Favorite hockey clips

I was watching OTR with Bob Probert today and it got me in the mood to see more of my favorite fighter of all time when i came across a video on youtube.com that i had never seen before of Yzerman fighting one of Buffalo’s enforcers.

That video gave me a lot more respect for Yzerman because even though he was a young skilled guy at the time he didn’t back down from the challenge although i think Barrasso learned a valuable lesson in that brawl too…don’t get in Probert’s way when a player goes after Yzerman!

Here is the link to this video:


Another of my favorite would have to be the brawl between the Sens and Flyers. For any hockey fan that like fights like i do this game was great and very fun to watch. I know Sens and Flyers fans have argued who won what fight in that game and some didn’t get to see what went down in that game so here is the link to get a taste of that brawl and maybe clear up who won against who for Sens and Flyers fans:


As a Wings fan i have to give a link to the Brawl of March 26 1997 since that was the turning point from the Wings being playoff chokers to stanley cup winners and one of my favorite games of all time:


Now i know all my links are to fights/brawls and hockey is more then just fighting but i just wanted to see what other fans consider their favorite videos and maybe get some discussions on something other then Malkin and Carter blowing their nose stories.

Feel free to post links to your favorite hockey clips and videos so that other fan can enjoy what they might have missed or what fans might enjoy seeing from the great game that is hockey.