Feaster famine

Flames general manager Jay Feaster says he’s not going with the full rebuild in Calgary. Instead, he’s going to make these Calgary Flames back into a Stanley Cup contender without subjecting fans to a prolonged stint at the bottom of the standings.

In short, Feaster would take the Flames north without first going south.

Complicating matters with the fan base, just 300 kilometres north the Edmonton Oilers have already gone the “scorched earth” route. They executed the classic double-last-place rebuilding project and emerged with two No. 1 overall draft picks and a future that, even the thickest Flames fan must admit, looks mighty enticing.

But Feaster is a fine personnel man, for whom we have great respect. There is not a unanimous feeling among NHL observers that Feaster’s plan will work. But most of the hockey press has stepped back for now, deferring to Feaster while he executes his plan.

So far, he’s nicely dumped salary without dipping into his stock of veteran stars like Jarome Iginla or Miikka Kiprusoff. He has retained Mark Giordano, his best defenceman, and — thus far, anyhow — hasn’t parted with his next most valuable forward asset in Rene Bourque.


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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    The vets aren't getting any younger. They need to blow it up.

    Also, with a Leafs win and a anything but a win for the Pens, Toronto would be top in the League. When was the last time that occurred beyond the first 3 games of the year?
    My prediction: Kessel gets 7 goals and 5 assists tonight…
  2. albertateams says:

    What the article fails to point out is that the Oilers rebuild wasn't planned this way at all. Sure it looks great right now but the Oilers organization essentially *****ed everything up so badly they fell into back to back first overall picks, the management was beyond horrible. Remember the return on Ryan Smyth's trade to the Islanders, the offer sheet on Tomas Vanek, and the Horcoff signing. There are no guarantees the "blow things up" philosophy will work, Edmonton is not an example of a rebuild going to plan, its an example of a combination of bad management, and some really good luck. That being said its worked out great for the organization but trying to argue this was the Oilers plan is just plain wrong.

    The Flames do need a change but its not a straight forward rebuild. Iginla isn't going anywhere unless he wants to and I don't think he will request a trade.What the Flames should try and do is move out Bourque for a guy like Turris. Move out any of the UFA's that can be traded before or at the deadline for picks / prospects let the rest of them walk and hit the UFA market for top line talent. A top five pick would be great but top 10 will still get some premium talent. The Flames rebuild need not be a 5-10 year process, 2-3 year turn around is possible.

    Tanguay Backlund Iginla
    ???? Turris ????
    Glen X Horak ????
    ???? Stajan ????

    Target a top end UFA forward (Parise, Semin) if you strike out save the cap space. Fill in the question marks with prospects like Nemisz, Baertschi, Byron, Reinhart, Bouma, 2012 lst rounder if ready, then round out the line up with short term UFA deals.

    Gio ????
    J Bo Butler
    ???? Babchuk/Carson

    Look at adding a big UFA D (Suter, Carle, Coburn), if not fill in with veterans or prospects.

  3. albertateams says:

    Plan B is to draft Griffin this year and Sam in 2013 and have the 3 Reinharts to counter the Sedins in a couple of years.

  4. alpalstewart says:

    i hope kessel gets hurt tonight just because of that stupid comment.

  5. MystifoLeafs says:

    I hope you fall down the stairs and break you hip. Why because of a stupid comment.

    Sounds bad when you read it doesn't it?
  6. JoelLeafs says:

    I wish no harm on anyone.

    Curiously, which part offended you? Was it my comment about the team not getting any younger, my comment about the leafs being 2nd in the league, or that sarcastic bit about Kessel?
  7. thisgamewelose says:

    He must be playing against Kessel in a head to head fantasy league.. 🙂

  8. mapleleafsfan says:

    Wow, Mason is bad….

    I think they really have to push for a goalie – kipper, schneider or even luo… Don't know what management is thinking about luo in van but if he could be had for cheap-ish he's a good regular season goalie which is all they need right now, not like they're going deep in the playoffs. 
    Oh and gardiner's a stud, big fan.
  9. 93killer93 says:

    He's not bad the leafs are just that good. 

