Feb 21 – Updates

I’ll bet even money one of them is gone by Monday, though I’m not including Duchene in the list. That means – that’s right -I’ve included Stastny in the list of possible “touchables.”
Rumors – yup, I’ve heard a few. I have no real confidence in this one, but I’ve heard this one going around the water cooler. Ready?
Stastny, TJ Galiardi and maybe a pick/another player to Los Angeles for Jack Johnson, Jonathan Bernier and Jarret Stoll.

Now for the guy who I fear might be traded: O’Reilly.
I wouldn’t move him if I were GM, but I’m not the GM. I think O’Reilly is a quality kid who plays his rear end off and always will, and leads by example. But the numbers kind of leave you a little underwhelmed when you really look at them: five goals in 51 games, 16 points. And as much as you want to call him a good defensive player and PK guy, the fact is he’s been a big part of one of the worst PK units in the league statistically.
But he’s one of the few players on the Avs in plus territory (+2) on the current roster, and, again, I think he’s the kind of kid you want on your side.

Maybe the Avs won’t trade any of them, which is why I said it’s even money in my book. Could go either way. Maybe they try to make a winger out of O’Reilly now (he played a bit of wing in Saturday’s game if I’m not mistaken) and go from there, with McClement as the new third-line center?

But I definitely think the Avs will make more trades by Monday, and don’t be shocked if we get another shocker.