Fedorov traded….Fedor not Sergei!

The Vancouver Canucks have traded Fedor Fedorov to the New York Rangers in exchange for Josef Balej and a 5th round draft pick in 2006.

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  1. ranger_fan says:


  2. habs79 says:

    Hossa gets a couple of goals and all of a sudden New York thinks it’s the city for younger brothers of star players not reaching their potential. The difference is that this was Hossa’s make or break year all he needed was the ice time to show his talent. Federov has been considered a bust for the last what two three years. They could have got him for a 4th rounder, now they gave up Balej who will probably become a better player than Federov, and a 5th rounder.

  3. wingerxxx says:

    Sather has a reputation of ripping off other teams for younger talent, but I have to question this trade. And I usually like Sather’s deals. I haven’t seen much of Balej in the last year, but by all accounts, he is going to be a pretty good player. Slats must see something in Fedorov that I never have.

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    true that, I was just saying to myself that i’m gonna be really dissapointed when balej ends up becoming a 40 goal scorer in 3 or 4 years.

    lil federov better have some talent i dont know about

  5. wheresthesoda says:

    ok ok, just had an pretty good idea of what sather is doing….

    hossa is 6’3”, 200 somewhat lbs

    so is fedor federov. and both these guys have an amazing older sibling that is simply amazing.

    I believe sather is shooting for the bigger more drive to the net kind of players. I just hope Federov turns into a decent player, like a top 6 foward, that would be great.

    these kids are still young and a lot to approve, cant wait to see the turnout of federov and hossa. hopefully they both become pretty decent players, maybe 30 goal scorers, that would be good

  6. Slavik says:

    Anyone seen Balej play, is he any good? I am happy with a 5th round pick for fedor, good luck to him in new york, I mean he wasn’t good enough for the top two lines in vancouver, and wasn’t defensive enough for bottom two, he just didn’t fit.

  7. habs79 says:

    Slats must see something no one ever has. Remember Balej was traded for Kovalev. Now Fedor is in the spot that was once Kovalev.

  8. habs79 says:

    Well Balej was considered one of Montreal’s better prospects before he was sent to New York with a second rounder for Kovalev. So I would guess that he has alot more upside than Federov.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    Well…honestly, at the point of Kovalev’s departure, the 2nd round draft pick alone that we got for him was worth the trade. But you’re right, we’ll have to see how Fedorov performs.

  10. habs79 says:

    That may be so, however if you were able to get a good young prospect like Balej also. Well let’s just say Sather will look like an idiot if Balej pans out and Federov doesn’t, and well my money would be on Balej to be a better player than Federov.

  11. mikster says:

    My computer died, completely dead…. so my apologies for my inactivity.

    To me, this only seems like a trade is about to happen.

    Balej was disappointing, but he still has potential and may be a better fit in the West. Feds may be a better ft in the East.

    Rangers have yet to use Prucha. So, if sent to the minors, Prucha gets Balej’s spot, which is fine. But, that still leaves Fedorov as the scratched player, and he does not want to play in the AHL.

    There may be a trade coming, i think.

  12. wingerxxx says:

    What kind of trade are you thinking offhand? And good deal that your computer is back up and running.

  13. TrueBlue0917 says:

    Ok Ok, I see what’s going on. Sather is smoking something, and his smoking something really really big. Why the hell would you trade Balej (who hardly got enough games at the NHL to prove himself) for someone who has been a bust for a couple of years??? huh huh Sather why Sather huh?…..i know Balej played some games after being traded to ny, but c’mon that was the old NHL. This guy kinda reminds me of a pavel bure, great hands, vision, and really damn fast who can score 30+ if placed in the 1st or 2nd line. Anyways I wouldn’t be surprised if Sather looks up for Steve Kariya’s phone number considering he already brought in Hossa & Fedorov, and drafted Eric Staal. Hey Sather ask Brett Lindros to unretire.

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    Don’t know about this trade…

    If you ask me though, Fedorov has more top-end potential, but is much more of a project than Balej is.

    I think Balej pans out before Fedorov, but if, and when Fedorov pans out, he becomes the better player. Size and speed compared to just speed is going to get you a lot further in today’s game.