  10. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah I never wish harm on anyone but when people wish it on others you just have to wish it on them so they can see how bad it sounds.

  11. Boston_Bruins says:

    I wonder how much longer Columbus is going to hold onto the notion that he's a capable starter. He's arguably been the worst starter in the league the last two years and he's making another strong case this year.

  12. mapleleafsfan says:

    The team in general sucks too..

    Fire the coach, change things up… I know it's deflating having such a bad goalie but their offensive pressure is pathetic. Their team shouldn't be THIS bad.
  13. leafstime says:

    Grabovski, Reimer, Colborne, and a first pick for Nash and Prospal.

    Jackets that to rebuild, get goalie, scorer, prospect and good pick.

    Do it Burke. Hello Stanley cup.

  14. alpalstewart says:

    what did i finally stir up controversy, lol

    i wish no ill will towards any1 i just over reacted to dumb comment
    7 goals 5 assists yeesh
    i'll come out and formerly apologize to all of you for my stupid comment i deserve all the love i'm getting over it. lol
  15. alpalstewart says:

    How bout those oilers are they for real, I think so.

    looks to me like tambo undid lowes biggest mistake, by bringing back ryan smyth.
    and what can i say about khabby, except i'm sorry for all the bashing ive done towards you. these oilers are reminding me of how chicago and pittsburgh sukked before bringing in 2 young studs.(Kane&Toews)(Crosby&Malkin).
    all theyre missing is the defencemen, but pittsburgh's wasnt great either at that time. with the signing of pekka rinne i can see either suter or weber becoming available soo and i just hope the oilers are major players when or if they decide to trade either of those 2 studs.
  16. reinjosh says:

    You know your having it tough when the opposing coach downright admits to you having a tough night and doing everything in his power not to make it seem like you were utterly terrible. 

    Columbus is 4th in the league for shots allowed in a game. That's quite a feat for a defense that isn't exactly elite. Yet they are 2nd last for Goals Against per Game. That's sort of a telling stat. 
  17. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Those two in a trade would not come cheap. Might be one of the biggest packages you have seen in years.

  18. reinjosh says:

    The Leafs are second for goals scored in the league, just behind the Flyers (now granted Washington would probably be first, if they play 3 more games).

    Komisarek is plus 8. Tied for 3rd in the NHL. That just speaks for itself. Random prediction, Burke trades him if his play continues. He's not integral to the defense and this play is causing him to look much better. Schenn might be hurting right now but he'll come back. Burke's team has always been a good judge of character. This slump won't last. 
    Good on Scrivens to get the win. He's a nice prospect to have in the minors and that bodes well for us in the future. He can provide a nice push to Reimer and Gustavsson from teh minors. 
    Lupul is quickly showing Leaf brass and the fans that he belongs in the long term conversation for a top 6 spot. While he isn't going to reach the 100 plus points he is on pac for right now, he could be in for a career year as long as he stays healthy. Kessel and him have chemistry that has built from last year. Its nice to see two lines that are consistent and see the chemistry they have. It gives us a nice punch offensively when one line is getting shadowed like crazy. 
    Arbitrary Leaf prediction of the day. Before the end of Burke's contract, he steps down from the GM spot and hands it off to Nonis. Long term prediction, but it's going to happen. 
    Second arbitrary prediction. Gunnarsson has worked his way off the trade block and Liles, if he continues his strong play, will receive an extension. His leadership is invaluable and he would be a perfect teacher for Gardiner long term. Franson is going to get traded sooner or later…
  19. reinjosh says:

    What are you willing to pay for Suter or Weber? i can tell you now it won't be cheap. Magnus Paarjavi would have to be included in a deal for either one. Your first probably and a prospect. That would be the price for just Suter. PMD's are invaluable at the deadline and a player of his calibre would garner a lot of interest. Weber would be more because of his RFA status. 

