Ferguson continuing to make mistakes…

Maple Leafs GM John Ferugson continues to make terribly obvious mistakes, and it’s obvious to me that Leaf fans just aren’t seeing it.Lets look at what he’s done so far.

Kaberle and McCabe contracts: Ten million dollars for two defenseman, one never hits and never shoots, the other can’t do anything but hit and shoot. His shot is terribly inaccurate and easy to block/steal, and anyone can skate by his pathetic ass check. I can understand maybe that kind of contract for Kaberle, but McCabe is an over rated 4th defenseman.

Domi buyout: It was time for him to go, blah, blah, blah, the cap space is the same as having kept him, and now they’re having problems just filling out their roster, why not just keep him? At least for someone to have around in the locker room if you don’t want to keep him.

Rask for Raycroft: The Leafs traded their top prospect for a goalie who is a huge risk. That’s right, instead of signing Martin Gerber, or Manny Legace, or Dominik Hasek, who have more then one good season in the NHL. If they’re all free agents then I’d take Raycroft last among them, but to pay your best prospect for Andrew Raycroft is just ridiculous.

Pavel Kubina: That’s right, five goals, minus sixteen, five million dollars, what a ridiculous contract for someone who is just a less physical Bryan McCabe, and as I’ve stated before, Bryan McCabe is an over rated 4th defenseman with a shot.

Hal Gill: Um… what? 2.1 for Hal Gill? A big soft pylon for 2.1 million dollars? If he cost the same as say Jeff O’neill, I’d consider this contract, but damn, that was stupid. Another dumb move by JFJ.

The re-signings: He signed John Pohl one way, and wants Wellwood to have a two way contract? He re-signed Antropov? To a million dollar deal? I’d say right now, the only other teams willing to take Antropov at that kind of money are teams like Pittsburgh and Washington, who are just trying to reach the cap floor.

Now, he’s about to take back Jason Allison over Eric Lindros… Jason Allison who’ll cost more then Eric Lindros, over a big dominant physical centre, a guy who’d play great on a line with Sundin and O’neill, and they decide to sign Allison, who NEVER played well for Toronto, took up cap space, and constantly gave up the puck. Don’t forget, we have only 2 regulation losses in all the games he didn’t play, every other loss came in a shootout, why hasn’t he noticed that?

And now he’s looking at signing Peca and Carter at $3 000 000 each? Carter should be told right here and now that he is just another Glenn Murray, or Johnathon Cheechoo, who is only good if he’s got a good centre to leech off of, and a nine goal player isn’t worth 3 million plus. If he gets them, that’s two bad signings.

If the Leafs can get Carter and Peca for 2-2.5, I’d consider it, if signing Allison raises your cap by ten million, I’d consider it, but right now, he’s going to lose out on Carter, Peca, and Lindros, because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he’d like Allison back.

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  1. flyerjim says:

    it’s GENIUS, guys. sorry, but it takes away a little credibility of the smack talk.

  2. flyerjim says:

    not bashing…..but McCabe signed first, hence actually having an effect on what the market value was for Jovo, Kubina, and everybody in that second tier of UFA d-men.

  3. intothevoid001 says:

    cheers to that!!

    unlike some other leaf fans and most leaf bashers, i’m actually gonna give this team a chance. people are worried too much about the money lately. is it really the money that matters? so what if mccabe is making 5.75 a year, kubina making 5(and hes the only leaf player to win a cup so far), what does it matter? what matters is the product on the ice and im sorry Ms. “LeafyMc” Cleo, you can’t sit there and tell me this team is gonna suck.

  4. intothevoid001 says:


  5. navajo says:

    I’m not worried about a bumpy road. I think they’ll do fine. Sure we didn’t sign the best ever player of all time in Samsonov, but I think we did fine. As for Maggie McLeaf saying it was a bad thing to cut domi….are you an idiot dude? For real. What did he do? Oh, he helped the dressing room? Gimme a break, I’m glad McGratton f’d his face up, he coward up the rest of the season. You’re actually talking out of your ass if you think domi (lower case is intentional) helped the Leafs. Just stop talking for a bit. He hasn’t done anything in 5 years, except throw that 5hit elbow on Niedermyer (sp?)

