Fedorov out of Detroit???????

Foxsports and Msgnetwork.com’s Stan Fischler, is reporting the Detroit RedWings center and soon to be fa Sergei Fedorov will not resign with the team, and the club will trade him before the march deadline.

Fischler reports the team will/would not deal him to a western conference team, but to a eastern team. And the catch is finding a club that can afford to sign him to a long term contract, and give what the wings need (young defensive depth)

Now there is only a couple of teams in the east that can take on a contract that he would want Flyers,Rangers,Leafs.Can you imagine him a Ranger? a Flyer? Or even wearing a Leaf’s jersey?

I highly doubt the Wings would deal him, but im sure people will talk about this one.


Check out what the Maven has heard from Devils Coach Pat Burns on the whiners of Sports Illustrated and the fans who call the Leafs a bunch of whiners. Whine all you want, their hockey is still the most exciting to watch.

Catch a 3-way deal involving the Isles, Bolts, and the Bostin Ruins.

Scotty Gomez can’t speak English well…

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  1. wingnut1964 says:

    I agree, Federov will stay with Detroit. They play to win and I’m sure he’d like another Stanley Cup Ring. He’s not going anywhere because he likes it where he is.

  2. merlin says:

    How about trading Federov to Vancouver for Ed Jovanowski and Brendan Morrison. Sounds good to me, we dump off a whining baby in Federov and get a top notch defensemen and a good centerman to boot. Should save a few bucks too. While we are at it lets trade Luc Robitaille too, he has been highly ineffective this year. Avery, Maltby, Draper, McCarty all have more goals than Luc does.

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