and one of my favorite games of all time:


Now i know all my links are to fights/brawls and hockey is more then just fighting but i just wanted to see what other fans consider their favorite videos and maybe get some discussions on something other then Malkin and Carter blowing their nose stories.

Feel free to post links to your favorite hockey clips and videos so that other fan can enjoy what they might have missed or what fans might enjoy seeing from the great game that is hockey.

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  1. tancred says:

    Thanks for linking to that. Scott Stevens is just plain awesome. Probably my favorite player. And most certainly not an idiot as some here claim.

  2. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I was quite young, so i forget all the details, so thank you for filling in the gaps.

  3. ranford4life says:

    Right on. Best Post yet on this site! Neely invented the power forward. The only guy since Neely that even begins to compare in all-round on-ice capability is Lindros. However, off-ice, Neely was and is twice the man Lindros was,is,and ever will be.

  4. habsoverserver says:

    msg fans love this old commercial


  5. Bootknocker says:

    The second best part of that clip, is the scoreboard 🙂

  6. TheHoundLine says:

    Don’t worry, Tucker won’t be showing up in a Habs uniform anytime soon except maybe on Hallowe’en if he decides to go trick or treating as a spineless jellyfish. LOL!

    now that’s a cheap shot!!!

    C’mon Habs fans. Stop being blinded by your hatred for all things Leaf. There are certain Hab players that Leaf fans would welcome with open arms at any time.

    First and foremost — ex-Hab Darcy Tucker comes to mind. LOL Ok, seriously I’m trying to think of some hated Habs that Leaf fans would welcome. Come to think of it — there aren’t any Habs that a Leaf fan can work up a good hate for. Kinda sad that the rivalry is deteriorating to such an alarming extent over the past few years. Thankfully there’s always Darcy Tucker to fan the flames and keep the rivalry going. How can you not love the guy for that?

    P.S. The Oilers and Flames would both trade for Tucker in a heartbeat if they thought they could pry him away from Toronto. Personally, I’d do the deal is Jarret Stoll were coming the other way.

  7. TheHoundLine says:

    this would be pure folly

    Spezza’s greatest talent (the no-look between the legs drop pass) would be completely nullified by the fact the Iginla spends most of his time in the trenches in front of the other team’s net. And that’s where Iggy scores a ton of his goals.

    Brodeur is getting too long in the teeth to build around

    much better to go with a young goalie like Ward or Luongo

    just my opinion though

  8. rcichard03 says:

    great artical

  9. rcichard03 says:

    the next stevens is dion phenuef


    check it out it shows he can score fight and definatly HIT

  10. habswinthecup-again says:

    Here is a good one for both the Habs and Leafs


  11. Habroller says:

    I’d go for Steen, Kaberle, and maybe Suglubov any day…But that’s about it!

  12. habsoverserver says:

    Bobby Orr

    the overtime stanley cup winner diving through the crease


    one of the greatest passes of all time


    orr tribute video


  13. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Notice the “some” part of that… Seriously, ever since his nice mocking abilities in 2003-04 playoffs, I have lost complete respect for him, not that I had much to begin with.

    And for the person who said that my favorite hit was the McLaren hit being sick, that’s coming from a fan of the town who booed the American national anthem. You guys must have a lot more class than me. I love watching my Big Bad Bruins beat up on the Habs, that’s my reason for loving that hit, what’s your reason for booing the national anthem?

  14. tancred says:

    I’m not even a Rangers fan, but I love that clip! I’ve liked Malik ever since he was with Carolina. And yep, he’s not really a scorer. Which is why the look on his face after he scores is priceless. He’s like, “Yeah, you all didn’t think I could do it, did ya!?”

    You have to feel for Kolzig on that one. You could tell he’s mad, but the way that game was so crazy and fun, you’d think he had to go up to Malik soon after, and give him a huge pat on the back. Maybe even be able to laugh about it. Awesome goal!

  15. Garny says:

    people who i would ant from toronto…hmmm lets see the pool is shallow…sundin, harrison, kaberle and steen…thats it…..people who i would shoot myslef if they got…tucker, wellwood, mccabe,gill, raycroft

  16. Garny says:

    Mario Lemieux brawld are always good because once he gets loose LOOK OUT!!!!!


  17. dcz28 says:

    Just saw this clip and i’m not sure who the teams are (junior hockey) but this brawl really gets out of control…it’s in french:


  18. dcz28 says:

    Thanks…i just wanted to post something that would get people talking and maybe see videos that others find worth seeing.

  19. dcz28 says:

    I think they should have put the Aerosmith song “Rag Doll” for this clip…it would have been perfect for this fight lol

  20. tancred says:

    Wow, Lemieux must really dislike the Capitals! ;D

  21. TheHoundLine says:

    hmmm, let’s see… current Habs blueliners that can hold Bryan McCabe’s jockstrap??????

    uh, that would be none! LOL

    I like Andrei Markov, especially at his low salary, but I’d much rather have a feisty McCabe with a cannon of a point shot on my team.

    I like underrated Craig Rivet too, but I do believe Gainey would trade any one of his blueliners straight up for McCabe if given the chance. Ditto for Kaberle.

    And I don’t think Kaberle and McCabe are in the league’s top 10 blueliners either. But that just reinforces how much I think the Habs blueline sucks.

  22. JNurk17 says:

    ouu this is a better one, i didnt know that tucker tried to cheap shot him first (although its not hard to imagine). a player like that deserves to be drilled.

  23. JNurk17 says:

    man is he the real thing or what

  24. JNurk17 says:


    its a top ten so you have to wait till number 7 at about the 2 minute mark

  25. JNurk17 says:

    Dive by Tucker? Likely.