    Face it, whether you like this trade or not, they both need scenery changes. Fedorov fell out of favor in Vancouver, and the Rangers found a kid who was a diamond in the rough who’s got more top-end potential than both Fedorov and Balej put together in Prucha. Prucha was phenomenal, Balej wasn’t, they wanted something for Balej, but they could have gotten more. I would have dealt him for a star player, persay this Richards rumor that Eklund supposedly heard of. If that is the case, don’t be surprised to see Fedorov as one of the players in the package, I think he’ll be out of here before he pans out, so Vancouver will win in this trade based on that aspect alone.

    Balej’s got a better work ethic, but who knows about Fedorov’s, considering that he wasn’t getting the time he felt he deserved, and there wasn’t really a chance for him where he was at. Kinda like Lundmark, kept getting shafted.

    Only time will tell, but something tells me Vancouver won.

    As for this trade that Mik mentioned… maybe Boynton? Or even the outside chance of Ilya Kovalchuk? The reports on Kovalchuk say he’s flying back to Russia, and then other reports say he’s close to a deal. The Rangers do need a good young defender, and a great young forward up there I’d take a shot at them.

  15. mikster says:

    In a message board i saw a Poti to Ducks rumor, which i find unlikely. Then again, i also hear that Poti is scratched tonight, possibly.

    Apparently Fedorov is playing in the minors…..and that confuses me. Unless they are making him play there at the moment to then call him up.

    I am not sure what kind of deal could be in the works, but we have too many scratches, our Hartford line up is full, specifically for top two line guys. We also signed our prospect Bruce Graham who is playing down there.

    Something is up, we shall see….. either before the game or tomorrow/Monday.

    And, i am comp hopping around my house! My bro’s, mother’s, father’s. It sucks!

  16. Sands says:

    Well I think Fedorov will be solid. He’s going to be a good second line player. I like the deal because of that. Hossa is going to be good. It seems like all the Canadian fans on this site get upset when the rangers get a kid that was supposed to be good for Canada. Fedorov is going to get a shot here and he’s going to be solid. Hossa I like a lot. I think they did the right things… Balej is good and so is Murry who they made in these deals… but it’s time to shake things up. Rangers are going to be fine with these deals I like them.

  17. Lint07 says:

    Don’t know why but my gut feeling is that Sather got Fedor and is now aiming at Sergei.

    Add to that, that we all know Burke isn’t a big fan of the Fedorov family…

    I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the Rangers ended up trading for Sergei Fedorov.

  18. Flanker_Leader says:

    i’m willing to bet (since burke and nonis are real friendly-like) that burke was offered federov to join his brother first and declined – smart guy! as far as i’m concerned the canucks got a amazing steal since i didn’t expect us to get anything for that lazy fedorov bum! sather must be grasping at straws…

  19. GlenSather says:

    If only Sather could get somebodies brother to be the GM the Rangers would be all set.

  20. SabresFan220 says:

    Definitely a bad trade for the Rangers. Balej was a star goal scorer in the making, and Fedor is not really anything. A 5th round choice alone was enough for him. Sather has a knack for undoing good moves by following them up with bad trades for the Rangers at least. Getting Hossa for next to nothing, great move, moving Balej for next to nothing bad move. What’s the next move for the Rangers, getting Sergei out of Anaheim for Poti and a 1st rounder and then trading Lundmark for Pavel Brendl and a 3rd rounder?

  21. NHLman says:

    While I like the acquisition of Fedor Fedorov, although I think an even swap of Balej for Fedorov would have been an even deal– the 5th round draft pick over did it. I think if Fedor comes to the Rangers and learns the work ethic that is being employed (at least thus far) that he will be a far more valuable asset than Balej, based on his size. Let’s not forget that he’s only 24, it’s not like they traded Balej, 23, for some mediocre 30 year old. Furthermore, perhaps this is in preparation of another move, as some other people have felt.

    Any way, as of now, as a Rangers fan, I’m feeling good about the team. They haven’t lost yet and have showed a lot of heart out playing every team they have faced. Right now they have the desire and hopefully the skill will follow.

