Fedorov fires agents

The Detroit Free Press reports that Sergei Fedorov has fired his agents OctagonThe Detroit Free Press reports that Sergei Fedorov has fired his agents Octagon-a parent company of Brian Lawton and Mike luit. Reasons were “not together with Octagon anymore.” Fedorov also said,”just want a new start. Just want a new approach. Just want some different flavor and people who will watch out for my best interest.” He also said he wants to pick up negotiations, and if all goes well will re-sign with the Wings.

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  1. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Good for him!…agents are one of the reasons the players salaries are so ridiculous.That being said;look for Federov to remain a Wing.Especially with Stevie Y’s current injury,that makes Federov that much more valueable.

    I heard something going around that Federov’s father didn’t like him playing in Detroit.I wasn’t sure of the validity of the poster ,but I assumed that it could very well be true.

  2. aaron says:

    Didn’t he do that like three months ago?

    Oh, the father thing was a rumor and a lie spread by a Russian tabloid. Old news.

  3. wingerxx says:

    Yes, I thought I read this on cnnsi.com a few days ago at least…oh well…I don’t think Fedorov isn’t going anywhere, regardless of who his agents are.

  4. Tradedude says:

    Agents are a HUGE reason why the Salary these days are so ridiculous. Fedorov probly wants an even more greedier agent.

  5. Wings4life says:

    Actually…..I heard that Fedorov didnt want that much money that the wings were offering, so it was completely the agents fault that Fedorov doesnt have a new deal, expect that to happen soon though….


  6. CaptainCanuck says:

    It’s not the agents fualt. The players are the ones who want the money, not the agents so stop blaming them for high salaries. The most successful sports league right now is the NFL and that’s becuase they have a salary cap. And that’s the only way to solve high salaries. Unfortuanatly I don’t think the players will agree to that come 2004.

  7. Steel250 says:

    NOT THE AGENTS FAULT!!are you nuts! The More money the Agents get for their clients, the more money the agent’s get!! The crummy agents and greedy players are what will sink this sport if something isn’t done soon. And why WOULD the player agree to a salary cap, when they have greedy agents to get overblown high end contracts. But we shall see cause when the CBA is up it will be a wake up call

  8. aaron says:

    The NFL is the most successful sports league b/c its the most popular sport. The salary cap doesn’t have much to do w/ it; I think NFL players get paid more than NHL players anyway.

    And it isn’t anyone’s fault. The players obviously want money; who doesn’t? The agents obviously want money; again, who doesn’t? The GMs and owners want champions, so they’ll pay what they need to pay to win. They aren’t going to stop spending to “police themselves” and “create balance in the league”. That would be like an owner refusing to make a trade that was more to his advantage than the other team’s!

    And the players and agents want the money, and there’s money to be got. Maybe the smaller markets can’t afford to dish out the money, but the bigger markets can. Again, why should players feel responsible for enemy teams?

    Going around blaming ppl is a waste of time and pointless. Everyone’s responsible for it, but for good reasons. If anything, the fans are the most responsible for giving these franchises tens of millions of dollars every year. Which you can trace to the other sports, b/c they’re the ones who could actually afford the escalating salaries b/c they had a wider fan base. Hockey basically had to keep up.

    I have a question: how come no one ever rails on pro golfers? Do you know how much those suckers make? They make the other athletes look like they work at McDonalds.

  9. CaptainCanuck says:

    Sure there are teams that can afford to pay players huge salaries. But most can’t. And that’s the problem. Nobody wants to watch a league where the same teams win every year just becuase they have a bigger budget. If a salary cap isn’t put in place soon then salaries are going to just keep growing untill all the best players will just be playing for New York, Dallas, Detriot, and Collorado. By then all Canadian teams will have moved to the States and Canada will be forced to create there own league. But of course none of the big name players will want to play for this league. Before you know it a law will be passed that all Canadian born players will have to play for the Canadian league. But with little pay they’ll all move to Football. So see. with no salary cap hockey won’t exsist.

  10. garry1221 says:

    viktor fedorov keeps on saying that junk every year, the truth is feds and his dad aren’t that close when it comes to his career, not sure how it is in their lives away from the rink, but concerning his career feds don’t listen to his father, if he did feds woulda been outta here 5 years ago i think,

  11. garry1221 says:

    you can’t neccessarily say that if a cap aint put in place all the best players will be playing for this team or that team…. players want to win, yeah, the money’s nice, but real players want to win, players who play for the love of the game want to be on a contender, no matter the cost, even if a cap was put in place i can see players who want to stay loyal to a team restructuring their contract so that team can afford to keep them, also…. just because a team has a huge budget doesn’t mean they’ll win…. ex. the rangers…. one of the highest paid teams in the league, but one of the worst on ice too…. no team chemistry = no wins, going back to your rant about the best players playing for those four teams u mentioned…. don’t u think that naslund and bertuzzie would stick with the nux even if it meant giving up a few million dollars that they could get from another team?…. personally i could see on, if not both doing that, the nux have a big franchise and they’re continually successful, it’s only a mater of time before they’re top in the west, the nhl will not collapse w/o a salary cap… this much i know, the owners will oust bettman long before that happens, yes, right now we’re riding over some rough and shaky ground, but given time it will pass, ….. my advice until then… sit down, take deep breaths, and relax….. u went WAY overboard on ur post

  12. CaptainCanuck says:

    First of all I was just kidding ( for the most part. ) Second, I know it doesn’t take a whole lot of money to win but it sure does help. And some teams ( especialy Canadian teams ) are at some what of a disadvantage. A salary cap would help stop big market teams from getting all the good players and stop them from paying players like Holik 9 mil just becuase they can. I’m not saying that a salary cap is the solution to all of the NHL’s problems. I’m just saying it’s a step in the right direction. And third, I hope the owners do oust Bettman. Some times I get the feeling that he deosn’t know the least bit about hockey.

  13. big_booty says:

    Props to you, aaron, for bringing up a very good point.

    Tiger Woods rakes in forty mil, and some people are saying that football, basketball, hockey, and baseball people are greedy?

    Golf just plain sucks. A meaningless game with no true competition. Thousands of acres of land laid to waste because some blueblood with a number at the end of his name wants to wear some knee-highs and hit a little white ball into a rodent hole. And they get paid more money than I’ll ever see in my lifetime.

    Christ, now I’m in a bad mood because I have to pay my bills today.

    Thanks a lot, aaron.

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