Favorite Logos in Hockey

Well, the ball is rolling. Apparently there has been an abundance of inspiration caused by the best and worst article by hitznsticks. One of my favorite aspects of the hockey uniform is the logo. The colors are very important but to me the logo is the most interesting.Every year the hockeynews does a feature on the logos in hockey but that is not what made me start this article. When I was a boy I used to draw as many logos as I could think of in hockey. My favorite ones to draw were the whalers, devils, bruins and so one. One thing that you may have noticed is the returning of vintage and retro designs, thank the lord.

For me simplicity is bliss. Depicting your team and or location as simple as possible but having some kind of aesthetic value is key. But which teams are successful. Give me a top ten of your favorite logos of all time because for me nothing beats the retro versions. You can list your least favorites but I am not going to spend time on that. Let me just say that most of the new logos have too much going on or are cheesie. The old canuck hockey stick is so simple and child like it is actually cool.

My top 10 of all time (no order until number #1)

1. The Whalers: W with the whales tail to make a H in the middle is just brilliant.

2. Devils: N combined with the J and little devil horns and tail…..again simple and brilliant.

3. North Stars: N and star does not get any less complex.

4. Bruins: spoked b is a classic.

5. Kings: the crown logo is great. when Wayne ended up there was the end of that.

6. Sabres: old school although the third jersey logo is good too.

7. Blackhawks: great logo but I like the Cleveland Indians one better.

8. Nordiques: very simple but great. The French cross logos that went around the bottom of the shirt were great as well.

9. New York Islanders: when they changed to the fisherman my heart broke.

My favorite logo of all was the New Winnipeg Jets with the circle with the jet in it and the J is a hockey stick. Priceless.

Other great logos which need to be in the top 10 but there is no room are The old penguins, the blues, red wings and flyers. In the nineties when they started changing these logos was a travesty. I am glad that they are bringing them back. Nothing beats the classics.

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