    On a different note has anyone been watching or at least hearing their games? Malik and Hossa have been really solid.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    Eh star, I don’t think so. 20+ yes. 30+ maybe, 40+ probably not.

    I like that Poti and a 1st rounder trade. I’ll take that any day, get Poti THE HELL out of New York.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    Considering that Fedorov didn’t get any playing time, and never got the chance to, I really don’t know if you can call him lazy.

    Balej’s a good kid, but Fedorov has more top end potential than Balej.

  24. habs79 says:

    Slight correction he drafted Marc Staal. Eric is the older brother. Well maybe Nonis gave him some of B.C.’s finest to sweeten the deal. What really makes me laugh is the 5th rounder. Balej wasn’t enough they had to toss in a 5th rounder. Ha I’d say the 5th rounder could have been enough to get Fedorov. Sather really got taken to the cleaners.

  25. habs79 says:

    Yeah but if it took Balej and a 5th rounder to land Fedor. What would Burke want for Sergei.

  26. pratt25 says:

    After watching Balej the last couple of years he didn’t do nothing to impress me. Maybe he has potential but I never saw it. In getting Fedor for him I can’t see how this was bad for us…I read alot how Fedor is lazy and his attitude was bad but maybe coming to a new team this will change. As for throwing in a 5th round pick, who cares….it’s a 5th round pick….it’s not like they traded Balej and Staal for him!!

  27. Rico71 says:

    Really happy it wasn’t Perezoghin that was traded for Kovalev…they have been awesome together since Zednik was hurt.

    Makes you wonder why Zednik would return on the 1st line with Koivu and Kovalev.

    I would trade him for some D.

  28. SabresFan220 says:

    Well I dunno, Alexander “slash em in the face” Perezhogin may not be as good as people think. He’ll score a hand full of goals this year depending on how much he gets to play and as long as he doesn’t get hurt himself. Can they fit Zednik with someone else and send somebody down?

  29. habs79 says:

    Their rookies are playing good hockey fare too good to send down, and everyone else would have to clear waivers. Seeing that they need defensive help the best thing for Gainey to do is to package Zednick and/or Dagenais with a defenseman for some defensive help.

  30. GretzNYR99 says:

    Depends on how Fedorov does this season, if he does bad, and knowing that Burke didn’t like his brother, if he bumps into any bit of trouble, you could see Sergei on the way out. I’d love to see Nylander and Poti and a pick for Fedorov and Carney.

  31. habs79 says:

    There is no way in hell that is happening, it doesn’t matter how bad a season Federov is having. I’m not just saying that cause of cap issues. Nylander’s best season in the NHL he got 65 points, Federov’s worst season he got 63 points. Poti is talented on the rush but is very lacking in his own zone. With Neidermayer and Ozolinsh as great puck moving defensemen, I can’t see Burke giving up one of his best defensive defensemen. After seeing what his buddy Nonis got for Fedor, he will want alot for Sergei no matter how bad he may do, which I doubt he would do bad at all.

  32. habs79 says:

    Got to earn the ice time, Fedor never did.

  33. habs79 says:

    You really think Poti and a 1st rounder will be enough to land Federov? Not to mention I’m pretty sure the rangers don’t have the cap space to make that deal even if Burke accepted.

  34. GretzNYR99 says:

    Can’t argue that, but when you’re flanked with career minor leaguers who can do jackshit, you’re pretty much screwed.

    Case and Example: Jamie Lundmark.

    How’s about Dixon Ward and Sandy McCarthy as your wingers… well, he had them flanking him for a year, then he had LaCouture, and the list goes south from there. He skated hard and what not, but you can’t put up numbers with linemates like that, just hope that your work ethic gets notice.

  35. wingerxxx says:

    I tend to agree with you. I have no idea why Burke would want Poti, when he already has Niedermayer and Ozolinsh on his blueline. As much as I would love for the Rangers to get Carney, I don’t know if Burke would do it.

    As it is right now, Poti doesn’t really fit on the Rangers’ D. I’d love to see a more stable guy playing back there. It’s a defense by committee right now on the Rangers, and Poti has already been scratched once. I’d love to get something in return for him though, Fedorov or not.

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