  6. intothevoid001 says:

    helped in the dressing room? really!? crying and pouting and not going to the rink to support your teammates is helping in the dressing room. domi should never have been resigned and i don’t care how much sundin or anyother player didn’t want it to happen, in terms of business, in terms of whats right for the team, JFJ made the right move.

  7. intothevoid001 says:

    it’s true eh leafy, beggers can be choosers!

  8. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    neither they would both quit

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    rask had a 1. gaa in the world juniors i think on finland. Pogge only looked so good because he had team canadas d. even at the junior level thats still better then the leafs d. Tellqvist isnt proven yet he has the good game. and aubin???? im sorry he got released from PITTSBURGH and thats when pittsburgh was at the bottom. Racine and ford are decent. and Reimer never heard of him.

  10. TheWho says:

    Why does this always turn into the habs? I’m a habs fan myself, but this is a freaking leafs article. If you wanna talk about the habs, post an article to talk about them — if you’ve got anything smart to say.

  11. TheWho says:

    I’ll name you a GM that’s done nothing but good moves… BOB GAINEY 😀

  12. nordiques100 says:

    the problem with ferguson is that no one really knows what he is doing or planning. the secrecy is pretty much killing his reputation. at times you get the idea he knows what he is doing but at other times he hasnt a clue. because he has only stated there is a plan and nothing else, all anyone can do is simply question at nausem any moves he makes. pretty much everyone is trying to piece together his acquisitions and subtractions and trying to get some sense as to where the leafs are headed.

    he came in as a fresh mind and one sort of pegged to being the next wave of management in the NHL. however he kept things in MLSE as is staying the course with veteran 35 plus year old players. he extended contracts and gave long term deals with aging talent and to his coach whom he did not get along with. this gave the idea that the leafs were going to push with veterans to try to end the cup drought.

    yet at the same time he rebuilt his scouting staff and moved the farm team close to home. this gave us the idea that the leafs were going to start something they havent done which was draft and develop their own and pretty much start building within.

    then he flipped around and traded 2 prospects plus a first rounder for another aging veteran.

    by being a former lawyer and employee of the NHL office, there was a sense that ferguson was going to be able to grasp whatever kind of financial landscape that lied ahead pre lockout. instead he fooled us all by completely mismanaging the leafs payroll and leaving the team in horrible shape during what was the biggest free agency in NHL history.

    we all know what happened because of it. the leafs missed out on many big name free agents and missed the playoffs as well. he gave a long term deal to a fighter who cant and/or wont fight, he gave tons of money to a 40 year old goalie with a bad back, and threw money and bonuses at players who didnt even know if they could even play again.

    we dont know, cause he never says anything but maybe his plan was to purposely field a poor squad to oust a coach who was firmly entrenched behind the bench. it worked i guess.

    so he hires Paul Maurice which was great, and we hear talk of a quick, energetic, forechecking and aggressive type game from the new coach. so the GM brings in slow-a-foot blueliners and keeps lumbering forwards. if maurice was his guy, shouldnt he as GM be giving the players the coach wants? it leaves all us wondering if he is even consulting the coach on any moves he makes.

    i mean dont you find it laughable that maurice was his guy and top choice for the coaching job, but at the same time does not have the faith in maurice to choose his own assistants? i mean in NY it was a no brainer for ted nolan to bring in the guys he worked with in moncton, so why not bring in maurice’s assistants from the marlies?? seems silly to me. again because no explanation has been given as to what they have been looking for. i.e coaches with more NHL experience, or someone to groom as a future coach, or certain technical expertise in a particular area, etc. etc. it just leaves us to assume that fergie is dithering.

    dont get me wrong, i think fergie did a nice job shoring up the D and getting raycroft in goal. but still after 3 years, a lockout, a new CBA, hiring a financially strong assistant GM, he couldnt manage a payroll if his life depended on it.

    the leafs backend will be significantly better. at least ferguson addressed that shortcoming. sure the price blows but kubina is a top pair blueliner on alot of teams and far better than ken klee who was billed at number 3 last october.

    but will that help them score even strength? will that help them skate faster? forecheck harder? be quicker? grittier? be more skilled and creative up front? will that help take a load off their captain and best player??? if the plan is to bring back more lumbering forwards….centres to be specific….a position of no need for the leafs, it will leave everyone throwing their arms up in confusion.

    but again who knows what fergie is planning. i guess we pretty much have to see where the darts hit the board, or when the wheel of fortune stops spinning or where on the tail the donkey gets pinned. that appears to be the thought process of the leafs GM.