    But the way this team is playing, it might be well worth it. Suter could very well be a huge piece for them. 
    As a Preds fan, I'd ask for Magnus Paarjavi, Curtis Hamilton and your 1st rounder for say Suter and a conditonal 1st in 2013 (if the Oilers can't resign Suter). 
  20. dumbassdoorman says:

    That package will not land Suter from the Preds, IMO, sorry. The difference between him and other PMD's at the deadline is age, UFA and only 26. Your offer is close to what a much older Kaberle recieved and Poile knows this, he is one smart cookie(outside of over paying Rinne by about a mil, mil and a half).

  21. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya I could see Komi being traded if he plays well a while longer, though Burke and Wilson love him in the room. But older guys need to move for younger guys to play, that being said the Ilses could really use his leadership right now, IMO.  
     I don't think Franson is going anywhere, yet. They are gonna weant max vaklue for him, if they move him at all. that won't happen unless heplays and plays well. But if he playes well, why would they move him? Phaneuf can't keep play 27+ mins a night, it is too much. So if more guys play well, it keep others fersher at the end of the year and dare I say playoffs?

  22. reinjosh says:

    Eh I think it's close than you think. That's about what I would want as a Preds fan. 

    Suter is a UFA and there's no guarantee that he would resign in Edmonton. Kaberle got a high potential prospect who had lost his spot in the system in Boston, a late first, and a conditional 2nd if Boston made it. 
    Nashville would get a top young player in Paarjavi, a highly regarded prospect in Hamilton (who really is only like Colborne in his high potential boom/bust type player) and a 1st. That's actually more like the Burns price.
    I'm not sure any other team would offer that much up. The biggest thing is Suter is an RFA. He can surely help but a team would have to give up a mighty large offer for him. Edmonton might be able to pay that price, I'm not sure anyone else will. 
    If Poile could get that out of Edmonton, it would be killer. 
    What would your price be? (just to see what you think his price is). I view the guy as highly as anyone but I'm not sure how big a risk some teams might take. 
    I see New Jersey, NYi, New York, and maybe Tampa interested. Can any of them offer anything more than Edmonton could? I don't think New Jersey could. New York might be able to offer a 1st, Anisimov, Kreider but I'd prefer Edmonton's package personally. NYI could offer Okposo, 1st (in 2013, no chance they give up this years) and a prospect. Tampa might offer up Ashton, 1st and Malone? 
    Personally I like the Edmonton package the best. Paarjavi could be a star in Nashville, the first will likely be 17th – 23rd ish which is good, and Hamilton is a perfect fit for Nashville's system. The trade could set their offense up for years. 
    I just don't see what any other team would be willing to offer up that would top that package. I could be wrong though. 
  23. dumbassdoorman says:

    You also have to remember right now, gives them a whole season to of head start contract negotiations….that costs money. Plus Nashville has great propect depth. If Poile pull the trigger on a trade he is looking for right now help, not a couple years away help. That is only my opinion though. But to answer your question of younger players picks and prospects, for a dman like Suter, Phi, STL, Fla & Bos could all match that. Not to mention Wash, Dallas could have interest as well, So ya I think Poile could do better, but like I said just me. I am not saying you are wrong, but i feel there is more to be had and some teams will swing for the fence. One other darkhorse, is Pitt. they may not have the all out prospect, but they could make an offer for NHL level centre that noone else could.

  24. reinjosh says:

    I don't agree with you on Phaneuf. I think a large reason he's where he is, is because he can play those type of minutes. He's a minute muncher and he's going to keep getting those minutes because he's dependable. That's what you do for a number one guy, you give him those minutes. That's why he was drafted, that's why Burke traded for him. He's good for those mintues. 

    Burke's more than capable of trading Franson for top value. he doesn't need to move him at any time and will wait for top value, just like he did with Beauchemin and Versteeg. Thing is Franson isn't fitting in. It's going to come soon when it becomes obvious that he isn't a piece on this team moving forward. He's talented though so some team will give him a shot for Burke's asking price. 
  25. reinjosh says:

    What is Philly going to offer? They could certainly use Suter but they don't have much to offer outside of Schenn and he isn't going to cut it. Florida has no need for him with Campbell, Kulikov, Gudbranson as the top 3. Plus they probably can't afford to pay two dman 6 million plus.