  26. JNurk17 says:


    Tucker Diving. He was hit by DANIEL ALFREDSSON (a big *****). No way that hit hurt Tucker, hes pretty tough..

    or is he..

  27. Garny says:

    ok mccabes shot is weaker than sourays! boullion, komisarek, markov, streit, dandenault you think are worse than gill, coaliacovo, berg, belak, kubina? well kubina is better than some but most are better than kubina!!!! yes i agree mccabe is good for his shot but his defense is TERRIBLE!!!! Kaberle doesn’t shoot!!!!

  28. Garny says:

    he scored 28 goals after he cheap shotted hect??? are ou sure you were watching hockey or were you trying to grow pubic hair???

  29. TheHoundLine says:

    yeah, he dove and separated his shoulder on the play


    you’d make a brilliant play-by-play analyst on the blind man’s television network!

  30. TheHoundLine says:


    oh yeah, that’s a dive allright! LMFAO!!! Tucker didn’t even have the puck.

    You really should stop staring directly at the sun. It causes severe optical damage.

    Alfie went to the bench in shock still thinking that the refs were going to toss him from the game.

    The funniest thing is… that’s probably Alfredsson’s biggest moment of glory in the NHL playoffs. LOL!

    But you know what they say, you’re only as good as your last game, and Alfie ended 2006 with a beauty imitation of a pylon as Pominville blew by him for the series winning goal.

  31. TheHoundLine says:

    Souray had that one dominan year and has been dining out on it ever since at the NHL level

    at best he’s an injury-prone guy who plays tough and has a howitzer of a point shot

    at worst he’s a total freaking headcase because his supermodel wife left him or whatever other crap he has going on in his personal life

    Markov is decent enough

    the rest of the Habs blueliners are middling at best

    McCabe’s defence is admittedly a bit suspect, but he’s a helluva lot more effective in his own end than a pure offensive talent like Gonchar. So, don’t sell him too short.

    If McCabe and Kaberle were on the Habs, they’d easily be the top defensive pairing. Case closed. Checkmate.

  32. werdo says:

    It was the 90-91 season. Oilers went on to win game 7, then later lost to Minnie in the semis

  33. leafssuck67 says:

    AHAHAHAHAH!! ur such a moron!!! i cant even begin to explain how dumb u are…

    darcy tucker is an arse. he is NOT a good hockey player. Granted, he works hard and gets his garbage goals…thats why he is in the NHL…but c’mon, alexei kovalev is the best stickhandler in the league! not to mention the posessor of a wicked shot from the right side….compared to tucker who waits next to the net and gets his garbage from the chunky soup guy.

    but like i said, tucker, if he werent such a dirty player, with no respect for the game…definitely earned a spot on the team and his salary….

    and btw, u OBVIOUSLY have never seen steve begin lace up the skates cuz that bastard has more heart than anyone in the league, 110% every shift,…except maybe ryan smyth.

  34. Rico420 says:

    I can’t believe no one has posted this one yet LOL!!


    God Bless Andrew Peters

  35. thatleafsguy says:

    You’re just jealous that it wasn’t a Hab fan that demo’d the Flyer fan in the penalty box. And if you find a golf swing from a self proclaimed cheating steroid loser/abuser then thats sad, his rep speaks for itself. Oh and no I don’t remember ’67 seeing as how I wasn’t even born untill ’79 so that whole ’67 cup thing doesn’t really hold water with me.

    PS, I find it funny you would pick that Alfredson on Tucker hit that happened like 5 years ago in your debate against Tucker, seeing as how most of Tucker’s “antics” happened far after that hit and not so many previous to it.

  36. JNurk17 says:

    i was referring to his playing dead and rolling around on the ice like a little baby as diving

  37. thatleafsguy says:

    I wouldn’t say that if he didn’t purposely go out of his way to try to injure people…..there is a reason why he has given so many guys long term possibly career ending injuries, its called a lack of respect for his fellow player. I have never respected this guy EVER, he may try to make clean hits but going after a guys head, no matter what part of the body you use to hit the guy, IMO is dirty. Stevens is/was the biggest head hunter of all time and it was fitting he was put out of the league with a big hit and a nice concussion. Live by the sword die by the sword, and thats what he did.

  38. habsfan2006 says:

    hahahahahahha…ur an idiot…u show the game the leafs won…not the last two games where u guys got destroyed and missed the playoffs looooooooll

  39. Garny says:

    yes they would be a pairing on the habs because they paly together on the leafs they have chemistry but top line? i dunno koivu higgins and ryder said they perfer souray and boullion with them so if your top line likes a certain pair you put them there

  40. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    If he’s the greatest stickhandler, then that video doesn’t do him justice. What about the great Alex Ovechkin? Did you ever even take the time to watch this video:


    They have a clip in that video where he dekes out 4 people at the same time, I don’t even see one in the Kovalev video where he dekes out 2 people at the same time, hell, most of it isn’t even stickhandling, it’s just shooting…

  41. Waffles says:

    All I can say is.. I never knew Joe Sakic fought before, watch this


  42. prucha25 says:

    long before ron artest, there were the boston bruins…


  43. prucha25 says:

    also, martin rucinsky flipping off the flyers during a review. the 5 fingers then 1 finger before the finger is the score of the game


  44. Gretzkin says:

    That’s a pretty amazing package of highlights, especially considering that the Gr8 has only played one season on a team that featured pretty much only him.

    Doesn’t look like he took a shift off.

  45. Uncleben says:

    That was awesome for Clark to go toe-to-toe with Probert. He wrecked the junk out of him.

  46. Uncleben says:

    5'8" Domi Vs 6'8" Steve McKenna

    Shayne Corson holds his own against Tie Domi

    Two of my fav players in the game

    Possibly the best hockey fight ever!!!

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