  13. Doctor says:

    mccabe can shoot and check very well.. you sound really stupid saying that.

  14. nordiques100 says:

    one thing that is making ferguson look bad, maybe worse than he really is, is Bryan Colangelo.

    Colangelo has brought in 9 new bodies to the Raptors, a team that was in a word, terrible last season. no matter if they were fan favorites, productive vets, promising rookies, he was not afraid to make changes. that is often required when a team has just 25 wins in an 82 game sked.

    the team needed a point guard, some bigs, some stronger defensive players, and more versatility. colangelo acquired all that in getting TJ Ford to run the point, Nesterovic and Bargnani among the bigs he brought in, Parker, TUcker, Salmons to bring scoring, defence and quickness at multiple positions.

    the team also needed to rid themselves of the selfish, one dimensional, me first guys that were often found on the raptors roster the last few seasons. plus he needed to dump the underacheivers at all costs. he did that too.

    he completely revamp the raps and there is a huge sense of optimism about it. the moves still may keep the raps near the bottom, but there is a huge sense of improvement in raptorland. there is a sense the team is very proactive and ready to get better. a sense the team is going somewhere. there is none of that in leafdom.

  15. quick_stick says:

    That’s a solution, but saying one player is good only because he plays with another player…well that’s just stupid. If Kaberle can turn a crappy defender into a 60 point guy, then he’s by FAR the best defender in the league…but it’s simply not the case. Really, you can’t go by what people like Leafy say…

  16. quick_stick says:

    Yeah, but signings like Gonchar, Hatcher etc last year, set the stage for this year. Teams have another 5 mil to spend, and typically don’t do it wisely.

    I think McCabe was over paid, and the “no movement” claus is kind of offensive, but UFA’s are typically all overpaid, since teams lose no assets for them.

    JFJ could have gambled and tried to get Jovo, but if he failed he would have a big hole left by McCabe’s absence.

    McCabe’s signing isn’t the cause for high prices in the UFA market, but it does contribute.

  17. tancred says:

    I haven’t gotten to see many Bruins games the past couple seasons, so I can’t really comment on how good or bad Hal Gill might be. An opinion I’m reading a lot on this site seems to claim that he doesn’t hit. But correct me if I’m wrong…wasn’t it Gill who gave Lindros one of his seven or so concussions a few seasons ago when Lindros was still with the Flyers? I remember that hit, and I’m pretty sure it was Gill. It was obviously a big, hard hit, and it looked clean to me. Granted, that was in the “old” NHL, but I think many of the knocks against Gill’s defensive and hitting prowess might just be a little unfounded.

  18. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Maybe somebody here can help me.

    Does anybody remember the Habs/Bruins game last season when after a scrum insued, Mike Riberio went after one of the Boston defeseman and Montreal players had to hold Ribs back? Was that Defeseman Hal Gill? If it was, this shows u how big and strong Hal Gill is. This shows u how terrified people are of Gill when Ribs is challenging u to a fight.

  19. robinson19 says:

    Ha. This is messed up. Finally a sane Leafs fan and his own compatriots tear him up.

  20. dcz28 says:

    I agree so far i like what Brian has brought to the Raptors although there is some risk involved with the Euro players he brought but it shows he wants to improve the team and put his stamp on it…not a bad move by him also to get Bosh’s opinion on potential moves for players since he sees most of them on the court…something JFJ should do with Sundin atleast to know who he would like as his wingers.