    Boston honestly doesn't have what it takes. Spooner and Caron aren't better than Paarjavi and Hamilton to be honest and Boston won't be worse than Edmonton at the end of the year so their first really isn't as valuable as it seems (if its top 10 sure, than they might top Edmonton). 
    Washington has more than enough puck movers, they don't have the need. Dallas can't afford to offer up the price it would take and I'm not sure they have the prospects to make the deal. And Pittsburgh is the last team that would need him Letang is a beast, and their defense is strong with a depth in prospect PMD's. It's just unnecessary. Plus they don't have the forwards it would take to get Suter. No way do they move Staal (who would be the target for sure). The past three seasons have proven that the 3 strong center strategy is crucial to their continued winning.
    St Louis could top Edmonton's offer. I'll give you that. Suter fits a need (top line left shooting dman) and they have the depth in forwards to make it work. But I honestly don't see anyone else topping the offer. 
    ANd yeah Poile would be looking for now which is why a Paarjavi deal makes sense. He's young but in the NHL and is maybe a year away from breaking out. It would be the perfect fit. 
    Now a deal with St Louis around Oshie would be better. Maybe Oshie and Jaden Swartz and their first. That would be a killer deal for Nashville. I didn't think of St Louis at all. Them and the Oilers would be the top suitors I think.
    I just think teams aren't going to offer up a mega massive deal for Suter that includes current NHLers. Most teams are comfortable with their teams and would only offer down players (like Setoguchi) and prospects. St Louis and Edmonton probably represent the best chance to get a young NHLer now.  
  26. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ok, I'll bite why isn't Philly a player? They could easily offer Schenn as a start, Most leaf fans up until all of a sudden were dying for him to come to TO, now he isn't even a start piece? They could decide to trade JVR, don't say it isn't possible as it has been rumoured before.

     Onto Fla, Kulikov is more defensive and Gudbranson is and unproven rookie……next,.

     Boston, does have Spooner and caron, they also have Hamilton as a top prospect, aren't affraid to deal picks and might part with Krejci or Horton….so that is that one down.

     Wash does have enough PMD yes, however Green is not as complete a player as Suter IMO. Carlson again is young and their window is closing before something needs to be changed.

    yes, Letang is a beast, however taking pressure off him is a good thing. Plus they have what Nashville lacks NHL centres…..now this is where the deal gets reversed and Nash possibly coughs up more, IF, Crosby comes back strong and healthy. beside when Ana had Nieds & pronger did anyone say, whoa, they don't need both?

    Dls has a few decent prospects not to mention some NHL talent they may consider moving. But big Joe has yet truely put his stamp on this team and might want to?

  27. dumbassdoorman says:

    Not fitting in for who though Wilson…..llol…..screw him!!!

  28. reinjosh says:

    The issue here is I see different players as untouchable, as you see them as movable. I can't see Philly moving JVR after they just signed him (I suppose its possible with Holmgren).

    Kulikov is a PMD, he just hasn't put it all together in the NHL yet. The dude is talented and will start to put up the points soon enough.
    From what I've heard from Bruins, Hamilton is about as untouchable as they come. He's their long term replacement for Chara. Not interested in Horton at all and I don't think they move Krejci (I'm also not a fan, I'm talking as a Preds fan here, jsut FYI).
    With Wideman, Green and Carlson, I just can't see them expending the necessary assets to get a player they probably can't afford to keep long term. Maybe they do, if they think he is the piece but I have a hard time thinking they do.
    If Pittsburgh is willing to offer Staal, then they are probably number 1 on a list. That if is a big if though. I can't see why after all this time Shero offers up a piece of his grand strategy for a player they won't be able to keep past the playoffs. 
    Dallas honestly has nothing I would want outside of Benn or Oleksiak. Benn isn't moving and Oleksiak isn't enough to consider moving Suter to them. Any other pieces they could offer (Morrow…) wouldn't be available since they would most likely be trying to make the playoffs. 
    I honestly don't see anyone outside of St Louis and Edmonton. Philly if they are willing to move yet another young forward piece (and I highly doubt they are), Boston if they move Krejci (As much as I'm not a fan, he would be a decent fit) but I can't see that happening, Pittsburgh if they are willing to move Staal. Washington if they think Suter will help them (even though McPhee has never shown a propensity to make big deals) or if they go into a funk. I'm not sure either are likely.
    So I guess you are correct and I did miss some teams, but I'm not sure some of those teams would be as open as you suggest they would be. 
  29. reinjosh says:

    Haha fair enough. Eakins could do a whole lot better than WIlson is doign with him

    My idea is predicated on getting full value for him though (which i know does sound a little crazy). If we can use him in a package upgrade, than he's more valuable to us in trade value than a depth dman (third pairing). 
  30. dumbassdoorman says:

    See you asked me how and I told you what i thought. I admit now some returns are based on contract extentions obviously. Besides what you or i like or want to see as fans and what a true hockey man like Poile wants will be different. We just obviously agree to disagree lol.

  31. dumbassdoorman says:

    Oh, I actually agree for the right package type deal sure unload him. But I think he is more than a 3rd pairing dman

  32. reinjosh says:

    Haha I conceded I was wrong on some things haha. And fair enough, obviously that will be different (although I'm not sure it will be vastly different, although I've been wrong many times). 

    And yeah agree to disagree haha. Besides this whole idea might be moot. The Preds owner and Poile have stated since the Rinne contract that they have both the money and the willingness to spend it to keep all three. 
  33. dumbassdoorman says:

    They could very well which is awesome, but unfortunately it wont shore up there offence. as for conceding meh you didn't have to, for me it was just my opinion, right or wrong. i always enjoy readin your point of views, they are usually pretty fair.

  34. alpalstewart says:

    i think the asking price for suter is a 1st pick less than weber,

    it would take the same package for weber as it would for suter except another 1st pick, herews what i'd offer.
    MPS,Klefbom,Tyrvainen and a 1st for suter, add next years pick if its for weber
  35. alpalstewart says:

    my only problem with this deal is there is no money going to nashville and the oil would need to dump some, so possibly a guy like gags goes instead of klefbom.

  36. alpalstewart says:

    you have to keep in mind that suter is a ufa at the end of the season, and his value is less than weber's. its always a risk with a ufa,if they dont deal him before the deadline they stand to lose him for nothing so in this sense the preds dont have the upper hand in the deal. i think MPs and just a pick gets suter, but they might want a decent d-man prospect too, so i'd say petry could also be added to the deal. but if i'm ythe oilers i just wait till july 1st and offer him the cash he will be worth. and lets face it these 2 guys might just bolt as soon as theyre free agents for a contender or the Rangers who buy everything they can. lol

  37. alpalstewart says:
    you have to keep in mind that suter is a ufa at the end of the season, and his value is less than weber's. its always a risk with a ufa,if they dont deal him before the deadline they stand to lose him for nothing so in this sense the preds dont have the upper hand in the deal. i think MPs and just a pick gets suter, but they might want a decent d-man prospect too, so i'd say petry could also be added to the deal. but if i'm ythe oilers i just wait till july 1st and offer him the cash he will be worth. and lets face it these 2 guys might just bolt as soon as theyre free agents for a contender or the Rangers who buy everything they can. lol
  38. MystifoLeafs says:

    Kabby Garnered a Late 1st and a Prospect in Colbourne. Honestly for Suter expect something like MPS 1st and maybe a 2nd. I mean Kaberle was an older Suter. Not to mention Suter has much more upside than Kaberle.

  39. MystifoLeafs says:

    Like Burke stated he had more than 7 D when he won the cup I am sure he is in no rush to trade Franson. I mean were not in dire need for an upgrade at the moment and unless a #1 center becomes available I don't see Franson being traded for the sake of trading him.

  40. reinjosh says:

    True enough. Oh I conceded cause I was wrong, nothing worng with that haha. 