    I can’t wait to see the Raps now they should be a lot more entertaining this year and will actually have good players comming off the bench…Parker should be a solid addition. I watched some of his highlights on youtube.com and he looks like a complete player…he can dunk good, drive to the rim good, block shots, good jumper shot. I only wish they could have somehow kept CV3 though because i liked him but oh well you have to give something good to get something good.

    The Raptors are on their way up no doubt about that.

  21. dcz28 says:

    I think Kaberle was the Leafs biggest mistake this off-season…why because JFJ probably pissed him off by

    1. trying to trade him to Edmonton for Pronger (i’m not saying this was a bad thing to try and land Pronger) but in the process he might have ticked Kaberle off.

    2. They sign Kubina ( 5g , 33a , 38pts , -12)(-99 for his career) for more money when his stats are nowhere near those of Kaberle ( 9g , 58a , 67pts , -1 ) ( +56 for his career).

    I don’t know what Kaberle’s personality is like but if i were him i would not be too happy with the Leafs right now and he is one of their best dman.

  22. morrissey says:

    These contracts will hurt the Leafs.

    Too much money spent and too long of a commitment to old players. This won’t hurt this year, but it will once their usefulness wears out before their contracts do and then the Leafs are stuck with them.

    I don’t see the Leafs as being built like any of the teams that contended last year. JFJ might be an NHL GM, but then so was Mike Milbury. Neither are very good.

  23. morrissey says:

    I saw Gill quite a bit with the Bs last year. He was awful, a player that just couldn’t cut it in the new NHL. TO would be better off bringing up a rookie, seriously.

  24. rosewater says:

    John Pohl was the MVP of the Marlies last year. To say he didn’t deserve a one-way contract with him now being 27, would be a disgrace to Mr. Pohl.

    I am honestly tired of all this Leaf bashing. Sure I am a fan.. but like someone said above me, it totally takes away any credibility this site had. I want to come here and read HOCKEY TRADE RUMOURS. This is complete crap, and I don’t how this guy is even able to post. JFJ is not a perfect human being and is entitled to make mistakes.. but I honestly feel he is done no wrong with his recent signings, and even his previous ones. He makes extremely calculated decisions, and I think he is doing just a fine job. Not great, but just fine.

  25. Enigma says:

    The money matters because there is a cap now, this isn’t pre-lockout where the leafs could out spend most teams and fix their mistakes. You can’t do that now. 5.75 mill. for McCabe with a no trade clause is ludicris, I guarantee it will haunt the leafs some point down the line.

  26. Enigma says:

    “way way to hard”

    Not winning a cup in almost 40 yrs, with money to blow and one of the most loyal fan bases in hockey will do that to people.

  27. barahir says:

    you’re a *****ing tool

  28. bleedingblu says:

    good one

  29. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    call it a pre emptive email.. and it does make sense.

  30. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    would someone tell me why pogge is rated so good. sure he won a gold medal but ummm did you happen to see the defence in front of him there. Its better than the leafs defence currently is and people think he is better than rask. i mean come on finland is only farming amazing goalies i mean kipprusoff lehtonen Toskala Niitymaki all though the later 2 are not proven yet they did show promise. and most of you rate pogge ahead of rask.

  31. Aetherial says:

    We didn’t get a chance to see Allison in the playoffs. Of the two, I prefer Allison.

    Other than that, your article has a ridiculous tone, givem that the season has not been played yet. I suspect there may be a couple bad judgements in there, but not quite as bad as you seem to think.

    In fact, some decisions could be very good ones, and others are going to be judged more accurately when we see what the salary cap does.

    I can honestly say that I believe that those D-men would have got that kind of money, at least, elsewhere. The league is starved for good D talent…

    and who has the BEST D prospects??? Overall, in terms of depth, you would have to say the Leafs.

  32. Hoondog2 says:

    That is ridiculus! If the Leafs had traded Pogge, all we would here about is how he is the second coming of Christ and what a bad trade it is. Just piss off!