    And thanks man, I like reading your points too. They are just as solid. 
  41. alpalstewart says:

    other than his age being 7 years younger than suter is, WHEN he was traded, i think kabby was about the same as far as potential. you say suter has the better upside but in reality suter is a steady 40 point defencemen. i would have to say suter is the better of the 2 defensively and kabby put up better numbers, its just a shame that he's washed up now.

    like i said earlier, suter becomes a ufa and a big risk for any team to trade for him, this brings the asking price down by a prospect, 
    i do agree that it would take MPS but if he's made available then why wouldnt we go for letang, when the oilers were talking turkey with the pens it was mps they wanted in the package. abut tambo wouldnt budge on him being in the package and talks went south.
    now we arent the scouting experts or anything but i'm sure you've heard all the good things about paajarvi, he's touted as a blue chipper and 29 other teams would love to have him.
    but i'd say that right now he's kinda being wasted in EDM. he's not a 3rd liner, but with the hall,nuge,ebs line and the horcoff,smytty,hemmer line there isnt much room for him.
    i would like to keep him for sure but this is a quality kid that deserves a chance to shine, he would be great fit in st.louis or buffalo IMO
  42. alpalstewart says:

    i'd trade either one of shattenkirk or bogosian for mps straight across. but i'm sure if the oil did trade him away they would like to move him to the eastern conference.

  43. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Suter is a cornerstone defencemen, I think as of right now, your overvaluing MPS a bit.

    He is a blue chip prospect, however, he was not very good last year and has been horrendous this year. He is a bit like Kadri, where he might not be able to achieve his talent level or expectations, which I doubt Kadri as well.
    For Suter and possibly Bogosian, they would recieve packages. In Suter's case, it would include a blue-chip prospect, a high level draft pick, and possibly more.
    Suter is way above Kaberle, he has a better shot and tougher defensively. 
    As a Preds fan and knowing Poile, his gems will not go away lightly.
  44. dumbassdoorman says:

    The other reason he will get more is if he is traded say before the deadline. All that extra negotiation time costs money…..some teams have paid 3rd &4ths just for a week let alone half a season.

  45. reinjosh says:

    The is a big difference though. Suter is better defensively, but Suter also didn't have the offensive help Kaberle had. I don't want to discount Kaberle because at his peak I think he was severely underrated, but Suter is probably underrated offensively. He isn't exactly underrated anymore (he's probably the worst kept secret in the league), but his offensive side would certainly hit a higher end potential on a more offensive team than the Predators. 

    Even if you think Kabby and Suter are different, dumbass is right. You pay for the extra 8 months you get in negotiations to resign him, which is a big difference between a 27 year old and a 34 year old. You get the 27 year olds prime (all of it), while you get the tail end of Kabby's prime. 
    And I don't know why everyone think's Letang is available. The Penguins have invested a large amount in him and he's showing them why. He is intergral to that squad. MPS wouldn't be enough at all. It would take an Eberle plus to get him.
    Suter is the best bet you have at getting a top line dman PMD stud and you better believe that if you want him, its going to cost you a lot. 
  46. reinjosh says:

    I'm not against the retool type rebuild. The one year down, grab a high pick, retool the roster, get younger, move some contracts etc. It can work. It's also hard to do. I do believe its the better option than scorched earth though. Especially at the juncture the team is at, with Iggy still a viable star. You just have to be machiavellian about some players and willing to move some players you thought might be core members. 

    Keeping Giordano, Iggy and the prospects like Bartschi, Reinhart and a few others is key. I like Bourque but he's valuable. I'm not against trading Backlund. 
    This has to be done right though. Philly's example is the perfect one. They draft JVR one year and went back to being a top team. New Jersey's last year could work. Tampa's took a little longer but it was ok. I don't want to fill this team with a large amount of youngsters. It always ends up with a kids career getting ruined (Bailey is an example, Okposo/Voracek/Brassard are lesser examples, MPS is looking like his lack of top 6 time could hurt him). Fill some youngsters with ome older guys and it can work. 
    One thing is for sure though. This team needs to change and change this year. 

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