  33. sidleaf says:

    PLEASE BRING LINDROS BACK, please. if it was a trade, would you give him up straight up for carter or peca, when he was on pace to score 30 goals? yes, injuries.yada yada, GOT IT. last year was a fluke, and if you didn’t notice he was much more conscious of his surroundings on the ice while he was playing and was still able to put up points, anybody can break their wrist…just sign the guy, he loves this organization, lets not pull a roberts or newindyk, give him what he deserves at least a respectable contract…

  34. bennyj says:

    Ok, ok, calm down and do some research:

    Kaberle: In his prime, starting to peak, above average defensively, and 5th in points among defensemen in the NHL last year! Pretty damn good, worth the 4.5.

    McCabe: One of the only right comments in this whole article. Not great defensively and even though he’s dynamite on our PP, not worth 5 mill.

    Domi Buyout: I’m sorry, did you watch him at all last season? Oh right, you didn’t, because he wasn’t being played! He is terrible, and this was the right move.

    Rask for Raycroft: I’m 50/50 on this one. I would’ve rather given up Pogge for Raycroft, because Pogge’s been good only this year, while Rask has been good a few years now. However, both had outstanding WJC (Pogge undefeated, Rask a 50-save SHUTOUT!), but if Raycroft can return to good form it’s alright. Leaf’s could ultimately get burned though.

    FYI: Rask hasn’t even signed yet, so this I’m sure made it easier to give up his rights.

    Pavel Kubina: A bit overpayed, but hell, the Leafs weren’t geting Pronger or Chara, and we need another good D man. Besides, he’s not getting payed to score, he’s being payed to set up McCabe and Tucker and other players who can one time the puck and to play good defense. Also, never, EVER, judge a defensemans +/- rating when he plays the most on a team with the shittest goaltending in the league. Look at Adam Foote; pretty good defenseman, but he plays in Colombus, can’t blame him for being bottom 15 in plus minus on a team like that!

    Hal Gill: Once again, I’m fine with this considering on no one else that’s SOLID DEFENSIVELY will take 2 million for a contract, more like 4-6 million. Also, he’s physical, which is something the Leafs don’t have much of on the blueline.

    The re-signings: Ok, I’ll break this down player by player:

    Allison: If he’ll take a paycut, bring him in. If not, he can go suck somewhere else. He did put up points, but he is too slow and, well, I don’t know, there’s just something about him that makes me angry when he gets the puck.

    Pohl & other kids: I question the one-way, but hey, any kids Maurice brings up I’m fine with because he coached all of them for a year! This includes Stajan and Wellwood. Also, if Wellwood leaves, he’s restricted, so we’ll get something good for him, unlike this man:

    Antropov: He’s only at 1 million and why would we let him go? He’s cheap and you couldn’t get anything for him even if he is restricted! He signed his qualifying offer, and anyone would pay him what he’s making now. He’s frustrating at times, but i

    Peca and Carter: One or the other. I’d take Carter because he’ll take a paycut (how many damn players say that and the Leafs don’t take advantagae!? god!), and Peca’s a bit on the expensive side. I mean, Carter did score 33 last season, so I have no problem taking him and putting him on a line with a few playmakers.

    Lindros: Alright. You are absolutely, positively, %150 correct here! JFJ is retarded!!

    He’ll take a paycut to go to T.O., at only one million, and JFJ’s too *****ing cheap to offer him that? Bullshit!! He’s big, has a scoring touch, physical, and, once again, CHEAP! I hope if JFJ lets him go, he ends up burning the Leafs somehow. He needs to teach Ferguson a lesson!

    I’m sure you’re just frustrated (as am I, mainly with Ferguson jerking around Lindros…just pay the extra $250000, you dumbass!), but before you burn the Leafs or any team/player, make sure you know why you’re cutting them up.

  35. Habmania11 says:

    the leafs are entering their own “Rejean houle” days

  36. I-BE-LEAF says:

    In defense of JFJ!!!

    Posted by TradeMan on Thursday, July 13 @ 01:17:32 EDT


  37. GoalJudge says:

    And I’m sure you’ll get your shot!

    Hurry up! Go wait by the phone, they could ANY MINUTE!

  38. morrissey says:

    What an itelligent comment. Does your mommy know u use bad words on the internet?

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